Rescue Nick is a fanmade episode of Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone (aka Potsworth & Co.).


(The episode starts with Nick happily flying around the Dream Zone without a care in the world. His dinosaur doll Murphy rides on his head)

Nick: There's nothing like a good, happy dream. Right, Murph?

Murphy: Uh-huh.

(Unbeknownst to Nick, an evil witch is watching him from a nearby bush. She is tall with yellow eyes, ragged clothes, long white hair, a pointed nose with a wart and pale-grey skin)

Witch: (chuckles evilly) My, what a delicious-looking little boy.

(The Witch takes out her magic wand and waves it in a few circles. A lasso appears out of thin air and reaches up to Nick while he's not looking. It clings onto his right ankle, stopping him in midair as it tugs on him)

Nick: Huh?

(Nick notices the rope and tries to get it off, but it's too tight. The Witch starts pulling him down. Nick keeps trying in vain to get the rope off his ankle until he comes face-to-face with the Witch)

Witch: (chuckles evilly) Hello, little boy.

Nick: Ahh! A witch!

(Murphy is frightened as well. Nick flails his arms as he tries to fly away, but to no avail as the Witch keeps a firm grip on the rope)

Witch: Oh, no you don't. You're joining me for dinner.

Nick: Let me go!

(The Witch waves her wand again, making the rope tie up Nick and bring him closer to the Witch)


(Before Nick can finish his cry for help, the Witch uses her wand to make a cloth appear and gag him. Then she puts him in a bag and walks away into the forest. But Murphy, who didn't get bagged with Nick, watches in horror as the Witch carries him off. Scared for his friend, he races off to warn the others. Elsewhere in the Dream Zone, Keiko, Carter, Potsworth and Rosie are enjoying their dreams. Keiko is flying through the air on her skateboard, Carter is painting a picture of the countryside, Potsworth is enjoying a big plate of dog biscuits and Rosie is admiring herself in a mirror while brushing her hair and wearing a beautiful gown. Murphy arrives, whining. He rushes over to Rosie and tugs at her gown. As he gets her attention, the mirror vanishes and Rosie's clothes turn back to normal)

Rosie: Murphy, you just ruined one of the best dreams I ever had!

(Murphy whimpers and tries to tell her about Nick)

Rosie: Wait, where's Nicholas?

(Murphy keeps trying to tell her what he saw)

Rosie: (annoyed) I don't even know what you're saying!

(Keiko arrives)

Keiko: Rosie, why are you being so mean to Murphy?

Rosie: I can't help it if I can't understand him.

(Keiko notices that Nick isn't with Murphy)

Keiko: Where's Nick?

Rosie: That's what I want to know.

Potsworth: (overhearing) What?

Carter: (also overhearing) Huh?

(Murphy desperately tries to explain what happened to Nick as Carter and Potsworth step in)

Potsworth: I could be wrong, but I do believe what Murphy's trying to say is that Nick's in trouble.

Murphy: (nods) Uh-huh!

(Carter, Keiko and Rosie gasp)

Keiko: Nick's in trouble? Lead the way, Murphy!

(Murphy rushes off)

Keiko: Let's roll, Midnight Patrol! Nick needs our help!

(Carter, Keiko and Rosie take off. Potsworth stays behind for a moment)

Potsworth: Here we go again. (he leaves to catch up with the others)

(Cuts to an old cottage deep in the woods. The Witch cackles offscreen. Cuts to the inside of the cottage while the Witch is still in the middle of her evil cackling. Nick is still tied up and gagged. He's sitting in a chair next to a boiling pot in the Witch's fireplace. He struggles to get himself free, but the rope is too tight. The Witch reads a cookbook. The page she's reading says, "Little Boy Stew" at the top)

Witch: Little Boy Stew. (chuckles wickedly) My favorite recipe.

