Ritsu Tainaka

Ritsu Tainaka is the main protagonist of K-ON! She is a dummer and is known to have a very energetic personality. She asked multiple girls to join the Light Music Club, she likes to tease Mio multiple times and even tried to make her laugh by saying "skull" and "lycopene", she appears to be best friends with Yui, in one episode, she likes to play computer games with Ui. She is also known to be a bit of a tomboy according to Tsumugi. She, along with the rest of the Light Music Club, also appeared in Hollywood World and Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey.

Pokemon in Hollywood World and Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey (currently in rotation)

Snorlax anime.jpg
3195198 orig.jpg
Garchomp anime.jpg
EP399 Banette de Harley.jpg
Azelf anime.jpg
Quilladin anime 1.jpg

Pokemon to be obtained soon

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