This is about 1-A, 1-B, the Big Three, Melissa Shield, Camie Utsushimi, The League of Villains, pro-heroes, and the kids reading Izuku Midoriya x Harem.


  • Voice: Izuku might have the voice of a child-like kid.
  • Added Family: Izumi Midoriya (28-year-old older sister), Ayano Midoriya (24-year-old older sister, incarcerated in Arkham Asylum), Mirko (aunt), and Eri (adopted daughter).
  • Family figures: Shoto Todoroki (big bro), Yu Takeyama (big sis), and Jiro (other big sis).
  • Character Bashing: Katsuki Bakugo (bully), Togaru Kamakiri (r****t and Bakugo's sidekick), Mineta Minoru (pervert and bully), Midnight (child m******r), Endeavor (child abuser), Booster Gold (annoying jerk), Guy Gardner (annoying idiot), Lagoon Boy (arrogant and pompous jerk), Lana Lang (jealous brat), Iris West (cheating and selfish jerk), Jessica Jones (alcoholic), and Leonardo Di Caprio (drug using and cheating sexist).
  • Neutral: Ochaco Uraraka (well get bashed in the beginning because of cheating on Izuku but does love him and the cheating was unwilling), Tenya Iida (stern friend and annoyance), Momo Yaoyoruzo (bully and rich snob), Kyoka Jiro (bully and punk but has a soft spot and only wants his attention), Denki Kaminari (bully and perverted idiot but will show remorse), Himiko Toga (kidnapper but for good intentions), Black Widow (abuses Spider-Man but does care about him and only wants to toughen him up), Dabi (a villain but a loving brother to Shoto), Neito Monoma (hated Class 1-A but becomes nicer), and Batman (stern and emotionless looking but is soft and nice).


Izuku was just crying from Ochaco cheating on him and it didn't help that Momo, Jiro, Kaminari, Mineta, and Kamakiri are bullying him. When Momo makes an insult about Izuku's mom, Izuku angrily glowed green eyes and warned her to leave him the fuck alone. Only Jiro and Kaminari got the message and are worried because they only are doing innocent pranks. Jiro actually likes Izuku and just wants to have fun with him. He then storms away and Shoto got mad at Momo. She pretended to apologize but Shoto was not fooled and warned her to leave him alone. However, they hear an announcement to head to the Sports Festival.

The mentioned guests suddenly appeared and there's a crowd of people from around the world but they agree to read the book. When the title was read and a front cover was shown, all girls got excited because they like Izuku and All Might smiled proudly at his successor. Izuku sat between Setsuna and Pony, much to their happiness. However, Ryuko was shocked.

"Wait as in Izuku Midoriya, a U.A. student who was set up on a date with me at a café?" asked a curious Ryuko. Everyone turned to her and she explained, "Some people used Tinder as a dating site."

Everyone laughed at this. He decides to read.

(During the break, Izuku was crying because the love of his life Ochaco was having an affair with Bakugo.)

Everyone gasped at that and Izuku was crying at this reminder. Ochaco tried to explain but Izuku ignored her and he was comforted by the Class 1-B girls. However, Bakugo laughed coldly.

"Awe, what's wrong Deku? Upset that I fucked your girlfriend. Well suck it up because no one's fucking your ass." said a laughing Bakugo but he gets punched by a angry Izuku and slapped by an enraged Camie.

"YOU LYING CHEATING BASTARD, HOW COULD YOU! WE ARE THROUGH! DON'T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN OR I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" yelled an enraged and crying Camie. She and Izuku comfort each other and sit with the Class 1-B girls who hugged them.

Setsuna went to Izuku and hugged him the most while glaring at Ochaco.

"How could you do this to him, Uraraka. He was the most innocent and precious person in your life. Stay away from him." said an angry Setsuna to a crying Ochaco.

Her classmates were surprised to see her angry but Monoma also got angry.

"That goes for you too, Bakago. You're just a selfish prick who never cared about her. Stay away from Camie or I'm going to bash your fucking balls in." said an angry Monoma. He might be a jerk himself but he doesn't like how Bakugo treated Camie.

Masaru and Mitsuki were disappointed in their son.

(When the couple noticed them, Ochaco tried to explain and apologize but a crying Izuku ran from her. Also, he's being bullied by Bakugo, Kamakiri, Mineta, Momo, Jiro, and Kaminari after it's revealed that he really was quirkless)

All teachers glare at the mentioned students, who flinched.

(but Jiro acts sisterly about it and would suck his cock while Kaminari would apologize and claim he didn't like bullying him.)

Izuku gave a small smile. He didn't hate those two because they took it easy on him. Jiro and Kaminari sigh in regret for hurting Izuku. Sure, they pick on him but they don't want to hurt him. He's just a kid. They hug Izuku and promise to make it up to him.

"Good. I'll forgive you two but what are your reasons for picking on him?" asked a curious Naruto.

"I was jealous of all the girls liking him. When I started dating Jiro, I wanted to stop bullying him but when she started doing it, I ended up helping her out. However, she warned me not to harm him." said a regretful Kaminari.

"At first, we were just classmates but then I kept on seeing him being nervous around girls, I got jealous and felt like punishing him. When he once bravely asked how would I like to suck his balls, I took a hobby of doing it and took it easy on him." said a remorseful Jiro.

(Even Yui Kodai is bullying him and hates him but her girlfriend Reiko showed sympathy and tried to hide him.)

Izuku gave another small smile. Reiko was always nice to him.

"Kodai, I'm ashamed of you." said a disappointed Reiko as Kodai looked down in guilt.

(He didn't tell anyone about the affair due to somehow still loving Ochaco)

Ochaco gave a small smile. Sure, she cheated on him but she did love him and didn't know why she did.

(but he accidentally yelled it outloud in class after getting annoyed by Iida's lecture in class.)

The girls glared at Iida, who look down in shame at being the reason why that secret was out.

"Midoriya, I'm sorry for that. Please forgive me." said a remorseful Iida.

"It's alright man, I'm the one who blurted that out." said a forgiving Izuku.

(At first, Momo didn't believe him but Principal Nezu came in the class and revealed it in a video.)

"By the way, Ochaco and Bakugo are suspended for this. Cheating is a pretty low thing." said a serious Nezu.

(However, Bakugo laughed at his pain but was shut upped by the other students while Ochaco felt bad for what she did. Ochaco was forgiven because she was really regretful for her actions but Bakugo was not forgiven, much to his anger.)

"WHAT?! YOU CHOSE THAT QUIRKLESS LITTLE SHIT OVER ME! HE CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT! IF HE HADN'T INTENDED HERE, THEN HE WOULDN'T GET HIS HEARTBROKEN! WHY DOESN'T HE JUST KILL HIMSELF?!" yelled an angry Bakugo, who received many glares from others until Setsuna slapped him across the mouth.

"Shut the fuck up, you foul-mouthed asshole. Izuku is a way better man than you. Hell, every girl in this room wants to fuck him." said an angry Setsuna and then she turns to the female audience, "Who's thinking of fucking Izuku right now?" All the girls' hands are raised and then she goes back to glaring at Bakugo, "See that, he has a bigger dick than you so shut the fuck up or I'm shutting you the fuck up, you small dick ass licking bitch ass mother fucker."

Izuku starts laughing at Setsuna's cussing and she smiles at his happiness. She hugs him, which he smiles at.

Everyone clapped for her.

"Baku-Bro is no longer our friend. He betrayed the bro code by sleeping with someone's girlfriend and cheating on a girl." said a serious Kirishima.

"I'm glad to see true loyalty." said a happy Jaune.

Those who betrayed Jaune frowned at his words.

(The girls and pro-heroes were sympathetic about this and tried comforting him but he avoided them. Mt. Lady was mostly heartbroken to see him sad.)

The said hero agreed and felt sympathy for her surrogate little brother.

(Aizawa cancelled classes out of respect for Izuku and gave him time to cope.)

Everyone smiled at Aizawa for that and Ms. Joke smiled at her fiance.

"I knew you were a softie, future husband." said a smiling Ms. Joke, causing Aizawa to blush at her.

"You have my respect Aizawa. You might be stern and emotionless but you're an okay teacher." said a smiling Hiruzen.

(The class reps were getting worried for the student and acted like concerned older siblings. The Class 1-B girls start hugging Izuku.)

They did the same thing.

(He kept a small smile but tears were still coming out of his eyes. Ochaco tried to apologize but Izuku avoided her, making her sad.)

Ochaco didn't blame him. She betrayed him. She can't forgive herself for what she did.

'I'm sorry Deku. I hope you forgive me.' thought a crying Ochaco.

(At Arkham, Izuku visited his older sister Ayano and she gave him sympathy.)

Izuku smiled sadly at the mention of his incarcerated sister but then noticed her and smiled. She came to him and they hugged each other.

Naruto and Jaune smiled at this but the former winces at the reminder of his estranged sister. He doesn't trust her but he forgave her for what she did.

(Sadly, she was incarcerated for killing girls out of jealousy and murdering their abusive older sister Kara, who has been abusing Izuku since he was 4 and died when he was 6.)

"How did she die?" asked a not caring Shoto.

"Ayano spotted her at a train track and wanted to finish her once and for all. She came up behind her and by the time the train came, she pushed her over the railing." said a serious Izuku.

Everyone was shocked that Izuku didn't care and wondered what bad things she did.

(Izuku still loved Ayano and vowed to get her out of Arkham. He also didn't mind her getting attracted to him and knows that she loves him.)

Ayano smiles at her brother and gives him a hug.

"I do love you, always." said a smiling Ayano.

Shoto and Monoma cried at this.

(At his house, Izumi heard about what happened and comforted her brother. She hated Bakugo and promised to hurt the bully.)

"I hate you too, bitch." said a not caring Bakugo but was suddenly choked by glowing eyed Izuku.

"You may call me names whenever you like but never call my sister a bitch." said an angry Izuku. He let go of him and Izumi smiled at her brother.

"I'm with him on this. Never say that again or you're dead, you explosive prick." said an angry Jaune.

(That goes for all the bullies but she liked Jiro and Kaminari. She's taking care of Izuku because their mom is with her dad.)

"My dad works overseas but I haven't seen him in a decade." said a sad Izuku as everyone felt sympathy for him. Hisashi look down in shame but is determined to make it right.

