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Jessie: Welcome back to Total Drama Popstar! Last time, our 14 competitors arrived and got into 2 teams. Then the challenge was to sing. Gwen got eliminated for not singing. What will be in store for our final 13? Find out on Total Drama Popstar!

Candace: *slowly wakes up* What a night.

Katie: Sadie, Candace and Stacy, I really hope we win this challenge too!

Stacy: Who should we boot if we don't?

  • Katie, Sadie, Candace and Stacy think*

Jessie: Attention, all contestants! Report to the red carpet for the challenge.

  • At the red carpet*

Jessie: Today's challenge is a walk off! Get one of your teammates in outfit, and she will walk down that red carpet! The team with the best outfit wins!

Lindsay: *confession cam* Oh my gosh, I hope my team picks me!

  • With the Screaming Singers*

Isabella: *puts on a green dress with sparkles on it* How do I look?

Vanessa: It looks- *pukes on it* disgusting.

Isabella: Oh no! We don't have anymore dresses like this!

Stacy: Well, we're going to have to lose. *confession cam* And we'll vote Vanessa out.

  • With the Killer Designers*

Lindsay: *wearing a pink and purple dress with stars twinkling* Okay, I'm going to win for sure!

Mindy: But I'm not sure. I don't think we're going to win unless the other team's outfit has puke on it.

Beth: Oh, pff. You're just saying that. Lindsay looks very neat!

Lindsay: Thanks, Beth!

  • At the red carpet*

Jessie: Okay, and now it's time for the contestants to walk down the runway. First, Isabella!

Isabella: *stressed, walks down the red carpet in her dress with puke on it*

Jessie: Ew! That's just gross! Hopefully Lindsay will be much better!

Lindsay: *walks down the red carpet and poses whenever someone takes a picture*

Mindy: *confession cam* Wow. Isabella's outfit did have puke on it.

Jessie: Amazing! You win, you win! All right, Singers. Time to vote someone out.

  • Contestants vote*

Jessie: All right, the votes have been casted. For the Screaming Designers, if you recieve a microphone, you're safe. Candace.

Candace: *gets microphone*

Jessie: Katie, Isabella, Jenny, Stacy.

Katie, Isabella, Jenny, Stacy: *gets microphone*

Jessie: It comes down to this. The final microphone. And it goes to.............Vanessa!

Vanessa: Yes! *gets microphone*

Katie: What? I don't get it! I voted for Vanessa!

Sadie: Me too!

Candace: Me three!

Stacy: Me four!

Jessie: Well, the votes specifically say that Sadie was the most votes, so........goodbye!

Katie: Sadie! I'll win for the both of us!

  • Sadie gets in the Paparazzi of Losers*

Jessie: See you all in the next episode of Total! Drama! Popstar!

Lindsay Puking
Warning! This episode contains puking.