This is about everyone in Remnant reading about the male reader they wronged.


After they were seated, they read the title and recognizes the reader as someone they know. Yang cried at the mention of her estranged brother but Ruby had hope.

"Uh brother, you mean this will set you free?" asked a hopeful Ruby.

"Yeah and the ones who committed crimes against me well get what they fucking deserved." said an angry (Y/N) as he started reading.

(When a young man named (Y/n) Rose was a child,)

When a picture is shown, all the girls and even guys found him cute as a child.

(he had loving sisters and a loving mother named Summer)

Yang smiled sadly at being called loving and Summer smiled at being loved by her son.

(but all that changed when he turned 4. The eldest sister Yang gave him a broken arm for a birthday gift and no one believed him when he told him. Then after the party, his mother Summer left and never came back. Angered by this, his father Tai blamed him and beat him up while Yang helped out and his aunt Raven laughed.)

Everyone who was by his side was horrified by this and glared at Yang in disgust.

"How could you?" asked an angry Summer.

(However, his older sister Ruby, his uncle Qrow, and his dog Zwei are nice to him and try to protect him.)

(Y/N) hugged his uncle, who hugged back.

(When he was 5, his aunt Raven was having some urges and forced him down as she violated him.)

All girls were horrified that the boy was r***d. Yang was angry and now hated her mother.

"How dare that woman r**e my son." said an angry Summer.

(When he was 6, he received dance lessons from his aunt Winter but his aunt Weiss was jealous of him and even froze him alive so he can get frostbite, much to his uncle Neptune's amusement.)

Winter and Sun glared at them for that.

(When he attended Beacon, things got worst. Team CRDL bullied him for liking Faunas,)

"That ginger haired bastard." said an angry Jaune.

(Team NDGO cheated on him with Team CRDL and said they were using him to get their crushes jealous,)

"Those bitches." said an angry Yang. She will kill them for what they did. Dew felt guilty for that.

(Velvet and Coco rejected his feelings,)

The two girls felt guilty for that.

(Cinder's faction tried to kill him,)

They were receiving glares from the others.

(Blake and Sun are just using him to help the White Fang,)

The two Faunas look down in guilt.

(and the teachers are neglecting the problem.)

Now everyone was mad. Professor Port was glaring at his co-workers.

(However, he has been saved by Jaune Arc and they formed a brother ship.)

(Y/N) went to Jaune and hugged him, which was returned.

(Jaune's girlfriend Pyrrha befriended him after he got them together while also shipping Ren and Nora together.)

Team JNPR smiled at him and Nora hugged him.

"Thanks, my little doggy." said a smiling Nora.

(Coco and Velvet apologized and said that (Y/N) was only a little brother to them. He also paired Oscar up with Yang.)

Yang smiled at her brother.

(Here's to describe Team RWBY: Ruby is sweet and innocent, Weiss is very neglectful, Blake is dominant, and Yang is very abusive.)

Ruby smiles at her description, Weiss shrugs, Blake blushes, and Yang is sad.

(He lives in dorms of other teams but mostly takes care of the mute girl Neo. However when Ruby accidentally broke something, (Y/N) made her blame him so she won't have to suffer like him. On One Day, the abusers went too far and Cardin even advised (Y/N) to commit suicide, while Yang and Weiss laughed at this but Ruby and Team JPNR were horrified by this.)

Everyone else were also horrified that he was told to commit suicide.

(Glynda just ignored the bullying but gave a sad look to (Y/N). The other teachers hated (Y/N) for no reason and wanted to torture him.)

"I'm very disgusted with all of you." said a disgusted Professor Port.

(However, (Y/N) thought about what was said and even videotaped himself about what he plans to do. One day, he comes across Cardin abusing a mute girl named Neo and he protected her by brutally beating up Cardin so bad that he's in the medic wing.)

When a picture is shown, everyone winced and decided not to get on (Y/N)'s bad side. However, Neo smiles gratefully.

(When he comes across a golf cart, he takes it out for a test drive. However, he sees Tai jogging and in a fit of vengeance, he "accidentally" runs him over, leaving blood from him. He decided to turn up some loud music to make it look like an accident.)

Yang was horrified by what her baby brother did and Summer wondered what happened to her baby.

(He then remembers why his mom really left: Tai cheated on her with that bitch Raven but she vowed to finish her long mission and take (Y/N) back.)

Everyone now understood why he hates his dad and step mom.

(When Yang heard about this, she confronted (Y/N) and abused him in front of everyone in the school. His friends wanted to help but much to everyone's shock, (Y/N) accidentally cut Yang's right arm off. As the abusive blonde was holding her severed arm in pain, she sees (Y/N) looking at her in guilt and tries to calm him down but he runs away to Team RWBY's dorm and cries but Blake comforts him.)

Yang holds her arm in pain but also cries because she now realizes what she's doing to him.

(After getting a prosthetic arm, Yang has been thinking about her baby brother and when she remembers the past, she breaks down crying in regret for what she did. She only beat him up because he was talking to another girl and she wouldn't allow any other girl to touch him.)

Yang does really regret abusing him but was so jealous of any girl that talked to him.

(When he was going to visit her in the medical wing, he sees Raven and she blamed him for Tai's death. Angered by this, he knocked out Raven with a paddle to the face and handcuffed her to the bed while shaving her hair into a buzzcut. When Raven wakes up, she begged for mercy and claimed she abused him out of love but (Y/N) reminded her that he was just a kid and she threatened to kill Ruby if he didn't comply.)

"Oh (Y/N)." said a smiling Ruby as she hugged her baby brother, who hugged her back.

(He then stapled her mouth shut and tortured her by cutting her or sawing her body parts off as she screamed in agony but couldn't do it out loud due to the stapled mouth. She died in agony and (Y/N) turned her into meat to feed to the bullies and neglectful teachers.)

When they saw the picture, a few people puked and now realize that Raven's not here.

"I think he got pushed too far." said a shocked Jaune as Pyrrha agreed.

Yang was devastated that her beloved had killed her parents, even if they were terrible people to him.

(Cinder liked the meal and was shocked to find out that (Y/N) made it but they see a toe in there and (Y/N) used his semblance to fake vomit at that. Yang heard about her mother's death and cried over it but saw (Y/N) and hugged him as she slept with him during the night. Her teammates couldn't help but be jealous at this.)

Yang blushed at this. She actually is in love with her brother and doesn't want any girl near him. She also now doesn't care what he did to her parents.

(Oscar is well aware of this but doesn't want to get involved because (Y/N) is the reason why Oscar joined Beacon and is helping him get a true family.)

"Oh yeah. No one around the world knows where Oscar came from. He has no parents and no family. Not even our world's creator knows who his family is." said a sad (Y/N). This made everyone sad.

(The next day, he pins Raven's death on Ozpin and shows fake evidence of it. Ozpin was arrested. Glynda became the new headmistress but turns out to be nice and had expelled Team CDRL from the school,)

(Y/N) hugs Glynda, who hugs back.

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