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School Lazlo is a sequel to Camp Lazlo. it takes place after Lumpus "gets out" of jail. Template:Infobox series


Lumpus escaped jail and opens up a school called School Kidney. Now all the same characters arrive at school.

Episode lists[]

Season 1[]

  1. Students in the House/LazWard
    • Students in the House: The students arrive.
    • LazWard: Lazlo and Edward gets their bodies together and has difficult times.
  2. students on fire/ donnie man the fan
        - students on fire: the school is on fire and lumpus saved all the scouts out on a fire attack
        - Donnie the man the fan: Donnie made a big appearence at the shopping mall to sign autographs for his       latest tv show the wild chazett. but lumpus is too mean on giving up Donnie.