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Chapter 10 is the tenth chapter of Shantae and Aladdin: Arabian Dreams written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "After the Race".


(Back at Scuttle Town, Mayor Scuttlebutt is fishing some fish at the dock)

  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: Come on, come on, come on. You can do it. Just throw the rod and get me the baby one. Almost there.
  • Town Guard: Hey Mayor.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: *drop the fishing rod* Ah! You scare me. How dare you scare me like that? You made me drop the rod and made the fish go away.
  • Town Guard: Sorry about that. We need to talk.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: Then who are you asking?
  • Town Guard: Nothing. We walk while we talk.

(In the alley of the town)

  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: Oh, it's a miracle, you came to me and wanted to talk.
  • Town Guard: Let me ask you something. Uncle Mimic has a few blueprints on portal opening and he left us with some items to use for making.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: That genie guardian better not come back saying that she didn't defeat the pirate queen. I'll go nuts about it.
  • Town Guard: It's better off to not tell a secret to everyone.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: My pleasure.
  • Fisherman: Hey guys, look what i got.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: Ah, you caught a pack of fish for the town.
  • Fisherman: All 20 of them. We can now cook fish for lunch today.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: I have the grill set up on my tent site. You can check it out if you want.
  • Fisherman: I think i'll set up a campfire.
  • Town Guard: Sir, we really need to talk.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: Is there something going on?
  • Fisherman: We have a theory going on about the pirate queen.
  • Town Guard: That pirate queen is a nag.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: Every time she set a attack, the genie isn't here on time.
  • Fisherman: What a lost case.
  • Town Guard: She's going to get fired again.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: We already had like several Half-Genies on our side and most of them have moved on.
  • Town Guard: No one would ever hire another half-genie in the next couple of years.
  • Fisherman: The world's changing and something dark is gonna happen.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: No monster or vampire will come to destroy us.
  • Town Guard: Like a box of steel.
  • Fisherman: Check Mimic's workshop for blueprints.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: I'll be at it.

(At Mimic's workshop, Mayor Scuttlebutt, the Town Guard and the Fisherman check for blueprints around the store)

  • Fisherman: I don't see any blueprints for the dimensional portal. All i see is a fishing rod.
  • Town Guard: That's a nice little robot droid over there.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: That's a cute one.
  • Fisherman: Why there's so many junk on the ground?
  • Town Guard: It's just his collection.
  • Fisherman: He has like a lot of old stuff stored.
  • Town Guard: He also has a rocket gun on the floor.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: That's some good business.
  • Fisherman: He has like garbage to sell.
  • Town Guard: A old timer, that's not saying much.
  • Fisherman: I don't think he has something special for us.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: Let's go and get back to work.
  • Fisherman: Nothing seem to be found.
  • Town Guard: I have some places to watch.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: I'll make sure the close sign stays outside.
  • Town Guard: Keep it going.
  • Fisherman: We're on a roll.
  • Mayor Scuttlebutt: What-a too-ya.
  • Town Guard: Peace out workshop.

(Back at the skies on the airship, Shantae, Aladdin and the gang are heading to the desert)

  • Shantae: What a crazy race turned battle.
  • Aladdin: We almost lost. Where are we heading next?
  • Genie: We may find a place to get some fresh air.
  • Sky: The air is just at your faces.
  • Shantae: But we just have fresh air.
  • Jasmine: How about we find some water instead?
  • Bolo: I thought we had enough for the trip.
  • Jasmine: Dude, we just had water.
  • Tuki: At least we have milk.
  • Bolo: Milk?!
  • Jasmine: Don't be crazy for milk.
  • Rottytops: I see sand in the sky.
  • Cassim: Is this where were going?
  • Shantae: This is it, We're about to arrive.
  • Genie: We're going to a desert.
  • Shantae: Desert, here we come.

(The gang arrive at the desert as the spaceship land on the sand)

  • Genie: Here we are, the desert.
  • Shantae: Less windy, good landing spot.
  • Aladdin: We're in the drylands. Is this desert used to be a town?
  • Shantae: Yes. It was once a popular town until Holly came along and ruined all the fun they had with the desert.
  • Bolo: This is pretty much of a desert town now.
  • Shantae: This town was named Tassel Town.
  • Genie: Tassel Town. Uh huh. All dusty and no place to be found.
  • Sky: Wrench, go check if there's any people around.
  • Wrench: *fly in the sky*
  • Rottytops: Where is he going?
  • Sky: He's just going to look around.
  • Rottytops: Is he going to look for some treasure.
  • Sky: No. He's going to check if There's any people living on the town.
  • Genie: What about a party cruise?
  • Sky: No. Just no. We're on land.
  • Genie: No beach, no lake, huh?
  • Sky: Nothing. You're in the drylands.
  • Genie: Why does it feel so dry in here?
  • Sky: Everything is dry out.
  • Genie: That's a lot of waste.
  • Bolo: Let's keep searching for clues.
  • Jasmine: Come along.