"I hear you. My older sister Jade can't stand me. My parents and other sisters love me but they aren't usually around. One time, Jade and two of my older sisters locked me out of the house for faking bad luck. The weird part is that bad stuff happened to them but they choose to pretend I was bad luck, even though bad stuff was supposed to happen to me in order to be called bad luck. Jasmine was the only older sister who was closest to me and acted like an actual mother to me." said a bitterly smiling Jaune, getting sympathetic looks from everyone.

(Bakugo's younger sister Katsumi also heard and now hated her brother for this because her bullying was out of love and Izuku couldn't hate her for it.)

Katsumi smiled at Izuku and ruffled his hair while everyone smiled at her for staying by Izuku's side.

"I love you too, Katsumi-Chan." said a smiling Izuku. Katsumi smiled at this but she was still determined.

"I still picked on you but I will make up for what I did." said a determined Katsumi as she kisses his cheek, making them say awe.

(At Toga's bakery, she gives him a free cupcake out of sympathy.)

Ochaco shivers at the mention of that obsessive stalker but surprised to see her comforting Izuku.

(Even Tomura, Spinner, Dabi, and Twice also showed sympathy for him.)

The four boys nodded. They might be villains but even they don't like two-timing.

(They befriend him and sometimes hang out with him. He also heard about Magne's death and was nice enough to attend the funeral.)

Everyone gasped, they didn't know this.

"Who killed her?" asked a horrified Izuku.

"Overhaul." said the angry villains.

"That bastard." said an angry Izuku and Mirio at the mention of that monster.

"Who's Overhaul?" asked a worried Jaune.

They tell everyone who that was and they were all angry.

"THAT MONSTER! HOW DARE HE USES AN INNOCENT CHILD'S BLOOD FOR HIS SELFISH NEEDS! HE DESERVES TO BE IN HELL!" yelled an enraged Naruto, showing his hatred of child-abusers.

(Also, he found out that Dabi is Toya Todoroki, Shoto's missing big brother who also suffered from Endeavor.)

Shoto shed tears and hugged Dabi, who hugged back. He really missed his family.

(After awhile, he sits on the roof and looks like he wants to jump since he has been told before by Bakugo to take a swine dive off of the roof of their old school building in order to be born with a quirk in the next life.)

Everyone got scared but gasped when they heard that Izuku was told to commit suicide. They glare at Bakugo. Even the villains were angered.

"I'm gonna kill you." said an angry Toga.


"Did he really say that?" asked a glaring Setsuna to Izuku, who nervously nodded.

"Katsuki Bakugo, we will talk about this later." said a glaring Aizawa.

(However, he gets encountered by Aphrodite, who gets scared.)

Everyone got worried.

(Worried for her, he wants to help her and she offers a quest to have a hero line to continue but also out of pure love.)

The girls smile at this. They look each other and smile in agreement. They can share him.

"So, it's gonna be a polyamorous relationship." said a smiling Naruto. He's been on the receiving end of those.

Jaune also went through that.

(At first, he wanted to refuse due to seeing it as sexist and perverted but then realizing he needs love in his life, he accepts.)

The girls smile at him for thinking about it and not wanting to break their hearts.

Setsuna and Pony smile because they too have crushes on Izuku.

Sen and Sero were not angry and instead allow them to be happy with Izuku.

Everyone agreed.

(She sprays him with some pheromones that will attract the women and it now starts his life of dating every single girl he comes across.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a smiling Izuku but then he sees the clock and warns them about it. They agree to go to bed. However, the teachers decided to have Izuku sleep with the girls, making him blush and the girls were smiling.

In their bedroom, he laid in the middle of a large bed but they also surrounded him and started liking him. Even Momo and Jiro admit that they love him. The boys were okay with this and trusted Izuku. Mount Lady decided not to join them because Izuku's more of a little brother to her while she's also dating Kamui Woods. Mirko also didn't join in because she sees Izuku as her nephew.

Number 1: Ochaco Uraraka

They all woke up and had breakfast: Izuku sat with the girls and Monoma didn't complain, which surprised them.

"Izuku, I'm sorry for mocking you and Class 1-A. I was just pissed off by Bakugo and wanted to be better than you guys. Just so you know, I still accept you whether you're quirkless or not." said a sheepish Monoma but Izuku smiles and they shake hands, earning a smile from Class 1-B.

They go to read the first chapter and have Ochaco read it. When the title is read, Ochaco got nervous but Izuku assured her it will be fine. Everyone smiled when they see he is a little bit forgiving her.

(At school, everyone is happy to see him all fine but still coping.)

Everyone was happy to hear that but Nezu still is planning.

"Midoriya, I can set up an appointment with Hounddog." said a smiling Nezu.

"Thank you sir." said a smiling Izuku.

(However, the girls strangely get attracted to him and even give heart-filled eyes at the sight of him.)

They won't deny it. They think he's cute.

(Even Mount Lady winked at him)

"Big sis." said an embarrassed Izuku as Mount Lady laughs.

"Relax Izuku, you're like a little brother to me and I'm only a decade older than you." said a smiling Mount Lady.

"What about that time at that vacation hotel you went to with him?" asked a blank looking Kamui Woods as Izuku and Mount Lady blush at that. They were given sex education for about a week.

"Papa, what happened between you and Auntie Yu?" asked a curious Eri.

"Nothing sweetheart." said a nervous Izuku and Yu.

(and Mirko gave him an air kiss.)

Izuku blushed even harder and hid his face, earning a fondly chuckle from Mirko.

(Momo tries to deny it but she is also liking him.)

"Well, you were once mad at him because a certain grape pervert made a fake photo of you." said a laughing Setsuna as Izuku and Pony also laugh at that memory. Momo glared at them. She didn't find that funny.

(The guys were happy for him and Monoma didn't mind him being noticed by Camie, who Monoma has a crush on and supports her with any relationship.)

The girls said awe and the guys cheer.

The pro-heroes were proud of him.

Camie gave him a hug and kiss, earning cheers.

(Monoma is actually nice and was one of the people that comforted Izuku.)

Itsuka smiled and nodded in proudness.

Izuku smiled at Monoma, who smiled back. They give a fist bump to each other.

"Monoma, I'm very proud of you, young man." said a happy Vlad King.

(Izuku forgave Ochaco but he still avoids her.)

Everyone showed sympathy for the couple.

"I hope Papa and Mama get back together." said a sad Eri.

"Don't worry honey, we're just going through a rough patch." said a smiling Izuku.

(The said girl herself is still feeling bad for what she did and wants him back so her friends want to help her.)

Izuku and Ochaco smile at their friends, who smile back.

(However, Mineta refused out of jealousy but luckily, Hanza Sero taped him up and Aizawa promises to give him detention.)

Izuku, Shoto, and the girls all groan at the mention of that selfish pervert.

"Of course, he cares about boobs more than helping a classmate out." said a disgusted Izuku.

"Don't worry students, I'm expelling Mineta. There has been reports of a certain midget spying and doing things that are deemed inappropriate." said a stern Nezu.

"I even got reports that he has been sexually harassing girls." said an irritated Aizawa.

"He also got me drunk and did something that shouldn't be mentioned." said a crying Kinoko.

Izuku comforted her and was also angry at what that pervert did.

"What did that little shit do to her?" asked a worried Monoma.

"You don't wanna fucking know." said a serious Setsuna, also knowing what that pervert did.

(Outside the school, Endeavor challenges Izuku to a fight but Izuku refuses until Endeavor insults Shoto.)

"Oh my gosh, I hate that guy." said an angry Izuku.

Shoto and Dabi nodded in agreement.

(Angered by this, he fights but starts getting injured, making everyone worried.)

The adults got worried for his safety and Rei was more worried.

"Be careful dear. My evil husband is a tough man." said a worried Rei. Izuku nodded.

(Then Endeavor goes too far by calling Ochaco the s word.)

"WHAT?!" yelled an angry Izuku, Tsuyu, Iida, Shoto, Aizawa, and Mount Lady.

Ochaco cried at that insult and everyone comforted her.

"That was really way too far." said a shocked Jaune.

"He ought to be ashamed of himself." said a disappointed Naruto.

"How dare he insult Mama." said a surprisingly angry Eri.

"No one insults Uraraka and gets away with it." said an angry Setsuna.

(However, Izuku's Detroit smash defeats him and Shoto uses an ice/fire combination to freeze Endeavor.)

Everyone cheered and Ochaco smiled at them for defending her but everyone looked at Shoto, who smirked.

"I've been saving that move for a long time." said a smirking Shoto while his siblings just shake their heads fondling.

(Izuku is taken to his room by Ochaco. In Izuku's room, he remembers all the good times that him and Ochaco had and then realized that he still loves her but is too nervous to tell her about the harem.)

Now they know why he's avoiding her. However, Ochaco smiles.

"It's okay Izuku. I still love you and I still vow to make things right." said a smiling Ochaco. Izuku smiled at her and they hold hands.

(However, Ochaco enters and then tearfully starts apologizing for what she did but was shocked when Izuku kissed her and forgave her.)

They said awe and smile when they see Izuku and Ochaco look at each other.

"Ochaco, I love you." said a smiling Izuku.

"I love you too, Izuku." said a smiling Ochaco.

They share a kiss, making everyone cheer.

"Yay, they're back together." said a cheering Eri.

She hugged them and they hugged back.

(They then locked the door and he tells her about the harem. She is excited to share and they start making out on the bed while taking off their clothes. They then lay down on the bed and smiled. "I love you, Ochaco." said a smiling Izuku. "I love you too, Deku-kun." said a happy Ochaco. For the first time in his life, he now wants people to call him Deku and he's found happiness.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a smiling Ochaco as she cuddles into Izuku.

"Alright, it's late again and it's time for bed. Izuku, you and Ochaco can get some rest." said a smiling Nezu.

"In the mean time, I will have Rei and her children live at my house. Endeavor will not go near them if I have anything to say about it." said a stern Inko and everyone agreed with it.

Number 2: Tsuyu Asui

The next morning, they all eat breakfast again and the girls were given permission to pet Izuku's hair, making him blush.

They went back to the story and Tsuyu blushed when she read the title. However, Ochaco wasn't jealous and encouraged her friend to read, earning a smile from her. Tokoyami was also not jealous and was interested to read this chapter.

