Opening song: Crash Bandicoot Theme Song

[Exterior; Cortex's base; Night]

(Outside the base, the lab assistants and robots are on patrol as we slowly zoom into the base)

[Interior; Cortex's base; Night]

(Inside a laboratory, N. Brio is working on something with his chemistry set, wearing goggles and a facemask. As he mixed three chemicals, one yellow, one purple, and one blue, they formed into a sickly reddish brown coloration upon exploding, much to N. Brio's happiness)

N. Brio: Eureka!

(He chuckles wickedly a bit)

N. Brio: This will end Dr. Cortex's chronic bandicoot days.

(He then contacted Cortex on the intercom)

N. Brio: Doctor! It's done!

Cortex: (Voice-over) Are you sure this time?

N. Brio: Clear as crystal. Come see.

(Then Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons entered as N. Brio, no longer wearing his goggles and facemask, presented a chemistry glass bowl containing the reddish brown chemical)

Cortex: Show us.

N. Brio: Voila! The perfect concoction to hinder that meddling bandicoot.

N. Gin: (Flatly) Another potion?

N. Brio: Better.

(He then showed off a computer's result chart on its screen after putting the chemical down and typed on the keyboard. Seeing the results, Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons got calmly impressed)

Uka-Uka: Well!

N. Brio: What do you think now, Mr. I-Doubt-the-Chemist?

(Cortex thinks it over, and then smirks evilly in satisfaction)

Cortex: I think my chronic bandicoot days are over after all....

(N. Brio smirked evilly back at him)


[Interior; Cale's room; Day]

(The group are hanging around, watching a "Looney Tunes" cartoon involving Foghorn Leghorn and the sunglasses-wearing chicken. Then upon reaching the scene where the sunglasses-wearing chicken tricked Foghorn into thinking he is napping in a crib, disguised as a baby, when in fact, the former is dancing with one of the female chickens, the group laughed a bit at this)

Crash: Gosh, that Foghorn Leghorn is so ridiculously oblivious!

Cale: (Agreeing) I know! That's the whole point of his character.

(On the TV screen, Foghorn barely caught the sunglasses-wearing chicken dancing with the female chicken and attempting to lay down in the crib)

Foghorn: (On-screen) Ah-ha!

(Then the record that the sunglasses-wearing chicken flipped up in an attempt to shut it off lands on Foghorn's head, dizzying him. The group laughed a bit at this)

Crunch: Man, that was priceless!

(Then Cale's communicator watch beeped, getting their attention. Cale answered)

Cale: Hello?

(Then Hollyanna's voice is heard)

Hollyanna: (Voice-over) Cale, thank goodness!

(Confused along with the group, Cale asked away)

Cale: What's the matter?

Hollyanna: (Voice-over) The police spotted that Cortex guy and his goons heading for the Transamerica Pyramid with another robot.

Group: (Shocked) Cortex?!

Hollyanna: (Voice-over) That's right! They appear to be planning on taking the building over.

Crash: Okay, Hollyanna! We're on our way!

Cale: Meet us there!

Hollyanna: (Voice-over) Ten-four!

(Cale hangs up and they head out)

[Exterior; Transamerica Pyramid; Day]

(Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons arrive with another robot)

Koala: Oh, yeah! This robot I hoped for Dr. Cortex to pick is gonna be a smashing success!

Pinstripe: (Flatly) And you said we're power hungry with a robot before?

Tropy: At ease, Pinstripe. Koala can have his moments, too, you know.

Uka-Uka: (Agreeing) Especially with Muckus.

Koala: (Sneeringly) Yeeeeah, big nose.

(Koala then rushed off with the robot, now revealed to be Muckus, to cause mayhem)

Pinstripe: (Fake coughs, glaring at Koala) Hypocrite!

(Koala roughly yanks up a meter bar)

Koala: Here, Muckus! Spit on it!

(Muckus conjures up a green slime-like cocoon in his tube-like nose and spits on the meter bar that Koala throws at him. Then the slime splashed onto it and cocooned it onto the ground. Cortex then shouted out to the people through the megaphone)

Cortex: This is an example of what my robot will do if you intervene!

(The people got concerned, not wanting to dare mess with Muckus. Even the police hesitated)

Cortex: (To the people) Good. (To Muckus and Koala) As you were.