(Nick, overhearing this, makes muffled screams and desperately tries to get free)

Witch: (reading the cookbook) One cup of rats' tails... (pours a cup of rat tails in the pot) Two cups of frogs' legs... (adds two cups of frogs' legs to the pot) Half a cup of tadpoles... (pours in half a cup of tadpoles and starts stirring while chuckling wickedly, leaving Nick frightened)

(Cuts to the edge of the forest, where Nick got captured)

Carter: (to Murphy) Is this where you last saw Nick?

Murphy: (nods) Uh-huh! (he gestures them to follow them into the woods)

Carter: He's in the woods?

Rosie: I don't like this. We could get lost looking for Nicholas in there.

Keiko: Don't worry, gang. We'll find him. All we have to do is stick together.

Potsworth: But of course. That's what we do best.

(The Midnight Patrol enters the woods. Meanwhile, the Witch is still stirring the ingredients in the pot)

Witch: (to Nick) As soon as this stew's nice and hot, my dear, you'll go straight in. (chuckles wickedly)

(Nick shakes his head to make the cloth slide down and uncover his mouth)

Nick: You won't get away with this! My friends will save me!

Witch: I don't think so. They don't even know where you are, and they never will.

Nick: That's what you th-

(Before Nick can finish, the Witch uses her magic to make the cloth cover his mouth again. She continues stirring. In the forest, Nick's friends are searching in different areas)

Carter: (looks in an old hallow tree) Nick?

(A swarm of bats fly out, startling Carter)

Carter: I don't think he's in there.

Keiko: (flies high above) Where are you?

Potsworth: Oh dear, I do hope he's alright.

(Rosie moves some dangling moss out of the way as she looks for Nick under an uprooted tree)

Rosie: Nicholas? Where is he? I don't like this place. (a spider dangles down in front of her) EWW!!! (she swats it away. She then walks off, continuing her search)

(Keiko regroups with Potsworth)

Keiko: Did you find him, Potsworth.

Potsworth: I'm afraid not.

(Rosie is walking all by herself)

Rosie: (annoyed) When I find Nicholas, I'm going to teach him a lesson about getting lost in here.

(A swarm of bats appear out of nowhere. Rosie shields herself as they fly over her. As she does, she stumbles backwards over a root and lands in a giant spider web)

Rosie: Eww! (she tries to pull herself free, but she's stuck)

(Carter, Potsworth, Keiko and Murphy are regrouped)

Keiko: There's no sign of Nick anywhere.

(Murphy whimpers as he's terribly worried about his friend)

Potsworth: Nick no longer seems to be the only one missing.

(Carter, Keiko and Murphy notice that Rosie is not present)

Carter: Oh no! Now, we gotta find Rosie too!

Rosie: (offscreen) HELP!!!

Keiko: Rosie's in trouble! Come on, gang!

(They all follow Rosie's voice and find her stuck in the spider web)

Rosie: (still struggling) Help me! I'm stuck!

(Rosie looks up and is horrified to see a giant spider crawling towards her. The others come to her aid)

Keiko: (takes Rosie's hands and starts pulling her) Hang on, Rosie!

(As Keiko pulls Rosie, Carter pulls Keiko by her shoulders. Potsworth pulls on the back of his shirt with his mouth. And Murphy pulls Potsworth's tail with his mouth. The spider is getting closer)

Rosie: Hurry! It's getting closer!

(The spider opens its jaws wide. But Rosie is pulled free from the web before the spider can take a bite out of her. Upon snapping free from the web, Rosie and the others are all piled together. She gets angry when she notices Murphy on her head)

Rosie: Get off, Murphy!

(Murphy jumps off. Everyone gets up)

Carter: You okay, Rosie?

Rosie: (brushes herself off) I'll be fine. Let's find Nicholas and get out of here.

(They continue on. Back at the Witch's cottage, the Witch is still stirring the stew in the pot, while Nick keeps struggling to free himself. The Witch stops her stirring, scoops a spoonful of the stew, smells it and tastes it)

Witch: Mmm... that's delicious. (turns to face Nick) Just one more ingredient. (laughs evilly as she grabs Nick)

Nick: (shakes his head, making the cloth uncover his mouth again) HEEEELLLLLP!!!!!!!