(After the make-out session, the class reps kept on reprimanding him for P.D.A. in the school but he reminds them that it was okay in only a room, making them blush in embarrassment.)

Izuku and Ochaco smirk at Iida and Momo, the former feeling guilty and the latter feeling embarrassed and angry.

(Everyone was happy to hear that the couple are back together.)

"Thanks guys." said a smiling Izuku. Everyone smiled at them.

(However, he focused in class and got good grades.)

"Good job my boy, I'm very proud of you." said a smiling All Might. Izuku smiled back.

"That's my little bro." said a smiling Mount Lady.

(His mentor was so proud of him but Mineta was not impressed by this and flirted with Tsuyu, much to her disgust.)

Izuku and the girls felt bad for her while Tokoyami comforted her and Aizawa was disgusted.

"I can't believe that creep was my student." said a disgusted Aizawa.

(Annoyed by this, Izuku used his Detroit smash to send Mineta to the Mars.)

All girls and women cheered while Tsuyu and Tokoyami smiled at Izuku for helping out.

"Thanks Izu-kun." said the smiling females as Izuku smiled back.

"No problem." said a smiling Izuku.

(Principal Nezu declared Mineta expelled. All the girls cheered and thanked their peer for getting rid of that perv but they don't know if either Mineta survived and is stranded on Mars or is possibly gonna suffocate due to lack of oxygen.)

Everyone went wide-eyed. They almost forgot that Mineta might be hated but he's still human.

(In Izuku's room, Tsuyu was thanking Izuku but was blushing when she saw the cute face.)

When the picture pops up, all girls found him cute. Ruby hugged him.

"Jaune, can we keep him?" asked a begging Ruby.

"No Ruby, we can't." said a serious Jaune. Ruby pouted.

(He then told her about the harem and she accepted it. She then started kissing him and telling him that she had a crush on him.)

"I have two crushes: a certain green-haired boy and one black bird headed boy." said a smiling Tsuyu. The said boys smile and kiss her on the cheeks, making her smile.

"I love you too, Tsuyu." said a smiling Tokoyami.

(She also told him a story about the prince and the frog.)

"Oh yeah, I remember that. Her mom used to tell me and Tokoyami that when we came over for a sleepover." said a smiling Izuku. Tokoyami nodded in agreement and Tsuyu smiled at them.

(Izuku smiled and they made out.)

The girls cheer her on.

(When they were done, they smile and hug each other.)

All the girls say awe and Tsuyu smiled.

(Unknown to them, Bakugo recorded the whole thing and smirked but Toga noticed and kidnapped Izuku to save him.)

Everyone got angry at that but then smiled at Toga for saving Izuku.

"Toga, I'm not pressing charges against you for that since it was a good thing to do." said a smiling Izuku.

"That's the end of the chapter." said a sighing Tsuyu. They all went to bed.

Number 3: Himiko Toga

The next morning, they all went back to the story and Toga was excited when her own chapter was up next. When they saw the picture, Toga wolf whistled.

"My senpai looks great in villain clothing." said a smiling Toga.

(When Izuku wakes up, he is confused by Toga kidnapping him but she then reveals that Bakugo is framing Izuku for bad things he didn't commit. He then accepts it and lives with her for awhile.)

"Thank you, young lady." said a grateful Inko, earning a smile from Toga.

(At the school, Tsuyu is worried about Izuku but got a letter explaining that he's been kidnapped for safety. She trusted Toga and was angered when that bastard Bakugo was framing Izuku for bad things.)

They still were angry but noticed that Bakugo's handcuffed.

"Hey, what happened to that little fuck?" asked an angry Toga.

"He's under arrest along with Mineta." said a smirking Aizawa.

(The girls didn't believe the crimes and did everything they could to help Izuku. Tokoyami was not mad after hearing about the harem and was happy for his girlfriend.)

Everyone cheered when it was confirmed and Izuku smiled.

"Congratulations you two." said a smiling Izuku.

(At Toga's home, her and Izuku start bonding and he tells her about his childhood, his transformation into a hero, and his love life.)

"The truth was I was actually quirkless my whole life and got bullied by Bakugo. I called him Kachaan just to make him mad. He would always beat me for doing anything. I only liked his mom, who was like family to me. We've actually met during childhood and he was abusive towards me. I even have scars from him." said a sad Izuku as he lifts up the shirt and shows the scars, making everyone gasp.

"When this chapter ends, Katsuki Bakugo is going to jail." said an angry Aizawa. Everyone agreed and issued an arrest warrant for the bully.

(She listened to his whole story and hugged him in comfort over everything he suffered.)

Izuku smiled at Toga but notices her sad. She notices and cries to Izuku.

"Unlike you, I had nobody. My parents are afraid of me because of my quirk. The only love I know is by taking someone's blood. I suffer from quirk insanity. I tried to receive help but they are all afraid of me. Please I need some help." said a crying Toga. Izuku comforts her. Everyone felt bad for her. After she calmed down and was promised help, she continued.

(They then suddenly start kissing and have a make-out session. After having taken their clothes off, they have sex.)

"Kids, you'll know later when you're older." said a serious Izuku. They nod, accepting it and due to the rating of this book, they agree to not learn it yet.

(When they are done, they smile. "I love you, Harley." said a smiling Izuku. "I love you too, Mr. J." said a smiling Toga. They then fell asleep.)

A note appears and it's a warning that Toga's dream in the story might cause nightmares so everyone should go to bed but Toga, Tokoyami, Reiko, Naruto, Qrow, and the villains have to read.

"Sorry everyone but I have to agree with the host. He showed me a picture and it's best if you all don't see this." said a serious Toga. They agree and go to sleep.

"So I guess we'll be trusted then?" asked a curious Twice. The two students and two heroes nodded but they question Naruto and Qrow.

"Knowing my past, I can handle this." said a serious Naruto.

"I've been on a lot of missions. I ain't scared." said a bored Qrow.

(When they woke up, Izuku has been invited to Bakugo's talk show and he decides to put white make up on his face. He doesn't dye his hair because it's already green. He then puts on a red smile.)

They get eye-wide.

"So that's why they were sent to bed." said an understanding Tokoyami.

"That and we have to decide if we're going to tell them or not." said a serious Toga.

"Maybe not." said a serious Qrow.

(However, Muscular breaks in and starts to abuse them but Izuku suddenly stabs him with a knife and slams his head into a wall, leaving blood.)

They didn't get scared because they never liked Muscular but they do hope Izuku doesn't snap like that.

(He looked nervously at Toga but sees her smirking. He starts smiling and enjoying what he did.)

Tokoyami and Reiko might not show it but they now fear his sanity.

(He walks outside and starts dancing on the steps as he prepares for the show.)

They were relieved that was innocent and harmless but didn't get their hopes up yet.

(At the show, he takes his seat but is given booing by some jerks that he knows would hate him for being quirkless.)

Tokoyami and Reiko glare at this. They want to hunt these people down and scare them.

Naruto and Qrow shake their heads in disappointment at people's judgement.

(Bakugo decides to humiliate him by showing a video of Izuku's childhood but is shocked that the crowd starts to feel bad for Izuku.)

They are given the video and what they saw on it angered and saddened them. They now know Bakugo was bad but he's now a monster.

"All in favor of showing everyone this?" asked a serious Tokoyami and they all said I.

(However, Izuku starts laughing while calling himself the Joker and says that Bakugo gets what he fucking deserves before shooting him dead on live television.)

Despite not liking Bakugo at all, they were horrified, even Toga. They start to worry if Izuku really is sane.

(He then gives a goodbye to younger audiences and reminds them to always smile before he starts laughing maniacally as the screen ends.)

Reiko sighs and writes down a psychologist for Izuku.

(Out in the streets, he is taken away in a police car and laughs at a riot but the officers call him a freak until the car is crashed by a truck driven by the rioters. He is taken out of the vehicle and is made the leader of these groups of clowns. When he wakes up, he sees he has followers. Then he notices some blood and uses it to make a bloody smile on his face before he starts dancing with Toga and then shares a kiss with her.)

Despite being horrified, they smile at this. It at least soften the mood.

(They then go back to her house and start sleeping there with smiles on their faces.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a tired Toga. They all put the book in it's protective spot and went to bed, hoping to forget what they just read.

Number 4: Camie Utsushimi

The next morning, they showed everyone the video and the adults were angry.

"Bakugo Katsuki is now expelled from U.A. High School. Police will be here to take him away. Give me his school I.D. card." said a serious Nezu. He is given the I.D. card and cuts it, "Also, their old school will be investigated for showing favoritism."

After the police arrive and handcuff the expelled boys, they got back to the story. Camie is excited by her own chapter and volunteers to read.

(Izuku wakes up but doesn't remember the Joker incident nor is he wearing the outfit, meaning the whole thing was Toga's imagination.)

Those who read it sighed in relief. They only give small bits of what it's like but are warned not to tell the full version.

(He then gets dressed in his school clothes and leaves Toga's house after writing a note to her.)

All girls nodded in respect at that and Toga smiled at him for not treating it as a one-night stand.

Hisashi and Inko smiled proudly at him.

"Thanks Izuku." said a grateful Toga.

"He's such a sweet boy." said a smiling Rei.

(He then finds some cameras of Bakugo's crimes and texts it to the police.)

Everyone got excited to see Bakugo get what he deserves.

(At the school, Bakugo plans to kill Izuku and reaches inside his pocket but luckily, Izuku takes Bakugo's guitar and smashes his face with it.)

Everyone cheered at that but got worried.

"What's in his pocket?" asked a worried Kota.

(Police officers handcuff Bakugo. Izuku awaits to be arrested for assault but Nezu informs them that Bakugo is being arrested after having a switchblade on him and a villain's number on his phone.)

That confirmed his answer but also angered them.

"I got shot because of that asshole? He's so lucky to be in jail because I wish to get a hold of him." said an angry Tetsu.

"Typical traitors." said a disgusted Naruto, he had a few share of traitors.

(His crimes were listed as: abusing Camie,)

Everyone looked at Camie and she nodded at that, angering Monoma.

'I'm gonna kill that bastard.' thought an angry Monoma as he glared at Bakugo.

(cheating on her,)

Everyone almost forgot that adultery was illegal, even in their world.

