Opening song: Crash Bandicoot Theme Song

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Day]

(Cale is out on the balcony, talking on the phone with his mother, Sally Goldsmith, while Crash is reclining on the roof above him. Cale is now wearing a dark red tanktop with a yellow star on the front, blue capris, white socks, and red and white converse shoes with red laces)

Sally: (Voice-over) I'm sorry. Filming for our commercial has been delayed again because of the constant rainy weather. So I don't think I can return home 'till next week.

Cale: Sorry to hear that.

Sally: (Voice-over) It's all right. Anyway, I was told by Chuck on the phone that you told him you rescued a baby wildcat from drowning in our swimming pool.

(Chuck comes in with a tray carrying Cale and Crash's breakfasts. Chuck winks at Cale, who winks back)

Cale: Yep. And luckily, the wildcat was harmless.

Sally: (Voice-over) Did you release it afterwards since it's a wild animal?

Cale: Yes.

Sally: (Voice-over) Good boy. You have such a kind heart. Well, gotta go! Bye!

Cale: Bye, Mom.

(Then he hangs up. Cale and Crash then enjoy their breakfast while Chuck leaves)

Chuck: Enjoy your breakfast.

Crash and Cale: (Happily) We will!

(Chuck nods with a smile and leaves. As Crash and Cale eat their breakfast, they discuss more about themselves)

Crash: So, you're into pop culture?

Cale: Yes. Whether they're video games, movies, TV shows, you name them.

Crash: Huh.

Cale: And you said you're from another world?

Crash: Uh-huh. The Wumpa Islands.

(Then the phone rang and Cale sees his father's name on there; Jack. He answers)

Cale: Hello?

Jack: (Voice-over) Hey, kiddo. Your mother called me and told me how you rescued that harmless baby wildcat from drowning in our pool last night. Is that true?

Cale: Clear as crystal.

Jack: (Voice-over) I'm so proud of you. But seriously, if it's got rabies, get assistance with either the animal companies, or maybe even Chuck, Theresa, or my parents, understand?

Cale: Yes.

Jack: (Voice-over) Atta-boy. Okay. Gotta run. Bye!

Cale: Bye.

(He hangs up. Crash chuckles a bit)

Crash: You must be the popular hero when it comes to helping innocent animals.

Cale: Well, not all the time. It's just....

Crash: I know, I know. Rabies.

(They resume their breakfast)

Area 54

[Interior; Goldsmith living room; Day]

(Crash and Cale are watching Crash's escapade from last night on the television. Crash is eating potato chips as a male news reporter reports what happened)

Reporter: (On-screen) It is an extremely clever creature from seeing these footages. But we have some eyewitness reports.

Police chief: (On-screen) It is about this big and orange. It's what's called a bandicoot, an animal from Australia.

Driver 1: (On-screen) He nearly ran into me as I was driving by.

Driver 2: (On-screen) He even had this weird hoverboard.

Scientist: (On-screen) As to the question of whether this is a UMA - Unidentified Mutant Animal, the answer is no. Even a bandicoot, who is said to be the smallest animal around, cannot outrun a car on a hoverboard. There could never be an animal who can do that. It would be more reasonable to consider it more a machine than an animal.

Crash: (Scoffs) I ain't a machine!

Cale: I know.

(Then entering the room are Cale's grandparents, Alan and Ethel Goldsmith, and they looked excited. Alan is a 60 year old man with short light gray hair, blue eyes, and wearing a red short-sleeved shirt with a neck collar flap, blue pants, and brown shoes. And Ethel is a 58 year old woman with short light orange hair, green eyes, and wearing a pink tanktop, green pants, and white shoes)

Alan: Did you hear about it, Cale?

Ethel: A mysterious machine that beat Team Chase appeared!

(Cale looks bashful as he and Crash exchange glances. Alan and Ethel then noticed Crash, and Cale smothers the latter with a pillow in an attempt to hide him)

Crash: (Struggling under the pillow) Hey, just what do you think you're doing, Cale?!

(Crash throws the pillow off of him. Alan and Ethel look at Crash again)

Ethel: Orange animal....

Alan: Looks to be a bandicoot....

(Their faces change to one of shock and realization. Ethel grabs Crash who immediately begins protesting)

Alan: Is this him?

Cale: Well, I should....

(Alan pulls a screwdriver out)

Alan: Say no more!

Ethel: I wonder how he's made?

(Alan digs the screwdriver into Crash, who begins yelping)

Crash: Stop it!

(Crash leaps out of Ethel's grasp and onto the floor across from the coffee table)

Alan and Ethel: Don't run away!

Cale: Grandma, Grandpa!

(The three turned to him, and Cale finally explained away)

Cale: Crash Bandicoot here (Gestures to Crash) is not a machine. He's a real talking animal.

