Scoutmaster Lumpus Angry at Patrick, Squidward, Sandy & Mr. Krabs

Scoutmaster Lumpus: Patrick! Squidward! Sandy Cheeks! Engage Krabs! Why Did You Name Call Him Idiot Boy!?

Patrick Star: Because He ruin my Mother Cake.

Squidward: He Interrupted my Beauty Sleep.

Sandy Cheeks: He Destroy my Robot.

Mr. Krabs: And He fried my Dollars.

Scoutmaster Lumpus: Have you Realize That was an Accident? Well I'm Thinking about Hiring Spongebob as my Second Assistant in Camp Kidney.

Mr. Krabs: Camp Kidney? Please Scoutmaster Lumpus We Won't name Call him Idiot Boy Ever Again.

Scoutmaster Lumpus: You're To Late Spongebob Told Me That was It, If you Guys Name Calling Him Idiot Boy then I Know What must be done for Hiring Spongebob to Work at Camp Kidney!

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