(pooping in the middle of a roadblock,)

All the guys and Ms. Joke laughed at this while Aizawa and the girls were disgusted.

"He pooped in the middle of a roadblock." said a laughing Ms. Joke, increasing the laughter.

"That's not funny, that's disgusting." said a disgusted Aizawa, much to the girls' agreement.

(driving a truck full of concentrated cocaine and heroin,)

"That explains the roadblock." said an annoyed Qrow.

(murder of Anton Yelchin, attempted murder of Izuku Midoriya, domestic abuse of Izuku, faking evidence, racial remarks towards the U.S. President,)

"Why does everyone disrespect Obama?" asked an exhausted Izuku, receiving many shrugs.

(nearly instigating a suicide, leaking information to villains, and poisoning Ochaco with a love potion.)

Everyone was shocked by the last part.

"That bastard! How dare he ruin my relationship with Izuku!" said an angry Ochaco with Izuku being more angry as her.

(Bakugo is declared expelled. His parents were disgusted by him that they disowned him for being such a monster and adopt Izuku as their nephew.)

Mitsuki agreed and hugged Izuku.

"Don't worry Izuku, you're my family now." said a smiling Mitsuki. Izuku hugs her back.

(Before he went away, Bakugo said that he always hated Izuku but the said boy flipped him off the past bully and received laughs, even Iida and the adults allowed it.)

Indeed, they joined the laughter. Izuku high fived with everyone.

(Camie went up to Izuku and hugged him, saying he was awesome for saving her.)

"Yeah, he was." said a smiling Camie.

"Hey, you do deserve better than Bakago." said a smirking Mina, earning nods from the others.

(She then kissed him to show her gratitude, making him blush and everyone cheering.)

They also cheer.

(However, Bakugo called her the sexist w-word, making her cry,)

Camie cried at that but the girls hugged her and the guys were pissed. Monoma hugged her and comforted her.

(but Monoma stands up for her by grabbing an officer's taser and then tasering Bakugo in the balls, making everyone laugh.)

The guys didn't flinch but instead, they laughed with the girls. They also cheer for Monoma. Camie gave a teary eye smile at him and he smiled back.

(He then politely gives the officer back the taser and apologizes but the officer was fine with it because the arrested fugitive was irritating him and it was hilarious.)

"Nice one, you even got away with it." said a smirking Best Jeanist, not liking Bakugo because of the anger issues and horrible behavior towards kids.

(In Class 1-A, Aizawa announces that Shinsou and Hatsume will be replacing Bakugo and Mineta.)

Shinsou smiles with tears in his eyes and Izuku congratulates him.

(Hatsume shared a goodbye hug with Power Loader while Shinsou hugged Izuku in celebration.)

"My baby off to join the big leagues." said a crying Power Loader as Snipe pats him on the back.

(They are glad that their least favorite classmates are gone thanks to our protagonist.)

They cheer at that mention.

(In the lunch room, Izuku got everyone's respect for helping to get rid of the most hated students in the school. Camie invites Izuku to her room.)

"Let's hope we don't get caught. My school doesn't allow romance." said an annoyed Camie.

"Are you serious?" asked an annoyed Monoma. When she nodded, he got annoyed, "Those assholes."

(In Camie's room, they celebrate by having s*x and she confesses that she loved him since the license exam, despite being impersonated.)

Camie glares at Toga for that, making the crazy girl innocently whistle.

(They fall asleep with smiles on their faces.)

"That's the end of the chapter and the end of Bakago." said a smiling Camie. They all cheer for Bakugo's downfall until they went to sleep.

Number 5: Momo Yaoyorozu

The next morning, they got back to the book and Momo groaned when she was next for a chapter.

(The next day, Izuku is getting annoyed by Momo, who is always on his case.)

"Why are you always on my case?" asked an irritated Izuku.

"Because you're a 14-year-old trouble making loser." said a glaring Momo, earning glares from everyone.

"Hey, you look like an adult, so you need to get a FUCKING LIFE!" said an angry Setsuna.

She didn't like Momo because of her always getting on Izuku's case.

(When he was taking care of Eri, Momo reminded him that he's not old enough to be a father until he yelled at her to get a life.)

"Who the hell do you think you are telling me not to raise such a sensitive little girl? You're not my mom and you're not my older sister. Now leave me alone." said an offended Izuku.

"He's right. You're not his guardian. You can't tell him what he shouldn't do. Leave him alone." said a serious Shoto.

Momo just huffed, she's a class rep and should make sure that he doesn't get in trouble.

(Angered by this, Momo assigns him detention with her in her room.)

"No way. Your detentions should be illegal." said an angry Setsuna.

She is well aware what Momo would do and she vowed to shut her down.

(However, he just flipped her off, making her gasp. He then made sure that Eri doesn't do that.)

"Eri, please don't do that. Children should never do that." said a serious Izuku.

"Okay, papa." said a nodding Eri.

(In Momo's room, she starts whipping him and yelling at him for being a quirkless wimp.)

Everyone got angry at this.

"Momo, that's child abuse." said an angry Shoto.

(She then goes too far by abusing him but then stops to find out what she's doing.)

They are showed a video of this and the adults are horrified and angered. Even Momo was horrified and realizes what she had done.

"Momo Yaoyorozu, you are suspended for child abuse and you are also going to juvie." said an angry Nezu. The police handcuff Momo and she allows this. She didn't mean to go that far.

(He was sheading tears at how she's treating him and she starts to feel bad for what she did but he runs away.)

Momo look down in shame. She abused a 14-year-old boy.

(Outside, he starts sobbing at what Momo did but was found by Shoto and comforted by him.)

Shoto went to Izuku and held onto him in support.

(Izuku asked to stay in Shoto's room and the latter agreed with it.)

All the girls said awe and Izuku gave a teary smile.

(In Shoto's room, they lay in bed together and Izuku reluctantly tells him who did it and finally admits that Momo won't leave him alone. However, Shoto believes him and will deal with Momo. Izuku falls asleep in Shoto's embrace.)

"Thanks Shoto." said a tired Izuku as Shoto brushed Izuku's hair.

(Outside the room, Jiro heard everything and cried at what Izuku went through. She felt her heart go out to him. She doesn't to hurt him no more. She will now care about him.)

Jiro agrees and goes over to also hug Izuku. She then told everyone what she did to him in the past and the adults glare at her.

"Jiro, I'm very disappointed in you. Tomorrow, I'm giving you detention." said a disappointed Aizawa. Jiro nodded and they all went to their rooms because the chapter was over. Momo is sent to juvie but wishes to make it up to Izuku.

'I'm sorry, Izuku.' thought a guilt-ridden Momo.

Number 6: Kyoka Jiro

The next morning, Izuku was comforted by everyone for how he was treated and Jiro volunteered to read in order to make up for what she did. DC Superheroes, Marvel Superheroes, and Hollywood celebrities were invited to read with them.

(The next day, Izuku was sitting with Shoto on the couch but was still sobbing. Eri was worried for him and wondered what's wrong. They just said everything's gonna be okay.)

The sad mood returned. The visitors got worried. They were told everything and showed sympathy.

"Poor kid." said a sympathetic Wanda.

(However, everyone's noticing the behavior and Jiro told them everything.)

"I'm sorry, Izu-Kun." said a sympathetic Jiro.

"It's alright, Jiro-chan. You had to do what you had to do." said a smiling Izuku. They smiled at him for being so forgiving.

(In Jiro's room, Jiro sings "Do you see what I see" to Izuku and he smiles with tears in his eyes.)

Carrie Underwood was happy to hear that her song made the kid better.

(They then sing "You don't come out of thin air" and they suddenly make out.)

Every girl said awe at this but they see Izuku crying and Hisashi comforts him.

"Don't worry kiddo, I'm here and I'm home. I'll make it up to you and your mom. I promise. I love you both." said a determined Hisashi. Izuku gave a teary eyed smile and shared a hug with his dad. Inko smiled and went to Hisashi. They share a kiss, earning cheers.

(They decide to make a concert.)

"That's a good idea." said a happy Peter Parker as Wanda giggled at her crush. Everyone agreed to have that tonight.

"Okay students, we'll have a concert tonight. Behave yourselves or you'll get kicked out." said a serious Nezu. They nodded.

(At the concert, they dance to "Livin La Vida Loca" from Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas.)

Everyone cheered when they have tape recorders playing the song.

(Then Momo makes it up to him by helping him play the piano and singing "Beauty and the Beast" which had everyone slow dancing.)

Then Momo and a piano appears. Her and Izuku play it and sing the song, earning claps from everyone.

"You have a lovely voice, Midoriya." said a smiling Momo as she rubs Izuku's hair but he flinches, making her crestfallen. He's still afraid of her.

(However, Bakugo has broken out of jail and starts harassing them)

Everyone gasped.

"How the hell did he break out of jail?" asked an angry Aizawa.

"Who's Bakugo?" asked a confused Michael Cera.

They were given explanation of the first chapters and quickly they hated Bakugo.

(but luckily, they defeat him and he is beaten up by the angry audience before being taken away by security but he escapes by running and jumping through a glass door as the police force go after him.)

"I hope they catch him." said a serious Shoto. Aizawa's phone rang and he got a shocked look.

"Oh shit." said a shocked Aizawa. He ran to the police station and some adult heroes went after him to help out. They back covered in smoke and scratches.

"Are you okay?" asked a worried Izuku.

"Don't worry, it's nothing we can't handle." said a smiling Mount Lady. They explained that Bakugo started a riot but they managed to get it under control and he's been put in solitary confinement.

(Izuku let out his frustrations about what Bakugo did but everyone comforts him.)

"Seriously, is Bakugo that bad?" asked a worried Bruce Wayne. They nod and showed them the video. They were angry at this and now hate the brat with every fiber of his being.

"Hey wait a minute, now I know him. He's the little shit who made racial remarks about me." said an angry Obama. The whole African race were pissed off by that piece of information.

(They give him some music and he sings "Be Our Guest" to them because they are eating with him and Jiro.)

Everyone's stomach rumbles and Izuku does the same thing for everyone, making them cheer. After they were done, they went back to the book and continue.

(After dinner, he hires Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo to help him sing "Let's Go" which made people party and dance.)

Everyone smiled at that. They like that song better than a familiar dreaded Disney song that shall not be named [1].