(Then just when Muckus and Koala were about to smash the front doors, something spindropped onto Muckus, destroying him easily. It was Crash. Then the rest of the heroes arrived in determined, including Hollyanna)

Coco: Give it up, Cortex!

Tawna: We got you outnumbered, fair and square!

(Cortex, Uka-Uka, and their goons flatly glared)

Cortex: (Scoffs) Typical. You beat us again.

Dingodile: What a shame.

(Suddenly, N. Brio activated Muckus' tube and then the tube fired the reddish brown chemical at Crash, Coco, Tawna, and Crunch, one at a time. As they recovered, Crash, Coco, Crunch, and Tawna were disgusted by the chemical they're covered in)

Tawna: Yuck!

Crash: What is this stuff?!

Cale: What're you planning this time?!

Cortex: (Shrugs, nonchalant) Oh, a little surrender gift.

N. Brio: Toodles.

(Then the villains got away immediately as the heroes and even the people looked on, baffled)

Hollyanna: I guess.... That was an easy victory.

Coco: I guess.

Aku-Aku: But I have a feeling they're up to no good, doing this.

Crash: Up to no good or not, at least we won.

Ethel: Actually, Aku-Aku is right.

Alan: Something tells me, Ethel, and Aku-Aku that this was no ordinary attack.

Aku-Aku: The way you four were shot with the chemical.

(A short pause, then....)

Crash: I think you're just overreacting a bit.

(Then they walked away to head back to the Goldsmith residence, with Aku-Aku looking calmly concerned)

Aku-Aku: (Unsure) I hope you're right....

[Interior; Goldsmith kitchen; Day]

(Theresa is chopping some lettuce, making a salad for their lunch, in the form of hot dogs for everyone, with Crash, Coco, Tawna, and Crunch all cleaned up. Then Chuck served everyone their lunch as soon as Theresa finished)

Chuck: Enjoy.

Theresa: Have a good lunch.

(As they ate, Crash, Coco, Tawna, and Crunch suddenly had a brief chill. Noticing that, Cale asked)

Cale: Had a chill?

Crash: Yeah. I even had it two times when Tawna, Coco, Crunch, and I took our own showers.

Tawna: (Shudders) And there it is again.

Alan: Are you cold?

Coco: No, it just happened.

(She had another chill. Suddenly, Crunch felt a little queasy)

Crunch: (Queasily) Ugh.... I feel like I'm seasick. Except I'm not at sea.

(Suddenly, he felt like he's gonna throw up and ran into a nearby bathroom. But no vomiting sounds are heard, just queasy groaning from Crunch. Then he emerged, looking sick as a dog, in other words, pale as a ghost)

Crash: Thank goodness you didn't throw....

(He suddenly felt dizzy too, much to everyone's calm concern)

Aku-Aku: Crash?

(Suddenly, Crash, Coco, and Tawna collapsed on the floor, and even their skins turned pale as they felt dizzy)

Coco: (Groaning) My head....

(Tawna coughed a bit)

Tawna: (Stuffy) I don't feel so good....

(The others watched in concern. Even Polar and Pura ran up to the four in concern, meowing and whining)

Cale: (Helping Crash up) Hang in there.

[Interior; Goldsmith garage; Day]

(Alan and Ethel are studying Crash, Coco, Tawna, and Crunch's bodies through a thermal scanner with Aku-Aku's help)

Cale: What's going on with them?

(Suddenly, Aku-Aku finished his sensing spell and then the results came in and printed from the computer. Alan took the printed chart and read it with Ethel and Aku-Aku)

Crash: (Stuffy) What is it?

(He coughs. Aku-Aku, Alan, and Ethel got calmly concerned and explained)

Aku-Aku: You four have been infected with a virus created by N. Brio.

Alan: And no, not like a zombie kind of virus you see in the movies and games.

Ethel: It's like a flu, but effective to mutants only.

(Shocked, Cale got concerned)

Cale: Then what can we do to cure them?

(Aku-Aku thinks it over and then realizing something, he explained)

Aku-Aku: The leaves of a Gazai Plant.

Tawna: (Stuffy) You mean the plant from Far East?

Aku-Aku: (Nods) Yes. Its herbal remedy can cure such a virus like that.

(Determination kicking in, Cale heads outside)

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Day]

(Alan, Ethel, Aku-Aku, Polar, and Pura followed Cale)

Aku-Aku: Cale, wait!

