Opening song: Crash Bandicoot Theme Song

[Exterior; Island near San Francisco; Day]

(Cortex's base sits there as lab assistants and robots are on patrol)

[Interior; Cortex's base; Day]

(Cortex and his goons are looking at a gigantic screen displaying the city of San Francisco)

Cortex: I guess we'll start our conquest by conquering this city first.

(N. Gin presents a deck of cards)

N. Gin: Which one will you choose?

Pinstripe: You better pick...!

(Koala pinches his shoulder, making him quiet, much to his chagrin)

Pinstripe: Ouch!

Koala: Let the doctor pick what he wants.

(Pinstripe angrily pouts with a scoff like a kid. Cortex then accepts the cards from N. Gin)

Cortex: Let me see.... Hmm. Which card should I choose?

(Pinstripe was about to speak when Cortex butts in)

Cortex: It'll be determined! Democratically.

Uka-Uka: Do it.

(Cortex places the entire deck into a slot and closes the hatch)

Cortex: Here goes!

(He pulls a lever, and a slot machine appears on a screen and begins to spin. As it spins, Pinstripe gave a hopeful nervous look on his face. All three slots land on one robot, much to Pinstripe's smug happiness; Tommy Missile)

Cortex: We'll use this.

Dingodile: Tommy Missile, eh?

Pinstripe: (To Koala and the goons) Ha! I knew it.

Koala: (Flatly glaring) Don't push your luck.

Joe: Um, what does Tommy Missile do? I never seen him in action.

Moe: Me neither.

Pinstripe: He has missile-like arms that shoots like my pretty tommy gun, you mugs.

(He pulls his tommy gun out and poses like he's gonna shoot it)

Pinstripe: Just imagine; Me and Tommy Missile, threatening those losers to submit to the doctor! And possibly get me a beautiful gal.

Tiny: (Laughs a bit) In your dreams.

Pinstripe: Oh, I'm dreamin' alright! Just you wait!

(We then pan up to the sky outside the base)

[Exterior; San Francisco alleyway basketball court; Day]

(Clouds are beginning to set in. Several children are playing basketball in the court. The ball bounces off the net's rim, and the children chase after it. There is a manhole cover right there)

[Interior; San Francisco sewers; Day]

(Coco, Pura, and Crunch are walking together, trying to find a way out)

Crunch: There's got to be a clear way out of here.

Coco: I hope so. We need to find Crash and the others and learn where we are.

Crunch: Well, I know for certain we're not at the Wumpa Islands anymore.

(Pura's ears perk up, hearing something. He meows, getting Coco and Crunch's attention)

Coco: What is it, Pura?

Crunch: Did you hear something?

(Pura meows at a manhole cover blocking the way out above a ladder, but Coco and Crunch were wiser)

Coco: From what my scanner says, it leads straight into another street.

Crunch: And if we expose ourselves, the blue-wearing men calling themselves the police will spot us and then apprehend us.

(Realizing, Pura backed off from the ladder. Then he, Coco, and Crunch resume their trek)

Tommy Missile Rampage

[Exterior; Baker Beach; Day]

(It is now a beautiful sunny day. A few people are playing volleyball. One man is surfing. One woman who is reading a magazine becomes aware of a movement in the water. But no one else seems to notice)

Man 1: Here goes!

(The ball lands in the water, right onto the object the woman saw. The woman playing volleyball goes after the ball)

Woman 1: Come on. Don't hit so hard.

(Suddenly, the ball is flung up into the air by the mysterious object, which is revealed to be Tommy Missile, which stands up in the water. Everyone is staring at it. The ball finally lands on the first man's head. The first woman then promptly screams at the sight of Tommy Missile, which fires a tethered tommy gun-styled missile at the lifeguard tower behind the woman who first saw the shape, causing that woman to flee. The missile also destroys a few cars. Everyone starts to flee. Tommy Missile destroys more property as Cortex, Koala, and Pinstripe appeared in Cortex's hovership)

Pinstripe: Go for it, Tommy Missile!

Cortex: Teach them how powerful Dr. Neo Cortex is!

Koala: (To Pinstripe) Are you seriously being a showoff on purpose?

Pinstripe: Why not? Tommy Missile's my baby, and....

(Cortex clears his throat in annoyance, making Pinstripe change his answer)

Pinstripe: Oh, I mean his creation, but still my baby regardless.

Cortex: Much better.

(He and Pinstripe chuckles evilly a bit as Tommy Missile continues its rampage)

[Interior; Cale's room; Day]

(Everyone is oblivious to the danger. Crash and Cale are playing Dungeons and Dragons while Tawna is feeding Polar some popcorn she's eating, watching a comedy, and Aku-Aku is overlooking Cale and Crash's game)

Aku-Aku: Remember, Crash. Patience is key.