(Then Izuku and the girls do the "Cupid Shuffle" while wearing dancing outfits with the boys cheering them on and it's mostly Izuku getting the most cheering.)

The video shows it and they cheer for Izuku.

(Both Class 1-A and Class 1-B do the "Cha-Cha Slide" as the teachers, pro-heroes, other schools, and civilians do the cheer.)

The video appears and they indeed cheer them on.

(Then they end the concert with one final song that they party to and it's "Party Rock".)

Everyone cheered at that. They love Party Rock.

(Izuku is becoming popular and is dancing with celebrities, who start to admire him.)

Class 1-A and 1-B high five him.

(Sero and Pony start bonding and dancing with each other)

Pony blushed. She actually has two crushes: Izuku Midoriya and Hanza Sero. Sero smiled at her and she smiled back.

(while Sato is revealed to be gay and Koda is also gay.)

Everyone was shocked and Sato smiled at Koda, who smiled back.

They share a kiss and everyone cheered them on.

Koda's mom smiled at this and supported her son.

(Everyone even cheered when Kota and Eri danced with each other.)

They all said awe at that and the Midoriya family approved of it.

Kota and Eri smiled at each other and held hands.

(However, Muscular appeared and wanted the kids.)

"MUSCULAR?!" yelled everyone in horror. Even the ones from outside Japan know who that guy is.

"What's he doing there?" asked an angry Mandalay.

"I won't let him near those kids." said an angry Izuku.

Kota got angry at the mention of his most hated enemy while Eri got scared.

(They were scared but Kota protected Eri and managed to defeat Muscular by adding water and electricity.)

Everyone cheered for Kota and Eri smiled at him.

"My Hero." said a smiling Eri. She kissed Kota's cheek, making him blush.

(Everyone cheered him on and he got a hug from Eri for saving her.)

"Kota, I'm so very proud of you." said a smiling Mandalay.

(In Jiro's room, they make out and sleep while listening to music.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a smiling Jiro. Everyone cheered, that was the best chapter ever. They go out to party and then go to sleep.

Number 7: Mei Hatsume

Izuku wakes up but they all hear him sing in a child voice and he is singing "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" as they clap for him and the girls found him adorable. Mei starts reading the next chapter.

(The next day, Izuku is getting respected by Class 1-B and made peace with them.)

Everyone smiled. They all agree that Izuku is precious. Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne agree to protect Izuku's smile.

(He also got his own music CD and is friends with actors.)

"I wouldn't mind being his friend." said a happy Peter Parker.

Izuku smiled with tears in his eyes.

(They even want to make a live-action remake of him, much to his excitement.)

Everyone smiled. That's the best show ever.

(He's also invited to the weekend festival on Saturday the 13th and Setsuna wants to be his date.)

"Oh yeah, Izu-kun, wanna go with me there?" asked a smiling Setsuna.

"Sure thing." said a blushing Izuku.

(He's been called to Hatsume's workshop to get a new gauntlet.)

Mei smiled and took out the gauntlet. She puts it on Izuku's hand and the ladies like it.

(At Hatsume's workshop, he gets his gauntlet but in return, he has to sleep with her.)

"I guess I'll see you tonight, 10 million." said a smiling Mei to a blushing Izuku. All girls glare at her.

(In Hatsume's bedroom, they start sleeping with each other and Mei plays with Izuku's hair.)

"That's the end of the chapter. Now come on Izuku, let's do this." said a happy Mei as she carries Izuku bridal style and to her bedroom as he blushes and falls asleep. The girls were angry and jealous but couldn't stop her.

Number 8: Nejire Hado

The next day, Mei arrived at breakfast with Izuku in her arms and she fed him, making him embarrassed and the girls were glaring at her. She invited Hado and put Izuku on her lap. She then gave the book to her and Hado was excited to see the chapter.

(The next day, Izuku takes a liking to his gauntlet and the ladies find it attractive.)

The girls nod in agreement but are still annoyed and Izuku calmed them down.

"It's okay, I fell asleep and she only hugged me while brushing my hair." said a serious Izuku and they calmed down.

(He then bumped into Nejire whose big hair was wrapped around her. He felt comfortable and hugged it, much to her happiness.)

She then did the same thing and Izuku felt comfortable hugging her hair, making the girls coo at his cuteness. They took pictures of the whole scene.

(She hugged him back and found him adorable. She then invited him to hang out with her.)

"Hey Izuku, wanna study tonight?" asked a smiling Hado.

"Uh sure." said a blushing Izuku.

(At night, they study together but then Izuku gets comfortable in her hair and falls asleep.)

Izuku blushes but Hado just rubs his hair affectionately.

(They sleep in her bed and he remained happy sleeping on her hair.)

"That's the end of the chapter. Now if you excuse me, I gotta take this little rascal to my room." said a smiling Hado and she picks up Izuku to take him to her room for studying and to sleep.

Number 9: Mina Ashido

The next day, Hado turned her and Izuku's homework into the teachers and they got back to the book. Ashido is volunteered to read.

(The next day, Izuku was just hanging out with Kirishima when Mina invited him to help her sing.)

"Oh yeah Midoriya, can you help me out?" asked a smiling Ashido.

"Sure thing Ashido." said a smiling Izuku, earning a smile from her.

(At first, he was busy but accepted it.)

"Oh sorry Ashido, that was kinda rude." said a sheepish Izuku.

"It's okay sweetie, you can be very busy." said a smiling Ashido.

(Mina thanks him and gives him a kiss on his cheek.)

Ashido goes over and does the same thing.

(Kirishima pats Izuku's hair as congratulations.)

"Yeah man, you're manly." said a smiling Kirishima.

(At the dorms, Izuku asks Jiro and she gives him a music note, causing him to kiss her cheek. He also payed her with a cd full of his songs and she happily waved him goodbye.)

They smile and make the exchange.

"How many cd's do you have, Izu-kun?" asked an innocent looking Pony. He then gets up, takes out a treasure chest, and shows them a bunch of cd's. They all take turns getting one and put them in their rooms.

(In Ashido's room, they sing "Senorita".)

"I love that song." said a happy Ashido.

When a CD appears, they play it and cheer them on.

Izuku and Ashido sing to it and dance with each other.

(When it ends, Ashido suddenly kisses Izuku and they start making out.)

The two blush at this.

(She reveals her crush on him and Kirishima.)

Kirishima smiled and hugged Ashido.

"Thank you for returning my feelings." said a happy Kirishima.

They smile at each other and share a kiss, making everyone cheer them on.

Crimson Riot let out a tear of proudness for his successor.

(They then start taking it up a level.)

"Oh, taking it up a level, eh?" said a lustful Midnight as Izuku shivered in fear. Mount Lady comforted him and glared at Midnight.

"What're you doing here? Izuku is very afraid of you and put out a restraining order on you." said an angry Mount Lady.

However, she is calmed down when it's revealed that Midnight is restrained.

(Then Izuku fell asleep and Ashido petted his hair.)

"That's the end of the chair. Now, Izuku let's go practice medicine." said a happy Ashido and they walk to her room.

Number 10: Tooru Hagakure

The next day, everyone went back to the book. A brown haired girl volunteers to read.

(The next day, Izuku saw a girl crying and got a look at her: she has long brown hair and blue eyes. Not to mention, she's beautiful.)

The girl smiled at him but still cried as she read this and he comforted her.

(It turns out to be Hagakure, who is somehow visible.)

"Wow, she's hot." said a smiling Kaminari, only to get slapped upside the head by Kirishima and Jiro, "Ow sorry."

Everyone was shocked, Hagakure was always invisible.

"Hagakure, why are you invisible?" asked a confused Ojiro.

"Because I got a note and it claims I can now be visible." said a smiling Hagakure.

(She got a date with Kamakiri but he later cancelled it because she was invisible.)

Everyone glared at Kamakiri.

"Wow, what a jerk." said a disgusted Ashido.

Class 1-B were disappointed in him.

Toga grew afraid at that name for some reason.

(Izuku promises to kick that guy's ass later.)

"Please do that later." said an angry Shoto.

(He then asks her out on a date. She smiles and accepts.)

All the girls say awe and crying tears of joy.

"That's so romantic." said a crying Ashido.

(In Toga's room, she was excited to hear about Izuku and Hagakure.)

They smile at Toga.

(However, Kamakiri enters and tells her that she's going to make him feel good, scaring her,)

Toga shivers now and recognizes him. Izuku notices this and goes to her.

"What's wrong Toga?" asked a worried Izuku. She whispered to him everything and he was horrified by what he heard before he scowls at Kamakiri. He then sees a video tape and plays it. Him and everyone were horrified when Kamakiri is shown r****g Toga and forcing her to have sex with him everyday. When it's finished, they scowl at Kamakiri. The police arrive and restrain him.

"Togaru Kamakiri, you are under arrest for the r**e of Himiko Toga. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law, you have no right to afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Let's go." said a police officer. They give the student id card to Nezu, who cuts it in half and declares him expelled. After Kakakiri is restrained, they continue the story but are still angry.

(but she becomes brave and tells him to get out or she's calling the police. However, he gets aggressive and r***s her before leaving her tied up until Twice finds her and unties her.)

Everyone was horrified by this.

(He then comforts her and calls 911.)

Twice does indeed comfort a crying Toga.

(At dinner, they have a good time)

Everyone cheers up when they hear this. Toga smiles, forgetting what happened.

"Hey Hagakure, wanna do that tonight?" asked a smiling Izuku.

"Sure Midoriya." said a smiling Hagakure.

(but Kamakiri interrupts their date and tries to date Hagakure by force as the customers watch.)

The good mood was ruined.

(Izuku wants him to back off but gets punched by Kaminari.)

Everyone got worried for Izuku.

(Hagakure went Izuku's side and slapped Kamakiri.)

Everyone cheered when she did that.

(He didn't take it very well and got aggressive but Izuku luckily knocked him out, earning cheers.)

Everyone clapped for him and he bowed.

(Kamakiri is arrested for assault of Izuku Midoriya and r**e of Himiko Toga. When the r**e was revealed, Izuku kicked Kamakiri in the balls and warned him not to touch Toga again or else he'll kick his ass.)

Everyone cheered for Izuku.

(The dating couple go back to the dorms. In her room, they sleep together and she feels safe in his arms.)

