Fan Fiction

This is how the contestants react to Total Drama Genisys


  • It's gonna be a crossover between Total Drama and other movies, shows, video games, and books.
  • Cody once loved Akame, Ravel Phoenix, Ayano Aishi, Yuno Gasai, and NDGO but he's broken up with them because: Akame tried to kill him for her own goals, Ravel is more loyal to her arrogant brother, Ayano Aishi betrayed him for Taro Yamada, Yuno Gasai abandoned him for godhood, and NDGO started bullying him.
  • Percy Jackson, Ruby Rose, Prince Zuko, and Naruto Uzumaki are the only crossover characters that accepted.
  • Izuku Midoriya, Jaune Arc, Makoto Naegi, and Ash Ketchum were asked but they said no for good reasons: Izuku Midoriya is on a honeymoon with his harem, Jaune Arc is training to get stronger, Makoto Naegi is serving time under house arrest for being a fake mastermind, and Ash Ketchum doesn't want to hurt his Pokemon.
  • Issei Hyoudou, Pyrrha Nikos, Cardin Winchester, and Sasuke Uchiha were rejected for good reasons: Issei Hyoudou is a mega levelled pervert, Pyrrha Nikos is obsessed with destiny, Cardin Winchester is an ungrateful racist prick, and Sasuke Uchiha is a egotistical emo.


  • Cody x Bridgette x Courtney x Heather x Lindsay x Rias x Misa x Junko x Yang x Leone x Setsuna x Revy x Ryuko: They are there for Cody when he's getting berated.
  • Dave x Ella: She doesn't hate him for his actions and understands him.
  • Ezekiel x Dawn: She is there for him.
  • Duncan x Gwen: They made up after All Stars.
  • Junior x Sammy: He develops a crush on Sammy, who finds him cute.
  • Devin x Carrie
  • Topher x Sky: Despite not being proud of her, Topher does defend her from Lightning.
  • Harold x Zoey: They once dated but Zoey dumped Harold when she thought he was being a psycho. She regrets it and wants him back.
  • Mike x Anne Maria: They got tired of the rivalry between Zoey and Anne Maria so Zoey let Anne Maria have him.
  • Scott x Amy: After Amy changed her ways, she accepted Scott and is dating him.
  • Cameron x Izzy: Cameron is scared of Izzy but she has a crush on him.
  • Percy x Thalia: Percy is dating Thalia but she sadly doesn't appear in the show.
  • Ruby x Jaune: Ruby is dating Jaune but he sadly doesn't appear in the show.
  • Zuko x Jin: Zuko is dating Jin but she sadly doesn't appear in the show.
  • Naruto x Harem (except Sakura and Tsunade): Naruto has a harem but they sadly don't appear in the show.


  • Chris McLean: The main host of the show but is still unlikeable. He is revealed to be Cedric's father and Cody's step-dad but he also dislikes Cedric and considers him a monster. He also will now be fair and actually show standards.
  • Chef Hatchet: The co-host of the show and Chris' best friend.
  • Blaineley Stacy O'Halloran: The hostess of the show and former Celebrity Manhunt hostess. She becomes nicer now.
  • Don: The other host of the show and Chris' rival.

Evil Counterparts

  • Cedric is the evil counterpart of Cody. He is the main antagonist.
  • Catney is the evil counterpart of Courtney, although Catney is not really evil and just only serves the bad guy. She is actually nice to the heroes and feels sad when they get targeted.
  • Duke and Stu are the evil counterparts of Duncan and Scott.
  • BJ and Jeffrey are the evil counterparts of DJ and Geoff.
  • Turk is the evil counterpart of Trent. He is seen as the true secondary antagonist.
  • Gerald is the evil counterpart of Harold. He is the tertiary antagonist but is disliked for being annoying.


All the contestants of the Total Drama series have been invited to see a new season.

In Cody's room, he was nervous about seeing it but agreed to.

Cody is surprised to be sitting next to Bridgette, Courtney, Heather, and Lindsay, which they also found surprising.

Rias, Misa, Junko, Yang, Setsuna, Revy, Leone, and Ryuko squealed at seeing their friend and crush. They have been in love with him since he was a kid along with them.

"CODY!" yelled the happy girls.

"Hey girls." said a smiling Cody.

They share a hug with him and they laugh when they fall down.

The ex-harem saw this and became jealous of this.

However, Issei pushed him off.

"Stay away from Rias, you little shit." said a rude and hostile Issei, earning a glare from Rias and the girls.

Cody's friends and family glare at Issei for his rudeness.

"Oh great, it's you." said a glaring Cody, recognizing his most hated rival.

"Well, well, if it isn't Cody Emmett Anderson. It's been awhile." said a smirking Issei, looking forward to hurting his favorite victim.

"Who the hell is this asshole?" asked an annoyed Dave, already not liking this jerk's rudeness.

"This is Issei Hyoudou, the most hated and unlikeable perverted scumbag in the world." said a glaring Cody, hating this perverted bully with every fiber of his being.

Before Issei could say anything, Yang knocks him out while having an annoyed look on her face.

"Cody, I'm sorry for that idiot's rudeness." said a remorseful Rias, not liking Issei's rudeness.

"It's alright, it's not your fault that he's such a perverted dipshit." said a forgiving Cody before he glared at Issei in hatred for his attitude.

"Yeah, that dumbass should've stayed dead and go to Hell like he should've." said an agreeing Revy, also hating Issei.

"Trust me, it was a mistake resurrecting that idiot." said an embarrassed Rias.

"Hey, let's just be happy to see Cody." said a grinning Yang.

"Oh yeah, thanks Yang for knocking that idiot out." said a praising Cody.

"Thanks." said a blushing Yang.

Cody notices this and smiles, glad that they felt the same way.

They sat with him and the girls.

When the poster's revealed, Cody's friends and family cheered at seeing him be the main character.

(In the producers' meeting room, they are concerned with the ratings and what happened to Pahkitew Island. The producers are: Yuri Lowenthal, Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons, Morgan Freeman, Malcolm McDowell, and Grey DeLislie. Their boss Tom McGillis was upset.)

  • Tom: (annoyed) "What was Chris thinking?"
  • Simmons: (also annoyed) "He obviously wasn't."
  • Yuri: (sighs) "At least Dave's fine."
  • Keaton: (wincing) "Man, robot animals are doing a number on that prosthetic island."
  • Malcolm: (serious) "How is it going?"
  • Morgan: (upset) "It got taken over and is ready to be shut down."
  • Grey: (annoyed) "But we don't have a new island yet."
  • Keaton: (serious) "Don't worry, we rented the new island of the new season."
  • Tom: (smiling) "Well, it's time to bring back the audience's favorites."

(It shows the pictures.)

Others were shocked by this.

"Wait, homeschool is a favorite?" asked an angry Eva.

"Yeah, because he's no longer sexist and they have to agree he was homeschooled. They don't hold ill-will towards him." said a smiling A.

"Oh my gosh, I love Ezekiel." said an excited Carrie.

"Wait, Cody has become a fan favorite?" asked a shocked Duncan.

"Because he was more mature towards Gwen and let her be with Trent." said a proud A.

"And he's our king." said a flirting Junko.

"And that's true, he is mature enough to take no for an answer." said a smiling Gwen.

(At Cody's house, he was sad that he didn't get a girlfriend and that his parents got a bad reputation because of accused child neglect but doesn't mind at all. He surprisingly became friends with Courtney and she put a restraining order on Sierra but it didn't help much. Also, his friends have been distant lately but he doesn't hate them. He also worries about Dave and feels bad for him. Good thing that Dave went to a hospital and is showing good behavior. Pahkitew Island got shut down because the robot animals went crazy and took over it. He then gets a phone call and is invited to a new season. He agrees to prepare for it. He packs his things and prepares his long journey to being strong.)

They felt bad for him.

Rias was saddened for her beloved and wishes to let him know that she loves him.

The other girls were the same, feeling bad for their beloved.

Akame was truly sad and wants to just put him out of his misery. She plans to reincarnate him after killing her employers and she can have him all to her own. She thinks that he should just let himself die since it could save her family.

The other ex-girlfriends were also saddened by this and hoped to make amends with him.

(At Dave's hospital, he was horrified by what he did and wanted to apologize to Sky and Shawn. He heard about the new season and agrees to join the show. However, he looks at Ella's picture and shows a sympathy look, wanting to make amends with her.)

Ella looked sad for Dave and forgave him.

"Don't worry, he's making progress in the hospital." said a smiling Hound Dog.

However, Sky went to Dave and hugged him, which he tearfully returned.

"I'm sorry, I should've listened to you and not overreact." said a crying Dave.

"It's okay. I'm sorry for being harsh to you." said a sympathetic Sky.

"Sky, we don't have to date. Just let us be friends." said a smiling Dave.

"Sure." said an also smiling Sky.

(In Sky's house, she was worried for Dave and felt bad for how she treated him. She still doesn't see him as a boyfriend because she's now dating Topher but was horrified by how she treated him and realized that she's no better than Keith. She saw the invite for the new season and hopes to redeem herself.)

Sky looked down in shame for how she acted.

"Dave, I endangered you to a lion, yelled at you in a harsh way, and manipulated you. I should be sorry for how I acted." said a remorseful Sky.

"But Sky-" said an arguing Jasmine only to be interrupted by Sky.

"No Jasmine, Dave deserves an apology and second chance." said a glaring Sky, irritated that Jasmine won't forgive Dave.

"And also, what do you mean about Keith?" asked a worried Dave.

"Sorry for telling this to him, Sky, but I have to. Keith turns out to be abusive and he was having an affair with her best-friend. However, there was more than a make out session. They were having a good time." said a sad Topher while disgusted by the end of the sentence.

Everyone was disgusted.

"Oh my god." said a disgusted Percy.

"I did not need to hear that." said an also disgusted Luke.

(In Duncan's jail cell, he is approached by a guard and told that he's on a new season now. Duncan nodded but then looked at Gwen's picture and looked remorseful.)

"Duncan, it seems prison changed you." said a smiling A.

"Yeah man, I was an idiot for blowing up private property." said a regretful Duncan.

"It's okay, babe. I forgive you." said a forgiving Gwen.

"Duncan, I'm also sorry for forcing my ideals on you." said a remorseful Courtney.

"No Courtney, I'm sorry. I should've talked to you instead of cheating on you. And Cody, I apologize for throwing a dingo at you." said a remorseful Duncan.

"It's fine man, it's fine." said a smiling Cody.

Duncan's parents were glad to see his progress.

Duncan saw his parents and hugged them with tears.

"Mom and dad, I missed you two." said a crying Duncan.

"We missed you too, sweetie." said a smiling Mrs. Myers.

"We love you, son." said an also smiling Mr. Myers.

Everyone cried at this.

(Other contestants got the invitation too and agreed to join.)

Everyone agreed to join.

(Then four new contestants are shown:)

The secret rejects felt confident.

(Percy Jackson the former son of Poseidon and now adopted son of Apollo and Artemis,)

The Olympians were shocked.

"That's our boy." said a happy Apollo and Artemis.

Percy received high-fives from Leo and Nico.

Annabeth was happy that Percy got invited, not minding that she didn't get picked.

(Ruby Rose leader of Team RWBY and daughter of Qrow and Summer,)

Jaune, Velvet, Sun, and Neptune cheered for her.

Ruby was excited.

Pyrrha was jealous of her.

(Zuko the prince of the Fire Nation and future Fire Lord,)

Zuko was shocked that he got accepted.

Aang and Toph were happy for him.

"Wait, Zuko's fire lord?" asked a shocked Azula.

"Don't worry, he still loves you and was saddened that you chose Ozai's side." said a smiling A, saying Ozai's name in venom and hatred.

(and Naruto Uzumaki the nine tails jinchuriki and future 7th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.)

The Hidden Leaf were shocked that their most hated ninja is a contestant and also a future Hokage.

Naruto smiled at achieving his dreams.

Minato and Kushina were proud of him.

His true friends cheered.

"Go Naruto." said a cheering Hinata.

"Show your flames of youth." said an also cheering Rock Lee.

"Wait, how did that brat became Hokage?" asked an angry Tsunade.

"Because he's a hero, he saved the people that hurt him, and he's gotten popular." said a smiling A.

"Why not Issei?" asked a shocked Rias.

"Or Pyrrha?" asked a shocked Nora.

"Or Cardin?" asked a shocked Russel.

"Or Sasuke?" asked a shocked Sakura.

