Ramirez in court, 1985

"Most killers have no remorse!" 

- Richard Ramirez 

Richard Ramirez (El Paso, Texas February 25 1960 - Greenbea, California June 7 2013) was an American serial killer and Satanist active in Los Angles in the summer of 1985 . He robbed, raped and murderd 14 people Ramirez claimed he was protected by The Devil. Richard Ramirez became infamous under the name: "The Night Stalker". He died on June 7 2013 of natural causes while awaiting his execution at age 53. 

Early Life 

Richard Munoz Ramirez was born in El Paso, Texas on February 1960 as son of Mercedes Ramirez and his wife Julia. Ramirez' father was strict and violent hitting his wife, Richard and his children. At one istance, hitting his own head on the wall as a form of self-harm. Richard was molested at the age of 11 by a pedophilic family freind. He became addicted to sniffing glue. Richard suffered from epileptic siezures. He got under influence of his cousin Mike Ramirez, a sociopathic war-veteran in Vietnam. He made Richard addicted to cocaine and Mike showed Richard photographs of mutilated Asian women. In 1973, at age 13 Ramirez was witness when Mike Ramirez had a fight with his wife, got his 22 caliber pistol and shot her dead. As an adolecent, Ramirez would sleep on graveyards and begin to worship Satan. He went to live in the Los Angles area in 1984 and the terror of "The Night Stalker" began. 

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