"That's the end of the chapter. Come on Midoriya, let's get you something nice to wear." said a happy Hagakure. She then takes a happy Izuku to her room.

Number 11: Itsuka Kendo

The next day, they arrived happy and sat back down. Itsuka decides to read.

(The next day, Izuku decides to plan a party tonight but Class 1-A wants to go to Momo's bash.)

Everyone glares at that and Shoto was disappointed in them before he softly spoke to Izuku.

"I want to go to your party, Izuku." said a smiling Shoto. Izuku was getting upset at first about no one coming but he happily accepted Shoto.

(A crying Izuku angrily walks away from them as they try to call him back but Momo tells them that Izuku isn't invited.)

Everyone glares at this.

"When this is over, we got to change Momo's behavior." said an angry Nezu. Momo bowed her head down in shame at how she's treating Izuku.

(Shoto, Koda, Sato, Sero, Jiro, Tsuyu, Tokoyami, Shinsou, and Mei choose not to come because of her snobby behavior and attitude towards Izuku)

Izuku gave a teary eyed smile at this and the mentioned people smile at their loyalty towards Izuku.

(but much to their disappointment, Ochaco and Iida pick Momo over Izuku.)

Izuku looked at them in disappointment and turned away.

Those two couldn't believe that they betrayed their friend for a rich snob's party.

Ochaco's parents and Iida's brother gave them disappointed looks.

(Having enough, Shoto calls them out on their behavior and then takes a temporary break from Momo because of how she's behaving.)

Izuku gave a teary eyed smile at Shoto, who happily walked over and cradled the crying boy.

"Don't worry Izu-Kun, I've got your back." said a happy Shoto as they hugged each other. Everyone cheered for Shoto and the Todoroki family were proud of him.

(At night in Izuku's house, he was crying because he thinks that the school hates him)

All the students who didn't go and the Class 1-B students looked sad that their friend would think that.

Setsuna joins in the hugging and rubs circles on his back.

"There, there, no one hates you. They're just ungrateful for all the good things you've done. You're a true hero. I'll go to your party. We can have it at my dorms. What do you say, Izu-Kun?" asked a smiling Setsuna, causing Izuku to give her a tearful smile.

"Yeah, at your dorms, mistress Setsuna." said a smiling Izuku. Setsuna smiled at her own nickname and kissed Izuku's forehead. Aizawa then stood up and gave a stern look.

"Whoever was at that bash shall receive a detention. We're supposed to be about teamwork." said a serious Aizawa.

(but the loyal people arrive and comfort him. They inform him that someone cancelled his party invite and they don't know who.)

"THAT'S ILLEGAL! SOMEONE MUST'VE HACKED INTO HIS ACCOUNT!" yelled a shocked Ms. Joke. Everyone looked shocked that someone would do that.

(They decide to have a party at the Class 1-B dorms and Itsuka allows it.)

Class 1-B smiles and nods, earning a grin from Izuku.

(At Itsuka's party, Class 1-B welcome the guests with open arms and have a good time. Sero was playing bull riding on a laughing Pony.)

"Sounds like fun!" said an excited Pony while Sero grins.

(Ibara invites Izuku to come to her church and he agrees.)

"Sure I'll go, Sister Ibara." said a smiling Izuku.

Ibara smiles and thanks the lord for creating such an innocent and sweet young man.

(Itsuka decides to take Izuku and Tetsu to her room.)

Itsuka smirks and winks at the two boys.

(In her room, they have an o**y together and Itsuka thanks Izuku for the party.)

Itsuka grins and nods. She wants that. Izuku and Tetsu fist bump.

"O**y?" asked a confused Peter Parker.

He looks that up and goes eye wide, making the Marvel heroes laugh fondly at him.

Michelle and Wanda smirk at each other because Peter gets plenty of ass and it's their asses.

(However, they hear noises downstairs and check it out.)

"You know, we should hire security." said a frowning Sen, receiving nods of agreement.

(In the living room, Bakugo is crashing the party and wants to fight Izuku)

Everyone groans in annoyance, they really hate that guy.

(but is given no as an answer. Itsuka wants Bakugo to leave but gets slapped by him, angering Isuku and Tetsu.)

Everyone gasped in shock that Bakugo hit a woman and the two mentioned boys were pissed off by Bakugo.

"YOU BASTARD!" yelled a pissed off Izuku and Tetsu.

"So what?! That bitch shouldn't have gotten in my way!" said an arrogant Bakugo. He got a punch to the face and a kick to the nuts by the two boys.

"Yeesh and I thought my blonde bully was pure evil." said a disgusted Peter Parker, remembering how Flash Thompson had also picked on girls.

His comrades got angered at the mention of that blonde prick.

(They get in a fight outside but luckily manage to knock out Bakugo and turn him over to the police.)

Everyone cheers that on while Bakugo scowled.

"NEXT TIME /CENSORED/!" yelled a scowling Bakugo. He got the same pain result for using a foul racist word. [2].

(Itsuka praises her two heroes and takes them back to her room. In her room, she sleeps with them and has her arms wrapped around them.)

"That's the end of the chapter, now let's party and I'll see you two tonight." said a smiling Itsuka before she purrs at Izuku and Tetsu, who grin. They leave to the dorm.

Number 12: Ibara Shiosaki

The next day, Itsuka came entering in while having her arms wrapped around the boys and they sat down with grins on their faces. She gives the book to Ibara, who thanks her and starts reading.

(The next day, Izuku wakes up next to Itsuka and Tetsu. He gets his clothes on and leaves a note for them.)

Itsuka smiles at Izuku for not treating it as a one-night stand.

"Thank Izu-Bro." said a happy Tetsu.

(He cooks breakfast for them and playfully spanks Setsuna to wake her up.)

"You're gonna pay for doing that this morning." said an annoyed but smirking Setsuna.

"Sorry mistress Setsuna." said an innocent-looking Izuku.

"It's alright dearest." said a smiling Setsuna.

(At U.A., Class 1-B is starting to like Izuku but Momo is disappointed in him for partying with the enemy.)

"Says the one who didn't invite him to your bash." said a scoffing Scott Lang. He might be a former criminal but he hates rich snobs.

(However, Izuku called her out on how she treats him and wants her to leave him alone.)

Everyone was impressed and Momo was shocked that her class' sweet cinnamon roll is standing up to her.

(He also avoids Ochaco and Iida, much to their shame.)

They look down in shame.

(However, he is informed by Nezu that cameras caught Momo hacking into his account.)

They all glared.

"Momo, if I ever catch you doing that, your suspension will be longer. Do you got that?" asked a serious Nezu. Momo nodded in fear.

(She is arrested for online hacking and is suspended since she might have a chance to redeem herself)

Momo nodded at that.

(At the church, Izuku becomes well behaved and follows along with the singing.)

Ibara smiled proudly.

(Ibara draws a cross on his chest and gives a kiss on his forehead.)

"Wait a minute, isn't a cross supposed to be on the forehead?" asked a confused Peter Parker. Although he's not shown having a religion, he even knows that chest part doesn't happen in church.

"Her way is more different, Peter." said a smiling Wanda as he nodded in understanding.

(She thanks for coming to the church and he bows to her.)

"Good, excellent." said a smiling Ibara. She can't wait to see him in church.

(However, there is no romantic relationship since she's a nun so that means she's single for life.)

Ibara nods at that and doesn't wish for any relationship.

"It's okay, Sister Ibara. I understand. Nuns are faithful to God and they can't marry." said a smiling Izuku.

(In Izuku's room, he dreams of making Sister Ibara proud.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a smiling Ibara while going with Izuku to her church.

Number 13: Setsuna Tokage

The next day, Setsuna was excited to see her chapter. After everyone sat down, Izuku and Setsuna wore Fukata.

(The next day, Izuku got his invite to the festival and went to go to Setsuna's house.)

"Awe, you remembered." said a smiling Setsuna.

(When he went there, she was happy to see them and they held hands.)

All the girls cooed at this cuteness.

(At the festival, they were doing great by playing games, eating food, and winning prizes. They even saw the fireworks together.)

"Oh sounds like fun." said a smiling Setsuna.

(When they went to her house, they took it to her room and had s*x. She was loving it.)

Setsuna grinned happily and winked at a blushing Izuku.

(She claims she had a crush on him since the Sports Festival and he felt the same way.)

They smile at each other.

(They both fell asleep with smiles on their faces.)

"That's the end of the chapter, come on my little pet Izu-kun." said a smiling Setsuna as they leave.

Number 14: Pony Tsunotori

The next day, a smirking Setsuna appears with a blushing Izuku. She gives the book to a eager Pony.

(The next day, Izuku pets Setsuna, kisses her cheek, and leaves a note.)

"Awe, thank you sweetie." said a smiling Setsuna as she kisses Izuku's cheek.

(At the library, Izuku was learning English when Pony saw him and asked to have a studying session. He happily complied and she smiled gratefully.)

"Thanks Izu-Kun." said a happy Pony.

(In her room, they were done studying but got bored and with permission from Sero, Izuku plays bull riding on a happy Pony.)

"That sounds like fun." said a happy Pony to a blushing Izuku.

(However, Setsuna caught them doing it and sadistically has them do it naked while she records it.)

"Yeah, I'm gonna do it to you two." said a smirking Setsuna to the nervous Izuku and Pony.

(When she's done, she gives them pajamas and wishes them good night. They sleep with happy grins on their faces.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a nervous Pony as her and Izuku are grabbed by a smirking Setsuna and taken to her room.

Number 15: Yui Kodai

The next day, a smirking Setsuna arrived with a blushing Izuku and Pony. They give the book to Kodai, who looks worried.

"What happened?" asked a worried Kodai.

"You don't want to know." said a blushing Pony with Izuku agreeing.

(The next day, the video was posted on Pornhub and Kodai wasn't happy with Izuku.)

"Well sorry, it's not like I asked for a video about me and Pony to be put on Pornhub." said an annoyed Izuku.

"Oh great, now look what you done, Kodai. You made him upset." said an angry Setsuna. Kodai gave a look that said she was sorry.

(For unknown reasons, she acted like a feminist towards Izuku and saw him as a pervert but only because she was a lesbian and is dating Reiko Yanagi, who is nice to Izuku.)

Kodai went to Izuku and hugged him while inviting Yanagi to hug them.

"I'm sorry, Izuku baby." said a sad Kodai.