(Suddenly, they heard the reporter make an announcement on TV and watched)

Reporter: (On-screen) There's been a new announcement. A strange female creature and a polar bear cub have been spotted downtown on a billboard. This is the footage shown from one of the eyewitnesses as the two were taken down by authorities.

(To Crash's shock and surprise, the creature and polar bear cub on the TV screen are revealed to be none other than Tawna and Polar, being forced into a military truck)

Tawna: (On-screen) Release us!

(Polar whines in concern on screen)

Crash: Tawna and Polar!

Cale: You know them?

Crash: (To Cale) So I'm not the only one who came to this weird world. (To the TV) Okay, hang on!

(He darts out)

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Day]

(Crash is just out on the driveway when Cale calls out to him)

Cale: But do you know where they're taken?!

(Crash skids to a halt, and upon realizing Cale's right, runs back, shrugging with a sheepish grin. Cale just blinks)

[Interior; Goldsmith garage; Day]

(Crash, Cale, Alan, and Ethel are in a car and Alan's on the phone)

Alan: Yeah, you're a great help. Thanks. Let's get together for a meal one day soon.

(He hangs up)

Ethel: Well?

Alan: They seem to have been transported from the police to Area 54.

Crash, Cale, and Ethel: Area 54?

Ethel: That's a military research facility!

Crash: Military?

Ethel: Yeah, the National Defense Force.

Cale: They have war tanks, fighter planes, and weapons of war.

Crash: (Thinking) Reminds me of Cortex.

Ethel: They've been brought to military facilities to be checked out, I see.

Alan: (To Cale and Ethel) Maybe they think those guys and Crash here are some sort of aliens or biological weapons that had been developed in another country. (To Crash) What is in fact the truth? Huh?

Crash: We're just harmless animals. But we're going there!

Cale: What?! But Crash, if you get caught, they'll lock you...!

Alan and Ethel: Let's go for it.

Cale: What?!

Alan: If Crash says those two are his friends, then let's help them.

Ethel: Nobody, I mean, nobody, locks up any friends of a friend!

Cale: (Unsure at first) Well....

(Crash nods imploringly at Cale, and he gives in)

Cale: Alright. (Dagger glares at Crash) But don't blame me if you get caught.

[Exterior; Desert road; Day]

(Alan is driving Crash, Cale, and Ethel to Area 54. Ethel is sitting in the passenger seat, while Crash and Cale are in the back seats)

Crash: So, how do I get in?

(Cale holds up a device)

Cale: Here.

(Crash accepts the device)

Crash: What's this?

Cale: An infrared scope.

Alan: I'm sure that Area 54 is full of infrared sensor traps.

Ethel: But, if you wear that, you can detect the traps.

(Crash puts on the infrared scope)

Crash: Thanks!

(They approach Area 54 carefully from afar)

[Interior; Area 54; Day]

(The outer gates have "No Trespassing" labels on them. The walls are several feet high, and there are sirens everywhere. Workers are busy in the control room. A man waits for a signal before entering a door. A camera follows him as he walks to another door. He stops before the door and looks into an eye scanner which promptly scans and verifies his eye)

Computer voice: (Voice-over) ID Number F219563, match verified.

(With the eye scanner confirming his identity, the door to the laboratory opens, and the man enters. Tawna and Polar are trapped inside a large glass container. Evidently they are being experimented on)

Tawna: What're you planning to do with us?

(A camera moves toward them and begins to inspect them)

Tawna: What are you doing? Let us out!

(The camera shows a heat signature of Tawna and Polar)

[Exterior; Area 54 outskirts; Day]

(Crash, being swift as a spy, quietly prepares to enter. Cale contacts him in the device)

Cale: (Whispering, voice-over) Crash, do you read me, over?

Crash: (Whispering) Yeah, over.

(In the Goldsmith car, Cale is talking with Crash while he, Alan, and Ethel are waiting for Crash)

Cale: (Whispering) When you get inside, go through the air vent. That should be a blind spot for security, says Grandpa and Grandma.

Alan and Ethel: (Whispering) That's right.

(With Crash....)

Alan: (Whispering, voice-over) If you keep going in suspicious-looking directions, Ethel and I'll be sure it'll take you to your destination.

Ethel: (Whispering, voice-over) Be careful.

Crash: (Whispering) Gotcha.

(Crash enters Area 54 by leaping clear over the gates. The security cameras follow him)

[Interior; Area 54; Day]

(Inside, the officers scan the grounds for Crash)

Computer: (Voice-over) Intruder. Verifying now....

(The cameras try to detect Crash, but he is too fast for them thanks to his hoverboard. He then finds an air vent and leaps down the chute. A camera turns to the vent, but Crash is already inside)

Crash: (Whispering) I'm in the air vent.

