Sailor Cosmos, The Ultimate Infinite Holy True Dragon Queen God Empress: Ancient & Powerful Ruler Of The Moon & The Star Kingdoms- The Legend Of The Most Powerful Woman, Defeat The Dark With The Ancient & Divine Cosmic Power of Light In The Universe is a fan fictional series.

The Sailor Moon series did not happen.

Sailor Cosmos is the first & current ruler of The Moon Kingdom, she has absolute command of all the Star Kingdoms in The Universe.

Sailor Cosmos is also The elder Sister of The Infinite Dragon God, Ophis & The True Dragon, Great Red.


Sailor Senshi

Sailor Senshi Grand Council / Sailor Senshi Supreme High Council

  • Sailor Cosmos
  • Sailor Gslaxia
  • Sailor Singularity
  • Sailor Polarius
  • Sailor Comet
  • Sailor Nebula
  • Sailor Nova Proxima
  • Sailor Diamond Dust
  • Sailor Kinmoku
  • Sailor Saelenium
  • Sailor Rainbow Prism
  • Sailor Celestia
  • Sailor Andromeda
  • Sailor Infinity
  • Sailor Zero
  • Sailor Prime
  • Sailor Athena
  • Sailor Aries
  • Sailor Zeus
  • Sailor Aphrodite
  • Sailor Chronos
  • Sailor Vulcan
  • Sailor Amphitrite
  • Sailor Hades
  • Sailor Nyx
  • Sailor Apollo
  • Sailor Terra


Section 13 & The J-Team

Time-Space Administration Bureau


Sonic Heroes


Holy Knights



Keyblade Weilders


Human Allies

TV Shows

Video Games


  • Sailor Cosmos created S.L.A.Y.E.R. to counter Khaos Brigade.
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