(Four people were rejected:)

"WHAT?!" yelled an angry Pyrrha.

"That's bullshit!" said an angry Sasuke and Cardin.

"But why not?" asked an annoyed Issei.

(Issei Hyoudou is a mega-levelled pervert and only cares about a woman's body,)

All girls glare at Issei, who paled.

"Every girl here hates you." said a scowling Tenko.

Cody, Teruteru, and Kaminari glare at Issei in hatred because he's worst than them.

The ex-harem also hated Issei and blamed him for being one of the people who destroyed their relationship with Cody.

Akame glared at Issei in hatred and vows to make his death much more painful. She blames him for causing Cody's suffering.

(Pyrrha Nikos only believes in destiny and has been r****g Jaune when he's asleep,)

Jaune plans on asking Courtney for a restraining order on Pyrrha.

"So what, he's mine and mine alone." said an angry Pyrrha, not feeling remorse and receiving disgusted looks from them.

"I feel bad for Jaune." said a sympathetic Makoto, having been stalked by Kyoko.

Kyoko heard that and was upset that Makoto still doesn't like her. She vows to make Makoto hers and hers alone.

"Pyrrha Nikos, you are expelled and arrested for r**e and sexual harassment." said a glaring Ozpin.

(Cardin Winchester is a racist bully and disgrace to the Huntsmen,)

Cardin was angry at the host for defending the Faunas.

(and Sasuke Uchiha is a traitorous scumbag to the Leaf Village and tried to kill Naruto for power.)

Naruto and his friends nodded in agreement.

Minato and Kushina glare at Sasuke.

"But he's much more better than that weak bastard." said a sneering Tsunade, earning glares from the good people.

"Naruto cares for others and would never betray anyone for power." said a glaring A.

"He doesn't care about vengeance." said an also glaring Minato.

"And he's not a heartless bastard." said an also glaring Kushina.

(Izuku Midoriya, Jaune Arc, Makoto Naegi, and Ash Ketchum were asked but they kindly said no.)

"Why was Vomit Boy asked?" asked an angry Nora

"Because he's a famous character and doesn't deserve to be betrayed." said a glaring A.

"But he lied to us." said an angry Pyrrha.

"Says the r****t." said a scoffing Ezekiel, earning a glare from her which did not even scare him.

"But why they did say no?" asked a confused Thalia.

"Because they were busy with problems or in Ash's case, he didn't want to get his Pokemons hurt." said a serious A.

(Avatar Aang, Sun Wukong, Junko Enoshima, and Jude Lizowski were rumored to participate but was later revealed to be false and they are not contestants.)

"It's true, those rumors were false." said a shrugging Aang.

(Thalia Grace, Rias Gremory, Princess Azula, and Hinata Hyuga were asked but are too busy.)

"Sorry but we are." said a shrugging Thalia.

"I have no time for a random show." said an annoyed Rias, despite secretly wanting to be with Cody.

(However, a man who looks like Cody was watching them. He has black hair, red eyes, a black version of Cody's outfit, and grey skin. His name is Cedric von Tufeice, famous Canada murderer with a British heritage and is a demon.)

Everyone was shocked by what this guy looked like but Cody was scared and those who know Cedric glare at the demon in hatred.

"Cedric? But he's been dead for a year before All Stars." said a scared Cody.

"Cody, who's Cedric?" asked a worried Bridgette.

"My evil older twin brother." said a sad Cody.

"I know him too, he's a monster who has killed people both good and bad." said a nervous Naruto.

"He's like an evil counterpart to Cody." said a scared Dave.

"How dare that demon show his face around here?!" asked an angry Rias, hating that monster with every fiber of her being for ruining Cody's past life and murdering innocent people.

Sirzechz also glared, seeing Cedric as way worst than them. He too hates that monster for his crimes and vows to make him suffer.

Coby got scared but the girls comforted him.

"It's okay, Coby sweetie." said a sympathetic Rias.

"Yeah, we won't let him hurt you." said an agreeing Setsuna.

Bregitte also hugged him in comfort.

"Don't worry, I will protect Bregitte. I won't let her get hurt. That is my hero way." said a smiling Coby, giving a wink and thumb up.

Everyone smiled at him.

Bregitte smiled and hugged him in happiness.

Frank and Rebecca both smiled proudly at Coby.

Akame smiled too, remembering meeting Coby and how brave he was. It saddens her that he now fears her because of what she did. However, she also glared at Cedric in hatred for being one of those who hurt Cody.

(On his leash is a cute and beautiful female puppy faunas named Catney, who looked like Courtney but with a pink shirt and puppy ears on her hair.)

"Catney." asked a sad Courtney.

"Courtney's little sister." said an also sad Cody.

"But still, she's adorable." said a cooing Ruby.

A flash appears and out comes Catney.

"Master!" yelled a happy Catney.

She runs to Cody and cuddles to him, making him blush.

Rias sighed in sympathy, feeling bad for that misguided girl.

Sirzechz felt bad for her too.

Akame was jealous of that girl for having Cody's attention but also feels bad for how she is treated by Cedric.

(Behind them is their goons Duke and Stu: Duke is a human sized black warthog with a green mowhawk, a black sleeveless jacket, a white skull tattoo on his chest, two earrings on ears, and a nose ring while Stu is a human sized brown rhinoceros with a white tank top, green camo pants, and black boots. Both of them are muscular.)

"Meet Duke and Stu, mutated goons." said a serious Cody.

"Both of them are wanted criminals." said an also serious Izuku.

"They're scary." said a shivering Catney.

"And dangerous." said an agreeing Frank.

"But they're really fucking stupid." said an annoyed Duncan.

(Cedric smirks as he pets a happy Catney.)

  • Cedric: (smirking) "The fun's about to begin."

(He laughs evily.)

That ended the prologue and they are now cautious about the villains.

They went to bed but Cody ended up sharing a bed with his future harem, much to their excitement.

They wore sexy pajamas or underwear: Rias was wearing a red t-shirt and red panties, Misa was wearing a black tank top and black lingerine, Junko was wearing a black bikini, Yang was wearing her yellow t-shirt and black panties, Setsuna was wearing green lingerine, Revy was wearing a Slave Leia outfit, Leone was wearing black underwear, and Ryuko was wearing her blue and white stripped bikini.

"How do we look, Cody?" asked a smirking Rias.

"Uh." said a nervous Cody.

"Good answer." said an also smirking Misa.

They cuddled him but also had "fun" with him and he was exhausted.

"I love you girls." said an exhausted Cody.

"We love you too, our angel." said a happy Leone.

"We agree to become your girlfriends." said an also happy Revy.

He smiled back and accepted it, making them happy.

They fell asleep with their new boyfriend.

Akame was getting angry at this and wishes that Cody would listen to reason.

Ravel got jealous at this and vows to have Cody for herself.

Chapter 1: Return of the Campers

The next morning, Cody and his now official harem woke up and smiled at each other.

"Good morning, babes." said a smiling Cody.

"Good morning, honey." said the also smiling girls

In the bath house, they enjoyed mixed bathing and the girls tease Cody, much to his embarrassment.

At the cafeteria, they ate scrambled eggs with shredded cheese on top along with toast and bacon for breakfast with the good guys and their families.

The hosts are in grown up pajamas and are drinking coffee.

Gwen was feeding Coby very kindly and Sky was also feeding Bregitte very kindly.

"Coby is so adorable." said a squealing Gwen.

"Yeah and Bregitte is also adorable." said an agreeing Sky.

"Thanks for taking care of them." said a smiling Cody.

"No problem." said a happy Gwen.

They wait for the first episode to be played.

Cody talked with Courtney and apologized for not standing up for her. She forgave him easily and admits to always loving him.

They also bonded with Catney, who enjoys having Cody around.

Dave talked with Ella and they made amends.

Ezekiel talked to all the females and apologized for his comments. They forgave him.

Jaune talked with Team RWBY and they finally listened to him. After explanations, they felt bad for their behavior and apologized to him for their overreaction.

Akame kept her eye on Cody and hopes to achieve her mission. Yes, she does love him back but she has to think of the mission first. She wishes that she didn't do it but has to.

She saw the ex-harem and they agreed with her plan but some of them don't think they can kill him.

After breakfast, they all started brushing their teeth.

After that, they all decided to watch the episode in their pajamas but they were shocked by the hosts' pajamas: Chris is wearing a red bath robe, Chef is wearing a tank-top and shorts, Blaineley is wearing a pink tank top and skimpy shorts, and Don is wearing a white t-shirt and white sweats.

(The first episode starts with Chris smoking a Cuban cigar on the docks of a new Wawanakwa. His hair is now longer and he had gotten a goatee. His co-hosts are Chef, Blaineley, and Don. Chef now has a grey beard, Blaineley got a hair cut, and Don's has black long hair.)

Everyone was shocked at how older they are.

"Wow Chris, you've grown a nice beard." said an impressed Cody.

"Don't forget about Blaineley's haircut." said an agreeing Lindsay.

"Wait, you're a smoker?" asked a shocked Gwen.

"Yep." said a nodding Chris.

"Hey wait, Camp Wawanakwa is back." said a shocked Cody.

"Yes, my precious island is back." said a happy Chris.

(Chris started the show and Freddie Benson is recording.)

  • Freddie (voice): (smiling) "In 5, 4, 3, 2."

(Chris threw away his cigar and gave a fake cough before smiling.)

  • Chris: (smiling) "Yo, what's up? We're coming out live from the new Camp Wawanakwa. Now let's introduce the contestants."

(Cody was introduced next and he is now handsome but his clothes are different: he is wearing a hoodie that looks like his old shirt, has a white t-shirt underneath, white sweats, and white Nike shoes.)

The girls blush at him.

Bridgette, Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, Rias, Shantae, Junko, Yang, Setsuna, Revy, Leone, and Ryuko found him attractive.

The ex-harem also found him attractive but then scolded themselves for losing him.

Akame smiles seductively. Cody will be hers after she kills him and revives him.

"Mama likes." said a lustful Raven, earning disgusted looks from her daughter and the audience but nods of agreement from Mei Terumi, Nemuri Kayama (Rest In Peace), and Sienna Kahn (also Rest In Peace).

"Sorry, I don't dig deadbeat mothers." said a smirking Cody, earning laughs and cheers from the others.

Raven glared at this and refuses to stop until she has Cody.

"But do you love me?" asked a worried Catney, giving the puppy eyes.

"Yes I do." said a smiling Cody.

Catney hugs her master, loving him for treating her nice.

"Wait, Freddie's working for Chris McLean?" asked a shocked Carly.

"Yeah, he's the new cameraman." said a smiling A.

Carly felt betrayed but blamed herself because of the Fred incident, she should've thought about his feelings.

"Sure, I'll take the job." said a smiling Freddie.

"You want some help, Freddie?" asked a smiling Gibby.

"Sure." said a happy Freddie.

"Wait a minute, new Wawanakwa?" asked a confused Chris.

"He meant it's the old one." said an amused A.

(Blaineley blushed at him but was snapped out of it by Chef and Don, who were not amused by her crush on him.)

"Blaineley, I'm 14 years old and your crush on me is illegal." said a creeped out Cody.

"Wait, you're 14?" asked a shocked Bridgette.

"Yep." said a nodding Cody.

"I don't mind." said a flirting Blaineley.

Her fellow co-hosts looked uncomfortable with her behavior.

Even Chris was creeped out. He may be sadistic and sociopathic but he draws the line at molesting minors.

(Dave was introduced next and he is wearing a white t-shirt, his blue vest, and sweats. He stood next to Cody and gave a handshake to him.)

Ella blushed at her boyfriend's clothing.

"I still don't understand why he's here." said an angry Jasmine.

"He never attempted to kill Shawn and Sky. Shawn was caught in the crossfire and Sky had it coming." said a shrugging A.

Shawn and Sky nodded in agreement.

(Blaineley blushed again.)

"Don't blush at me either. I'm 16." said a creeped out Dave.

"Cody and Dave, wanna place a restraining order on her?" asked a disgusted Courtney.

They nodded without hesitation.

(Sky was introduced next and she is wearing a white sweater, her black sweats, and white Nike shoes. She looked at Dave in sadness. In the confessional, Dave feels bad.)

  • Dave (confessional): (feeling bad) "What I did was so horrible and dangerous that I have to apologize."

(In another confessional, Sky also feels bad.)

  • Sky (confessional): (also feeling bad) "I was horrible last time but now I'm a better person."

(Back to the show, Sky stood by them but she greets Cody, who kindly greets her back.)