(Into the big hills of the desert of Tassel Town)

  • Shantae: The sand is so big.
  • Genie: Just like a snow hill.
  • Aladdin: This is like walking to Agrabah.
  • Jasmine: I wish we were back home.
  • Genie: How is the Sultan doing?
  • Jasmine: He's doing okay. He's with Shantae's uncle right now.
  • Shantae: You know my uncle is in Agrabah, right?
  • Genie: We saw that.
  • Bolo: He was there when we first came to the world.
  • Shantae: Is he okay?
  • Jasmine: Yes, he is okay.
  • Bolo: I see a town!
  • Shantae: Wait, what? Where?
  • Bolo: It's right over here.
  • Genie: There it is! We found it.
  • Bolo: Oh my, it's all forbidden.
  • Rottytops: I wonder what's left in the town?

(In the town, every building seen is forbidden as Shantae, Aladdin and the group walk around to search for clues)

  • Shantae: It's a bit dusty around.
  • Sky: This saloon look destroyed. Something that a half-genie must have done.
  • Shantae: Holly Lingerbean. She is behind all of this.
  • Aladdin: This place isn't populated by people anymore.
  • Genie: Maybe i can clean it up for you all.
  • Jasmine: No. We can't fix it the way it looks for now.
  • Genie: Well never mind. Just keep it forbidden as always.
  • Cassim: No person ever lived here.
  • Tuki: Unless there is a tower far away.
  • Aladdin: Wait, what is that?
  • Bolo: I see a tower.
  • Shantae: A hidden treasure must be somewhere around the tower.
  • Sky: Let's go check it out.
  • Genie: I hope someone didn't die.

(At the tower, the gang take a look at the old rusty area)

  • Bolo: Look at this, it's all old.
  • Genie: Everything's destroyed.
  • Rottytops: All is left is the stairs.
  • Sky: There's no stairs. They're just platforms.
  • Rottytops: I see no game inside.
  • Sky: You're in a place!
  • Rottytops: I'm pretty dumb.
  • Bolo: Don't you have a brain?
  • Rottytops: Um, yes.
  • Sky: Then stop acting like you're dumb.
  • Rottytops: I didn't do anything.
  • Genie: I see skylight.
  • Bolo: We're far down and the light is still up there.
  • Shantae: I know what it leads to.
  • Sky: Do you all hear something?
  • Shantae: It's just a crumbling sound. Duh.
  • Rottytops: It came right from the statue.

(The dragon statue glows from the wall)

  • Aladdin: What kind of griffin stone is this?
  • Genie: Look like a weapon of a fireball.
  • Rottytops: It look like a lion's head.
  • Sky: It's not a lion.
  • Rottytops: Is that a tiger?
  • Sky: No. That's some sort of dragon. Stop being too dumb.
  • Rottytops: Well your dumb.
  • Sky: Ugh. Whatever you say, zombie brain.
  • Jasmine: Will we all stop fighting and get to work together?
  • Aladdin: We haven't even discovered any treasure yet.
  • Shantae: Take the stairs.
  • Rottytops: The stairs? Well okay.
  • Shantae: Go on.
  • Rottytops: There's nothing on the stairs.
  • Sky: Move along.
  • Rottytops: Neh neh neh.
  • Sky: Rude.
  • Genie: Leave my zombie friend alone.
  • Jasmine: Genie, your being ignorant right now.
  • Genie: No i'm not.
  • Bolo: You guys are being rude right now.
  • Genie: But you started all of this.
  • Bolo: I didn't do anything.
  • Tuki: I smell vengeance.
  • Cassim: Hold your swords, a stranger should be coming this way.
  • Tuki: It's coming this way.
  • Cassim: There it go.

(A haired bearded man walk towards the gang)

  • Man: Oh hey guys. Is this where i get the pizza roll?
  • Sky: No. You just came to the wrong place.
  • Man: What is this? How long have I been there for?
  • Shantae: I saw you before. You have been standing here for about a year ago.
  • Man: A year? What?
  • Shantae: Yeah, we can explain about it a little later.
  • Man: How do i get out?!
  • Sky: You are here for a reason.
  • Man: Where's the exit?
  • Shantae: There's no exit. You're with us.
  • Man: This is a total disaster.
  • Tuki: Do you need anything?
  • Man: Whoa. I did not see you there. What kind of snake are you?
  • Tuki: I'm a naga.
  • Man: You're a mermaid snake then.
  • Tuki: I'm not a mermaid.
  • Man: What kind of reptile are you?
  • Tuki: There is no time for questions. We got work to do.
  • Man: By the way. I'm Erik. Most people call me Hermit for short.
  • Genie: Where are you from? How did you get here to find us all the way here?
  • Erik: I don't know you guys. Who the heck are you guys suppose to be?
  • Shantae: We're heroes. We protect places all across the world.
  • Erik: No matter what, i'm going home.
  • Shantae: Wait, maybe you can stick with us.
  • Erik: Still don't know you.
  • Bolo: You can stick with us and be a part of the team.
  • Erik: I'm finding my own way out.
  • Bolo: Forgot it, let's continue searching.
  • Tuki: We don't know this man and we'e moving on.
  • Shantae: Whatever. Keep going.
  • Bolo: That's a very long temple.
  • Tuki: Sure is mate.
  • Cassim: At least we got some skylight on the windows.
  • Shantae: They're not windows and they don't even have glass in them.
  • Cassim: We're kinda a bit of old-fashioned people.
  • Tuki: I used to have a old-fashioned TV at my parents' house. But we sold it to a ScorpGal by the time i graduated from Naga School.
  • Shantae: Well most people said that they use the internet nowadays.
  • Tuki: Nah, the internet is more than you could imagine by having your mind blow up like a popcorn bag.
  • Genie: No one ever dies in here.
  • Tuki: Dude, the internet isn't a place for a living. It's a program.
  • Genie: Who cares. Let's focus on the quest.
  • Cassim: Don't even think about it.
  • Genie: That's a lot of diggity in here.
  • Bolo: Bummer to bummer.
  • Cassim: It's off the charts.