Crash: Got it.

(He observes his knight figure as Cale waited smugly with his orc figure)

Cale: Make your move, Crash.

(Crash, after observing, got it. He then makes a move)

Crash: Take that! Knight slays orc!

(Cale got surprised at first, and then impressed)

Cale: You beat me.

Crash: Well, it's like Aku-Aku always tells me; Patience is key.

Aku-Aku: Indeed.

(Then, Alan and Ethel comes in, carrying some clothes)

Ethel: Hey, guys.

(The others noticed the clothes)

Tawna: What's with the clothes?

Alan: For you, Polar, and Crash.

(He reveals the clothes to be a yellow short-sleeved shirt, a blue baseball cap, a pink medium-sleeved dress, and a dog-themed costume. Crash, Tawna, Polar, and Aku-Aku realized happily)

Crash: Our disguises!

Tawna: Just like we requested!

Alan: It was Cale's idea to disguise you.

Ethel: From the moment you told us you wanted to go out to lunch with Cale.

(They looked at Cale, and he nods)

Cale: To keep you safe from the police.

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Day]

(Later, Crash is now wearing his shirt and cap, Tawna is now wearing her dress, and Polar is wearing his dog costume, and they joined Cale, Alan, and Ethel in the car. Then they drive off)

[Interior; Goldsmith car; Day]

(Cale is talking with Crash's group, as Aku-Aku poked his head out of Cale's backpack)

Cale: Now remember, you have to fit in with those disguises. Don't do anything stupid unless if it's an emergency.

Crash: Like Cortex and his goons attacking your city?

Cale: Probably. Yet I don't even know who this Cortex is yet.

Aku-Aku: Like we told you yesterday, he and his goons are our enemies from our world.

Tawna: And their machine is what teleported us here.

Cale: Why did it?

Crash: Cortex and his goons were gonna make that machine have infinite power, when I intervened.

Tawna: Only to have it malfunction from being shot by some robots.

Cale, Alan, and Ethel: I see.

Ethel: Then if they are here, we'll keep a sharp eye out.

(They arrive at Steak n' Shake, with Cale carrying his backpack containing Aku-Aku)

[Exterior; Steak n' Shake; Day]

(Upon exiting the car, the group entered to go eat)

[Exterior; San Francisco streets; Day]

(Tommy Missile stomps on a car. The police chief and a few other officers try to stop the giant robot. The chief has a megaphone)

Police chief: Freeze! Freeze, or we'll shoot!

(But Tommy Missile continues to bear down on them)

Police chief: Fire!

(The police officers fire at Tommy Missile, but to no avail. Cortex, Koala, and Pinstripe are hovering directly above the robot)

Cortex: You can't stop us.

(A police officer fires a flamethrower at Tommy Missile. The police chief smiles)

Police chief: We got him!

(But the flames dissipate, and Cortex, Koala, and Pinstripe floated down in front of Tommy Missile)

Cortex: You fools!

Pinstripe: Something like that won't work!

Cortex: Now who's your superior?!

Police chief: The chief of police.

Pinstripe: Wrong answer.

Cortex: Then call him here.

(The police chief approaches them bravely)

Police chief: In the name of the law, you're under arrest!

(He aims his gun at them. Cortex, Koala, and Pinstripe laughs evilly a bit)

Koala: Really?

Pinstripe: Ever tap danced?

(The police got confused)

Police officer 1: Tap danced?

Pinstripe: (Pretending to be shocked) You don't know how? (Smirks evilly, pulls his tommy gun out) Here, let me show you!

(He fires his tommy gun at the police's feet, laughing crazily a bit. But luckily, the police dodged the bullets and backed off in fear, as if they're tap dancing by the bullets. Cortex, Koala, and Pinstripe then float back up, and Tommy Missile continues its rampage)

[Exterior; Steak n' Shake; Day]

(The group exited, having enjoyed their lunch. Suddenly, they saw some people running by in fear. One woman was running by when Alan asked away)

Alan: What's happening, ma'am?

(The woman explained with a panicked look)

Woman: A crazy robot controlled by three men is rampaging the city!

Group: A robot?

Woman: Yes! One of the men had a tommy gun, even the robot fired its missiles like a tommy gun!

(Then she ran off. Crash's group slowly realized what she is talking about)

Crash's group: Cortex and Pinstripe!

(Cale, Alan, and Ethel realized in confusion)

Cale: You mean the mad scientist and his henchman you've talked about?