Cody sighed at this and gave them a card.

"Come with me after this and I'll be giving you two some counseling with Hounddog." said a serious Cody, earning a growl of agreement from Hounddog.

They nod at this.

(Bridgette, Courtney, and Ezekiel were introduced next. Bridgette looked much more hot with her blue tank top and Ezekiel is not wearing his hat.)

Cody blushed at Bridgette.

Catney pouted in jealousy over not getting attention.

Cody rubbed her head to make her feel better, which worked.

Courtney joined in and Catney was happy.

"Hi big sis." said a smiling Catney.

"Hey little sis." said an also smiling Courtney.

(Sky glared at Ezekiel because of his past comments but he ignored her and sat with Cody and Dave, who greeted him. Ezekiel remained silent, making Bridgette and Courtney worried.)

Ezekiel also stayed silent.

"Why is Ezekiel quiet?" asked a worried Dave.

"He fears being voted off again." said a sympathetic A.

"But he deserves it for being a sexist pig." said an angry Eva, not feeling sorry for him.

Everyone glared at her for being so unsympathetic.

"Ignoring her, how is Ezekiel back to normal?" asked a shocked Noah.

"Wait, girls still hate him?" asked a confused Thalia.

"Yeah, we forgave him because he was homeschooled by his sexist father." said an agreeing Tenko.

"Thanks girls." said a grateful Ezekiel.

"Finally, someone gets it." said a relieved Dave.

"I always think that girls should give Ezekiel a second chance." said a frowning Dawn.

"Yeah, he didn't mean to say those comments and it was a one time thing." said an agreeing Ella.

(In the confessional, Ezekiel speaks.)

  • Ezekiel (confessional): (ashamed) "I had now realized that the sexist comments got me voted off. Me and my family received abusive comments from angry fans and my dad took the blame for it because he taught me that stuff. I wanted to apologize but the girls wouldn't let me. In World Tour, I used my rapper personality to get some attention but I still got hated and voted off. To all girls out there, can you forgive me?"

(In another confessional, Bridgette was proud.)

  • Bridgette (confessional): (proud) "I heard Ezekiel and I'm proud of him. (then she gets sad) Still, I feel bad for not listening to his apologies. Don't worry, I forgive him."

(Back to the show, Dave was worried for Ezekiel but was assured that the guy's fine.)

The girls felt bad but they are also proud of Ezekiel.

Bridgette hugs Ezekiel.

"Don't worry, I forgive you." said a smiling Bridgette.

"Ezekiel, you didn't mean your comments. You were just home schooled by prairie people and they gave bad advice." said a sympathetic A.

"We all forgive you." said a smiling Ella.

"You were very sincere with your apology." said an agreeing Dawn.

"That's our Zekey." said a cheering Catney.

Eva and Sky now felt bad for hating him and they decided to hug him.

"Homeschool, I'm sorry for being rude to you." said an ashamed Eva.

"Yeah, we should've heard your side of the story." said an agreeing Sky.

"It's alright girls." said a forgiving Ezekiel.

(In the confessional, Don explains while he's eating sugar cubes.)

  • Don (confessional): (explaining) "Unlike Chris, I cared for Ezekiel's health. So I went to Boney Island and picked him up. He went to a hospital and got cured. Besides, his family planned to sue the show if he didn't return home."

(He then leaves the confessional.)

"That explains a lot." said a nodding Dave.

"Glad Zekey got cured." said a smiling Izzy.

"Thank you sir for curing him." said a happy Dawn.

"No problem." said a smiling Don while he's eating his popcorn.

(Dawn was introduced next and she was dressed as Alice from the story Alice in Wonderland. She sat with Ezekiel, who blushed at her.)

Dawn was excited because she had a crush on him.

Ella and Zoey were happy for her.

"It's true Dawn, I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?" asked a smiling Ezekiel.

"Sure, my Zeke." said a happy Dawn.

They share a kiss, earning cheers.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you, Dawn." said a happy Dakota.

(Ella was introduced next and she was dressed as Snow White. She sat with Dave, who smiled at her and she smiled back.)

Dave was happy to be with his girlfriend.

Everyone said awe at this.

(In the confessional, Dawn was happy.)

  • Dawn (confessional): (happy) "I'm so happy for Ella."

(In another confessional, Sky was also happy.)

  • Sky (confessional): (also happy) "I'm so happy for Dave."

(Back to the show, Cody and Ezekiel were happy for him.)

"Sky, I'm proud of you for moving on." said a proud Cody.

"Thanks. Her and Dave deserve each other." said a happy Sky.

Dave was glad that Sky was happy for him.

(DJ was introduced next and he was wearing a green tank-top with his initials on it. He went over and gave a hug to Cody.)

Everyone cheered when DJ came.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about." said a smiling DJ.

"Oh my gosh, I love DJ." said a happy Tori.

"Everyone does." said an also happy Freddie.

(Lindsay was introduced next and she was wearing a red tank top and blue shorts. She sat with the girls and also blushed at Cody.)

Lindsay smiled at her return but blushed when her crush was shown.

(Heather was introduced next and she was wearing a red tank top and khaki pants. She sat with the others and gave a friendly nod to Cody, who nodded back.)

Heather blushed because she also crushed on him.

(Trent was introduced next and he was wearing a blue version of his shirt. He sat with the others and high-fived Cody.)

Trent high-fived Cody for returning to the show.

Gwen was happy to see him return.

All fans cheer.

(Harold was introduced next and he was now wearing sunglasses. He sat with the others and high-fived his friends.)

Harold fist bumped at appearing.

All of his fans cheered.

"Wow, Harold's there. Awesome." said a happy Junior.

"Yeah, it's cool to see him stand up for himself." said an also happy Devin.

(He saw Courtney and angrily looked away, much to her guilt.)

"Courtney, what did you do?" asked a scared Cody.

"Something I regretted." said an ashamed Courtney.

(A flashback showed that Harold and Zoey were a couple but Courtney was still mad at Harold and wanted revenge. She found out about Mal and used him to frame Harold of being a psycho. When Mike went back to normal, they saw the damage they made and Mike felt bad when Zoey dumped Harold without letting him explain. Mike got angry at Courtney and called her out for it before revealing that Harold never rigged the votes and that Chris did because he found her annoying. Courtney gasps in horror and apologizes but they sadly see Harold move away and Courtney hasn't seen him in a long time.)

Everyone was shocked.

"What I did was petty and horrible." said a crying Courtney.

(Back to the present, Cody showed a disappointed look to Courtney for that. He can understand that she was unfairly voted off but it doesn't give her the right to do that.)

Cody sighs at this.

(Gwen was introduced next and she was now wearing a black coat and gloves. She sat with the others and greeted Cody.)

Gwen wasn't happy about returning but missed her friends.

(In the confessional, Gwen smiled.)

  • Gwen (confessional): (smiling) "Cody is great to talk with and he's always been there for me. He also got over me and got the hint."

(In another confessional, Cody also smiles.)

  • Cody (confessional): (also smiling) "Gwen is nice to talk with and she's protecting me from Sierra. Don't worry, I got over her."

(Back to the show, they decide to wait for more contestants.)

The two friends high-fived.

"It's great to see you, Gwen." said a smiling Cody.

"Good to see you too, Cody." said an also smiling Gwen.

(However, she gave Cody a family hug, which he returned. He has become a little brother to her and Trent recently.)

Gwen's parents and brother liked that.

(Duncan was introduced next and he was wearing a long sleeved orange jumpsuit while having grown a fohawk. He was uncuffed and sat with the others but gave a remorseful look to Gwen, who ignored him.)

Duncan sighed at the reminder that he was in prison and messed up with Gwen.

(In the confessional, Duncan showed remorse.)

  • Duncan (confessional): (remorse) "Don't worry, I learned my lesson. No fooling with hearts and no blowing stuff up. A new Duncan is here to stay and I hope to make it up to Gwen."

(Back to the show, he sat with DJ, who friendly greeted him. He and Cody exchanged looks but didn't say anything to each other.)

They also didn't say anything but everyone really waits for Duncan's change of heart.

Duncan's parents feel bad for their son.

(Mike and Zoey were introduced next and they didn't have new clothes. They met Gwen and talked with her while Duncan didn't freak out around Mike because he saw Mal's death and was glad that bastard was gone.)

"Yeah, good riddance." said an agreeing Dave.

"Don't worry, Mal is in Hell where he belongs." said a smiling Rias.

"Is he suffering?" asked a grinning Cody.

"Very much." said a smirking Sirzechz.

Mike and those who suffered from Mal were relieved to hear that.

"Who is Mal?" asked a worried Summer.

They explained who Mal is and everyone was horrified.

(Mike notices this and gratefully high fives Duncan, glad to see him redeemed.)

Duncan smiled at this.

(Harold saw Zoey but looked heartbroken by her and she was sad to see him not acknowledge her.)

Zoey looked down in guilt, she wanted to apologize to him.

"Harold and Zoey, you two are getting counseling as well." said a serious Cody.

(Noah and Owen were introduced next and they hadn't change their clothes neither. They saw their friends and Noah did a high five with Cody.)

The audience cheered at them coming back.

Noah and Owen high fived.

(Sammy and Amy were introduced next and Sammy's outfit is now blue. However, Amy is leaving Sammy alone but won't reveal why.)

Everyone got worried.

(She then happily calls Cody her little bro, making him blush in embarrassment as the boys laugh or in Ezekiel's case, grinning in amusement.)

Cody groaned in annoyance, making the others laugh.

"Face it, you're still my little brother." said a smiling Sammy.

(Sammy is one of Cody's five older sisters.)

Everyone spit out their drinks in shock.

"Actually I have one younger sister along with that." said a shy Cody.

"It's true." said a smiling Frank.

"He means our little Catherine." said an also smiling Rebecca.

(Cameron and Anne Maria were introduced next and haven't changed their clothes. Anna Maria sat with Mike, who surprisingly flirted with her. Cameron sat with Cody and the boys, who all looked confused, but Cameron chuckled and Cody sighed.)

Everyone nodded at that.

(Still, him and Cody handshake and bond over technology while he also bonds with Dave over a fear of germs.)

"I fucking hate germs. Like a lot." said a shivering Dave.

"No kidding." said an agreeing Cameron.

"Can't blame you, that stuff can kill you." said an understanding Cody.

(Izzy was introduced next and her clothes hadn't changed. She sat next to Cameron and was happy, earning a blush from him.)

Cameron blushed because Izzy's crushing on him.

(However, he was scared of her, much to her sadness.)

Izzy pouted at this.

(In the confessional, Izzy confesses.)

  • Izzy: (confessing) "Okay, I love Cameron. He's so sweet and adorable. I don't blame him for fearing me because I did dress as a giant spider and he was being stalked by that crazy bitch Sierra. (then she glares) Sierra, if I ever see you again, I'll make you wish that you would quit the show. I was wrong about you and Cody being cute together. (then she felt guilt) Cody, I was wrong about Sierra and I apologize for switching teams with her."

(Back to the show, Izzy is determined to keep Cameron safe from that crazy stalker.)

Izzy scowled, she hated Sierra for being such a stalker. However, she also felt bad for causing Cody to go through that torture. If she didn't switch teams then Cody would've been safe and Team Amazon would've function well as a team, ignoring the rivalry between Courtney, Gwen, and Heather.

"It's alright Izzy, you only just showed me how crazy she is." said a forgiving Cody.

However, his girlfriends scowled at the mention of that bitch who keeps stalking their Cody.

"Oh my god, don't remind me of that bitch." said an angry Revy.

"I like to tear her face off." said an also angry Leone.

"Wait, who's Sierra?" asked a worried Jane.

"A psychotic bitch with a very creepy obsession with Cody." said an angry Rias, hating that stalker with every fiber in her body.

(Scott appeared and now wears a red lumberjack shirt. He sat with the others and sneered at Courtney but Cody blocked him and told him to fuck off. Scott shrugged and minded his own business.)

Courtney didn't like seeing her ex-boyfriend but still thanked Cody for stopping him.

(However, he's over the Cameron and Courtney thing. Instead, he's mad at her for getting Harold dumped.)

"Scott man, just calm your anger down." said a serious Harold.

"Sure thing, Harold." said a nodding Scott.

(Cody notices this but wants him to forgive her because she hated doing that.)

Scott sighed in regret for how he's treating Courtney.

(Brick and Jo were introduced next. Brick sat with the others and saluted his friends, who returned it. Jo also sat with the others and didn't mind them one little bit.)

Brick was happy to rejoin the show.