(Cale turned to them)

Cale: I remembered visiting the greenhouse the other day and seeing a Gazai Plant there.

(Realizing what Cale meant, Alan and Ethel agreed)

Alan: Then we'll go to the greenhouse.

Ethel: For Crash and the others.

(Suddenly, a bit of a high-pitched laughter was heard, getting their attention. Then Crash, Coco, Crunch, and Tawna arrived as well, having heard the laugh. It came from a creature that resembles Bokkun from "Sonic X," but with a dark yellow skin. Aku-Aku recognized him as....)

Aku-Aku: Tykoon!

Cale: You know him?

Aku-Aku: Cortex's messenger. And he's very mischievous.

(Then Tykoon flew down to them, carrying a messenger bag. Then he pulled a mini TV set out)

Alan: What's with a TV set?

Tykoon: I came to deliver a message from Dr. Cortex.

(Upon activating the TV set, Cortex appeared on screen with an evil smirk)

Cortex: (On-screen) We got you good, Crash. For we lured you into a trap back at the Transamerica Pyramid. By now, the chemical N. Brio shot you from Muckus' remains gave you a virus that'll make mutants like you sick as dogs. And if you have any sense, I suggest you just lay around, and have a little sunshine in your room to keep you company.

(Then the Komodo Brothers appeared next to Cortex)

Komodo Brothers: (On-screen) Yeah, and not get a Gazai Plant to cure you!

(Cortex bonked them on the heads without hitting their spikes on their hats in anger)

Cortex: (On-screen) You idiots!

(Then he gave a sheepish grin)

Cortex: (On-screen, nervously) Uh, never mind what they said. You're done for. Bye!

(Then the screen turned off)

Ethel: Spilled the beans, I see.

Tykoon: That was just unexpected.

(Suddenly, the TV set started ticking)

Tykoon: Anyway, gotta fly!

(Then he flew off. Then the TV set blew up a small explosion, covering Cale in soot, much to his and everyone's shock. Tykoon then flew off, laughing a bit. After glaring at Tykoon's direction, Cale shook the soot clean off himself and got determined)

Cale: Never mind or not, we will get that Gazai Plant!

[Exterior; San Francisco streets; Day]

(Cale, Alan, Ethel, Aku-Aku, Polar, and Pura are riding in the car towards the greenhouse. Upon parking there, Cale, Alan, and Ethel exited and headed inside)

[Interior; Greenhouse; Day]

(Once inside, the three looked around until Cale spotted it)

Cale: There it is.

(Cale goes up to it, but unfortunately, someone grabs it first. It is a 33 year old man with short orange hair, a 5:00 shadow, brown eyes, and wearing a black tanktop, army camouflage pants, and black cargo boots. Cale, Alan, and Ethel got confused)

Cale: Who are you?

(The man stares at him with a flat look, and Alan immediately realized who he is)

Alan: Chad Ryger.

Chad: (Sarcastically) Wow, you can figure out names easily.

(He takes the Gazai Plant and goes to buy it. But Cale, Alan, and Ethel ran up to him to reason with him)

Ethel: Wait!

Alan: We need that plant!

Chad: It's not my problem.

(Cale pulls out a five dollar bill)

Cale: I can trade you this for the Gazai Plant.

(A short pause, then Chad scoffed and coldly hands the plant to Cale and took the dollar)

Chad: Happy?

Cale, Alan, and Ethel: Thanks.

(Then with that, Alan bought the Gazai Plant as Chad calmly glared at them)

[Exterior; San Francisco streets; Day]

(Cale, Alan, and Ethel returned to their car with the Gazai Plant. Suddenly, upon going inside where Aku-Aku, Polar, and Pura awaited, they spot Chad exiting and after looking around, he ran off, went on his motorcycle, and drove off. Suspicious, they nodded and followed him)

[Exterior; Baker Beach outskirts; Day]

(The group secretly followed Chad. Once out of sight, they spot him disembark from the motorcycle and heading towards the beach. Then Chad arrived at the shore and emerging from the water is a submarine with Cortex's logo on it, making the group realize slowly)

Alan: I knew it....

