Roation, (pronounced roh-shun) or the Roation Series, can refer to any story by Odelayowl set in the State of Roation circa 2078, including Inescapable Reality and Forerunners.

While not technically a fanfiction, the Roation Series makes references to real-life events and political issues, and bares similarities to the book The Owl Keeper.

About the State of Roation

State of Roation in red. Roation City in green.

The State of Roation was formerly the South Eastern portion of Ontario, a Canadian Province, before Canada was conquered by the USA during the War of 2052. Mississauga and Toronto were linked and became the new capital of this new state, (renamed Roation City) and inhabitents of Roation were encouraged to move out of rural communities and into the city. The increased number of people living in Roation City led to unemployment, poverty, homelessness, street gangs, increased crime rate and poor living conditions. The city is almost always filled with smog a thick cloud covering, with poor air quality and little natural light. Most people live in tall skyscrapers, with entire malls, schools and communities located within tall buildings. These are called CityMarts. The CityMarts are connected by train, which citizens pay to use via taxes. Outside these buildings on ground level, gangs and homeless people Roam through the alleys. On the suburbs of Roation City lie older skyscarpers, not connected by train lines and in poor condition. Gyben Worthmine, the protagonist of Inescapable Reality, lives on the more better-off sides of these suburbs. The Clan of Resistance, a street gang consisting of mentally or physically challenged / gifted teens roam between Roation an it's suburbs, evading capture from authorities wanting to execute them because of their disabilities or sexualities after a new government project was launched, called the "Imperfectcy Annihilation".

Roation Gangs

Clan of Resistance

The Clan of Resistance, called the COR for short, was founded by a teenager identified only as Aldis.

Gang Terms

The English language, over the years, has deteriorated and changed due to a crumbling school curriculum. This has given rise to multiple pigin languages around the world and street slang. Some words used among Roation street gangs:

  • Ni (nee): Hey! Yo!
  • Gov: Government authorities
  • Na: Nah, No
  • Oik (oy-ck): OK
  • Ginnel: An alley, especially a narrow or treacherous one.
  • Hervist: Don't worry!
  • Ey-ee: Are you ok? Give me a status update.


  • Roation is an anagram of Ontario
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