(Back at Ammo Baron's airship, Ammo Baron is rehealing from Jafar's staff on the bed, following the incident on the magic carpet race)

  • Ammo Baron: How do i feel?
  • Jafar: You're almost 100%. We must prepared for the final battle to stop all the heroes in both worlds.
  • Ammo Baron: I will destroy them all with my bombs and weapons. I will be the most powerful man of all time.
  • Jafar: I'll make you powerful. You will have a new super form and you will like it.
  • Ammo Baron: I already have a red one and you saw me during the battle.
  • Jafar: I see. The purple one will be potential for you to become powerful as a shard.
  • Ammo Baron: Do you think my soldiers will have the same treatment as me?
  • Jafar: They're weak. You'll be a powerful commander.
  • Ammo Baron: I will be one, no matter what costs to become a powerful being.
  • Jafar: You're acting a little weird right now.
  • Ammo Baron: Stupid. I'm going to take a rest for now.
  • Jafar: Sleep strong one. You will be rehealed by the time we fight Shantae and Aladdin's team again.
  • Ammo Baron: I'll be back for more.
  • Risky Boots: *came by the door* Hey Jafar, Holly Lingerbean need to talk with you.
  • Jafar: Anything she likes for a single plan.

(Risky Boots and Jafar walk up to Holly Lingerbean at the conference room)

  • Risky Boots: Holly, we would like to ask you a few questions.
  • Holly: Anything you like my friends.
  • Jafar: When we race against the heroes, did you try to capture Shantae and all of her friends again?
  • Holly: No. They were flying too fast with their magic carpets.
  • Jafar: I have sensed the heroes somewhere around the desert.
  • Holly: Please tell me they're in Tassel Town.
  • Jafar: Unfortunately, yes. I sensed them climbing up a tower.
  • Risky Boots: They headed out to the top of the world.
  • Holly: That genie girl and arabian prince won't get away from reaching to the top of the world.
  • Risky Boots: I'm giving you a chance to get rid of those heroes and capture them with the matter of hate.
  • Holly: I promise to not let you two down Risky Boots and Jafar.
  • Jafar: I believe in you sweetheart.
  • Holly: Thank you very much. I am going to go after Shantae and all of her friends in the tower. *teleports*
  • Risky Boots: If she's dead, i'm going to go after them myself.
  • Jafar: You don't wanna leave me behind with a annoying big red squid.
  • Risky Boots: I know. I hate that big squid so much.
  • Jafar: I wish he was fried as Iago.
  • Iago: Don't ask me!
  • Jafar: What are you doing here?
  • Iago: You tried to mock me.
  • Risky Boots: That's none of your business you bird twerk.
  • Iago: What kind of snooty booty do you have captain?
  • Risky Boots: Out of the way. *slap Iago to the wall*
  • Iago: Oof. Some like it hot.
  • Risky Boots: Pervert.
  • Jafar: That's naughty.
  • Risky Boots: Never going to have a sidekick like him ever again.
  • Jafar: We'll be waiting for a new rematch when those brats come into our lair.

(Back at the tower)

  • Cassim: How big is this tower? This is just like the palace in Agrabah.
  • Aladdin: It feels alot like home.
  • Shantae: It doesn't look like home to me.
  • Bolo: Then what is the point of coming here?
  • Tuki: Look at this massive mess.
  • Cassim: I see skulls.
  • Tuki: Deadly skulls. Poor unfortunate souls, they'll never see the light of the day.
  • Genie: You know the rules, i can't bring dead people back.
  • Rottytops: They're never gonna live.
  • Genie: Too bad so sad.
  • Cassim: Do they turn to dust?
  • Genie: Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  • Rottytops: I live forever.
  • Genie: No you don't.
  • Shantae: You're playing with us, are you?
  • Rottytops: Who knows?
  • Tuki: Maybe yes, maybe no.
  • Rottytops: I wish i was a spirit.
  • Shantae: Rottytops, you're already a spirit.
  • Rottytops: In your dreams girl.
  • Shantae: I'm a half-genie who can transform into anything.

(Deep down, Holly arrives from teleporting as she walk into the sand of the tower)

  • Holly: What kind of tower is this? I must call a pet of mine to help. Oh Wilbur! Come out, come out whatever you are. I got a snack for you.
  • Wilbur: *pop out of the sand*
  • Holly: Ah, my Wilbur. Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy. I got something for you. *throw a blue grub at Wilbur's mouth*
  • Wilbur: *eat the blue grub*
  • Holly: Good boy. Do you hear anything from the heroes?
  • Wilbur: *growls*
  • Holly: Those meanies must be up there.
  • Wilbur: *bite teeth*
  • Holly: I know you hate meanies. I smell the fate of the purple genie.
  • Wilbur: *growls again*
  • Holly: Eat your lunch now!
  • Wilbur: *reach to the ceiling to gobble the place up*
  • Holly: It's playtime superheroes.