Winter and The Clone Troopers saluted him.

Ironwood gave a neutral smile, admittedly liking the cadet.

(Leshawna was introduced next. She smiled at Harold but he shook his head, much to her anger. She glared at Cody and Heather but they didn't give a fuck.)

"Why the fuck does she hate Cody?" asked a confused Duncan.

"Just watch." said a glaring Cody.

(In the confessional, Leshawna explains.)

  • Leshawna (confessional): (explaining) "Heather being nice? Don't make me laugh. She's just manipulating everyone and will vote them off when she has no use for them. Queen Bees don't change. As for Cody? Once a pervert, always a pervert. He's just faking sympathy so he can be in bed with them."

(In another confessional, Harold was annoyed.)

  • Harold (confessional): (annoyed) "And this is why I don't love her no more."

(Back to the show, Gwen doesn't appreciate how Leshawna is treating Cody but still talks with her.)

"Leshawna, Cody has left me alone in a while. He doesn't crush on me anymore." said an annoyed Gwen.

"Oh please, he's just playing us all." said a scoffing Leshawna.

"What is your problem?" asked an annoyed Lindsay.

"Queen Bees, perverts, and sexists don't change." said a sneering Leshawna.

Gwen, Bridgette, DJ, and Trent were ashamed of her for how she treats others while the harem glare at her for mistreating their senpai.

"No wonder you lost popularity in season 2 & 3." said a glaring Sammy.

All other heroes and even villains were disappointed in her.

(Alejandro was introduced next and he was wearing a ponytail. The 3rd generation girls blushed at him and the 3rd generation guys were jealous but the 1st and 2nd generation contestants glare at him in hatred. Cody scowled at his arch-enemy and Heather sneered at seeing her ex-boyfriend.)

Those who watched the show glare at him and those who didn't were confused.

Seeing this, Cody explained who Alejandro is and what his true nature is like.

Because of this, all girls now hate him.

"He's the reason why I hate males so much, except for Cody, Percy, Izuku, Jaune, Naruto, and the good hearted males." said a glaring Artemis, earning nods from Thalia and Tenko.

Cody smiled at her for that and gave her a new arrow, making her smile and happily get it.

"Thanks for the compliment." said a smiling Jaune.

"No problem." said a smiling Artemis.

(Harold, DJ, Bridgette, Leshawna, and Noah were the most angriest to see him due to what he has done but everyone heard snickering from Don upon hearing Alejandro's last name.)

  • Chris: (confused) "What's so funny?"
  • Don: (snickering) "Doesn't his last name mean dead donkeys in Spanish?"

(Everyone laughed at that, with Cody, Bridgette, Noah, and Heather laughing the most.)

Everyone laughed too, much to Alejandro's anger.

"I shouldn't have to think of his nickname. He already has one." said a laughing Jo.

(Alejandro rolled his eyes.)

  • Alejandro: (annoyed) "Very funny. (Then he smirks at Cody.) Hola amigo."
  • Cody: (scowling) "I ain't your amigo, Al."
  • Alejandro: (annoyed) "Don't call me Al."
  • Cody: (smirking) "Or maybe Al Dante."

(Everyone laughed at this and Alejandro shivered, knowing that Jose might've heard that and plans to use that nickname since it was worst than being called Al. He scowled at the smirking Cody, vowing to make him pay for that.)

Everyone laughed too and Alejandro scowled.

"Nice one Cody." said a laughing Bridgette.

Cody got high-fives for that.

Yang was happy that her crush made a good joke and laughed with the other girls.

The adults laughed as well.

Even the villains laughed as well.

(In the confessional, a lot of people were laughing.)

  • Gwen: (laughing) "OH MY GOD, I-I CAN'T BREATH! NICE ONE, CODY!"
  • Duncan: (also laughing) "SUCK ON THAT, AL DANTE!"
  • Harold: (also laughing)
  • DJ: (also laughing)
  • Bridgette: (also laughing)
  • Courtney: (also laughing)
  • Noah: (also laughing)
  • Heather: (also laughing)
  • Justin: (also laughing)
  • Scott: (also laughing)
  • Chris: (also laughing)
  • Chef: (also laughing)
  • Blaineley: (also laughing)
  • Don: (also laughing)

(It really was funny.)

They agreed with that.

(Outside the show, many girls also laugh at what Cody said and the boys did too, enjoying Cody's comment.)

Alejandro was getting angry at this.

(Alejandro angrily went to his seating area only to step on a rake and get hit with it, making him angrily grumble and the others laugh.)

They laugh even more at this.

"Ah, the old rake gag." said a laughing Bart.

"But who put that there?" asked a curious Lisa.

(Unknown to the contestants, a smirking Chris is paying a certain yellow skinned rebellious boy, who laughs at his prank.)

"Oh, you little shit." said an angry Alejandro.

Bart laughs.

(Sam and Dakota were introduced next and Dakota was cured. They heard what Cody said and laughed too.)

"Dakota got cured too, eh." said a happy Ezekiel.

"That's right Ezekiel." said an also happy Dakota.

(Dakota saw Ezekiel and high-fived him. They know each other because they went to the same hospital to be cured.)

"That explains a lot too." said an amused Dave.

(B and Sierra were introduced next. Sierra tried to go to a nervous Cody and Cameron but was knocked out by one of B's darts, making the two boys sigh in relief.)

"Thanks B." said a grateful Cody.

"Yeah man, good job." said an agreeing Cameron.

B gave a thumb up.

However, the harem got angry.

"What the fuck is that bitch doing there?" asked an angry Revy.

"She better not go near our precious Cody." said an also angry Leone.

"Wow, she is crazy." said a creeped out Jane.

"And very dangerous." said a frowning Setsuna, making sure to watch out for her.

"I still don't know why she's back. I would want her banned since she's a crazy stalker and she blew up my plane." said an annoyed Chris.

(He glared at Scott but smiled at Dawn, who smiled back. He sat with Mike and Sam, who greeted him.)

The three grin at their friendship.

(Lightning and Justin were introduced next and Lightning's hair is back to normal but Justin looked like he would rather not be with Lightning at all. All contestants weren't happy to see Lightning and got disgusted by his bicep kissing.)

  • Lightning: (arrogant) "Sha-yeah, the Lightning's sha-back."

(His former castmates groan in annoyance.)

"Why is he back?" asked an annoyed Duncan.

"Does he ever sha-shut up?" asked an irritated Zuko.

"No, he doesn't." said a sighing Mike.

"Poor Justin." said a sympathetic Cody.

"Thanks Cody, that guy is seriously annoying me." said an annoyed Justin.

(Sky decided to shut him up.)

  • Sky: (annoyed) "Hey, why don't you sha-shut up?"
  • Lightning: (sneering) "Why don't you return to the kitchen, you fucking w***e?"

(The boys gasped and the girls glare at that remark.)

The girls were enraged.

"WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!" yelled an angry Bridgette.

"Uh-oh!" said the nervous boys.

"You heard me, you blonde w***e. That's a w***e's job. Now shut up and go back to the kitchen like a good little s**t." said a sneering Lightning.

Issei and the unlikeable males nodded in agreement.

Every female glare at Lightning for his sexist comment and glare at the least favorite males for agreeing with that comment.

The males all shook their head in disappointment at this.

(Sky glared at him in anger and hatred.)

  • Sky: (angry) "What the fuck did you call me, asshole."
  • Lightning: (sneering) "I called you a fucking w***e, now shut the fuck up."

(He then abusively slaps her, making her cry.)

The girls were now more enraged.

The boys were disgusted.

"Did he just slap her?" asked an angry Junior.

"And not care about it?" asked an also angry Devin.

"Sha-yeah, so sha-what?" asked an uncaring Lightning.

However, Tyler threw a baseball at him in anger.

"You are one of the most disgusting scumbags we ever met." said an angry Dave.

"Says the guy who rejected a terrible singer and nearly killed a weak w***e." said an offensive Lightning.

Everyone gasped at that and they look worried at Dave, who remained quiet at that.

Ella and Sky glared at Lightning for insulting them and brining up Dave's past.

"Dude, that was low, even for you." said a disgusted Geoff.

"How could you?!" asked an agreeing Bridgette.

"I can't believe you said that, man." said an also agreeing Brody.

"Not cool." said an also agreeing DJ.

(Everyone glared at him, mostly Cody, Dave, Ella, Ezekiel, and Dawn. Ella hardly gets angry but seeing one of her own friends get hurt by such a despicable man can push her buttons.)

"Lightning is nothing but a sexist prick." said a glaring Dave, recovering from that comment.

"Amen." said an agreeing Ezekiel.

Sky was glad that everyone's defending her.

(Even Duncan and Scott looked disgusted. They might be bad boyfriends but they've never hit a girl before.)

They nod in agreement.

"Me and Duncan are a lot of things but a girl abuser is not one of them." said a glaring Scott.

"Damn straight." said an agreeing Duncan.

Their families were proud of them.

(However, Cody beat Lightning up and held him to the ground.)

  • Cody: (angry) "You ever treat her like that again and I'll kill you. Do you understand me? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!"
  • Lightning: (scared) "Yes sha-sir."

(Cody then got off of him but then back hand him and spat on him in disgust. The girls smile at Cody for doing that.)

All girls now admire him and all the guys cheer him on.

Rias, Misa, Junko, Yang, Camie, Revy, Leone, and Ryuko all blush at him and smile, seeing him as their harem king.

Artemis, Thalia, and Tenko smiled at him for defending a girl.

"Thanks Cody." said a smiling Sky.

"Yeah man, good job." said an agreeing Topher.

Cody gave a thumb up.

"Oh please, I could do better." said an arrogant Issei, earning glares from everyone.

"He's better than you." said a glaring Bridgette.

"He respects women." said an agreeing Courtney.

"He gives people second chances." said an also agreeing Heather.

"He doesn't care about what we look like." said an also agreeing Lindsay.

All females defended Cody and pointed out his great ways.

"There's also fanfics about him and in some, he has a harem. There's one where the girls of Monster High are with him." said a smirking A.

"Oh come on, I'm the Red Dragon Emperor and the true harem king. He's just a worthless nobody who can't even be loved by his parents, got kissed by a f****t, got mauled by a bear, got voted off for being weak, got molested by a stalker, and gave his own happiness for a gothic s**t. He'll never be worth anything, just like the f****t cook and the r*****d Pikachu wannabe." said a cruel and horrible smirking Issei. (He used the homophobic f-word, the sexist s-word, and also said that offensive r-word for not very smart people.)

Cardin Winchester, Russel Thrusher, Sasuke Uchiha, Kiba Inuzuka, Kyosuke Munakata, and other unlikeable people laugh at this.

Cody shed tears at this and just ran out of the room along with a crying Teruteru and Kaminari.

"Wait Cody, come back." said a worried Gwen,

It was too late because Cody already left.

Everyone sighed in sympathy and gave Issei the most deadliest glares of hatred.

"That was low, even for you." said a glaring Ben.

"How could you?" asked an agreeing Jon.

"I can't believe you said that to him." said an also agreeing Zak.

"Not cool, dude. Not cool." said an also agreeing Rex.

Frank and Rebecca glared at Issei in complete hatred.

Sammy, Amy, Carrie, Jane, Catherine, and Coby also glared as well.

The harem and ex-harem also glared as well, waning to kill that perverted bastard.

Rias gives Issei the most painful slap ever and glares at him.

"That was so beyond cruel and horrible." said a glaring Rias.

"So what, if he haven't stolen the girls from me, none of this would've happened." said an uncaring Issei, getting glares for not regretting it.

"You know what, we're through. For good." said an angry Rias.

"Okay, fine. Whatever. I'll just get another hot babe to please me. I don't need you, you filthy ungrateful little fucking s**t." said an uncaring Issei, earning gasps from everyone.

Rias tearfully groaned in anger and went to sit with her fellow harem members, who comfort her and glare at Issei for what he called her.

All the good teenagers and kids glared at Issei for saying that.

"That was so horrid and heartless of you to say." said a glaring Izuku.

"You should be ashamed of yourself." said an agreeing Jaune.

"How dare you treat a girl like that?" asked an also agreeing Toga.

"You're an enemy to all women." said an also agreeing Nebula.

All adults were disappointed in Issei's behavior and comments.

Sirzechs wanted to kill Issei for insulting Cody, breaking Rias' heart, and calling her that foul name.

Even the ex-harem didn't like what Issei said and felt bad for Cody and Rias.

