Sailor Cosmos, The Strongest Sailor Senshi, Last Queen Of The Moon Kingdom, Ruler / Protector Of The Universe: The Legend Of The Galaxy's Strongest & All Powerful Monarch, A Brand New Beginning Of A Whole New Destiny For All Life In All Galaxies is a fan fictional series based on the Japanese Anime series, Sailor Moon.

queen-sailor cosmos. Goddess of the universe

This is also a retelling of The anime series in an alternate universe.

This is the Fifth Multi-crossover series, with a lot of major reference from other anime, cartoon shows, movies, & video games.


Sailor Soldiers

Neo Soldiers / True Rulers Of The Solar System

  • Sailor Cosmos
  • Sailor Neo Earth
  • Sailor Neo Sun
  • Sailor Neo Solar
  • Sailor Neo Mercury
  • Sailor Neo Mars
  • Sailor Neo Jupiter
  • Sailor Neo Venus
  • Sailor Neo Pluto
  • Sailor Neo Uranus
  • Sailor Neo Neptune
  • Sailor Neo Saturn





Fallen Angels




Holy Knights / Guardians Of Looney Tune Kingdom


Winx Club




Television Shows

Video Games


  • Sailor Chaos awoken early during The Silver Millenium & launched an attack on The Moon Kingdom, causing Princess Serenity to transform into Sailor Cosmos earlier than expected.
  • Sailor Cosmos traveled all over The universe helping Sailor Senshi all across the universe fighting evil,while waiting for her court to be reborn in the future after the fall of The Moon Kingdom.
  • The Neo Sailor Soldiers are Serenity's true protectors & true heirs of The Solar System, while the canon Sailor Soldiers are nobles of the kingdoms.
  • The other Neo Sailor Soldiers of The Solar System were reborn in the future with out Cosmos.
  • Sailor Cosmos spent about over 20,000,000 years traveling all across the vast universe, trainning in controlling her massive powers
  • Sailor Galaxia was not a vessel for Sailor Chaos cause she has transformed into her true form, so she does not need a human body to inhabit.
  • Sailor Galaxia is head of Kinmoku's government & archsenshi of the planet as well. Making her the Supreme Commander of The Sailor Senshi Civilization.
  • Sailor Neo Sun & Sailor Neo Solar are Csomos' sisters, they were also sent to be reborn on Earth without thei sister.
  • Sailor Neo Earth is Prince Endymion's older sister & crown princess of Earth Kingdom & Elysian Kingdom.
  • Cosmos became The New Queen Of The Moon Kingdom after the death of Queen Serenity.
  • Serenity was not in love with Endymion, she was happily engaged to Lord Sesshomaru, ruler of The Western Lands.
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