Opening song: Crash Bandicoot Theme Song

[Interior; Cale's room; Day]

(The next morning, Cale just finished putting his shoes on and headed downstairs)

[Interior; Goldsmith kitchen; Day]

(Cale sits at the table to eat breakfast in the form of Lucky Charms cereal. Sitting around with him are Alan, Ethel, Crash, Coco, Crunch, Tawna, Polar, and Pura, also eating their breakfast Chuck made. Aku-Aku is floating above, enjoying his hashbrowns. Cale then turned to Crash's group)

Cale: I know you told us Cortex's machine teleported you here, but what powered it that night?

Crash: The eight Clear Gems and three Crystals.

(The Goldsmiths got confused)

Cale, Alan, and Ethel: The eight Clear Gems and three Crystals?

Crash's group: (Nods) Yes.

Aku-Aku: There's a legend that says if you gather all eight Clear Gems and three Crystals, all their powers will be yours.

Alan: But how is it possible for those Clear Gems and Crystals to still exist if they're legend?

Aku-Aku: Because they were passed down to my tribe back at the Wumpa Islands for the past 1,000 years.

Ethel: 1,000 years? That's a long time.

Alan: Must be a big responsibility for you.

Aku-Aku: I know. I work hard to protect that power with Crash's group's help against my evil twin brother, Uka-Uka, as well as Cortex and his goons.

Crunch: And even after they come together and are found, they scatter again.

Cale: Which means they are still somewhere?

Crash's group: Yep.

Coco: But we don't know where they've scattered to; Our home world or this world here.

Alan: If they are somewhere in this world, if we search and find all eight Clear Gems and three Crystals and cause Clear Control once again, you can all go back to where you came from. Right, Crash?

Crash: Exactly!

Aku-Aku: Never doubt a mythical power like the Clear Gems and Crystals' powers.

(Coco then hands Cale a watch)

Cale: What's this?

Coco: A communicator watch. We'll be able to contact one another when separated.

Cale: Just like a cellphone?

Coco: (Nods) Just like a cellphone.

(Chuck then approached them as Cale accepted the communicator watch and puts it on)

Chuck: Mr. Cale, your school bus is here.

(Realizing in a panic, Cale quickly finished his breakfast)

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Day]

(Cale hurries out towards the school bus and boarded it with his backpack in tow. Then with that, the bus left for his school)

A New Ally in Need

[Exterior; Construction site; Day]

(A backhoe is loading dirt into a dumptruck. On one of its scoops, a large red gemstone and a pink stick-like gemstone falls out of the scoop, revealed to be a Red Clear Gem and the first Crystal)

[Interior; City Hall; Day]

(The Mayor is talking with his female secretary)

Mayor: Any sign of those mysterious saviors from yesterday?

Secretary: No, sir. But we did manage to discover some of the saviors were a family from a residence in the nearby neighborhood of Sunnyside.

Mayor: I see. And how are we gonna find out who the other mysterious saviors are?

Secretary: We're gonna find out by keeping watch for any activity they'll start.

Mayor: Understood. But what of the terrorist, Dr. Cortex?

Secretary: Our spies have located his base on an island on the San Francisco Bay, and we're keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity he might strike with.

Mayor: (Nods) Good. Keep your eyes peeled.

Secretary: Yes.

[Exterior; Outskirts of Cortex's base; Day]

(A rowboat pulls ashore, and a government official steps out of it. He waves a lantern as a signal to the government jet flying in the distance)

[Exterior; Lowell High School; Day]

(The bus arrives and Cale exits with the other students and heads for his classroom)

[Interior; Mr. Kane's classroom; Day]

(Cale entered and sat at his desk, panting in relief. Among the students with Cale is a 7 year old black boy with short, black, spiky hair, brown eyes, and wearing black glasses with clear lenses, a light blue short-sleeved shirt with a V-neck over a red long-sleeved shirt, blue shorts, white socks, and turquoise and orange converse shoes with white laces. But for now, his name and who he is are unknown. Another boy then spoke to Cale)

Boy 1: Cutting it close, don't you think?

