Red Masque (identity, David Jeremiah “Davy” Jones) is the titular main protagonist from the TV show of the same name. He is the junior officer from Grimsborough police department and has a first heirloom astrolabe that given by his grandfather as young college student before it was infused by cowry shell into a gadgetry weapon along with a Japanese sword that was forged by Princess Kaguya-hime and her six divided children which dedicated him and his mentor, Edward Poe to protect the innocents and the humanity from the crimes and forces of evil.



Jones is a junior police officer of GPD whose salary is $1200 per month, he is smart, headstrong, independent and responsible but mostly he was immature, goofy and lazy. Jones is strongly known as loving, courageous. hopeful, loyal, peaceful and kindhearted modern crime fighter. He is stereotypical cop that he always do his best to make the Grimsborough PD proud as a detective. He also having any problem like having a filing duty, writing and arranging the reports after the crimes he dealing with. He was obsessed with donuts because he was always an officer and arresting those suspects who killed their victims.

As his secret alter ego, Red Masque, a crime fighter, vigilante and assassin, Jones is now serious determined, heroic, strict and stoic. He was shown good at hunting down criminals and protecting those innocents and he used his substituted duplications of his red mask that obtained the memory-erasure substances whenever he places on anyone's faces when they were unconscious after they witnesses this situations as well as supernatural beings who were appears. Jones was in charge with his responsibility for Elemental Blade of Blaze, an alchemistic katana, who turned out to be his astrolabe he got which slain many criminals he fought as well Was threats and enemies. He eventually tried to keep his secret from someone else who knew him, except Veronica Waygetter who already knew him. Jones also get contacted with LEGO, a contraction toys who responsible for him being turned into a Lego minifigure version with pyrokinesis. Jones is seems that he was in tragic circumstances for no reason why, while he was corrupted and overwhelmed by the Destruction. However, he also used his important emotion known as “Euphoria” that make him over his tragedy.

Jones hates chain smokers and sewers because he came to disgusting murders he was working on. He dislikes those suspects who either get on his nerves, make excuses to deceive him, or seek to earn special treatment from him as a vehicle to receive pardon for his suspicions. Besides that, he loves country music, burgers, candies, cheeses, hotdogs and cupcakes, is interested in magic, and his greatest weaknesses are cookies. He is allergic to compost, and also hates the smell of hand sanitizer.

Apart from several any fears he got, Jones kept calling cats "evil" which he has a felinophobia that Jones is afraid of cats. He also known as victim of ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) every times he may have suffered from a cursed spirit animal just like the dragons.

As a child, Jones wanted to be a magician and was also interested in becoming a firefighter, but could not become either one, although he did successfully become a boy scout. Apart from that, he loved to play in greenhouses, collect baseball and wrestling cards, and used to be a fan of wrestler Tom Norris and even owned a pair of Tom's wrestling shorts he bought. Furthermore, Jones would often get lost in the forest, which resulted in his mother making up scary stories to keep him away from going back there. One such story involved a made-up creature called "Ni!", which still scares Jones in his adult age. Oddly enough, Jones always wanted a pink bedroom as a kid. He is also an avid reader of the Girly Gossips magazine and is known to use a women's hair removal cream called Fair Away. He also likes to go fishing, he also used to eat Trail Mix Tray with snacks that clam his nerves.

Jones, when he was a student, used to work at a luxury restaurant. He also worked as a dishwasher at an upscale restaurant at some other point in his life.

Physical appearance

Jones sports dark/light brown/black spiky hair and light blue eyes, he has long ears and a wide nose. Jones mostly wears a standard Grimsborough PD uniform, which is a light blue, full-sleeve shirt with a blue-grey necktie. Apart from that, the two sleeves of his shirt sport the logo of the Grimsborough Police Department. He also wears a pair of black pants with a black leather belt, brown-black loafers and socks. As Red Masque, after being trained by his mentor, Edward Poe, Jones wore a red masquerade mask with yellow lines. He wears a dark blue hooded cowl with two crossed laces on the center and opened side, yellow stripes on each sides of his cowl and dark blue scarf wrapped around the neck that underneath dark brown shirt with brown belt, red tattered cape and he also a pair of brown pants, pair of bucket-top boots and pair of brown gloves.

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