In the other room, Cody was still crying along with Teruteru and Kaminari but they were found by Gwen, Nagito, and Jiro.

However, they were cheered up when they are shown to have been liked by many fans for their redeeming qualities.

In the theater room, Cody came back but got worried for Rias.

"Hey, what's wrong?" asked a worried Cody.

"I broke up with Issei for what he said to you." said a crying Rias.

"I take it that he said something horrible to you." said an annoyed Cody, hoping that Issei didn't hurt her.

"He didn't care. He wants to find another girl to please him. He also called me a filthy ungrateful little fucking s**t." said a crying Rias.

"HE. DID. WHAT?!" yelled an angry Cody.

"That bastard, how dare he?" asked an also angry Teruteru.

"We're gonna kill him." said an also angry Kaminari.

Gwen, Nagito, and Jiro were also angry at what Issei said and wanted to kill that bastard.

"Don't listen to that insult or cry over him saying that. He's just a selfish and disgusting pervert who cares about boobs and sexy girls. You are just a beautiful and powerful woman who has control over her own life and it's not up to him to decide if you are attractive. You dumping him means that you are redeeming yourself and becoming a strong woman. If he doesn't like you nor care about your feelings, then he's losing his chance with a great woman. He's the one that's ungrateful because you resurrected him and gave him a second chance at life. He should be nice to you and show care for your feelings. He's not someone worth crying over. If you ever found a new guy in your life and he treats you nicely, then that makes me happy because you're happy." said a smiling Cody.

Rias tearfully smiled at him and hugged him, which he returned and gave her a kiss on the forehead, which made her more happy.

Everyone smiled at him and were proud of him for his kind words to her.

His girlfriends were also proud of him for standing up for Rias.

His ex girlfriends were also proud of him for doing that.

Frank and Rebecca were proud of their son for defending her.

Sammy, Amy, Carrie, and Jane were also proud of their little brother for defending her.

Rias went back to the girls and smiled at the thought of Cody and her together.

Sirzechs was happy that Cody stood up for Rias.

"I'm very proud of you, Cody." said a smiling Gwen.

"Thanks Gwen but I got something to take care of." said a serious Cody, pointing at Issei in disgust.

"By all means." said an agreeing Trent, wanting to harm that degenerate pervert.

Cody went to Issei, who didn't even care about how he hurt Rias.

"Hey King Hentai." said a glaring Cody, earning laughs from the good people for that nickname.

"Oh good one, I should use that nickname." said a laughing Jo.

"Me too." said an agreeing Yang, earning a high-five from her.

"What the fuck do you want, you fucking r****d?" asked a rude and annoyed Issei, earning glares for his rudeness, with Rias, Sirzechz, Cody's friends, and family glaring the most.

"I win." said a serious Cody.

"What?" asked a confused Issei and audience.

However, Chef smirked, knowing this tactic all too well.

Then suddenly, Cody kicked Issei in the balls, making the pervert scream like a little bitch and kneel down on the floor, holding his family jewels in pain.

"That's for Rias, you bastard. And if I ever hear you call her that very vile name again, I'll rip your fucking balls off, play tennis with them, and shove them down your fucking throat." said a scowling Cody before flipping him off.

The boys and girls laughed and cheered at this.

The adults smiled at that and nodded in approval.

The hosts laughed at the karma.

Rias smiled even more at this and now can see why she loves her new boyfriend.

Cody walks to his girlfriends but gave Rias a wink and a smile, making her blush and giggle.

Bridgette, Courtney, Heather, and Lindsay smile at this.

Sirzechs was more happy that Cody intervened before he could.

All the guys compliment him.

"Dude, that was manly." said a cheering Kirishima.

"Yeah man, that was the right thing to do." said an agreeing Tetsu.

"I was gonna intervene but you did it for me." said a smiling Jaune.

"Yes, you have good will, my friend." said an agreeing Ren.

"I only see good in you." said a smiling Luke.

"Indeed, you would make a great Jedi." said an agreeing Anakin.

Even Chris agrees that Issei had it coming.

Rias hugs Cody.

"Thanks darling." said a grateful Rias.

"No problem, my princess." said a smiling Cody, earning a blush and smile from her.

(Cody checked on Sky and gave her a ice pack, which she gratefully took.)

Sky was happy to see him help her.

Rias felt happy that Cody helped Sky.

"Good job, dude." said a smiling Ben.

"Yeah man, you were awesome." said an agreeing Jon.

"I'm proud of you, Cody." said a smiling Frank.

"I agree, sweetie." said an agreeing Rebecca.

(In the confessional, Sky smiles.)

  • Sky (confessional): (smiling) "No wonder female fans like him."

(Back to the show, the girls were grateful.)

"I have female fans?" asked a shocked Cody.

"Yeah, you got liked for being happy for Trent and Gwen." said a smiling Naruto.

"And he's also getting liked by us for comforting Rias." said an also smiling Setsuna.

Indeed, they were grateful towards him for standing up for Rias.

"I still thank you." said a smiling Rias.

"It's no problem, princess." said an also smiling Cody, earning a giggle from her for the nickname.

(Shawn and Jasmine were introduced next. Jasmine glared at an uncaring Dave but Shawn high-fived Dave, much to Jasmine's dismay.)

"Oh come on, you hate him too?" asked an annoyed Shawn.

"He hates Sky for having a boyfriend." said a shrugging Jasmine.

"No, he hated her because she lied to him." said an annoyed Shawn.

"But Shawn, I could care less how she feels about me." said an uncaring Dave.

(In the confessional, Shawn explains.)

  • Shawn: (explaining) "I don't blame Dave for what happened but I do blame Sky for instigating it. She was a jerk towards me and boosted her confidence towards me. I don't even care if she wants to win."

(In another confessional, Sky sighs.)

  • Sky: (sighing) "Come on Jasmine, it's my fault. And don't worry Shawn, I'm sorry for how I treated you during the finale."

(Back to the show, Shawn clearly shows annoyance at Jasmine but admittedly can't do anything about it.)

Shawn sighed at this.

"It's alright Shawn. No hard feelings." said a forgiving Dave.

(Topher and Beardo were introduced next. Topher kicked Chris in the balls for sabotaging him, making the contestants laugh.)

Everyone laughs at this.

"He had that coming. It's his fault that you lost that baby challenge." said a laughing Cody.

"Wait, baby challenge?" asked a confused Naruto.

"Chris had this horrible challenge that involved infants and having to carry them over dangerous obstacles." said an angry Dave.

Everyone was horrified by this and glared at Chris.

"What the hell is wrong with you, McLean?!" asked an angry Frank.

"We should have you put on probation for endangering infants." said an agreeing Rebecca.

(Don had a proud look on his face at what Topher did and just laughed. Topher smiled at this and took out a picture of him and Don, revealing them as family.)

Everyone was shocked by this.

However, Don hugged his son, who hugged back.

(He sat with Sky, who was impressed.)

Topher smiled because he had a crush on Sky.

Sky was also happy.

Cody, Dave, Ezekiel, Ella, and Dawn saw this and smiled.

Don allowed it.

(However, he saw her bruise and got worried.)

  • Topher: (worried) "Where'd you get that bruise from?"

(Sky angrily pointed at Lightning, who didn't care.)

  • Lightning: (uncaring) "So what? That fucking w***e was talking back to me."

(The girls glared at him.)

  • Topher: (glaring) "Hey, you got a problem with women, shithead?"
  • Lightning: (sneering) "Suck my dick, bitch!"
  • Topher: (angry) "You motherfucker!"

(He charges at Lightning and gets in a fight with him until Chef breaks it up.)

  • Chef: (interfering) "That's enough. Break it up, you two."

(They stop but Topher ruffled up Lightning's hair in anger.)

  • Topher: (glaring) "Asshole."

(Topher went back to sitting with Sky, who was grateful towards him.)

Sky was grateful that Topher defended her.

"Thanks Chef for interfering." said a smiling Don, glad that his kid was alright.

"No problem." said a smirking Chef.

(Cody and Dave smiled at Topher for standing up for Sky.)

"No problem, guys." said a smiling Topher.

(Katie and Sadie were introduced next but Sadie is now skinny. They sat with the others and they greeted Trent and DJ.)

The boys wolf-whistled at this.

"Oh great, a pig dating a /CENSORED/." said a sneering Issei. (The last word is so horrible and offensive that I have to censor it.)

Everyone gasped at his racial slur.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SAY?!" yelled an angry Anne Maria.

DJ, Cameron, and B all glared at him for that comment and for what he called Sadie.

Trent, Katie, Duncan, Geoff, and Bridgette wanted to kill him for that comment.

Cody angrily went to Issei and lifted him up by the collar.

"You may insult me all you want but I don't tolerate that kind of language. You better shut up or I'll kill you and make sure you're dead." said an angry Cody.

He throws Issei to the floor.

DJ and Sadie were grateful that Cody defended them.

(Geoff and Brody were introduced next. Bridgette was too angry to see him.)

"Why does Bridgette hate Geoff now?" asked a worried Brody.

(In the confessional, Cody explains.)

  • Cody (confessional): (explaining) "They broke up. Geoff got drunk at a nightclub and accidentally had an affair with a female fan. Bridgette found out and nearly killed him but me and Brody stopped her. She never forgave him."

(In another confessional, Bridgette was angry.)

  • Bridgette (confessional): (angry) "I won't forgive him and never will."

(Back to the show, Geoff wisely stood away from Bridgette.)

The boys facepalmed at him.

"Really Geoff?" asked an annoyed Trent.

"Dude." said a disappointed Duncan.

"Sorry." said a sheepish Geoff.

(Tyler and Eva were introduced next and their clothes are different: Tyler is wearing an Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans while Eva has her hair down, she is wearing a black t-shirt, and blue jeans. They sat with the others and he doesn't react to Lindsay.)

"Him and Lindsay broke up too?" asked a serious Dave.

"Yep." said a nodding Cody.

"Dang Eva, you look fine, eh." said a smiling Ezekiel.

Eva smiles at this.

(Scarlet and Max were introduced next and Scarlet has inmate clothes. Max wanted to be far away from her as possible and her castmates were horrified that she returned.)

Even the hosts were shocked.

"They let her on?" asked a shocked Chris.

(However, Cody and Duncan notice her guards having shadowed eyes and got nervous, knowing that supernatural are involved. Dawn notices this too and looks worried. They hoped that Cedric is not involved but it looks like he is. They look at each other and nodded, they'll try to investigate this matter later.)

The three groaned.

"Oh great, Cedric released her." said an annoyed Cody.

"But still, we will investigate that matter." said a serious Duncan.

(The Ridonculous Race contestants were introduced next:)

The Ice Skaters were confident about returning.

(Best Friends turned Couple Devin and Carrie were introduced next and sat with the others.)

The said couple got excited about returning.

(Carrie greeted Cody and Sammy, who waved back. She is one of Cody's sisters.)

Cody was happy to see his older sis.

(New Step-Siblings Junior and Taylor were introduced next and Taylor was kindly giving Junior a piggyback ride. The girls said awe at Junior and the boys high-fived him. Even Sky found him adorable and wanted to adopt him but Junior was carried by Sammy, who he blushed at.)

Every girl in the audience found Junior adorable.

Sammy was happy because she had a crush on Junior.

"Wait a minute, how years old is he?" asked a worried Devin.

"Don't worry, he's 13." said a smiling A.

Sammy sighed in relief.

(In the confessional, Junior smiled.)

  • Junior (confessional): (smiling) "She's so beautiful."

(In another confessional, Sammy also smiles.)

  • Sammy (confessional): (also smiling) "He's so adorable."

(Back to the show, they blush at this.)

Junior was happy to get his feelings returned.

Carrie was happy for Junior.

(Junior got over his crush on Carrie and was actually a shipper for her and Devin.)

Carrie was grateful for that.

Devin shrugged, knowing that the crush was just a child one that wouldn't last long.

(Taylor helped with that after their parents got married and at first, they didn't get along but then started becoming friends and she is shown to care for him.)

Taylor happily hugged her little buddy, who chuckled.

(Emma and Kitty were introduced next. Noah was happy and shared a reunion kiss with his girlfriend, shocking everyone.)

"YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!" yelled the shocked audience.

"Yep." said a smirking Noah, enjoying their reactions.

Emma laughed at their reactions.

Cody, Dave, and Ezekiel laugh at their reactions too.

"Finally, it puts the whole NoCo to an end." said a relieved Ruby.

"I still don't how one accidentally kiss on the ear could lead to a gay ship between them." said an agreeing Nebula.