Cale: (Composing himself) At least I made it.

(Then Cale's class' teacher comes in. He is a 29 year old man with short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, a thin shaved dirty blonde goatee, and wearing a pair of small gray glasses, a turquoise long-sleeved shirt, a black necktie, blue pants, and black shoes. He is Mr. Kane, their teacher)

Mr. Kane: Good morning, children.

Cale's class: Good morning, Mr. Kane.

Mr. Kane: Our first assignment today will be writing an essay about your favorite book author.

(Cale's class cheered a bit)

Mr. Kane: (Calming them down with a smile) Okay, okay! But, before we begin, I just want to let you know, we're having a new student in our class.

(Interested upon hearing that, Cale's class got curious and began chattering in curiosity. Then the door to the classroom slowly opened, getting their attention, and saw that the person coming in is a 14 year old girl with short black hair with purple bangs hanging down around her face, blue eyes, and wearing a white cropped tanktop with pink spaghetti straps and a pink stripe at the bottom, black knee-length leggings, a green miniskirt, a cyan belt with a silver buckle, white socks, dark red boots with white soles, and a gold necklace. Cale stared in calm amazement at her as Mr. Kane brightened up upon seeing her)

Mr. Kane: Ah, she's here.

(The girl then walked up to the front of the class with Mr. Kane)

Mr. Kane: This is Hollyanna Witherspoon. She and her family just moved here from Chicago and we are gonna make her feel welcome here.

(The class and even Cale greeted her)

Cale's class: Nice to meet you.

(Hollyanna smiled softly)

Hollyanna: (Nods a hello) Nice to meet you all, too.

Mr. Kane: Now, Hollyanna, where would you like to sit?

(Hollyanna looked around the classroom and saw an empty desk near Cale's)

Hollyanna: I pick that one.

(Cale got surprised with a blush, realizing the new girl is gonna sit next to him. Upon her sitting down at that desk, Cale blushed like mad, giving a nervous look. Noticing his reaction, Hollyanna smiled)

Hollyanna: Are you okay?

(Cale snaps out of it and smiles nervously)

Cale: Oh, uh, yes! I'm okay!

Boy 2: Hey, Goldsmith! I saw you blushing at her.

Boy 1: Are you in looove with her?

(The class, except Hollyanna, laughs at him as Cale sinks down a bit in his desk. Then Mr. Kane quiets the class)

Mr. Kane: Alright, class, that's enough! Your essay on your favorite book author starts right now.

(Then with that, the class began writing their essay on their favorite book authors)

[Exterior; Locker hall; Day]

(Later as the bell rang, Cale gathered his lunchbox to go eat lunch. Suddenly, he heard a quiet tap on a nearby door leading to an empty boys room. He turned and saw, to his surprise....)

Cale: (Whispering) Aku-Aku?

(He heads in quickly and closed the door. Once in the room alone, Cale and Aku-Aku talked away)

Cale: What are you doing here?

Aku-Aku: I followed you to tell you something important.

Cale: What is it?

Aku-Aku: I just sensed there might be a Clear Gem and Crystal nearby this school.

Cale: Really?

Aku-Aku: Yes. But until it attracts everyone's attention, we will take a chance to go get it first before Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons do.

Cale: So, basically, we gotta hurry and get them if everyone finds out.

Aku-Aku: Exactly.

Cale: So, where are the Clear Gem and Crystal?

Aku-Aku: I don't know. I sense them, but their location, for now, in unknown.

Cale: Bummer.

Aku-Aku: Well, I'll leave you to your school time.

Cale: (Nods) Okay, thanks. Bye.

Aku-Aku: Bye.

(Then with that, Aku-Aku vanished back to the Goldsmith residence while Cale headed out. But once he opened the door, he saw, to his surprise, Hollyanna standing there outside the boys room, looking confused)

Hollyanna: Who were you talking to?

Cale: Talking to?

Hollyanna: It sounded like you were talking to yourself? Are you being crazy or just playing around?

(Cale thought it over and then brightening up, he quickly fibbed)

Cale: Oh, I was shadow role-playing.