(Back with Shantae and Aladdin's group)

  • Aladdin: What is that rumbling sound?
  • Tuki: *look in the hole* The big worm is coming to gobble the whole tower up.
  • Bolo: That nust be.
  • Shantae: Wilbur!
  • Cassim: Wilbur? Who's Wilbur.
  • Shantae: Down here!
  • Sky: Then let's make a run for it.

(The heroes run from Wilbur trying to gobble the whole tower up)

  • Genie: What kind of worm would eat a big tower up?
  • Shantae: It devours on everything.
  • Jasmine: Reach to the top before it eats us all.
  • Genie: I don't wanna be a meat.
  • Jasmine: I'll call in a magic carpet to save us.
  • Aladdin: But where's the carpet at?

(The magic carpet came for help)

  • Bolo: It's still here!
  • Genie: It's everywhere and we can call him anytime on any place.
  • Shantae: Hop on.

(The heroes hop on to the magic carpet)

  • Cassim: Make a exit on the hole.
  • Jasmine: Up and away!

(The heroes leave the tower on a flying carpet)

  • Cassim: This is the most dangerous tower i've ever been to.
  • Tuki: Where the other guy go?

(Back at the tower, the man is struggling to get out of the tower)

  • Man: Big worm, not so good.
  • Wilbur: *ate the whole ceiling*
  • Man: A little help from down here?!
  • Holly: *float* Well, you shouldn't be in this room in the first place.
  • Man: What kind of genie are you?
  • Holly: You won't regret my idenifty.
  • Man: Get me out of this tower! I have been stuck here for several years!
  • Holly: I got a surprise for you.
  • Man: Don't you dare trick me.
  • Holly: *float the man down to the ground*
  • Man: Whoa! Not the dead end.
  • Holly: I hope the little worms eat you alive.
  • Man: *land on the sand* This world is crazy as hell.
  • Holly: I am going to have to deal with you later.
  • Man: I'm starving. I need food.

(The heroes are standing together on tight on the magic carpet)

  • Shantae: Why are we smush like buns?
  • Aladdin: We're going to get caught.
  • Genie: Move the carpet already.
  • Cassim: Not close to the worm.
  • Tuki: You're stepping on my antenna.
  • Bolo: I'm scared. The worm is gonna eat us all.
  • Rottytops: There it goes!
  • Wilbur: *vour all the people in the magic carpet*

(In the underground lair, filled with sand and blocks, Holly walk around to see her pet worm Wilbur)

  • Holly: Good boy Wilbur. Who's a good boy. Who's a good boy.
  • Wilbur: *gobble*
  • Holly: What happen? Did you chew on a fly?
  • Wilbur: *gobble*
  • Holly: Just spit them out if you don't like it.
  • Wilbur: *spit the heroes out with the magic carpet*
  • Shantae: Gross.
  • Bolo: I wanna vomit.
  • Aladdin: Yuck.
  • Genie: I'm slimy.
  • Tuki: I just don't even know what to say on this.
  • Holly: Now with some clean water. *use water powers to splash on the heroes*
  • Genie: I'm wet!
  • Shantae: It's so cold.
  • Tuki: Great. Just great.
  • Cassim: I'm going to get sick.
  • Holly: You all came in misery.
  • Shantae: What did you do?
  • Holly: My pet Wilbur misses you all. I think he's going to eat you all properly.
  • Wilbur: *open mouth*
  • Bolo: Don't eat us! Just lock us all up.
  • Holly: What?
  • Genie: What?
  • Holly: Your wish have been granted. You're going to be chained up in cages.
  • Sky: Huh?
  • Holly: *create cages with chains hanging on the ceiling*
  • Cassim: That's not good.
  • Holly: *float the heroes to the cages and lock them all up* Perfect.
  • Shantae: Ugh. Bolo. What have you done?
  • Bolo: There was no way out.
  • Cassim: We should have get the heck out of here in the first place.
  • Tuki: We're far from gravity. We can't escape when we're not on land.
  • Holly: I have nothing but hearing his chit chat all day.
  • Sky: Get us out or we'll make you suffer.
  • Holly: I'm waiting for my bosses to come and teach you all a lesson.
  • Shantae: No way. I'm not going to see their faces ever again.
  • Holly: Don't you dare make me punch you in the face.
  • Shantae: You know i shouldn't.
  • Rottytops: It doesn't open.
  • Holly: Quit being a dummy. The cages are locked up for everyone.
  • Rottytops: Just let us out for one day.
  • Holly: No more escaping for you.
  • Bolo: Someone gotta get us all out.
  • Holly: Too bad, so sad. Not in a couple of years.
  • Bolo: I'm gonna starve.
  • Holly: How about a little song to play with.
  • Bolo: Not a song. Please no.
  • Holly: I dare to you all to listen to my wonderful singing voice.
  • Shantae: No one want to hear you sing.
  • Holly: That's none of your business. I can do anything i want.
  • Shantae: We'll be unstoppable when we break out.
  • Holly: That's too bad for me.
  • Shantae: Nag.
  • Holly: Let's get this show started.
  • Genie: Uh? Play the music.
  • Holly: *play the radio*
  • Rottytops: That's more like it.
  • Holly: There need to be a little more mix to it.
  • Genie: I got something for you. *zap on the radio to add stereos on it*
  • Holly: That's more like it.
  • Rottytops: Genie.
  • Genie: I want a cool villain song to play.
  • Rottytops: You shouldn't have shut the music down.
  • Genie: Nah, I'll just listen to this.
  • Holly:

