Rhino Imagin
Episodes: Virtual Nightmare
Season: Kamen Rider: Electric King

Rhino Imagin: The Rhino Imagin wields a mace & possesses brute strength. When Truman Pond wishes to be the best karate master in the country, the Rhino fulfills this wish by attacking all of his former competitors. When he travels to the past, the Rhino Imagin destroys the karate arena, & is confronted by Electric King's Sword Form & manages to have the upperhand until Kintaros forms a contract with Dwayne, turning Electric King to Ax Form. Despite his best attempts, the Rhino's mace is shattered by Electric King's brute strength, allowing him to be struck down by the Dynamic Chop. He then reforms into Gigandeath Underworld & is destroyed by the ElectroLiner Cracked Light.

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