Cale, Alan, and Ethel: (Whispering, voice-over) Good.

(Crash lands at the bottom and rubs where he landed)

Crash: (Whispering) That smarts!

(He looks ahead in surprise. There are red lasers everywhere, undetectable without the infrared lens)

Cale: (Whispering, voice-over) What is it?

Crash: (Whispering) Lasers.

(Then he sees a grille leading into the halls right in front of the first group of lasers)

Crash: (Whispering) But I can handle that movement, hands down.

(He removes the grille, waits until the camera is facing away from him, and leaps down onto the floor. He nimbly jets down the hall on his hoverboard again, remaining out of sight of the cameras)

Crash: (Whispering) Piece of cake.

(He turns to the next hallway which also has swiveling cameras. Meanwhile, the security officers are still searching for Crash)

Computer: (Voice-over) Continuing verification process.... Continuing verification process....

(Meanwhile, Crash has slightly more difficulty dodging the camera's line of sight. One of them faces down, nearly catching him, before Crash dodges around a corner on his hoverboard)

[Exterior; Area 54 outskirts; Day]

(Cale, Alan, and Ethel continued watching out for Crash)

Cale: I wonder if he's okay....

[Interior; Area 54; Day]

(A mesh begins to lower around Tawna and Polar's confinement container. As it reaches the floor, a 3D image of Tawna and Polar appears on one of the screens. The scientists are amazed at it)

Tawna: (Concerned) What're you...?

(Polar moans in concern. Meanwhile, Crash arrives in front of the door to the laboratory)

Crash: (Thinking) This place sure looks suspicious. But how should I make it inside? If it's only me, I can handle it. But I'll have to bring Tawna and Polar with me, so I can't get too reckless.

(Suddenly the lights go out)

Computer: (Voice-over) Abnormality detected in the electrical system.... Abnormality detected in the electrical system....

(There are dozens of what look like tiny magic energy balls embedded in the wires, causing them to spark)

Officer 1: What the...?!

Officer 2: I can't see!

(They then hear the sound of glass shattering)

Officer 1: What was that?

(The glass that surrounded Tawna and Polar is broken, and they are gone. They and Crash are hiding just out of sight)

Tawna: (Whispering happily) Cr...!

(Crash shushes her. Polar licks Crash's face with a happy quiet whine. The officers immediately turn to the sound of the noise, but as soon as they arrive at the spot, they found nothing there. Meanwhile, a few electricians are inspecting the sudden cause of the power outage. One of them plucks one of the energy balls from a wire and inspects it)

Electrician: What's this?

(He sees some electrical currents running through the energy ball. The electrician blinks in surprise)

Electrician: (To himself) Absurd! Who did this...? Never mind that! (To the other electricians) Get the electricity back working on the double!

(Meanwhile, Crash and Tawna, carrying Polar, are running down the hall as fast as they can. Apparently the cameras are not working as well)

Tawna: (Whispering) Did you cause this blackout, Crash?

Crash: (Whispering) No. Just happened.

Tawna: (Whispering) Maybe good luck is by our side.

Crash: (Whispering) You think so?

(Just then, the power comes back on, and the cameras swivel in their direction)

Tawna: Oops! Just jinxed us!

Crash: You didn't mean to, Tawna.

(The tops of the cameras open, revealing laser blasters)

Crash: Uh-oh! Come on!

Tawna: Right!

(They dart on Crash's hoverboard down the hall, narrowly avoiding lasers)

[Exterior; Area 54 outskirts; Day]

(The alarm can be heard even from outside, much to Cale, Alan, and Ethel's concern. Cale then contacts Crash)

Cale: Crash, are you alright?!

[Interior; Area 54; Day]

(Crash, Tawna, and Polar are still hoverboarding, avoiding laser fire)

Crash: Not really!

(He throws his boomerang at some cameras. Meanwhile, the officers are monitoring their progress)

Computer: (Voice-over) D2 area blocked off.

(The doors begin closing)

Tawna: We're not going to make it!

(Crash, Tawna, and Polar zips through on the hoverboard after Crash grabs his boomerang, making it. The door finishes closing seconds later. They then find that there are more cameras facing them. Suddenly, a fleet of energy balls fly down the hall in their direction)

Tawna: What's that?

(The energy balls destroy the cameras)

Tawna: Why are they...?

Crash: Let's not stick around to find out!

(They race on the hoverboard under another closing door. Meanwhile, the security officers receive reports of this)

Computer: (Voice-over) Multitude of intruders. Multitude....

(The screens gradually shut down. The lights go out again)

Officer 3: The laser surveillance cameras are out of control!