Baby, can't you see

I'm calling

A guy like you should wear a warning

It's dangerous

I'm falling

  • Cassim: *try to break the cage* It's locked. We can't open the cage.
  • Holly: That's right. *singing*

There's no escape

I can't wait

I need a hit

Baby, give me it

You're dangerous

I'm loving it

  • Abu: *facepalm*
  • Holly:

Too high

Can't come down

Losin' my head

Spinnin' 'round and 'round'

Do you feel me now?

(The objects float around in green toxic as the stage floor turn green with the pink slime turned SlimeGals join along with Holly to dance)

  • Holly:


The taste of your lips

I'm on a ride

I'm toxic I'm slippin' under

With a taste of a poison paradise

I'm addicted to you

Don't you know that i'm toxic?

And I love what you do

Don't you know that i'm toxic?

  • Shantae: This is not going well.
  • Holly:

It's getting late

To give you up

I took a sip

From my devil's cup

Slowly, it's taking over me

  • SlimeGals:

Too high

Can't come down

It's in the air and it's all around

Can you feel us now?

  • Genie: Oh boy, i feel the toxic tonight.
  • Holly:


Taste of your lips

I'm on a ride

I'm toxic I'm slippin' under

With the taste of a poison paradise

  • SlimeGals:

We're addicted to you

Don't you know that she's toxic?

And we love what you do

Don't you know that she's toxic?

Don't you know that she's toxic?

  • Holly:

Taste of your lips

I'm on a ride

You're toxic I'm slippin' under

With a taste of a poison paradise

  • SlimeGals:

We're addicted to you

Don't you know that she's toxic?

  • Holly: Now we got a toxic show coming up! *float the toxic up in waves*
  • Genie: Eek! This is like a toxic surfing competition.
  • Tuki: It's getting hot in here.
  • Aladdin: We should be really going.
  • Rottytops: The green liquid kill people in biohazard. It's burning like lava.
  • Holly:

With the taste of your lips

I'm on a ride

You're toxic I'm slippin' under

With a taste of the poison paradise

  • SlimeGals:

We're addicted to you

Don't you know that she's toxic?

  • Holly:

Intoxicate me now

With your lovin' now

I think I'm ready now

I think I'm ready now

Intoxicate me now

With your lovin' now

I think I'm ready now

  • Genie: Think think think.
  • Rottytops: Genie, maybe you can shoot the ceiling sticking with the cage. It can help us get all our friends back together.
  • Genie: Good point. *shoot the chain of the ceiling*
  • Holly: What the?
  • Genie: Ooh. My belly hurts.
  • SlimeGal #1: Uh half-genie, the blueberry broke out of his cage.
  • Holly: Rascal.
  • Genie: I can make it easy to get you guys all out. *teleport the group to warp them to Genie's spot*
  • Bolo: Whoa, we're out of our cages.
  • Holly: No. How dare you warp out of your cages.
  • Shantae: We're going to beat you up right away.
  • Holly: My SlimeGals, get them!
  • Cassim: This means war!
  • Shantae: *fight Holly*
  • Aladdin: *fight the SlimeGals*
  • Genie: *zap on the SlimeGals*
  • Tuki: *bite on the SlimeGals*
  • Shantae: *fireball at Holly*
  • Holly: *rapid punch on Shantae*
  • Shantae: You're going down the toxic!
  • Holly: *toxic blast at Shantae*
  • Shantae: I got your toxic on you. *power blast on Holly*
  • Holly: How dare you!
  • Shantae: It's easy to leave other people alone.
  • Holly: I'm erasing your memory!
  • Shantae: Transform! *transform to a harvy*
  • Holly: What the?
  • Shantae: How do you like me now?
  • Holly: That's impossible.
  • Shantae: *bump her feet on Holly*
  • Holly: Bird claws!
  • Shantae: Now here come some happy wings on you. *flap on Holly*
  • Holly: Gosh. That tickles. Stop it.
  • Shantae: Now i'm giving you a little scratch.
  • Holly: Don't. I warned ya.
  • Shantae: *claw on Holly*
  • Holly: My magic! How dare you!
  • Shantae: *peak on Holly*
  • Holly: Ugh. My face.
  • Shantae: Get twerk! *punch on Holly*
  • Holly: You may be a shapeshifter. But, i may be stronger than all of your friends.
  • Shantae: Don't even think about bringing your pet worm in for the fight.
  • Holly: *whistle*
  • Wilbur: *pop out of the toxic*
  • Shantae: Oh no.
  • Holly: Wilbur, feast them.
  • Wilbur: *goes to Genie*
  • Rottytops: Genie, look out!
  • Genie: Uh oh. *get eaten by Wilbur*
  • Bolo: Genie!
  • Aladdin: Oh no. Abu, why didn't you bring the lamp for the trip?
  • Abu: *confused*
  • Jasmine: At least, we have a flying carpet.
  • Bolo: That magic carpet of yours fly all over the universe. When you call in a stop, the flying object will come right at your face.
  • Holly: Don't pay respects to the Genie. I dare you.
  • Shantae: Shame on you.
  • Wilbur: *try to gobble up Genie*
  • Holly: Wilbur, are you okay? Do you need a little water or toxic to swallow that blue gummy up?
  • Wilbur: *explodes as Genie pops up*
  • Genie: The Genie is back!
  • Holly: Wilbur!
  • Aladdin: Ha ha ha. Your trick has worked out.
  • Genie: What a weapon. I knew a powerful being would break out free like a lamp.
  • Holly: Grrr, i'm going to destroy you all.
  • Genie: Oh girl.
  • Aladdin: Well we better watch out.
  • Bolo: *use his flail to swing the spike ball to the SlimeGals*
  • Genie: Laser tag! *shoot lasers at the SlimeGals*
  • Cassim: Slash them up. *slash the SlimeGals*
  • Holly: My fans! You're killing my fans!
  • Shantae: No more fans for you. Now we got haters coming up.
  • Holly: You can't erase me or my memory!
  • Shantae: *transform to a monkey* I cover you now! *jump on Holly's face*
  • Holly: Get off me you silly monkey!
  • Shantae: I'll throw some bananas to you.
  • Holly: *grab Shantae* You don't have any bananas. So ha!
  • Shantae: *transform to a dragon and flame at Holly*
  • Holly: My face! You burned my face.
  • Shantae: You're a light of memory, huh?
  • Genie: Is that a celestial?
  • Holly: I'm not a god of light. *shoot Genie*
  • Aladdin: Genie! Oh no, not again.
  • Genie: I feel dizzy like a kart.
  • Cassim: You light drat. We show you something for a punishment.
  • Shantae: *put her hand on Holly* Hasta la vista.
  • Holly: Don't you dare erase me out of existance.
  • Shantae: *use her powers to erase Holly*
  • Holly: Nooo! *erase from existance with the lights on her fading away*
  • Shantae: Good riddance.
  • Bolo: Thank god we won the fight.