Cody and Noah both blinked before happily hugging Ruby and Nebula while thanking them a bunch of times, making the said girls blush.

(However, they got happy when they see Owen and Kitty kissing.)

Everyone cheered.

(In the confessional, Cody was happy.)

  • Cody (confessional): (happy) "See fans, me and Noah aren't dating. Thanks Emma for putting an end to that ship."

(In another confessional, Noah agreed.)

  • Noah (confessional): (agreeing) "Indeed, I finally showed that I'm straight."

(In another confessional, Emma smiled in pride.)

  • Emma (confessional): (smiling) "Glad that I put an end to that ship. I'm not homophobic or anything but they are straight and one kiss on the ear like that shouldn't lead to a fanmade gay relationship."

(In another confessional, Izzy smirks.)

  • Izzy (confessional): (smirking) "Oh no, that joke will never stop. I knew that they were not gay but it was funny to tease them. I still will."

(Back to the show, Cody and Noah glare at Izzy because they see her still smirking.)

Izzy laughs as Cody and Noah angrily groans.

(Sanders and McArthur were introduced next. Sanders hugged Geoff and McArthur hugged Brody, which Bridgette bitterly ignored.)

Cody sighed at this.

(Rock and Spud were introduced next. Rock sat with Taylor, who was happy to see him.)

Taylor blushed at her boyfriend.

Kelly was happy for her daughter.

(Chet and Lorenzo were introduced next. They sat with the Rockers and high-fived them.)

The two step-brothers were glad to be back.

(In the confessional, Dave was relieved.)

  • Dave: (relieved) "At least Leonard's not back."

(In another confessional, Noah agreed.)

  • Noah: (agreeing) "That wizard guy was so annoying during the race."

(Back to the show, the other contestants were glad too.)

"I saw season 6 and agree that he was annoying." said an annoyed Cody.

"We should've voted him off instead of Beardo." said an agreeing Shawn.

"Oh yeah Beardo, I apologize for being rude to you on that episode. I just didn't like beatboxing." said a remorseful Dave, he was very harsh to him.

However, Beardo just smiled and waved it off.

(Jacques and Josee were introduced next. Don and his former contestants glare at them and the other Total Drama contestants also glare since they watched the Ridonculous Race.)

Those who didn't were confused by the glares.

(Cody explained to those didn't watch the show.)

  • Cody: (explaining) "They both are like Heather's old self but more evil and no redeeming qualities."

(They all nod in understanding.)

Everyone nodded as well.

(The new contestants were introduced:)

Everyone was curious.

(Percy Jackson was introduced first and he has combed black hair, sea green eyes, white t-shirt, blue jacket, and blue sweats.)

The girls blushed at him but remind themselves that he has a girlfriend.

Thalia blushes at her boyfriend.

(Ruby Rose was introduced next and she wears her volume 7 outfit.)

The boys blush too.

Jaune blushed at Ruby.

Weiss was jealous of Ruby's bust.

(Zuko was introduced next and he wore a black sweater with the fire nation symbol on his chest, black jeans, and his scar is still present.)

Everyone flinched at the scar.

Team Avatar never asked where he got that scar.

(Naruto Uzumaki was introduced next and he wore a orange t-shirt, a orange denim jacket, and orange sweats.)

The girls blush at Naruto and find him attractive.

Sakura was confused as to why they like Naruto.

(Here are the reactions:)

The mean people bet their enemies will get hated.

(All guys and girls cheer at Percy Jackson because he's a guitar player and the boyfriend of feminist hunter Thalia Grace. They feel bad for him because he had an abusive step-dad named Smelly Gabe, a deadbeat father named Poseidon, and traitorous ex-friends but are happy that has a new girlfriend named Thalia Grace and his adopted parents are the twins known as Apollo and Artemis.)

Lucas was shocked that Percy was not hated.

"Lucas, you think they would hate Percy and like you? You are mistaken." said a chuckling A.

"Wait, Apollo and Artemis are twins?" asked a shocked Iida.

"Yeah, they allow incest in Greek." said a shrugging A, not minding it.

"As long as Artemis doesn't break her vow." said a smiling Apollo.

"I get it, so she did say she won't lose her virginity but she didn't say anything about not marrying someone. She also didn't break her vow because she only adopted Percy." said a nodding Lindsay.

Her castmates were shocked by her intelligence but Cody smiled.

"Wow, you're improving quite well since the first three seasons." said a smiling Cody.

"Aw, thanks Cody." said a happy Lindsay, shocking everyone that she got Cody's name right.

"Wait, Smelly Gabe?" asked a worried Piper, having never known Percy's past.

"His dead beat ex-stepdad." said an angry Artemis.

A showed them who Gabe is and everyone was angered.

"He abused you?" asked an angry Thalia.

"Yeah." said a sad Percy.

"Don't worry, Gabe's dead." said a smiling A, earning sighs of relief.

(Bridgette was happy to see him and Percy was mutual about that feeling.)

  • Percy: (happy) "Bridgette. How are you, big sis?"
  • Bridgette: (waving) "I'm doing fine."
  • Cody: (shocked) "You know him?"
  • Bridgette: (nodding) "He's my half-brother."

(Percy nodded and confirmed it.)

Percy and Bridgette smiled at the reunion.

Artemis smiled at this and hugged her new daughter, who hugged back.

(All the guys cheer at Ruby Rose because she's a hero like her boyfriend Jaune Arc and their friends Velvet Scarlatina, Sun Wukong, Neptune Vasilias, and NDGO. She gave her friends hope and her boyfriend is a likeable hero because he gives second chances. They didn't judge Jaune for his transcripts and understood his reason for it.)

The traitors were shocked that Jaune wasn't hated.

(She's one of the people that saved Jaune when he was almost killed by the angry students and has put him in hiding until his attackers are defeated.)

"But Ms. Rose, he lied to us." said an angry Glynda.

"Says the BDSM teacher who doesn't do shit around the school." said a scoffing Ruby.

"Yeah, you never defend me from Team CRDL." said an agreeing Velvet.

(All the guys and girls cheer at Zuko because he's a much more better person now. His girlfriend Jin is making him a good person and they all agree that Zuko was only bad because of his abusive father Ozai. He stopped hunting down Team Avatar and retired as their enemy. He now plans to help them defeat Ozai and redeem the Fire Nation.)

Everyone was shocked.

"That monster is your father?" asked a shocked Jaune.

"Yes and I'm not proud of it." said a glaring Zuko, hating his father with so much heat in his body.

(He already hated his father for burning his left eye.)

Everyone gasped in horror.

"Your father gave you that scar?" asked a horrified Bridgette.

Zuko nods.

"That bastard!" said the angry girls.

"That's not how a parent should treat their child." said a disgusted Momma DJ.

"Amen, Mrs. Joseph." said an agreeing Inko.

(Everyone, including the hosts, cheered at Naruto Uzumaki because he's a famous actor, writer, and fighter. He had wrote stories about his love-interests and friends while being good at acting in movies and has trained a lot of fighting students. He's also the true harem king.)

Everyone now recognized him.

"Oh yeah, he's the titular protagonist of the manga of the same name and it's sequel Naruto Shippuden." said a smiling Harold, admiring Naruto.

"Oh my gosh, I'm a fan of his military film." said a happy Brick.

"Oh yeah, Naruto." said a happy Cody.

"Hey Cody." said an also happy Naruto.

(However, they were all sad that he's hated for his jinchuriki status when he's actually a hero for restraining the nine tails and protecting the village from it. If he wanted to destroy the village, he would've but chooses not to because he still wants to save it, despite how ungrateful the villagers are for his help.)

Those who hated him were shocked that they are hated for mistreating him.

"But he is a demon brat and a weapon." said a sneering Tsunade.

Shizune finally had enough and went to Naruto's side, shocking Tsunade.

"I've had enough to hear about you. Naruto is a much more better Hokage than you are. He should've never brought you back." said an angry Shizune.

"She's right, Naruto brought Sasuke back but you banished him for injuring him. You and the Leaf Village are ungrateful and Naruto should get revenge on you but he's too kind-hearted to finish you." said an agreeing A, not liking Tsunade's comment.

Hiruzen was very disappointed at his former students for how far they have fallen.

A showed them Naruto's past.

The nice girls cried at this.

The nice guys glared at this and vowed to make the abusers pay.

Minato, Kushina, and their family glared the most at this.

"Damn them!" said an angry Cody.

"Those bastards!" said an also angry Dave.

"How dare they?!" asked an also angry Ezekiel.

(The girls weren't mad at him for publishing Make-Out Tactics because he doesn't peep on the women's bathing room to do it and has castrated any males that does do that. Cody knows about that rumor and his old perverted self took it seriously so did Kaminari and Teruteru. The first victim was Kiba and he peeped on Tayuya, who happens to be Naruto's adoptive older sister.)

"He's not lying." said a scared Cody.

Kaminari and Teruteru nodded to that.

"Damn right and if I ever catch you doing it, I'll stay true to that threat." said a scowling Naruto.

(However, he doesn't harm Cody, Kaminari, and Teruteru because they control themselves and never attempted to peep. He gave them the books to help control their urges and they haven't shown signs of being perverted. They've improved and become nicer.)

"It's true, we control what we do now." said a smiling Cody.

"Yeah, I was sorry for the cheerleader prank." said an agreeing Kaminari.

"I no longer make very disturbing comments." said an also agreeing Teruteru.

"They had better stay true to the teaching or else they end up like Kiba." said a scowling Naruto.

"Don't worry. He only got castrated because he was an idiot." said an annoyed Cody.

(Cody, Heather, Duncan, Gwen, Zoey, and Harold were happy to see him but Alejandro, Lightning, and Scarlet scowl at him because he had defeated them a bunch of times for their schemes.)

"You know them?" asked a shocked Mike.

"Yeah and I hate them." said an angry Naruto.

(He hates Alejandro, Lightning, and Scarlet for good reasons and also hates Sugar for unfairly abusing Ella. He didn't like how Alejandro was a traitor, Lightning's a sexist, Scarlet's a terrorist, and Sugar's a competitive pageant queen.)

They all nod.

(Scott rolled his eyes but secretly smirked, also being happy to see Naruto.)

Scott shrugged.

(He also became the harem king because he's got a lot of girlfriends but has never dated Tsunade and Sakura since they treat him badly.)

Everyone was shocked.

"Why is he the harem king?" asked a shocked Sakura.

"Because he's sweet, kind, and faithful while also only loving them as a person instead of a trophy." said a smiling A.

(He's also the son of the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze and the second nine-tails jinchuriki Kushina Uzumaki along with being the godson of the pervy sage Jiraiya and the fifth Hokage Tsunade. However, his godparents hated him for being a jinchuriki and purposefully left him to get tortured, hoping that he dies.)

Everyone was saddened by this and glared at the couple in hatred.

(After the introductions were done, they are divided into teams based on seasons. The Killer Bass team has become the Killer Bees but instead, Cody and Izzy are on that team along with Sierra, Percy, and Ruby, despite them not liking Sierra and not wanting to be stuck with her.)

The said members groaned in annoyance at having to be stuck with Sierra but are happy that Cody, Izzy, Percy, and Ruby are on it.

(However, Chef slapped a shock collar on Sierra's neck, surprising her and everyone but Chris explained.)

  • Chris: (explaining) "We actually didn't want you on Cody's team. We got a lot of complaints from his parents, admirers, and fans about you sexually harassing him and they put a restraining order on you. Even I'm creeped out by how you treat him. If you misbehave or go anywhere near him, you get shocked. So, back off."

(Sierra growls but Cody smiles and gives Chris a grateful look.)

"Thanks Chris." said a grateful Cody.

"No problem." said a smiling Chris.

"Even we don't think it's funny." said a disgusted Chef.

"Don't worry, she's not invited here." said an assuring Don.

(Even feminists out there agreed because they didn't like how Sierra fake cried in Paris and treating Cody like an object instead of an actual person.)

Team Amazon got angry.

"She faked it?!" asked an angry Cody, Gwen, Courtney, and Heather.

"Yes, she did." said an also angry A.

(The Screaming Gophers are now the Screaming Bats and have the original members on it but Cody and Izzy are replaced by Katie Sadie. The new members of it are also Alejandro, Zuko, and Naruto, which everyone was happy to have Naruto.)

Naruto hi fived them.

(The Toxic Sharks have the second generation contestants but Scott hated the name because of his phobia.)

Everyone glared at Chris, even his fellow hosts and hostess.