"It's alright, you're not very trusting towards men." said a comforting Izuku. This made Kodai smile as she and Yanagi both hug him. However, everyone gasps.

"What?" asked a worried Kodai.

"This was the first time that we've seen you smile." said a shocked Sen. Kodai thought about it and agreed that she hadn't ever smile.

(Itsuka had enough and plans to do something.)

Kodai shivers, knowing what's going to happen.

(In Kodai's room, she isn't doing anything but hears her door knock and answers it. She sees nobody but finds a gift. She takes it in her room and opens it to find an Izuku doll.)

Everyone got confused.

(Angered and thinking this is a joke, she barely had time to react when she is knocked out by some mysterious gas and some shadows coming over to her.)

Kodai was shivering even more, she knew what was coming.

(When she wakes up, she finds herself tied up and her girlfriend smirking at her.)

Itsuka, Setsuna, Pony, and Reiko smirk, knowing what's going on.

(She starts struggling and demands to be let go but Reiko says that she's being punished.)

"Oh god no." said a shivering Kodai.

(Realizing what's going on, she refuses to apologize to Izuku and Reiko just says that's choosing the hard way.)

"Please Kodai, apologize to me or you might get the hard way." said a begging Izuku.

Kodai really does hope that.

(Yanagi demands to be untied "right fucking now" but Reiko puts soap in her mouth for cussing.)

"Shame on you, young lady. There's no need for salty language." said a joking Reiko as she and her friends laugh at this.

(Then she answers the door to see Itsuka, Setsuna, and Pony bring in a blindfolded Izuku, who was confused.)

"Did he have to get involved?" asked an annoyed Kodai.

(They take the blindfold off and he is shocked to find the tied girl but is tied up as well.)

The girls were smirking while Izuku and Kodai were shivering.

(They said that the two will be let go if Izuku punishes her. The punishment is to spank her, much to her protest.)

Izuku blushes and Kodai protests but she is held down by Reiko and continues reading.

(Izuku didn't want to but they just gave him looks and he reluctantly replied.)

"No please Izuku, you don't want to do this nor do you have to." said a panicking Kodai.

(Kodai begged Izuku not do it but he apologized and spanked her a couple of times.)

"Oh Izuku." said a sad and tired Kodai.

(When he was done, they untied them and left them in the room alone. Kodai apologized to Izuku for how she treated him and wants him to stay with her. She then falls asleep and he stays with her the whole night.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a sad Kodai. She held Izuku's hand and lead him to her room so he can punish her

Number 16: Reiko Yanagi

The next day, everyone had to wear Halloween costumes and Reiko was carrying Izuku. When she took him to sit wit her, every girl were fangirling over him because he was wearing his ghost costume and he looked adorable. They all wanted to hug him. Reiko notices this and hisses while hugging Izuku close to her.

"My teddy ghost!" said a serious Reiko as she reads the next chapter.

(The next day, Izuku comforted Kodai but is given a note to meet Reiko at her haunted house. After saying goodbye to Kodai, he goes to the haunted house.)

"Thank you for doing that, Teddy Ghost." said a smiling Reiko. Kodai also smiles and pets Izuku's hair.

(When he comes out of the location he's at, he goes into Iida's car and they go to the haunted house, unaware that another car is following them.)

Reiko got worried for her Teddy Ghost.

(At Reiko's haunted house, Iida parks out front and he has Ochaco and Melissa Shield go in with him.)

Izuku was neutral at the mention of Melissa Shield, making the said girl look sad.

(He enters the house but is beaten up by Bakugo, Kamakiri, Momo, Midnight, Mineta, and Endeavor.)

Everyone gasped in horror and got worried. Shoto growled at the last person.

(They laugh at this and have Bakugo and Kamakiri hand gag Ochaco and Melissa.)

"KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF US, YOU DIRTY BASTARDS!" yelled an angry Ochaco and Melissa.

(Midnight prepares to r**e him)

Everyone gasped in horror at that while Izuku was shedding tears of pain. Everyone notices this and Mount Lady notices this.

"Izuku, she's not gonna hurt you while we're around." said a worried Mount Lady. Izuku calmed down. When they find a tape, they were horrified to see Midnight r****g Izuku. Angered by this, Mirko went to Midnight and punched her.

"When this is over, you're going back to prison and you're staying away from my nephew." said an angry Mirko. Everyone was still shocked that Izuku got r***d by a female teacher.

(as the two girls struggle to save him but they are knocked out painfully by Reiko.)

Everyone sighs in relief. Reiko hugs Izuku and vows to protect him.

(Reiko gives him morphine and has him relax as he falls asleep while Ochaco and Melissa fall unconscious.)

Izuku got worried but Reiko reassured him that she won't hurt him.

(At Iida's car, he notices what's going on and tries to call for help but is knocked out by Reiko.)

"I would've done that as revenge for abandoning Teddy Ghost." said a very serious Reiko.

(However, she doesn't destroy his car and only destroys the bullies' car. She then puts Ochaco and Melissa in Iida's car and they are tied up while Iida is taken back to his room.)

"WHY ARE WE TIED UP?!" yelled an annoyed Ochaco and Melissa but Reiko just bound and gagged them with duct tape just to shut them up. Luckily for them, they are sitting with Izuku and Reiko.

"Probably because Teddy Ghost might like a damsel-in-distress." said an uncaring Reiko. Izuku blushed while Ochaco and Melissa seem to like the idea and stopped struggling, much to Reiko's relief. She then explained more, "And me doing it right now is to shut you both up."

They glare at her.

(In her lab, Izuku wakes up and finds that he has been put in his ghost costume but was scared.)

"Awe don't be scared." said a chuckling Reiko. She really was enjoying this chapter.

(However, Reiko comforted him but then strapped him into a chair and made him watch fake videos of execution:)

Everyone got creeped out and they find a DVD. Reiko smirked.

(Endeavor is nuked in the microwave for abusing Shoto,)

Shoto, his siblings, and his mother smirked at this while everyone was shocked that the number 2 hero abuses his kids.

(Mineta is used as piranha bait for being a pervert,)

All girls smirk at this, especially when he gets his pecker bitten off. Mineta holds his pecker in phantom pain.

(Midnight is burnt to death like a witch for molesting Izuku,)

Mount Lady and Mirko smirked at this while Midnight got scared.

(Momo is given the electric chair for being a rich snob,)

Setsuna and Pony smirked at this while Momo shivered.

(Kamakiri is put in the guillotine for being a r****t,)

Toga and Twice smiled at this while Kamakiri gulped.

(and Bakugo is hanged for being a sociopathic bully.)

Izuku surprisingly smiled at that and everyone looked worried. Reiko just pets the poor boy.

'When I find that bully, I will haunt him for life.' thought an angry Reiko.

(Izuku was traumatized but she calmed him down and said that she's not gonna hurt him because he is only innocent and sweet.)

All girls sigh in relief and Ibara prayed to thank the lord.

(Instead, he's going to be her Teddy Ghost.)

"That means my room tonight." said a smirking Reiko. Izuku nodded and she hugged him.

(In her room, she manage to get him to fall asleep with a soft lullaby and he now felt comfortable.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a smiling Reiko. She also puts Izuku to sleep with her lullaby and she takes him to her room.

Number 17: Kinoko Kimori

The next day, Reiko arrived with a comfortable Izuku in her arms and takes him to Kinoko, who smiles and pets Izuku. She reads the next chapter, much to her excitement.

(The next day, Izuku wakes up in the guest room of the haunted house but is being nursed by a smiling Kinoko.)

"Yay, I'm Nurse Kinoko." said a smiling Kinoko.

(She then lets him go and gives him the keys to Iida's car but first, he had to promise to visit her later.)

"Yeah, you should always visit Nurse Kinoko." said a smiling Kinoko.

(Outside the haunted house, he goes to Iida's car and unties the girls when he found them waking up and struggling.)

"Oh yeah, almost forgot." said a sheepishly chuckling Reiko as they glare at her. Kinoko carries Izuku over to them and he unties them. They smile and hug him but Kinoko pulls him away and says "MINE" as she growls at them, much to their anger.

(They both hug him in relief and drive back to the dorm.)

Ochaco and Melissa gave smirks at Kinoko, who stuck her tongue at them.

(At the dorm, Izuku was watching T.V. with them but then gets a text to come to Kinoko's room. After leaving a note for them, he goes to the room.)

The girls nod in appreciation.

(In Kinoko's room, he finds her but she has her skirt up pulled up and asks for Izuku to help her make more mushrooms.)

"YOU GO GIRL!" yelled a cheering Setsuna and Pony as Kinoko smiles at them.

(He got nervous but agree to do it to help with her quirk.)

"Why didn't I think of asking Izuku for help?" asked a sheepish Kinoko.

(After the s*x scene, he falls asleep with a smiling Kinoko in his arms.)

"That end of the chapter. Now Izuku, can you carry me to my room?" asked a begging Kinoko. Izuku picked her up bridal style and she received low fives from Setsuna and Pony.

Number 18: Melissa Shield

The next day, Izuku appears and Kinoko was happy. Setsuna and Pony cheered for her and they gave the book to Melissa, who just glared at them.

(The next day, they wake up and she thanks him for helping her out. He happily kisses her cheek and says you're welcome.)

"Thank you." said a happy Kinoko.

(When he gets to the dorms, he gets nervous because Melissa is sternly glaring at him.)

"Maybe because you were out pass curfew." said a glaring Melissa.

(She demands for him to come to her room tonight, making him nervously nod.)

"What're you going to do with me?" asked a nervous Izuku.

(In her room, she demanded an explanation from him and when he explains the harem, she gets upset and accuses him of getting back at her for having an o**y that he wasn't invited to.)

Setsuna and Pony glare at her.

"That was really low." said a glaring Setsuna.

"How could you." said an angry Pony.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry." said a sympathetic Melissa.

"You should be. He was mentally scarred for life because of you." said an angry Setsuna. She took the book away and pointed her finger at the corner, "Five minutes in the corner now."

Melissa complies and stands in the corner.

(Angered by her, he ties her up and threatens to spank her.)

Melissa went pale when she sees Izuku planning that.

(She begs for him not to and tried to apologize but Izuku refuses to forgive her and gave her a spanking a couple of times, making her yell in pain.)