(All the toxic burned down as the underground place turn back to normal)

  • Tuki: Your genie friend is in pain.
  • Cassim: We need to check his guts. Something just shot up his belly.
  • Rottytops: It's just a zap.
  • Tuki: I may be a nurse. But i need to check on his body.
  • Aladdin: He's not dead.
  • Bolo: He's trying to fake it at us. *kick Genie's head*
  • Genie: Oof. What was that for?
  • Bolo: Genie is okay.
  • Aladdin: Why did you kick my friend?!
  • Bolo: He was faking at it.
  • Aladdin: He could be in more pain since you kicked his cheeks.
  • Bolo: I'm sorry. It's a accident.
  • Genie: You guys saved me.
  • Bolo: We all did.
  • Genie: *choke Bolo* But you tried to kick my head. How dare you do that?
  • Bolo: I'm sorry. I thought you were dead.
  • Genie: Don't kick me.
  • Bolo: And don't choke me.
  • Cassim: Just drop the blue boy down.
  • Genie: *drop Bolo* Sorry.
  • Bolo: I thought you were a genie who grant magic washes.
  • Genie: Oh my. I never felt this too far to choke you in the neck.
  • Bolo: We still gotta continue with our quest.
  • Shantae: But how do we get out of this cave?
  • Sky: We're stuck. There is only one way out of this underground sand dungeon.
  • Man: *get up from the sand* Shoot, you guys are striking like thunder.
  • Shantae: How did you survive all of this toxicity?
  • Man: It was all poison. Poison as the dirty water in the pond.
  • Bolo: You gotta get us out of here. Do you have a map or something to get us out of this sand trap?
  • Man: I have been in this town for years. No food, no water. All of this tragedy is a mess.
  • Rottytops: We can't understand on what you say. How do we find a way out?
  • Man: I've been to this cave once. It was a underground temple that got sunk into the deep of quicksand.
  • Shantae: Quicksand? We're inside of quicksand?
  • Man: I warned you guys. This is the part where you fall on quicksand.
  • Aladdin: I see no quicksand.
  • Man: The top is where you fall on quicksand and ended up in a underground temple like a pyramid.
  • Tuki: No more questions. We gotta go.
  • Man: Follow me. I know the exit to the cave.
  • Tuki: You better not play games with us stranger.

(The man found a exit with the group which lead to a white light of a tunnel)

  • Man: This is the tunnel i took to explore the deeps of the desert.
  • Shantae: I see white. Which means we're going to be free!
  • Aladdin: Is that a exit?
  • Shantae: Yes. The man show us the way on how to get out.
  • Man: Don't get your high hopes up. We'll be outside with the hot weather by now.
  • Jasmine: I knew there is a way out.
  • Genie: *sense* Ah ha. This leads outside.
  • Shantae: Everyone to the light!
  • Cassim: We're going outside at last.

