Gemi's P.O.V.

(I'm babysitting a new kid from school and his name is Alan. However, he is afraid of being killed because of the death of my previous boyfriend Alex. I miss him and apologize to him for being killed. I still can't believe that I got away with 11 murders but the last one was Alex and it was an accident. However, I don't care about the others because they got in my way. Sadly, I have to move on and be happy with Alan. He's such a sweet and innocent boy and he had comforted me over the murders. I am now 18 years old and a senior in high school. Alan is 13 and is in freshmen year but he's still in the same class with me. The boys agree to stay away from me and the girls give sympathy for Alex's death. His real family didn't care. Don't worry, they got in a car accident because of one of the sympathizers. Sasha suspected me of the murders but I got rid of her by exposing her as a r****t. She was expelled and arrested for her crimes and sentenced to life in prison. She later was killed in prison by a male inmate. Serves her right. Anyway, I vow to never harm my new senpai and my story is over. There was no yandere anymore because I got rid of her and won Alan's heart. Me and him got married and had a family of our own. It's time to move on to someone else.)

Dakota's P.O.V.

(I heard about my step sister moving on but I'm still worried. I miss that poor kid Alex, he was such an innocent soul. However, the other victims were a bunch of assholes. I also can't believe Gemi got away with 11 murders but she still didn't win because Alex is dead and she was found crying over him. Despite her actions, I feel bad for her because she lost the boy she was crushing on. I don't blame her, I also loved Alex and wished to have a three way relationship with him and Gemi. I'm that his real family is dead, may they rest in hell for abandoning such a sweet child. I also heard that Andrew is framed for the murders. He had it coming for being such a jerk. I moved out of the house and getting a family of my own.)

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