(Just at that very moment, his friends are not too far away. They hear his cry for help)

Keiko: Did you hear that?

Carter: That sounded like Nick!

Keiko: Follow me, gang!

(The team rushes onward and discovers the cottage. They stop at the door)

Keiko: Better make sure. (knocks hard on the door) Nick, are you in there!?

Nick: (from inside the cottage) Help!

Carter: Yup! He's in there, alright!

Keiko: We're coming, Nick!

(Inside the cottage, the Witch is angry that Nick's friends have found him. Nick's friends bang on the door. The Witch steps back fearfully, with Nick still in her hands. Soon, Rosie kicks the door open)

Nick: Rosie! Keiko! Carter! Potsworth! Murphy! I knew you guys would come and save me!

Rosie: You let my brother go right now, you evil witch!

Witch: Never! He's mine now!

Rosie: You don't know who you're dealing with! We're the Midnight Patrol!

Carter: That's right! So let our friend go, or else!

Witch: (takes out her wand while laughing wickedly) I'd like to see you try.

(The Witch shoots a lightening bolt from her wand. It hits the ground just a foot away from Nick's friends, intimidating them. Carter draws a mirror with his paintbrush. The Witch fires another lightening bolt, but Carter uses the mirror to reflect it. The Witch ducks out of the way)

Witch: (puts her wand away) You children are tougher than you look. But I won't be dealing with you any longer. (snaps her fingers, summoning her broomstick) I'll go someplace where you'll never find me.

(The Witch hops on her broom and flies out the window with Nick)

Nick: Help!

Rosie: Oh no! She took Nicholas!

Keiko: Hop on, gang!

(Rosie, Potsworth, Carter and Murphy get on Keiko's skateboard and soar out the window. They head into the sky and start catching up with the Witch)

Carter: We're coming, Nick!

(Nick is happy to see his friends coming to his rescue. The Witch sees them following her)

Witch: Not you again!

(The Witch takes out her wand and fires lightening bolts at Nick's friends again, but they evade them. She flies further ahead away from them)

Nick: Help!

(Nick's friends catch up with the Witch again. Nick slips his right arm out of the ropes and reaches out for his friends)

Nick: Help me!

Rosie: Hang on, Nicholas!

(Angry, the Witch makes a sharp turn. But Nick's friends stay right on her tail)

Keiko: Don't worry, Nick! We'll save you!

Witch: I don't think so!

(The Witch dives down and flies through the forest, but Nick's friends keep on following her. She then flies into the sky again, only to see that she hasn't gotten away from her pursuers. Nick's friends fly faster and catch up again. Nick and Rosie try to reach for each other)

Potsworth: Closer, Keiko!

Keiko: I'm trying, Potsworth!

Rosie: Take my hand, Nicholas!

Nick: I can't reach you, Rosie!

(Carter draws a lasso and swings it at the Witch. He successfully catches her with it)

Carter: Now, Rosie!

(Rosie takes Nick's hand and pulls him away from the Witch. After that, the Midnight Patrol circles around her, tying her up)

Nick: Thanks for saving me, you guys.

Carter: No problem, Super Nick.

Rosie: I'd never let an evil witch try to cook my little brother.

(Murphy cuddles Nick)

Nick: Aw, Murphy. I missed you too.

Keiko: Way to go, Midnight Patrol. Now let's take this witch to jail.

(Cuts to the jail in Dream Central. The Witch is locked up)

Chief: You kids did a great job. This witch has been kidnapping little boys and girls in their dreams for a long time.

Keiko: Aw, it was nothing, chief.

Nick: I thought I was a goner when she was about to cook me. I was starting to think I'd never wake up back on Earth again.

Keiko: Speaking of waking up, it's just about time. Goodbye, chief!

(The Midnight Patrol waves goodbye)

Chief: (waves back) Goodbye, Midnight Patrol!

(Carter, Potsworth, Keiko, Nick and Rosie disappear as they wake up. The episode ends)

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