Hollyanna: Shadow role-playing?

Cale: Yeah.

Hollyanna: On what?

Cale: I was shadow role-playing a Caribbean, voodoo fantasy adventure.

Hollyanna: (Confused) A Carib...? (Realizes, then happily) Oh! You mean fantasy role-playing, for example?

Cale: Yeah!

(He got surprised)

Cale: Wait, how do you know...?

Hollyanna: My older brother in college loves fantasy role-playing. He even introduced me to it and I adopted it.

Cale: No kidding?

Hollyanna: No kidding.

(Then she asked away)

Hollyanna: Wanna talk with me some more about this at the cafeteria?

Cale: Sure.

(They head for the cafeteria)

[Interior; Cafeteria; Day]

(Cale and Hollyanna are enjoying their conversation and lunch)

Hollyanna: So, your dad works at what?

Cale: A traveling business. And my mom is a TV actress, working on makeup commercials.

Hollyanna: So, they're workaholics?

Cale: (Nods) Yeah. But I'm never lonely. I have my grandparents, my butler, Chuck, and my maid, Theresa.

Hollyanna: That's wonderful! I wish I had friends besides my siblings.

Cale: Really?

Hollyanna: Yeah. My parents work a lot too. They own a photo editing company.

Cale: They make pictures and stickers?

Hollyanna: Yep.

(She eats a potato chip from her potato chip bag she had)

Hollyanna: Say, are you doing anything tomorrow?

(Cale got surprised)

Cale: Why?

(Hollyanna smiled with a little chuckle)

[Interior; Cale's room; Night]

Crash: The new girl asked you out on a date tomorrow?!

Alan and Ethel: And she likes role-playing like you?

Cale: She did. But she was so nice, how could I refuse?

Crash: But what about what Aku-Aku...?!

Aku-Aku: Crash, it's alright for Cale to go out with a girl he likes.

Crash: (Dumbfounded) What?

Aku-Aku: Think about it. You remember how you and Tawna like each other and usually go out together, despite important missions, right?

(Looking at Tawna, who nods, Crash thinks it over and then agreed)

Crash: Good point.

(Then he and his group, Alan, and Ethel goes up to Cale for support)

Crash: Now, Cale, if you're gonna impress the girl on your date, you gotta be bold and daring!

Coco: Give her a nice smile like she will do you!

Aku-Aku: Show each other that you care!

Tawna: Shower her with compliments like she will you!

Crunch: Be confident with her and yourself!

Alan: Be sincere with each other!

Ethel: And be gentle with each other!

Crash's group, Alan, and Ethel: And above all, when the time is right.... Confess your love, confess your love, confess your love!

Cale: Are you crazy?! What if she doesn't return that feeling if I say it?!

Crash's group, Alan, and Ethel: Relax.

Aku-Aku: You'll never know if she'll like you or not if you don't try.

(Realizing Aku-Aku has a point, Cale calmed down and after thinking about it, he got confident)

Cale: You're right! I'll do it!

(They cheer a bit)

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Night]

(The lights turn off, indicating they're going to bed)

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Day]

(The nighttime transitions to daytime slowly)

[Exterior; Construction site; Day]

(The construction worker resumes using the backhoe to scoop up the dirt into the dumptruck. When it reaches the location of the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal, the entire backhoe glows red and pink, and the meters go crazy)

Construction worker: What the...?!

(The backhoe begins moving on its own)

Construction worker: Hey, stop it! Help, somebody!

(Suddenly the backhoe smashes its hoe into the roof of a dump truck. Its driver escapes before the backhoe tips the truck onto its side. Then the backhoe rolls over a log pile before bearing down on some construction workers)

Construction worker 2: It's coming this way!

Construction worker 3: Look out!

Construction worker 1: Get out of the way!

(The workers narrowly the backhoe, which finally comes to a rest, but not before shaking its driver out)

Construction worker 1: (Feeling queazy) I don't feel so good....