"Yeah Izuku, give it to her." said a cheering Setsuna.

(However, Itsuka starts hearing the yelling in there and asks if it's alright. Melissa tries to scream for help but Izuku puts tape on her mouth and he convinced her that Melissa is helping him study.)

"WHAT?! I'M GAGGED AGAIN?! OH BULL- MPH!" yelled an angry Melissa until Izuku did put tape on her mouth. She gave him a glare and he smiled innocently at her. He gave her a side hug and a kiss on the cheek as he decided to read.

(Itsuka believes this and goes away.)

Melissa gave a muffled growl towards Itsuka, who shrugged.

(He then goes back to punishing her and she is unable to get the tape off.)

It's true, she can't rip it off and then gives up but pouts and crosses her arms. She decides to lay her head in Izuku's lap as he rubs her hair.

(When he's done, she angrily demands him to take the tape off now but he refuses and says it looks cute on her.)

Instead of being angry, she blushes at that.

(She rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms at him. She then decided that if he won't do it then he's giving her a bath, making him blush.)

Melissa smirked at this and Izuku blushed but complied.

"Fine." said a blushing Izuku as Melissa cheered.

(In the bathroom, she is relaxing in the bath and Izuku decides to take the tape off.)

He sighs and takes it off.

"Awe thank you." said a smiling Melissa as she pats Izuku's head and kisses his forehead.

(She smugly asked if that was so hard, making him roll his eyes.)

"Don't roll your eyes at me, you know I love you." said a smirking Melissa.

(She also asks for him to be her teddy bear, making him blush again.)

"You will be my teddy bear, got it?" asked a stern looking Melissa. Izuku blushed but complied, making her rub his hair.

(In her room, she lays down on the bed hugging a sleeping Izuku and having made amends with him.)

"That's the end of the chapter. Come on, you little rascal." said a smirking Melissa as she carries Izuku over her shoulder and walks out to the bathroom

Number 19: Yu Takeyama

The next day, a smirking Melissa appeared with a blushing Izuku. The girls were smiling because he was wearing a teddy bear onesie. Mount Lady sat next to Izuku and read her chapter while side arm hugging him.

(The next day, Izuku got the hell out of there before Melissa wakes up but when she woke up, she angrily screamed Izuku's name as he escaped.)

"I'll get you Izuku." said an angry Melissa as Izuku gulped.

(At Mount Lady's agency, he realizes he forgot to take off the costume but female customers adored him and Mount Lady decided he should wear that while working.)

"That's a good idea. You're wearing that during work." said a smiling Mount Lady as Izuku blushed at the idea.

(In town, he was walking down the sidewalk and was getting smiles from female pro-heroes because they like his teddy bear costume while even getting hugs or kisses from them)

"I don't blame them, you look so cute." said a smiling Mount Lady as Izuku blushed.

(but then hears a muffled scream coming from a hotel and investigates it.)

"Uh oh, I hope she's alright." says a worried Izuku.

(In the hotel, he finds Setsuna tied up and screaming for help.)

"SETSUNA!" yelled a worried Izuku. Then got up and opened the trunk to find Setsuna tied up and naked. He unties her and gives her a bathrobe, "Are you okay, mistress?"

"I'm fine, thank to you my hero." said a smiling Setsuna as she kisses him and sits down with him and Mount Lady. She also smiles at his outfit, "Nice costume. It's very cute."

She starts hugging him, making him blush since she's kinda naked and wearing a bathrobe.

(When he takes the tape off her mouth, she warns him it's a trap but it was too late because they are knocked out by some gas.)

"Midnight." said a worried Mount Lady. They noticed that she isn't here. The guards go to find her.

"Wait a minute, I did see pink gas before I passed out and got kidnapped. Don't worry, I was listening to the story." said a scared Setsuna.

(Outside the hotel, Mount Lady heard the screams and couldn't get in to save Izuku. She decided to call for back up because she knows this isn't good.)

Everyone sighed in relief that Mount Lady heard that scream.

(Inside a room, Izuku wakes up but he's tied to a bed and the kidnapper is Midnight.)

"I was right, it is her." said an angry Mount Lady.

(She reveals that she had a crush on him since the Sports Festival but was forbidden from ever dating him so she decides to have him all to herself.)

"Oh hell no, you get away from him, you bitch." said an angry Mirko.

(He asks where Setsuna is and she reveals that she is tied in her car trunk naked while showing a picture to prove it.)

When they saw the picture, the kids' eyes were covered and Izuku was horrified by what happened.

(He wants her to let him go but she refuses and prepares to have him all to herself.)

Everyone got worried because that means Izuku is going to be r***d.

(She then starts r****g him as he screams in agony.)

They are shown a video of this and everyone was horrified. The girls were crying to see him like this, Hisashi was p****d, Shoto and Monoma were disgusted, Mount Lady and Mirko were horrified, and the Wild, Wild Pussycats wanted to kill this bitch. Even the villains were horrified.

(However, Mount Lady and Mirko bust in and they sees this in horror and anger. Mirko angrily punches Midnight and Mount Lady unties Izuku before hugging him and letting him know that she's here.)

She hugged Izuku and comforted him. The police brought back Midnight and she was brutally beaten by an enraged Mirko.

"STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY NEPHEW OR I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!" yelled an enraged Mirko. Then she looks at the police, "Take that bitch away."

They angrily nod and drag the female r****t away.

(Outside the hotel, Midnight is fired and arrested for kidnapping and r****g two minors.)

"Did she r**e you too?" asked a worried Izuku. Setsuna nodded in sadness and they all comfort her.

(Mount Lady found Setsuna and untied her while giving her some clothes. She comforts them and is taking them to her house.)

"Don't worry, I will." said a serious Mount Lady. They smile and hug her, which she returns.

(At her house, they feel comfortable around her and Mount Lady reveals that she sees Izuku as a little brother. Izuku smiles and hugs her, which she returns. They thank her for saving them and she nods at them. They fall asleep, feeling safe around Mount Lady, who smiled and stayed by them.)

"That's the end of the chapter. Come on you two, let's go home." said a smiling Mount Lady. They leave with her and Mirko made an announcement.

"As soon as we're done, Midnight is going to jail for a very, very long time." said a glaring Mirko, receiving nods of agreement.

Number 20: Rumi Usagiyama

The next day, they came back and revealed that Midnight has finally been put in prison. Mirko decides to read and sits next to Izuku.

(The next day, Izuku sees the news and finds out that people are supporting him because of what happened.)

All females nod in agreement and give him their sympathy.

(Mirko starts announcing Izuku as her nephew and would like to press charges against Midnight.)

Izuku smiles at Mirko, who smiles back.

(U.A. High made a public apology to the Midoriya family and had fired Midnight as a teacher. Mount Lady is to be rewarded for the rescue of Izuku Midoriya and Setsuna Tokage.)

Everyone clapped for her and she bows.

(The girls sees this and smiles, glad to not see Midnight anymore.)

They indeed smile at this.

(At Ibara's church, she helps Izuku and Setsuna get their virginity back.)

"I'll be glad to help." said a smiling Ibara.

(Mirko visits and hugs Izuku, being glad that he's alright.)

Izuku hugs Mirko, who smiles.

(She reveals that Midnight is on trial for what she did and that she will never be a teacher again, much to Izuku's relief.)

Izuku was relieved to hear this.

(At Mirko's house, she has Izuku's head in her lap and she smiles at him. She vows to protect this precious boy at all cost.)

"That's the end of the chapter. Come on hero, let's go home." said a smiling Mirko as she carries Izuku home.

Number 21: Wild, Wild Pussycats

The next day, Izuku, Kota, Peter Parker, and Ben Reiley are the only males in the room.

"Hey where are the others?" asked a worried Izuku.

"Somehow all the other males got diarrhea." said a laughing Peter Parker.

Izuku shrugged and gave the book to Ragdoll, much to her teammates' disappointment.

(The next day, Izuku and the girls are invited to the Wild, Wild Pussycats' hideout. The other boys couldn't come because they somehow got diarrhea, much to Izuku's amusement.)

Izuku, Kota, Peter, Ben, and the girls laugh at this reminder.

(Luckily, Kota was spared, much to Eri's relief.)

Eri did sigh in relief at that.

(Before they left, the girls threw away some suspicious bottles.)

The boys were getting nervous.

"What were they throwing away this morning?" asked a worried and nervous Peter Parker.

(The bottles are blue and with one word that starts with an L.)

"LAXATIVE!" yelled a laughing Izuku, Kota, Peter, and Ben as the girls joined in on the laughter. Then Peter calmed down and asked, "Is that why you can't read this to them?"

"Yep. And keep in mind, there are those who are not loyal to Izuku. Imagine how pissed they will be when they find out who caused their diarrhea." said a serious Wanda. The boys nodded at this and they looked innocent.

"We promise not to tell." said an innocent looking Peter as Wanda smiles and pets his hair as a way of saying thank you. She then victoriously smirks at an annoyed Michelle.

(At the camping site, they were relaxing but Izuku has been getting stares from Ragdoll, Mandalay, and Pixie-Bob.)

"I think I now know why they gave those guys laxatives." said a nervous Ben as the boys agree and the females are smiling at them.

(Tiger had also suddenly got diagnosed with diarrhea, making Kota laugh.)

"You girls are evil." said a chuckling Peter as the girls smirk.

(Izuku, Kota, and Eri will be bunking with the female pro-heroes.)

The girls pouted at this while the female Pussycats smirk at them.

(At night in the room, Izuku was left alone in the room with the female pro-heroes. All three of them wanted to mark him as their own and promise to go easy.)

"Isn't that illegal?" asked a worried Izuku.

"Not if we don't get caught." said a smirking Ragdoll.

(They then do an o**y together and have fun. When they are done, Eri came in and wondered what's going on, making a nervous Izuku claim he's just doing taxes.)

Everyone laughed at this and Izuku buried his face into his hands.

"That's the end of the chapter." said a laughing Pixie Bob as she and her teammates managed to grab Izuku and get to their hideout before the girls find them.

Number 22: Fuyumi Todoroki

Number 23: Katsumi Bakugo

Number 24: Shoko Todoroki



  • [1]: I'll give you a hint, the song has a white haired ice cold young woman making her own castle.
  • [2]: This word starts with an N.
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