Crash: You bet!

Aku-Aku: Come on!

(They run into the car and drove off)

[Interior; San Francisco sewers; Day]

(There is a pounding sound from above, as if something heavy is walking around, getting Coco, Crunch, and Pura's attention)

Coco: What's that?

Crunch: I don't know. But I'm gonna find out.

(Without hestitating, Coco, carrying Pura, and Crunch climbed up another ladder towards another manhole cover quickly)

[Exterior; San Francisco streets; Day]

(Tommy Missile has left a trail of wrecked cars in its wake as Coco, Crunch, and Pura emerge from the manhole. A man is just heading out the doors of a shopping mall when he sees Tommy Missile standing in front of the doors. He shrieks and runs, as do everyone else, when Tommy Missile breaks through the doors and steps inside. It turns its head to see a few other people hide, and two others carry out a third person, injured presumably by being trampled on. Pinstripe snickers evilly a bit)

Pinstripe: See you on the roof!

Cortex: Come on, Tommy Missile!

(As Cortex, Koala, and Pinstripe float up to the roof, Tommy Missile fires a tommy gun-like missile through the ceiling, and jumped onto the rooftop)

[Exterior; Shopping mall rooftop; Day]

(Several police cars arrive outside. Cortex and Pinstripe react by laughing evilly a bit)

Cortex: We're the center of attention!

Koala: Wow, Doctor. Either you and Pinstripe are popular, OR YOU'RE GETTING POWER CRAZY!!

Pinstripe: (Casually) Relax, Macho Bear.

Cortex: I guess it's about time for me to introduce myself!

(He presses a button, and a massive image of himself, Koala, and Pinstripe are projected into the air)

Cortex: People, listen up! My name is Dr. Neo Cortex! I am the genius scientist of this century!

(It is revealed the image is projected onto television screens as well)

Cortex: I am going to establish the Cortex Kingdom here starting right now! This world will be mine and Uka-Uka's!

(He bursts out in a bit of an evil laughter as Uka-Uka arrives with an evil smirk, laughing evilly a bit)

[Interior; Goldsmith car; Day]

(The group have overheard the announcement on the radio and got concerned and determined)

Crash: That's what you think!

Aku-Aku: Shame on you, Cortex and Uka-Uka....

[Exterior; Shopping mall rooftop; Day]

(The police chief calls out to Cortex on the megaphone)

Police chief: Surrender now!

Cortex: (Sneeringly) Really?

Pinstripe: (Sarcastically) Is my tap dancing lessons not good enough?

Police chief: Don't make us take extreme measures!

Uka-Uka: Fools! You give us this city now!

Police chief: Just what do you mean?

Cortex and Uka-Uka: We mean this!

(Pinstripe snaps his fingers, and Tommy Missile fires its tommy gun-like missile hand right through the police chief's car. It then retracts it hand back into itself)

Cortex and Uka-Uka: Give us this city!

Police chief: I don't have the authority to. Tell the Mayor.

Cortex: Then get this Mayor!

(Nearby from a distance, the group arrived in the car and climbed out as soon as they parked)

Crash: Come on!

(They rush towards the alleyway leading to the back of the shopping mall. Back at the front, the Mayor of San Francisco himself arrived)

Cortex: You must be the mayor.

Mayor: Dr. Cortex, we will not yield to your threats!

Cortex: Whatever....

(Snickering evilly a bit, Pinstripe snaps his fingers, and Tommy Missile fires his tommy gun-like missile arm through the wall of the nearby building)

Uka-Uka: Well? Are you going to give it to us or not?!

(The Mayor chokes on the smoke)

Mayor: You coward!

Cortex: (Gives a fake glum expression) A coward, am I? (Smirks evilly) Well, maybe you should...!

(Then, a familiar voice calls out to him, Uka-Uka, Koala, and Pinstripe)

Aku-Aku: Stop!

(They turned and saw the group on the rooftop now. Cortex's group got angry)

Uka-Uka: You meddlers!

(Cortex and Pinstripe turned to Tommy Missile)

Cortex: Tommy Missile, intruders have gone your way!

Pinstripe: Beat them to a pulp!

(Tommy Missile fires both tommy gun-like missile hands at the group, but they dodged. Aku-Aku opens fire with his magic blasts at Tommy Missile. No damage is done)

Aku-Aku: It's no good. My attacks don't work.

Cale: Aku-Aku, look out!