(Aku-Aku then used his telepathy to listen in on Chad)

[Interior; Cortex's submarine; Day]

(Cortex and his goons are angry at Chad as Aku-Aku listened in, and shocker, the Komodo Brothers, like Crash, Coco, Tawna, and Crunch, are also sick with the same virus)

Cortex: You didn't get the Gazai Plant?!

Chad: No. Some brat enticed me to trade it for a stupid five dollar bill.

Cortex: (Groans a bit) Some bounty hunter you turned out to be!

Uka-Uka: Especially after we just hired you!

N. Brio: We ask you one simple request; Get the Gazai Plant for us.

Ripper: But did you get it? Nooooo. You had to screw up.

(He giggles crazily a bit)

Rilla: Shame, shame. We were so close to curing the Komodo Brothers.

Chad: Well, excuuuuse me for failing you, O mighty scientist from another world!

Uka-Uka: You dare talk back in sarcasm?!

Chad: (Pulling his baseball bat out) You don't wanna mess with this bounty hunter.

(The Komodo Brothers sneezed, and then blew their noses on their pale purple handkerchiefs)

Joe: (Stuffy, sniffs) Serves us right for handling the chemical.

Moe: (Stuffy) You said it.

(He sniffs)

Cortex: (Glares at the Komodo Brothers) Couldn't agree with you both more, morons.

(Then Chad leaves the submarine in calm anger, putting his baseball bat away as Cortex and his goons, except the sick Komodo Brothers, watched with glares)

Cortex: Now how are we gonna get that Gazai Plant?!

Tykoon: I know! Why not ask that boy to give it to us?

Cortex: That's a stupid idea, Tykoon.

(He then brightened up)

Cortex: Wait! I got an idea! Why not find that boy and ask him to give the plant to us?

Tykoon: (Flatly) That's what I suggested.

Cortex: (Shrugs) Whatever.

[Exterior; Baker Beach outskirts; Day]

(In the car, Aku-Aku snapped out his telepathy and he and the group, who also overheard the conversation, got determined)

Aku-Aku: I'm afraid we must temporally bury our hatchets if we're to save Crash, Coco, Tawna, and Crunch.

Ethel: Like they want to help those two brothers.

Aku-Aku: Exactly.

(Then they exited the car and just when they head off to the beach, Hollyanna arrived, wearing her purple two-piece swimsuit)

Hollyanna: Hey!

Cale: Hollyanna?

Alan: What are you doing here?

Hollyanna: Going to the beach. Why?

(Later, they arrived at the beach towards Cortex's sub, and Hollyanna, having been told on what's going on, knocks on the door)

Hollyanna: Cortex!

(No answer. She knocks on the door again, and this time, the door opens, and Hollyanna accidentally bonked Dingodile's muzzle)

Hollyanna: (Winces) Ooh, sorry!

(Dingodile recovered, rubbing his muzzle and nose)

Dingodile: You conked me good, sheila.

Hollyanna: "Sheila?"

Dingodile: I'm an Aussie. What else?

(Then Cortex and his goons, except the Komodo Brothers, arrived, with Cortex impatiently shoving Dingodile aside)

Cortex: Get out of my way, pig-nose!

Dingodile: (Growls) I'm not a pig! How many times do I have to tell...?!

(Tropy shuts him up by grabbing his muzzle, glaring at him flatly. Then he turned to Hollyanna)

Tropy: What do you want?

(Then they spot Cale and his grandparents)

Tropy: Oh, how ironic.

Cortex: You found the boy for us.

(Ripper zipped up to Cale)

Ripper: Where is it?!

(He then bounces up and down in excitement around Cale, much to his discomfort)

Ripper: (Laughing crazily a bit, repeatedly) Where is it?!

(Cortex yanked Ripper aside)

Ripper: (While yanked away) Whee!

(Cortex approached Cale)

Cortex: Let us guess; You overheard our plight involving the Komodo Brothers, right?

Aku-Aku: Yes. We eavesdropped, following Chad Ryger.

Uka-Uka: (Glares flatly) And we figured what you're thinking; A temporary team-up to help our comrades, right?

Aku-Aku: To put it bluntly....

Heroes: Yes.

Hollyanna: But you better not double-cross us if you come with us.

Cortex and goons: Very well.

