School Lazlo is a sequel to Camp Lazlo. it takes place after Lumpus "gets out" of jail.

School Lazlo
Format Animated comedy
Created by Joe Murray
Run time 22 minutes
English Network Rockin' Your TV Forever!


Lumpus escaped jail and opens up a school called School Kidney. Now all the same characters arrive at school.

Episode lists

Season 1

  1. Students in the House/LazWard
    • Students in the House: The students arrive.
    • LazWard: Lazlo and Edward gets their bodies together and has difficult times.
  2. students on fire/ donnie man the fan
        - students on fire: the school is on fire and lumpus saved all the scouts out on a fire attack
        - Donnie the man the fan: Donnie made a big appearence at the shopping mall to sign autographs for his       latest tv show the wild chazett. but lumpus is too mean on giving up Donnie.
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