(The gang made it out of the cave as they reach outside to see the sun and the sky)

  • Bolo: Fresh out of sand.
  • Shantae: The sun misses us.
  • Bolo: Still the same as it was before.
  • Aladdin: It feels a lot like summer.
  • Tuki: Niicccceee.
  • Genie: I smell fresh air.
  • Sky: There's a lot more places to go around the world.
  • Man: If you're ever lost, just come back to the spot where you are.
  • Shantae: We'll good for now.
  • Man: Just saying.
  • Bolo: We better get going. Risky Boots and Jafar isn't going to stop us like a daily schenelde.
  • Tuki: I'll be watching like a pot.
  • Man: Before you guys go, do you want any snack or drink on your way to a place you're looking for?
  • Shantae: No thank you.
  • Man: You'e not hungry or thristy after all.
  • Shantae: We really got to go. Thank you for your help.
  • Man: See ya. I'm going back into my house to take a nap. I'm like the only one living in this town.
  • Shantae: You'll be fine inside.
  • Man: Gosh, it's hot and it's still winter in the hot season?
  • Bolo: It's winter unless you're in a land with the hot westher.
  • Man: It always summer in Sequin Land.
  • Sky: Just like magic in the summer.
  • Genie: Well, it's a little nice meeting you. Off we go!
  • Aladdin: What's the next stop?
  • Genie: Kashoosh.

(Genie teleport the gang to the plaza-like fishing town)

  • Genie: Welcome to your new location.
  • Aladdin: Whoa.
  • Rottytops: We're in a town.
  • Sky: I bet Wrench is okay, but you made his wings poof.
  • Wrench: *shake his wings*
  • Sky: He's fine.
  • Bolo: We've been there once.
  • Shantae: This is where Twitch and Vinegar used to went.
  • Sky: Why are you asking me about every place you mentioned that i have ever been to.
  • Genie: They have a big strong man on the block.
  • ???: *hold a big stack of rocks* Huuaaaggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Feel the strength of my power.
  • Jasmime: That's a big looking guy over here.
  • Bolo: He has a X strap on his body.
  • Genie: I thought he is a X-Men.
  • Cassim: What is his name?
  • Genie: His name is Bran-Son. By the way, his real name is Brandon during his personal lifetime.
  • Bran-Son: Hello my friends. You must be willing to show some graitute and muscles on my fasinating adventure.
  • Aladdin: We're on a adventure too. But we need a few questions.
  • Bran-Son: Anything you like from a big strong man.
  • Aladdin: Have you heard of the shards before?
  • Bran-Son: Shards? I thought you're reffering to a broken piece of gem.
  • Jasmine: Rumors were spreading about the existance of purple type monsters flying all over the world. You know what we're talking about.
  • Bran-Son: What do they look like?
  • Genie: *sense* Ah ha. They are meant to look like crawl beasts with red eyes. Most of the females have pink eyes as well.
  • Bran-Son: Very scary shards. They may be sharp as spiders.
  • Genie: They stare at you for a single reason. Plus, they kill people.
  • Bran-Son: This look like the job for a brave hero to come and smash them all in tiny pieces.
  • Tuki: You can be a part of our team.
  • Bran-Son: Ha ha. Being a,member would make me happier.
  • Sky: Great. We have another person joining with us.
  • Bran-Son: Hear me out. The bravest warrior will teach all these little diamonds a lesson.
  • Aladdin: Do whatever you have to say.
  • Bran-Son: Where do shards come from?
  • Shantae: I had a nightmare yesterday. They were in my dream.
  • Bran-Son: Heck, we have to go right in your brain to stop the shards.
  • Shantae: No. They're from a world.
  • Bran-Son: A world you say. What type of world is all about?
  • Shantae: It's a dark dimension. It's a universe where shards exist and destroy worlds together.
  • Bran-Son: They're not reaching to Sequin Land anytime sooner.
  • Sky: If they do, we're stopping them.
  • Bolo: Agrre or disagree.
  • Jasmine: I wish you were out.
  • Bolo: You're playing with me.
  • Bran-Son: I would love to join by your side.
  • Genie: Great. Now you're hired.
  • Bran-Son: Thanks a lot blue ghost.
  • Genie: Huh? I'm a genie.
  • Bran-Son: Ten times the better.
  • Genie: You said it my friend.
  • Bran-Son: Can you grow some muscles?
  • Genie: *grow muscles* Sure. Look like at them now. Big and chunky.
  • Bran-Son: Show your moves.
  • Genie: *grow his body to a strong body* Poof.
  • Bran-Son: You are just like me.
  • Genie: I'll smash them like a blueberry.
  • Rottytops: Hold it. Don't you two wanna be together?
  • Bran-Son: I never met any of you guys before.
  • Shantae: You do remember me all the way back, didn't you?
  • Bran-Son: Did i? I don't even remember everything at all.
  • Shantae: Three years, the attack on Sequin Land. That's where the Pirate Master is leading.
  • Bran-Son: I see what you're talking about.
  • Shantae: You were wearing a pink shirt and have red hair the whole time.
  • Bran-Son: Let me tell you something. Being a hero isn't the easy thing to do. In life, i work out as a fitness trainer and hang around with ladies on my side. Every hero's idenity is kept a secret.
  • Shantae: You read a lot of comic books lately, am i right?
  • Bran-Son: Yes. These superheroes are always here to save the world. Not all superheroes wear capes you know.
  • Shantae: They're unique just like you. Not just like any other hero in Sequin Land.
  • Bran-Son: You could imagine a playboy building a iron suit to form into a armor hero and a god holding up a hammer.
  • Genie: Like a man of chi-chis.
  • Bran-Son: I got a story to make for you guys.
  • Bolo: Would you like to tell about your origin story?
  • Bran-Son: Are you sure? I can go in song mode if you like.
  • Genie: Whatever you say.
  • Shantae: Tell us about your origin story.
  • Bran-Son: I'll start right here.
  • Bolo: You were a brave hero once.
  • Jasmine: That was a pretty good backstory there.
  • Bran-Son: A fierce warrior with the super strength of heart.
  • Jasmine: You work out all day. Geez.
  • Bran-Son: I wish i can defeat those shards for you.
  • Rottytops: Please join our side. Please?
  • Bran-Son: Sorry i can't. I got a club to catch on.
  • Aladdin: Aw man. You'll be great to fight against Risky Boots and Jafar.
  • Bran-Son: I never met any of those guys before.
  • Shantae: Of course you don't know them. But if you join our side, you'll see who these guys are.
  • Bran-Son: Ain't taking a hook.
  • Sky: Let's just go.
  • Shantae: Yeah right. We already have a genie who can shapesnift and bump many enemies at the same time.
  • Bolo: He's better alone without us.
  • Bran-Son:
  • Bolo: If we changed our minds, maybe he can join us.
  • Sky: Just give him a break.
  • Cassim: Who cares. He's pretty loco.
  • Tuki: Not on his watch.
  • Aladdin: Digity.
  • Shantae: Not putting a dime on another hero.