(Then with that, they drive off in the car, or by hovership in the villains' case. Chad, hiding nearby, followed them on his motorcycle)

[Exterior; Goldsmith residence; Day]

(They, including the Komodo Brothers, arrived at the garage and Aku-Aku worked on the potion that'll cure Crash, Coco, Crunch, Tawna, and the Komodo Brothers with N. Brio's help)

Crash: (Stuffy, scoffs) Talk about karma for you, Cortex.

(He sniffs and then sneezed. Cortex crossed his arms indignantly)

Cortex: It's bad enough the Komodo Brothers got sick and then having to hear that from Uka-Uka, but now I have to heard that from you?

Cale: (Walking by with a beaker) Save the fights for later.

(Then they finished the potion. After letting Crash, Coco, Tawna, Crunch, and the Komodo Brothers drink their portion of the potion from the Gazai Plant's leaves, the group watched silently. Then the sick ones collapsed on their backs, falling asleep, snoring)

Hollyanna: Why are they asleep?

Aku-Aku: That's the potion working its cure magic.

N. Brio: They'll wake up feeling better in two minutes.

(Then Chad spoke up, getting their attention)

Chad: Well, good for them!

(The group got surprised)

Tiny: How did you find us?!

Chad: I'm everywhere.

(He pulls his baseball bat out with an evil smirk)

Chad: I warned you; Don't mess with me.

(He swung his baseball bat at the group, but they dodged, causing the bat to hit the floor. Then just when Chad could cause more harm, Aku-Aku and Uka-Uka both restrained him with their psychokinesis)

Chad: (Struggling) Let go of me!

(Then both tiki masks threw Chad out of the garage. As he recovered, the group approached with glares)

Cale: You're such a selfish bounty hunter.

Hollyanna: Caring more about your reputation than the matter of life and death.

(Provoked, Chad pulls his laser gun out and aims it at the group, much to their surprise)

Cortex: Whoa, time out! That's my laser gun you borrowed!

Chad: Not anymore.

(Suddenly, two familiar Arabian swords flew at Chad, hitting the laser gun out of his hand. They turned, and saw it came from the Komodo Brothers, now awake and all better. Even Crash, Coco, Crunch, and Tawna are awake and better as well)

Pinstripe: (Sarcastically, scoffs) Take your time, why don't ya?

(The Komodo Brothers grabbed their Arabian swords and aimed them bladepoint at Chad, making him calmly nervous)

Moe: Hand the laser gun back to Dr. Cortex.

Joe: Pretty please?

(Chad, not wanting to mess with the Komodo Brothers, immediately grabbed the laser gun and hands it to Cortex nervously)

Chad: Uh, I was joking. Bye.

(Just when he ran, Aku-Aku levitated him, threw him inside a nearby tool shed, and locked him in there. Then Chuck and Theresa arrived)

Theresa: We saw the whole thing, Cale.

Chuck: We already called the police.

(Then, both good and evil sides looked at each other. Then, now seeing that their temporary truce is over, they separated, ready to fight each other)

Ethel: Well, the truce is over.

Tropy: Indeed.

(Then Crash, Aku-Aku, Polar, Pura, Coco, Crunch, and Tawna fought well against Cortex and his goons as Cale, Hollyanna, Alan, and Ethel cheered for Crash's group. Then, Aku-Aku conjured a seesaw and Crash lured the villains onto it)

Crash: And for the piece de resistance....

(He spinjumped onto the other side of the seesaw and sent the villains flying off towards the direction of their base)

Crash: (Calling to them) That's for making me, Tawna, Crunch, and Coco sick!

(Then, hearing the police sirens, Crash, Coco, Crunch, Aku-Aku, Tawna, Polar, and Pura hid themselves and Cale, his family, and Hollyanna turned Chad over to the police)

[Exterior; Baker Beach; Day]

(The next morning, Cale and Hollyanna's family arrived, all wearing swimming attires. Cale's is a dark red swimming trunks with yellow lining. Once on the beach, Cale and Hollyanna got ready to play volleyball with Ethel coaching)

Cale: Ready?

Hollyanna: Yep!

Ethel: Service!

(Then they proceeded to play volleyball)

Hollyanna: How are Crash and the others?

Cale: Doing great! They're at my house right now.

Hollyanna: (Nods) Understandable that they're hiding from the public, right?

Cale: Yep!

(Then they happily continued their game as we pan up to the beautiful blue sunny sky)

To be continued....

Ending song: Crash Bandicoot Theme Song End Credits Version

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