(Then spotting the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal, the workers got concerned ran off to obviously call the police)

[Interior; Cafeteria; Day]

(Cale arrives with his lunch and noticed Hollyanna waiting for him. Upon seeing each other, they got happy, waved hello, and Cale sat next to her)

Hollyanna: You came like you said.

Cale: I did.

[Interior; Goldsmith family room; Day]

(Crash's group, Alan, and Ethel are watching TV when the news came on, with some static hitting the screen)

Reporter: (On-screen) Two strange stones were found at the construction site of a department store. It appears to be two gemstones, but they made machine gauges go haywire when nearby. Perhaps all you viewers are already seeing the effects of those stones on the images of your TV screen.

(The reporter reveals a picture of the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal)

Reporter: (On-screen) You may see or hear static. These are caused by the energy that is emitted from these stones. These are what the stones look like.

(Recognizing the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal's picture, Crash's group got determined)

Crash's group: The Red Clear Gem and first Crystal!

Alan and Ethel: That's one of each of them?

Aku-Aku: (Nods) Without a doubt.

(Crash pulls his communicator watch out and contacted Cale)

Crash: Cale! Come in, Cale!

[Exterior; Lowell High School playground; Day]

(Cale and Hollyanna are sitting around when Cale's communicator watch beeped. Hearing that with Hollyanna, Cale turned to her)

Cale: Uh, excuse me!

(He ran off)

Hollyanna: Wait! Where are you...?!

(But too late; Cale is gone. Concerned, Hollyanna stood up and ran after him)

[Exterior; Lowell High School grounds; Day]

(Once alone, Cale answered his communicator watch)

Cale: What is it?

Crash: (Voice-over) The first Clear Gem and first Crystal are located at a construction site near your school!

(Remembering what Aku-Aku told him yesterday, Cale understood and got determined)

Cale: Okay! I'll meet you there!

Crash: (Voice-over) Copy that!

(He hangs up and ran off to the construction site's direction. Nearby, Hollyanna arrived and then spotted Cale running off from school. Concerned, she chased after him)

[Interior; Cortex's base; Day]

(Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their henchmen, with Pinstripe no longer crying, have seen the news on a monitor as well)

Reporter: (Voice-over) There's been no sign of radioactivity detected within several kilometers of testing. Scientists are baffled as to why this stone makes machines go haywire....

(Cortex turns the monitor off with an evil smirk)

Cortex: The Red Clear Gem and first Crystal!

Uka-Uka: They've come to this world as well!

(Then N. Gin presented deck of cards)

N. Gin: Your cards.

(Cortex accepts the cards and pondered)

Cortex: Now, let me see. Which should I choose today?

(He loads the cards into the random card chooser and closes the hatch)

Cortex: Here goes!

(Upon doing so, the roulette spins, and the robot chosen is a Beacon Robot)

Ripper: Ooh, a Beacon robot!

(He giggles crazily a bit)

Rilla: That's a perfect robot.

Pinstripe: Something to get close to the Clear Gem and Crystal.

Komodo Brothers: Yep-er-rooney!

[Exterior; Cortex's base; Day]

(The Beacon Robot moves down a runway, opens its wings to attack mode, and takes off, with Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons close behind in Cortex's hovership. A government agent stationed on the island sees this, and picks up his radio)

Agent 1: The terrorists are making their move now.

Agent 2: (Voice-over) Roger!

(With Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons, they flew with the Beacon Robot)

Cortex: If we get a hold of the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal, we can create an even stronger robot. And with a stronger robot, Crash would be a piece of cake!

Ripper: (Excitedly sits up eagerly) Cake?! Where?!

Cortex: (Annoyed) It was a figure of speech, Kanga-Psycho! Now sit down!

Ripper: (Disappointedly as he sits down) Aw!

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Day]

(Alan and Ethel drive Crash's group to the construction site's location)

Aku-Aku: Let's just hope we're not too late.

Alan: You and us, both.

[Exterior; San Francisco Bay shore; Day]

(Cortex, Uka-Uka, their goons, and the Beacon Robot are flying toward San Francisco. Suddenly Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons notice four blips on the ship's radar screen)

Tropy: Who's that coming after us?

