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Salivation was a fan fiction written by IKillFaguts, a user who no longer exists on FanFiction.Net, as does this story. Before it was removed from the website, the story was declared one of the worst fan fictions ever made due to poor spelling and grammar, and the overall theme being racist. It is also nothing but several authors' notes, followed by three lines that are supposedly the "actual story."

General Information

  • Title: Salivation (Possibly "Salvation")
  • Author(s): IKillFaguts
  • Genre(s): Spiritual/Angst (yes, really.)
  • Date of Publication: Unknown
  • Story Rating: K (yes, really.)
  • Status: Removed from website

Characters (In Order of Appearance)


This fanfic does not have much of a "storyline" to it at all; if anything, it's more of a racist, homophobic tract than an actual story. It starts off with the Author's Notes (or "Author's Nuts", as they're called for some inexplicable reason) talking about pointless topics such as the author's "birfday" (birthday). It then warns the readers who are "niggers, faggots, and satanists" that they will "burn in Hell someday". This "warning" supposedly comes from the author's "friend", Jesus Christ.

When the actual "story" finally begins, it starts with SpongeBob getting a letter ("l3tt3r", in the story), warning him that Squidward is a "nigger faggot" who will "born" (presumably "burn") because of his "devine ways". SpongeBob decides to warn Squidward, and it's there that the story presumably ends.

This is a phonetic transcript of the story as read by the Fanfic Critic:

Spongbob had a gasp then and put da letr down.

Oh no he said. Squidwurd is a nigger faggot. I ned to worn him of hjs devine ways so h3 does nut born.

He runed to Squidward's hose.


Although it no longer exists on FanFiction.Net, this fanfic was, and still is, considered as one of the worst ever made.

The FanFic Critic's review of this story starts out with her in a fetal position on her bed, absolutely refusing to read and review the story. Despite this, she gets to reviewing it ten minutes later and is obviously unimpressed about it. As she reads the story, she gets repeatedly agitated about its immense spelling/grammar errors and its overall atrocious and racist theme. When she finally completes it, she goes on a rant about the "story" trying to force its message down readers' throats and how in the Bible, you should not kill or be racist or bigoted in any form or way.

On the Manic Expression blog, the FanFic Critic declared IKillFaguts the worst fanfic author of all time.

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