Girls of the A-Teens when they appeared on Melodifestivalen 2011. Writers of RPF often focus on celebrities, sport personnals, and even other fans.

Real Person Fiction (or RPF for short), is a form of fan-fiction where real life people are featured, with celebrities being the most common. It can be set in an alternate universe, or a story of their own. This type of fanfic is different from television shows, films, and books since it doesn’t focus on fictional characters. A genre of RPF depends on what real life person is being put in the fiction. Celebrities include: singers, actors, athletes, comedians, or even fans themselves. This can also count if one is to write a fan-fiction involving politicians, historical figures, and even news-people.

Alternate universe

  • RPF can sometimes overlap in Alternate Universe. Celebrities could be a normal person.
    • For Example: Girls of the A-Teens being doctors or lawyers in an alternate timeline, instead of music.
  • Sometimes, the career may stay the same, but location could be different.
    • For Example: S Club 7 being born in the United States and traveling for fame in United Kingdom, instead the other way around in real life.


  • Legal troubles can be an issue for RPF due to fear of slander or libel since why many writers have place disclaimers to clarify the work as fiction. Some critics including other fan-fiction writers, not RPF, don’t often take kindly to this mainly due legal outcome and some Fan-Fiction sites don’t allow RPF works for this reason. However, legal action on a site rarely take effect, and as of 2011, one site gotten a cease and desist noticed from a sport team after a series of complains.
  • Slash fiction, where same-sex relationships are involved, being mixed with RPF can the most common genre where legal troubles occur, crime-fiction is another.
  • Fem-slash is where instead of two boys, two girls are paired with each other.
  • Reactions from celebrities are mixed when it comes to RPF works.


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