(They noticed four missiles approaching them. The henchmen panicked at first, but Cortex laughs a bit)

Cortex: This is fun. Play to your heart's content, Beacon!

(The Beacon Robot flies into the air, causing the missiles to chase him. He then flies down and parallel to the water. The missiles explode behind the Beacon Robot)

Cortex: (To his henchmen) See? The Beacon Robot took care of it.

Uka-Uka: (Agreeing) Nothing to worry about.

(Cortex, Uka-Uka, their goons, and the Beacon Robot continue toward the city)

[Exterior; San Francisco street; Day]

(Cale is running to the direction of the construction site)

Cale: (Thinking) Please let that Clear Gem and Crystal be there...!

(Behind him nearby, Hollyanna is following him, which he is unaware of. She stopped upon seeing where Cale is going)

Hollyanna: The construction site?

(She resumes her chase)

[Exterior; Construction site; Day]

(The area is blocked off. A mass of people are crowded around some barriers labeled "Danger." The police and news reporters are on the scene. Suddenly, a cameraman noticed Cortex, Uka-Uka, their goons, and the Beacon Robot appear and starts recording)

Cameraman: It's Dr. Cortex!

(The people grow concerned. Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons grin evilly as they fly over the city. Suddenly, they spot Crash's group arrive and emerge from the Goldsmith car)

Cortex: So it's them again.

Uka-Uka: Beacon, let's get the Clear Gem and Crystal later.

Cortex and Uka-Uka: Get rid of those meddlers first!

(The Beacon Robot locates and speeds toward the bandicoot and his group, who leapt into the air toward it upon spotting it. The Beacon Robot smashes into Crash, and Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons laugh a bit at this. Crash's eyes widen as the Beacon Robot heads toward him again)

Crash: What?!

(The Beacon Robot smashes into Crash again and again, causing Crash to flip and roll in the air)

Crash: I'm not a ball!

(Seeing Crash in danger, Aku-Aku zipped at Crash and powered him up. Then they fight back against the Beacon Robot. Nearby, Cale arrives and spots a tarp covering something. He approached, since the people have run off in a panic upon seeing Cortex's group earlier. After removing the tarp, he spots the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal and picked them up)

Cale: The Red Clear Gem and first Crystal....

(Suddenly, Hollyanna calls out to him, running up to him, much to his surprise)

Hollyanna: Hey!

Cale: Hollyanna?!

Hollyanna: Why did you run off on me?

(She noticed the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal in Cale's arms)

Hollyanna: And what are those?

(Suddenly, the destroyed Beacon Robot crashed nearby, getting their attention. Then Crash's group arrived, much to Hollyanna's calm surprise and Cale's happiness)

Cale: Crash, guys!

Hollyanna: Wait, hold on!

(They turned to her)

Hollyanna: Just what's going on?

(Then Cortex's voice spoke as he, Uka-Uka, and their goons floated down to them)

Cortex: The Red Clear Gem and first Crystal, that's what!

(Then a mechanical hand emerged from the hovership and snatched the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal from Cale)

Cale: You thieving jerks!

Cortex: You foolish brat!

Uka-Uka: You dare to call us, Dr. Neo Cortex, and the Great Uka-Uka, "Thieving jerks?!"

Pinstripe: You shouldn't have done that.

Koala: Yep.

Cortex: We'll show you who the thieving jerks are!

Uka-Uka: Take this!

(Then he levitated a cement mixer and exploded it, splattering wet cement residue on Crash's group, cocooning them in cement. As they struggle to free themselves, Cale and Hollyanna rushed over to them to free them when....)

Aku-Aku: Never mind us!

Coco: They're getting away!

(Cale and Hollyanna spot Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons escaping with the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal, and, getting determined upon looking at each other, the two teens charged at the hovership and climbed onto one of its wings, with the villains completely unaware of this at first. Once high up in the air, the villains examines the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal with evil smirks. With difficulty, Cale and Hollyanna climbs onto the wing. With an evil grin upon noticing this with Uka-Uka and their goons, Cortex tilts the hovership to try to shake Cale and Hollyanna off. But then Cale and Hollyanna grabs onto Cortex's hair and Pinstripe's necktie respectively, with the latter choking upon that)

Cortex: Ouch, ow, ow, ow, ow! Hey, let go!

