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The Connections Run Deep

Cover Art by KiraLNG.

Roanapur Connection is a Crossover FanFic between CodeGeass and BlackLagoon being headed by Blackmambauk and being written with fellow writers Waggleton,Vanillametal, along with guest writers like blackmanaburning contributing to different chapters like the Picture Drama chapters.

Also available to read on Blackmambauk's DA gallery here, on Sufficent Velocity here. Along with being on Archives of Our Own here.

It takes place in the 90’s and serves as a prequel in general to Code Geass, but also Blackmambauk’s to be rebooted fic. Code Geass Colored Memories. That started off as a side fic to Code Geass: Colorless Memories. But is now being spun off into its own continuity and subject to name and cover change. Which will be written by Anneauxdelacroix.

Roanapur Connection will cover canon characters from both series, but also introduces oc’s that relate to some of the canon characters in Code Geass or flesh out parts of the Code Geass world or history.

It has it's own tv tropes page as well that is open for editing and improvements.


The familiar tale of world powers: where one falls, another is prepared to take its place. But, this shift in dominance finds the living squatting within the city of the dead. Times have changed and the fates of millions rests in the hands of the few. They must band together or face a dark age this world has never seen.

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