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Fan Fiction

Red Eyes Black Dragon, one of Joey Wheeler's Red Eyes Black Dragons

Blood Falcon's demise from Red-Eyes as Black Skull Dragon

Red Eyes and Joey chasing after the Blue Falcon and dismantling the bomb

Red Eyes Black Dragon is a dragon who helps Joey Wheeler.

In Total Drama Valley, one of Joey Wheeler's Red Eyes Black Dragons (Red Eyes Black Dragon #3758) appears as to burn any losing constant.

ATK: 2400

DEF: 2000

Ikran's F-Zero timeline

It's without doubt Joey's signature Duel Monster. He first used it as he was chasing after the hapless Blue Falcon in Lightning as it plowed thru a highway with a speed-sensitive bomb on its fuselage! Joey wasted no time to try and dismantle it, although he was unable to use the Dragon Claws Card due to slipping constantly. As Falcon was coming across a hanging hook, Red Eyes balanced it from the underside, and it and Joey were all washed up!

He used it again to confront the Creator Ghosts, only to have him trapped within its Card! Luckily Falcon saved him while he defeated their lethal race!

There was an error in Lap 3 of the Trilogy of Tension, as Ikran thought the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon was a more powerful form of Joey's Red-Eyes. Though he used it once more as he and Yugi were inside Dark Star's Reactor Core. It merged with Yugi's Summoned Skull and became the Black Skull Dragon! With its mighty Shadow Flare, it eradicated the last Hell Hawk and Blood Falcon copy, as well as disabling the Core with the Shining Dragon's Shiny Nova!