(Aku-Aku looks just in time to see an incoming tommy gun-like missile hand attack. But luckily, Tawna whacks it away with her baseball bat. Then Tommy Missile fired some more at the group. Down below, Coco, Crunch, and Pura watch as the group dodged Tommy Missile's attacks while running around on the rooftop near the edges)

Coco: (To herself) It's Crash and the others! (To Crunch and Pura) We gotta help!

Crunch: (Nods) Right!

(They hurry to the alleyway as well)

[Interior; Backroom stairway; Day]

(Coco, Crunch, and Pura hurried up the stairs to the rooftop)

[Exterior; Shopping mall rooftop; Day]

(Coco, Crunch, and Pura arrive, and only Crash's group noticed them quietly. They nod silently and prepared to attack. Then Coco pulls her electric rod out)

Coco: Hey!

(Tommy Missile and Cortex's group notice her)

Coco: Eat electricity!

(She swings her rod at the left leg of Tommy Missile, but Tommy Missile grabs her. She cries out. Crunch and Crash then decide to leap into the fray)

Crash: Let my sister go, you tin can!

(But Cortex, Uka-Uka, Koala, and Pinstripe flies right between them and Tommy Missile)

Cortex: Hold it, Crash and Crunch!

(Crash and Crunch stop)

Cortex: If you try anything harsh....

Koala: Your baby sister's gonna be crushed!

(Pinstripe snaps his fingers, and Tommy Missile squeezes Coco. Crash and Crunch grits his teeth, clearly out of options. Even the rest of the heroes are concerned for Coco. Crash is becoming desperate, but then, secretly noticing Aku-Aku sneaking behind Tommy Missile, he calms down)

Crash: You got us.

(Cortex's group smirks evilly, thinking they won)

Uka-Uka: Excellent.

Cortex: (To Crash) Wise choice. (To Tommy Missile) Alright, Tommy Missile, fin...!

(Suddenly, a magic blast catches Tommy Missile off guard, causing him to drop Coco. Seizing the chance, Crash charged to Coco and caught her. Then, as Aku-Aku concentrates his magic attack in a Zen state, Crash jumps onto Tommy Missile's tommy gun-like hands and danced from hand to hand, even making faces)

Crash: Come on, come on!

Cortex: Why you...! How dare you mock me!

(Crash rides the next tommy gun-like missile hand back to its owner. He makes a face, which prompts Tommy Missile to smash at Crash with its other tommy gun-like hand. Crash leaps into the air, and the impact of the two tommy gun-like hands colliding with each other causes them to be destroyed)

Crash: Now you're crushed!

(Then Aku-Aku snaps out of his Zen state, and fires a powerful magic blast at Tommy Missile, and this time, the blast struck right through the heart of Tommy Missile, causing it to crackle. Cortex's group stares in shock before Tommy Missile finally explodes, raining debris everywhere)

Group: All right!

(Nervous and angry, Cortex's group retreated with dignity while Cortex pouted. As they quickly get away, Cortex's group are talking, with Pinstripe looking calmly devastated on Tommy Missile's death)

Pinstripe: My baby Tommy Missile....

Cortex: Drat that bandicoot!

Uka-Uka: We were so close!

(Pinstripe calmly tears up, much to their notice)

Cortex: Seriously?

Uka-Uka: Are you crying over a dead robot?

(Pinstripe sobs)

Koala: Heh. It just comes to show you, you are power mad.

Cortex, Uka-Uka, and Pinstripe: (With Pinstripe in angry tears) WHAT?!

(Pinstripe, in angry tears, bonks Koala on the head repeatedly with his fists. With the group on ground level, they secretly got away via sneaking to the car, this time bringing Coco, Crunch, and Pura with, as the police searched for their mysterious saviors. Then they manage to drive away secretly back to the direction of the Goldsmith residence)

[Interior; Cale's room; Evening]

(Everyone has already been introduced to Crunch, Coco, and Pura, with Crash, Tawna, and Polar out of their disguises and Crash and Tawna back in their main attires)

Cale: (To Coco) So, basically, you're Crash's little sister?

Coco: That's right. And an expert electrician and mechanic.

Alan and Ethel: (Impressed) Well!

(They then changed the subject)

Crunch: Anyway, thanks for letting me, Coco, and Pura stay here with you, Cale, Alan, and Ethel.

Coco: Yeah, thanks.

(Pura meows happily in agreement)

Cale, Alan, and Ethel: Don't mention it.

(Then, Chuck arrived)

Chuck: Everyone, dinner is ready.

Group: (Nods) Okay!

Crash: I'm starvin' like Marvin!

(Then they head downstairs to enjoy their dinner as we crossfade and pan away outside the Goldsmith residence)

To be continued....

Ending song: Crash Bandicoot Theme Song End Credits Version

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