"Not cool, Chris." said a disappointed Don.

(The Mutant Bears have the third generation contestants but Dave glared at Chris for the team name just because he got chased around by Scuba Bear.)

"Asshole." said a glaring Dave.

Shawn, Ella, Sky, and Topher also glare at Chris.

(The Honorable Hawks have the fourth generation contestants and they are glad that Don gave them the name, which Chris was annoyed by because of his hatred for the Ridonculous Race.)

They were indeed lucky.

(They had to unpack their stuff and change into swimsuits for the first challenge.)

"Oh boy, I think it's cliff diving again." said an annoyed Cody.

"Yeah." said an agreeing Bridgette.

(They were excited to see the cabins are replaced by a dorm but they still decide to change into swimsuits.)

Chris grumbled at this.

(Cody winked at Courtney, who smirked and winked back.)

Chris glared at a smug looking Cody and Courtney.

(At the cliff, they all appear in swimsuits: Dave wears a white tank top and blue shorts,)

Ella shrugs, she ain't interested in the body.

(Shawn wore his vest and orange shorts,)

"Why're you wearing your vest in your swimsuit?" asked a confused Dave.

"Because the vest is my character." said a smiling Shawn.

"That doesn't make sense." said an annoyed Dave, Cody, Sky, Ella, Dawn, and Ezekiel.

(Sky wore a purple bikini,)

Topher blushed at this.

Sky noticed and smiled in victory.

(Ella wore a pink bikini,)

Dave had a nose bleed at that.

(Topher wore a blue speedo,)

Sky blushed at that.

(Sammy wore a blue bikini,)

Junior blushes at this.

(Amy wore a red one-piece swimsuit,)

Sammy smirked victoriously.

Amy pouted.

Scott shrugged, not minding it at all.

(Jasmine is wearing a wet suit,)

Shawn raised an eyebrow.

Jasmine pouted at what she was given.

(Dakota wore a pink bikini,)

Sam blushed at that.

(B wore a big wet suit,)

Everyone shrugged.

(Junior wore black shorts,)

Sammy smiled at this.

(and Taylor wore a yellow bikini.)

Rock grinned.

(The original contestants were given new swimsuits: Bridgette wore a cyan blue bikini,)

Cody went red faced.

Bridgette was happy to get his attention.

(Alejandro wore a red denim jacket with rolled up sleeves and red shorts,)

Everyone was glad that he didn't wear a speedo anymore.

All mean girls were disappointed that he doesn't wear a speedo anymore.

(Trent wore a cyan green speedo,)

Katie and Gwen were blushing.

(DJ wore a white tank-top and green shorts,)

Sadie blushed at her man.

(Duncan wore a lifeguard vest and red skimpy shorts,)

Gwen blushed a little.

(Scott wore some red shorts,)

Duncan high-fived Scott.

(Mike wore blue shorts but no tank-top,)

Mike was glad to not wear a tank-top anymore.

(Zoey wore a red bikini,)

Harold blushed at that.

(Lightning wore a dark blue speedo,)

Everyone groaned in disgust at that.

"Hey, you stole my idea." said a glaring Topher.

"Stop stealing Topher's ideas." said an also glaring Sky, defending her boyfriend.

"Stop talking, w***e." said a sneering Lightning, earning glares from the girls.

"Don't make me come over there, you sexist prick." said an angry Topher.

(Dawn wore a green bikini,)

Ezekiel blushed and nervously put his hat over his eyes.

Dawn giggled at Ezekiel's reaction.

Izzy also giggled.

(Brick wore a black speedo,)

Jo blushed at this.

"You look like the main character from Commando." said a smiling Cody.

(Owen wore a blue Hawaiian shirt and white shorts,)

"Nice swimsuit, Owen." said a smiling Kitty.

(Justin wore a tiger speedo,)

All girls fawn over this and the boys were jealous.

"Fucking pretty boys." said an annoyed Naruto, much to the boys' agreement.

"Really dude?" asked an also annoyed Cody, speaking on behalf of the boys.

"Sorry bud." said a grinning Justin.

However, Cody's girlfriends are not effected and his ex-girlfriends are also not effected.

(and Cody wore a white t-shirt and his swim shorts.)

"Why is Cody wearing a swim shirt?" asked a concerned Gwen.

"Some people do." said a reassuring A, trying to protect Cody's secret.

Cody gave him a grateful look, earning a thumb up.

Those who like him don't mind.

(The four new contestants also had swimsuits:)

Everyone was interested.

(Percy wore green shorts,)

Thalia blushed at how muscular her boyfriend is.

(Ruby wore a red bikini,)

Jaune and Oscar blushed.

Ruby notices and grins.

(Zuko wore a black speedo,)

Jin blushed at this.

(and Naruto wore a orange tank-top and orange shorts.)

Everyone sweat dropped.

'It was so obvious.' thought the audience.

His harem didn't mind at all.

(The hosts also have new swimsuits:)

Everyone was curious.

(Chris wore a red speedo,)

Everyone groaned in disgust.

Cody and Bridgette blocked Coby and Bregitte's eyes, which they appreciated.

Taylor and Sammy blocked Junior's eyes, who also appreciated it.

All older females blocked every younger kids' eyes.

(Chef wore a purple tank-top and purple shorts,)

DJ and Chef high-fived.

(Blaineley wore a red bikini,)

Cody and Dave went red face before looking away from seeing her in something so revealing.

All the children's eyes were covered again.

Blaineley smirked at their reactions.

(and Don wore a blue Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts.)

His former contestants were glad he's not wearing a speedo.

Don was also glad that he's not wearing a speedo.

(However, they were horrified to see that Scott has some scars and bite marks from his encounters with Fang.)

Everyone had the same reaction.

"Oh my god." said a horrified Amy.

"Dude." said an agreeing Cody.

(The first challenge is to dive off the cliff and into the lake.)

"Same challenge." said a shrugging Cody.

(If you land in the safe zone, your win a point. If you land outside of it, you don't get a point. If you refuse to jump, you get a chicken hat.)

Everyone nodded, understanding the challenge.

Tyler was glad that he got over his fear of chickens.

(Bridgette was about to call it a piece of cake but Cody covers her mouth with his hand, much to her surprise.)

  • Cody: (nervous) "Bridgette, don't jinx it."

(She nods but she licks his hand, making him take it off and her to giggle.)

Bridgette blushed at what she did to Cody's hand but grinned.

(However, Chris then says that it's filled with sharks, causing Cody to look at a sheepish Bridgette.)

Cody facepalmed.

"You shouldn't tempt fate, my dear." said a smirking Joker as he gave the 'tut tut' hand sign.

"Don't worry, a few villains here will be restrained or be in holding cells." said a serious A.

(When the challenge introduction was done, everyone wondered who would go first. Then suddenly, Cody ran towards the cliff and jumped off.)

  • Cody: (shouting) "LEROY JENKINS!"

(He then landed in the safe zone and his head came out of the water with a grin.)

Everyone cheered at this.

"Dude, that was awesome." said a cheering Ben, high fiving Cody.

"Darling, that was incredible." said an also cheering Rias, earning a blush from Cody.

"Big Bro, that was epic." said an also cheering Coby, earning coos from the girls.

"Oh my gosh, Coby is so cute." said a cooing Bregitte, earning a blush from Coby.

Cody and Bridgette saw this and smiled, being happy for those two.

"Indeed, Coby is one of the cutest kids in here." said a smiling Sammy.

"He's such a good little boy at home." said an agreeing Carrie.

(All the nice people laugh at this and Izzy laughed insanely. Cody loved their reaction and yelled something.)

  • Cody: (adorable smile) "That. Was. AWESOME!"

(All the girls coo over his reaction.)

So did his girlfriends and admirers but they also laugh at his reaction, enjoying his happiness.

Rias was happy to see her new hubby happy.

"Oh please, I could do better." said an arrogant Issei.

Everyone booed at him.

Frank and Rebecca glared at Issei in hatred.

"Not cool, dude." said a disgusted Sun.

"Oh really Issei, would you like to do that without a sacred gear?" asked a smirking Rias.

"Rain check." said a paling Issei.

Everyone laughs at his cowardice and cheered Rias on for that.

Frank and Rebecca smiled at Rias for defending their son.

Sirzechz was laughing proudly at his little sister's remark.

Cody smiles at Rias, who smiled back and winked.

Cody's love interests declare it.

"Rias, wanna be Cody's fifth girlfriend?" asked a smiling Bridgette.

"Yes, I do. I love him for who he is and he's nothing like that pervert Issei." said a happy Rias.

"I love you too, Rias." said an also happy Cody.

They then kissed.

Sirzechz approved of this.

"Rias, will you and any girlfriend of mine marry me?" asked a smiling Cody.

"Yes." said a happy Rias.

"Cody, welcome to the family." said a smiling Sirzechz.

"Rias, welcome to the family." said an also smiling Rebecca.

"Actually, me and the girls started dating him since last night." said a smirking Revy.

"Really?" asked a shocked Tyler.

"Yep." said a grinning Leone.

"Yes, we knew it." said a cheering Dave before high fiving Ezekiel. He then smirks at a glaring Sky and Eva, "$30 bucks, thank you."

Sky angrily payed them in annoyance.

"You bet on this?" asked an annoyed Cody.

"Sorry, eh." said a sheepish Ezekiel.

(Nevertheless, he got a point for the team.)

The team cheered.

(Dave was inspired by this that he didn't care about his past fears and he jumped too. He made it to the safe zone and high fived Cody, earning cheers from their friends and Ella while also earning a point as well.)

Cody and Dave high fived.

"I'm so proud of you, Dave." said a cheering Ella.

(Sky went next and took a dive into the safe zone. She came out fine and grinned, earning cheers from Topher and Jasmine while earning one as well.)

"Nice work Sky." said a smiling Topher.

"Thanks Topher." said a blushing Sky.

Dave saw this and smiled.

(Bridgette went next and she did perfectly, earning a point. She went to Cody and was excited.)

  • Bridgette: (excited) "How was that?"
  • Cody: (smiling) "That was excellent, my dear."

(Bridgette smiled at being called that and she hugged him, which made him blush while Dave and Sky grinned at this.)

Bridgette got excited at making her Cody happy.

(In the confessional, Dave was grinning.)

  • Dave: (grinning) "No wonder people loved pairing me up with either Sky or Ella. This is adorable."

(In another confessional, Sky agreed.)

  • Sky: (agreeing) "It's super adorable."

(Back to the show, Cody just smiled and blushed from the hug, which Bridgette noticed and found adorable.)

Dave and Sky just smirked and planned to play matchmaker.

Cody blushed as Bridgette giggled.

(Courtney went next and she did perfectly, earning cheers from Cody and the others for doing it perfectly and redeeming her past mistake. The team won a point.)

Courtney was glad that she didn't coward out.

Her family was proud of her.

(Ezekiel went next but didn't hit a rock this time and he landed perfectly, earning a point for the team. Bridgette, Courtney, and Dawn cheered for him out of proudness while Cody and Dave hi fived him.)

Everyone cheered too.

"That was incredible, Ezekiel." said a smiling Dawn.

(In the confessional, Courtney explains.)

  • Courtney: (explaining) "Bridgette told me and the team that Ezekiel is sorry for his comments and I forgive him. He was homeschooled back then and didn't know better."

(In another confessional, Eva looked guilty.)

  • Eva: (guilty) "I feel bad for judging him today. We all feel bad for not letting him apologize."

(Back to the show, they help him get back on board.)

They were glad that Ezekiel is forgiven.

(Dawn decided to stop the disappearing act and decided to do the swine dive, which Ezekiel found beautiful. She won a point for the team.)

"Thanks sweetie." said a smiling Dawn.

Ezekiel winked.

(Ella also did the swine dive but sang as she came to the surface, which Dave also found beautiful. She also won a point.)

Ella smiled at her boyfriend.

(DJ refused because he still has his fear but Don is nice about it and assured him that a rule is added that those who quit for good reasons don't get the chicken hat. Cody and the nice contestants let him know that they understood and they won't judge him.)

DJ was glad to have people who are nice to him.

"Like we said, we won't judge you." said a smiling Cody.

"Yeah, no hard feelings." said an agreeing Duncan.

The adults were proud of them.

(DJ went down the same mysterious escalator that no one bothers to question.)

"When did they install that?" asked a confused Sadie.

DJ shrugged, also confused.

(In the confessional, Mike was confused.)

  • Mike: (confused) "How long had that been there?"

(In another confessional, Blaineley shrugged.)

