Ron and Harry: The Truce Hurts

Ron and Harry: The Truce Hurts
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Running time 7:59
Language English


Harry, Ron and Hermione fight inside and outside a house until Hermione stops and questions why they cannot be friends with each other. The trio make a truce, sign a peace treaty and become allies.

As the three of them sleep together, Ron covers Harry up, Harry closes Hermione’s mouth to stop him snoring and Hermione turns off the alarm clock to make breakfast. Hermione pours three glasses of milk as Ron brushes Harry's teeth. Harry goes outside, but Cormac, making a meal on a garbage can, picks Harry up and puts him on the plate. Ron saves Harry by flipping the can's lid into Cormac's face. Ron then kisses Harry, much to Cormac's disbelief.

Ron then walks along the sidewalk until a witch eating wizard flesh grabs Ron and goes to eat him. Hermione saves Ron by knocking all off the teeth with a spell out of the witch and pokes an poison apple stuck in Ron's mouth into Ron's throat, saving him but knocking him out with a spell by accident.

The three then walk along the sidewalk, and Hermione takes off her clothes to help them walk across a muddy puddle, but a steak drops out of a meat truck driving by, much to the trio's delight. They take it home, but each of them greedily divides the steak so that they have the largest share, causing a fight that causes the steak to fly out of the window and drop into the water. Hermione then tears up the treaty and the trio resume to fighting each other.

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