Pinstripe: (Choking) Let go of me!

Hollyanna: Never!

Cale: Give those stones back now!

(Cale and Hollyanna's weights caused the hovership to dip violently to the left)

Cortex and Pinstripe: (With Pinstripe choking) Let go, I said!

(Pinstripe punches Cale and Hollyanna off of him and Cortex, but thankfully upon letting go from the punches, Cale and Hollyanna managed to snatch away the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal respectively quickly and then fall towards the city street. Recovering, Cortex and Pinstripe glared at the kids)

Pinstripe: (Panting while fixing his tie) Little twerps!

Cortex: (Rubbing his head) You said it.

(The villains then realized the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal are missing)

Villains: They're gone!

(Growling in anger with Uka-Uka, Cortex dove the hovership towards Cale and Hollyanna, who are still falling headfirst towards the street. Seeing this, Crash managed to quickly pull Aku-Aku free since he's the loose one out of the group trapped in the dried cement, and upon powering up together, Crash breaks himself and his group free and jumped higher towards Cale and Hollyanna. Then right on cue, Crash, with Aku-Aku still powering him up, manages to save both Cale and Hollyanna by catching them and landing safely on the ground with them, much to the heroes' relief and the villains' surprise. Then Crash and Aku-Aku raced Cale and Hollyanna to the Goldsmith car and after Cale and Hollyanna hands the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal to Alan and Ethel, lets Crash and Aku-Aku quickly return them to their school. Just when Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons go after the car as it drove off, police sirens are heard)

Cortex: Oh, great!

Uka-Uka: Retreat for now!

(Then with that, the villains got away just as the police arrived)

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Evening]

(After school is done for today, Cale, Alan, Ethel, and Crash's group finally tell Hollyanna what is going on, and she understood)

Hollyanna: So, basically, your animal and mask friends are from another world, and those gems are the keys to returning them home?

Heroes: Yes.

Cale: And so far, they're hiding out with me.

(As she contemplated, Hollyanna got lost in thought)

Cale: And if you're mad at me for running on you, I'm sorry. It's just that....

Hollyanna: Actually....

(She smiles, having made up her mind)

Hollyanna: I would've done the same thing for a friend.

(Surprised at first, the heroes got impressed)

Aku-Aku: Well, Hollyanna, if you're available anytime to help us....

(Coco hands her a communicator watch)

Coco: We'll let each other know.

(Accepting the communicator watch, Hollyanna nods)

Hollyanna: (To Coco) Thanks. (To Cale) And Cale?

Cale: Yes?

Hollyanna: Even though our first date was interrupted.... We'll try again and start over tomorrow.

(Cale nods and he and Hollyanna shook hands)

Cale: And for the record, I just want to let you know that I, well....

Hollyanna: I like you too.

Cale: Hm?

(They end their handshake)

Hollyanna: I had a feeling you liked me from the moment we met. And then from the moment we teamed up to get the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal, I was impressed by your courage and confidence to help your friends, and that made me realize you're more than a pop culture-loving boy. You're actually a cool real hero helping them.

(Flattered, Cale blushed a bit wtih a smile)

Cale: Thanks.

(Then another car horn honked and Hollyanna spotted her parents in the car waiting for her, apparently they have also been told of what's going on as well before)

Hollyanna: (To her parents) I know! (To the heroes) See you!

Heroes: Bye!

(Then with that, Hollyanna went into her car and she and her parents left. Seeing her leave with a soft smile, Cale then turned to Crash's group, Alan, and Ethel)

Cale: You were right. I tried my confession, and it worked out. And it's like Aku-Aku said; You'll never know unless you try.

Crash's group, Alan, and Ethel: Yep!

(Then with that, they go inside)

To be continued....

Ending song: Crash Bandicoot Theme Song End Credits Version

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