  • Blaineley: (shrugging) "Even we don't know, honey."

(Back to the show, they decided to not pursue the subject anymore.)

Everyone agreed with that.

(Lindsay went next and landed perfectly, which did win a point for the team but she accidentally lost her top, making Cody's face turn red as Dave and Ezekiel covered their eyes out of respect for Lindsay.)

  • Cody: (blushing) "Uh Lindsay?"
  • Lindsay: (worried) "What?"

(Cody just pointed at his chest and Lindsay looked down to see the problem, making her gasp in shock and went to retrieve her top.)

The perverted males wolf whistled but got silenced by a glaring Cody and the angry girls.

"If you value your lives and manhood, you will shut up and not watch." said a glaring Cody, earning nods of agreement from the girls.

They stop.

The nice boys shook their heads in disappointment at the perverts.

Lindsay sighed in relief but felt embarrassed by what happened.

(Heather was about to go next but was rudely picked up by Heather and thrown in, causing her to hit her head and nearly drown.)

Everyone gasped at this and glared at Leshawna.

"Are you crazy?" asked a glaring Gwen.

"What if she drowns?" asked an also glaring Zoey.

"So what if she does?" asked an uncaring Leshawna.

"She could die." said a glaring Cody.

"Oh boo-hoo, who cares?" asked an uncaring Leshawna.

"We all do." said a glaring Naruto.

"Yeah, she might've been mean once but she doesn't deserve to drown for it." said an agreeing Zuko.

(However, Cody jumped in the water and got Heather to the boat. She hugged him for it and thanked him for saving her as he hugged back and comforted her.)

Everyone sighed in relief and praised Cody.

"Cody, me and your mom are proud of you." said a proud Frank.

"Yeah, good job son." said an agreeing Rebecca.

"Thanks mom and dad." said a smiling Cody.

Heather hugged Cody with tears.

"Thank you." said a crying Heather.

"No problem, honey." said a smiling Cody.

(In the confessional, Gwen was angry.)

  • Gwen: (angry) "What the hell, Leshawna? That was low, even for you."

(In another confessional, Leshawna doesn't feel remorse.)

  • Leshawna: (uncaring) "Heather's just pretending to be nice but she'll soon show her true self. I was completely justified."

(In another confessional, Harold was disappointed.)

  • Harold: (disappointed) "This makes me glad that me and Leshawna broke up."

(In another confessional, Trent was also angry.)

  • Trent: (also angry) "I know who I'm voting for when we lose."

(Back to the show, Leshawna is on thin ice now for that stunt and is given a penalty for attempted drowning, much to her anger.)

Everyone agreed with that penalty.

(Even worse, she lost the team a point for that because Heather should've done that on her own, making the team angry at Leshawna.)

The team did glare at Leshawna.

(Trent went next and did a cannonball, making everyone cheer and winning a point.)

Cody and Trent high fived.

(Harold went next but he didn't do the splits like last time for obvious reasons and had won a point.)

Everyone sighed in relief for Harold.

(Gwen went next and did the double bird hand signs, making everyone laugh and winning a point.)

Cody, Trent, and Duncan laughed as well.

(Duncan went next and did the same thing but his hands have tattoos on them that says, "FUCK YOU", making everyone laugh even more and winning a point.)

Everyone also laughs even more.

All foul mouths give him thumbs up.

His parents just sighed at this.

(Gwen full on laughed as she pulled Duncan onto the boat and he winked at her, making her blush.)

Cody, Trent, Geoff, DJ, and Scott smirked at this.

(Mike went next but Lightning impatiently threw him and caused him to do a painful belly flop, which made everyone wince and glare at Lightning.)

Everyone did wince.

"Oh man, that's gotta hurt." said a wincing Scott.

They also glare at Lightning.

(In the confessional, Zoey was angry.)

  • Zoey: (angry) "That wasn't cool, Lightning."

(In another confessional, Anne Maria was enraged.)

  • Anne Maria: (enraged) "Jock for brains better run and hide because when I get my hands on him, he'll pay dearly."

(In another confessional, Lightning didn't care.)

  • Lightning: (not caring) "So what? He took too long. He'll be fine as long as he swims and wins a point for the team. He doesn't need to be such a girl."

(Back to the show, Lightning also got a penalty for that stunt and didn't get a point for the team, making them glare at him in anger.)

The team glares at Lightning for his arrogance and sexism.

(Zoey got worried and jumped down to help Mike, which Cody and Harold helped her out with getting him on board. She got a point for the team.)

Zoey sighed in relief.

(Noah went next and he was reading a book while doing it, making everyone sweat drop but it won a point for the team.)

Everyone sweat dropped as well.

"Really dude?" asked an annoyed Cody.

(However, his book surprisingly didn't get wet.)

  • Dave: (surprised) "How the hell did it not get wet?"
  • Noah: (smirking) "It's a waterproof book."

(They were amazed by this.)

They were also amazed.

(Owen decided not to because of the splash from season 1. The hosts agreed and excused him from the challenge.)

"Oh yeah, Owen's excused from it." said an annoyed Chris, having almost forgotten that.

"Lucky bastard." said an angry Alejandro.

(Sammy went next and she did well, making everyone cheer and winning a point.)

Everyone also cheered.

"Nice work, sis." said a cheering Cody.

"Thanks, bro." said a smiling Sammy.

(Amy went next but in an obsession to upstage Sammy, she is doing the splits. Harold notices this.)

  • Harold: (worried) "Wait, shouldn't she close her legs?"
  • Amy: (confused) "Why?!"

(However, it was too late and she only landed on her private area, which surprisingly hurt her and made her scream in pain as both guys and girls winced.)

  • Harold: (wincing) "That's why."

(The injured brat held her groin in pain as she sunk into the water.)

All the girls winced at that and crossed their legs in fear.

However, they then realized something.

"Wait, that hurts us too?" asked a horrified Gwen as the other girls are also horrified.

"Yes, despite the common misconception, getting hit in the groin hurts girls just as much as it hurts guys." said a sympathetic Cody.

The girls got scared and protected their groins in fear.

(Despite not liking her, they get her on the boat and give her an ice bag as she moans in pain on a chair.)

Amy was at least grateful for that.

(However, she still won a point since she landed in the safe zone.)

Her team sighed in relief.

(Cameron went next and he did great, making everyone cheer and winning a point.)

Everyone cheered as well.

(Anne Maria went next and she didn't care about her hair getting wet, winning a point for the team. Mike and Zoey were proud.)

Her team cheered.

"Good job." said a proud Mike and Zoey.

(Izzy went next and laughed insanely as she dived in the water, making everyone nervous from the laugh but she still won a point.)

"And they call me hyperactive." said a nervous Nora.

"Is she?" asked a nervous Jaune.

"Yeah, she's crazy." said a nodding Cody.

(Scott went next but Fang arrived, making everyone worried.)

Everyone was also worried.

(In the confessional, Scott was angry.)

  • Scott: (angry) "Really Chris? You brought Fang back? If no one else kills you, I will. However, I'm gonna make sure it's his last meal."

(In another confessional, Amy got worried.)

  • Amy: (worried) "I hope he makes it out okay. (The cameraman looks at her, which she got annoyed by.) What? I'm not that mean. The Sammy part of the parachute was a calculated one. I was aiming for the water."

(He shrugged, close enough.)

Sammy was surprised at that.

(Back to the show, Scott gives Fang a glare and they both have a standoff, making everyone worried.)

Everyone was in anticipation.

(As Fang attacks, Scott dodges and Fang ends up biting a buoy. Scott notices electric eels and gets an idea. He takes them and hits them together to make an electric spark. Fang notices but can't escape. Scott then gives a crazy smirk that would make Izzy proud.)

  • Scott: (smirking) "I hope you like eels for dinner. Electric eels that is."

(He then puts them on the buoy, electrocuting him and Fang. When it was done, Scott was alright but Fang wasn't. The evil mutant shark died from the electrocution and Scott watched smugly as the now fried shark sinks into the bottom of the lake dead.)

Everyone was silent until they cheered.

Amy just blushed at that and was relieved that he's alright.

(Everyone cheered for him, even Bridgette, DJ, Dawn, and Ella were happy that Fang's gone because he was a menace to nature.)

All animal lovers agreed with that.

"Fang is a monster. He gets no sympathy." said an agreeing DJ.

(Even better, he won two points for making it to the safe zone and for killing that monstrous shark.)

Scott fist bumped in victory.

(In the confessional, Scott was happy.)

  • Scott: (happy) "I'm free from that thing. I think I got over my fear. I hope Amy saw it."

(In another confessional, Amy was also happy.)

  • Amy: (also happy) "I did see it and I'm so proud of him. That's what that mutated bastard gets for harming my Scott. Yep, me and him have been dating since Pahkitew Island. Don't worry, a new Amy is here to stay, like Duncan. (Then she looks sad.) My abusive and rude behavior got me to be hated by my friends and I was grounded for my behavior. (Then she smiles.) However, I'll make it up to her and let her know that I'm now calling her Sammy."

(In another confessional, Dawn confirmed it.)

  • Dawn: (nodding) "It's true. Amy has changed for the better."

(Back to the show, Amy hugs Scott, who just smugly hugs her back. Sammy notices this but smiles, happy for her sister.)

Sammy was happy by this and hugged Amy, who hugged back.

Everyone sheds tears at this moment.

(Still, Sammy heard Amy's confessional and was happy. She forgives her sister and Cody does too, revealing that Amy is his older sister as well.)

Amy hugs Cody, who hugs back.

(Brick and Jo went together and did great, earning two points for the team.)

The team cheered.

(Leshawna was next but she's more concerned about her hair. However, she was given a chicken hat because her reason is not good enough, making her team glare at her for doing what Heather once did.)

Leshawna got angry at this.

(Alejandro went next but went outside the safe zone. He tried to use his charms to enchant the sharks but it didn't work and he was forced to swim away in fear as his team laughed at his epic failure.)

His team did laugh.

Alejandro got frustrated.

(In the confessional, Alejandro is angry.)

  • Alejandro: (cursing angrily in Spanish)

(In another confessional, Justin was laughing.)

  • Justin: (laughing) "I don't care if that caused a point, it's still funny."

(Back to the show, Alejandro walked out of the water angrily, vowing to make everyone pay for laughing at him.)

They agree with Justin.

(Sam and Dakota held hands and jumped together, landing in the safe zone, earning 2 points for their team and cheering from the said team.)

The couple high fived.

(B is also excused like Owen for same reasons.)

Everyone nodded in understanding.

(Sierra jumped next but insanely said it was for Cody, making him shiver in discomfort.)

Everyone felt bad for him.

"Cody, we need to put a restraining order on her." said a worried Rias.

"I know." said an agreeing Cody.

"Now that I'm watching it closely, it's not really funny." said a disturbed Chris.

(She got a point but her team don't like the creepy obsession with Cody.)

  • Cody: (creeped out) "Gwen, I know how you feel about my crush on you now."
  • Gwen: (waving it off) "Don't worry, you're way more mature than her."
  • Cody: (nodding) "True, I should get a restraining order."
  • Gwen: (agreeing) "I hope you do. I feel bad for you and worried."
  • Cody: (explaining) "She's been getting more insane since All Stars."
  • Gwen: (sympathetic) "No kidding."

(Gwen is now getting worried about Cody and hopes that Sierra gets voted off.)

"Cody is more mature than her because he lets me date a boy I like and he took no for an answer." said a serious Gwen.

"I hope that bitch gets voted off." said an agreeing Duncan.

(Lightning went next but he hit a buoy and skid down it to the shark zone, making his team and everyone laugh at this because of his behavior.)

Everyone laughed at this too.

"That's what you get." said a smirking Sky.

(In the confessional, Sky was laughing.)

  • Sky: (laughing) "And he calls himself a jock? I guess karma works in mysterious ways."

(In another confessional, Topher was also laughing.)

  • Topher: (also laughing) "That's for Sky, asshole."

(Back to the show, Lightning got on shore and swore revenge for that.)

Everyone was done laughing.

"Oh man, that was great." said a relieved Cody.

"Indeed." said an agreeing Sky.

(Justin went next but landed outside the safe zone. However, he managed to charm the sharks and did better, much to Alejandro's anger.)

Justin laughed at a glaring Alejandro.

(In the confessional, Justin looked smug.)

  • Justin (confessional): (smug) "

Chapter 2: Return of the Campers Part 2

Chapter 3: May The Fourth Be With You

Chapter 4: Dodgebrawl: The Sequel