(Sure enough, the cameras are wildly and randomly firing. They begin to shoot holes in the walls as Crash, Tawna, and Polar race up the stairs)

Tawna: Are you sure this isn't your doing?

Crash: I'm sure.

(One rogue laser hits the staircase between Crash, Tawna, and Polar, causing the two latters to fall. But Crash catches the two at the last minute and pulls them up as the lasers destroy parts of the stairwell. They jump over broken parts of the stairs as they escape. Crash scales several stories before finally setting Tawna and Polar down near the top)

Crash: We're safe now. Were you scared?

Tawna: A little. But I'm glad you came.

Crash: Nothing to it.

(Crash then hears a noise outside)

Crash: What's that?

(He listens. Suddenly, he, Tawna, and Polar vanished)

[Exterior; Area 54 outskirts; Day]

(Crash, Tawna, and Polar appears in front of the car, much to Cale, Alan, and Ethel's amazement for some reason. Then Crash, Tawna, and Polar dove into the car and saw, to their surprise....)

Aku-Aku: Good to see you three again.

Crash and Tawna: Aku-Aku!

Cale: He appeared out of nowhere, looking for you three, and agreed to help us help you from the moment we told him.

Crash and Tawna: Really?

Aku-Aku: Of course.

(Then with that, Alan drove the car away back to the Goldsmith residence)

[Interior; Goldsmith garage; Day]

(Everyone gets to know one another, and Crash has already removed his device from himself)

Cale: It's a pleasure to meet you three. My name is Cale Goldsmith.

Crash: He rescued me from drowning in his pool last night.

Aku-Aku: My name is Aku-Aku, a very wise and magical tiki mask.

Tawna: My name is Tawna Bandicoot, and I'm Crash's girlfriend.

(Polar barks happily)

Tawna: And this is Polar.

Cale: Understood. It seems we're gonna be good friends.

Crash, Tawna, and Aku-Aku: Yep.

Alan: My name is Alan Goldsmith, Cale's grandpa.

Ethel: And I'm Ethel Goldsmith, Alan's wife.

Aku-Aku and Tawna: Pleasure to meet you two, as well.

(Cale then changed the subject and turned to Crash sternly)

Cale: Now, Crash. You're too reckless! You're dealing with the military, you know! War could've broke out.

Crash: It'll hopefully work out somehow.

Cale: (Flatly) That's not the point.

(Then they turned to Aku-Aku)

Tawna: So those energy balls that blacked out Area 54.... They were yours?

Aku-Aku: Yes. I used them to black out the area so you, Crash, and Polar could escape easily.

Crash: But unfortunately, we nearly got caught because of the power returning there.

Aku-Aku: (Sighs) Just be thankful that you, Tawna, and Polar got lucky I teleported you out when the going got tough.

Cale: And not cause a war.

(Then Aku-Aku suddenly realized something calmly and asked away to Crash and Tawna)

Aku-Aku: Crash? If you, I, Tawna, and Polar were all teleported by that light, could it also be that all the others are here too?

Crash: Come to think of it.... The others who were there at that time were our friends, Crunch, Coco, and Pura, and even....

(A short pause as they contemplated, then, Crash, Tawna, Polar, and Aku-Aku realized in shock, much to Cale, Alan, and Ethel's confusion)

Crash, Tawna, and Aku-Aku: Dr. Neo Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons!

Cale, Alan, and Ethel: Who're they?

(Aku-Aku turned to them in a calm solemn way)

Aku-Aku: Our enemies....

[Exterior; Island near San Francisco; Day]

(Cortex's base is located on an island near San Francisco)

Aku-Aku: (Voice-over) From our world.

[Interior; Cortex's control room; Day]

(Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their henchmen are watching San Francisco on the monitor)

Cortex: Oh. So we were thrown into this world by Clear Control, eh?

Uka-Uka: Indeed. This seems to be perfect for our conquest.

Cortex: Yes.... We'll have to establish the Cortex Kingdom in this world.

Uka-Uka: Agreed. Then we'll expand it to other worlds as well.

(Then Cortex and Uka-Uka laughs evilly a bit at this plan as the screen fades to black, only exposing Cortex and Uka-Uka's eyes in the dark)

To be continued….

Ending song: Crash Bandicoot Theme Song End Credits Version

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Cale: (Voice-over) Suddenly, the city of San Francisco is attacked by a giant robot! The one controlling the robot is the mysterious Dr. Neo Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their henchmen, courtesy of one of the henchmen, Pinstripe Potoroo! It looks like those jerks wants to rule over the city and create their very own kingdom! We're in trouble! If this continues, the whole city will be destroyed! Oh, Crash, what can we do to stop this? Next time on "Crash Bandicoot Adventures!" "Tommy Missile Rampage." Don't miss it!

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