  • Ammo Baron: Any of you guys want a drink of plum juice?
  • Risky Boots: *drop the plum juice bottle* Not drinking that.
  • Ammo Baron: That was my favorite bottle.
  • Risky Boots: No ne is having a drink of your plum.
  • Ammo Baron: But i worked hard on making this healthy drink.
  • Risky Boots: None of your excuses. This is why you always fail on targeting the oppoinents of our mission.
  • Ammo Baron: I lost during the Magical Carpet race.
  • Jafar: We all lost. The brats beat us to death.
  • Ammo Baron: I got my soul reaper on them.
  • Jafar: You didn't even try to get closer.
  • Ammo Baron: All these bottles are copies.
  • Risky Boots: They look the same, but the liquid is bland as diet soda.
  • A: Shame on you.
  • Risky Boots: Shame on me? You're toast.
  • A: I'll tear you a new soul.
  • Jafar: *control Hypno Baron*
  • Hypno Baron: My mind!
  • Risky Boots: Where is that big red squid who likes to joke around?
  • Squid Baron: Did anyone call my name? *land down* Well, i'll be waiting to answer a nice simple question for you baddies.
  • Risky Boots: Not you again. You're the worst baron on the group.
  • Squid Baron: Who's the worst one out there. You?
  • Risky Boots: If you were small, i will squeeze your heart out of existence.
  • Squid Baron: Why are you always mad as a old lady?
  • Risky Boots: You don't call me old!
  • Squid Baron: Ooh, there's a old lady holding a gun on her pants.
  • Risky Boots: *grab Squid Baron* Squishy, stop it!
  • Squid Baron: You're grabbing my nose.
  • Risky Bioots: You don't have a nose.
  • Squid Baron: Oh, my nose. Where is my nose? How do i get one?
  • Risky Boots: You were never born with one.
  • Squid Baron: I can't smell anything without one.
  • Risky Boots: You don't need one.
  • Squid Baron: This is like the shortest conversation ever.
  • Jafar: Get him off the room.
  • Hypno Baron: Go back to your area squid!
  • Squid Baron: Don't you dare push me or i'll make you a new muscle.
  • Jafar: Freeze him.
  • Squid Baron: Freeze like ice cream?
  • Hypno Baron: *freeze Squid Baron* Useless octopus.
  • Risky Boots: Put him in the freezer.
  • Jafar: *warp Squid Baron to the freezer*
  • Hypno Baron: Easy piece of ink.
  • Risky Boots: And your question.
  • Hypno Baron: How is Ammo Baron doing?
  • Jafar: Oh my. We gotta check on him.
  • Risky Boots: I bet he's in full power.
  • Hypno Baron: Go check on him.
  • Jafar: Come with us. You're going to need to seal him.
  • Hypno Baron: I'll give him a better source of dark power inside him.
  • Jafar: He's going to be buffed up more.
  • Hypno Baron: Ammo, are you doing alright?
  • Ammo Baron: I can't get up.
  • Hypno Baron: Jafar, he may not be able to get up anymore due to his weakness of being paralyzed.
  • Jafar: I know how it's done. *reheal Ammo Baron to full health*
  • Ammo Baron: Ah, i don't feel in pain no more.
  • Hypno Baron: You are now 100% full.
  • Ammo Baron: I feel so much better. I can move my legs again.
  • Risky Boots: Can you at least stand?
  • Ammo Baron: *stand on two legs*
  • Risky Boots: Are you better now?
  • Ammo Baron: Much better than before.
  • Jafar: What do you got to say?
  • Ammo Baron:
  • Jafar: Do you need to take pills?
  • Ammo Baron: No pills.
  • Jafar: You still got the red power up on you.
  • Ammo Baron: Yes indeed.
  • Risky Boots: Can you shoot?
  • Ammo Baron: *use the gun to shoot*
  • Jafar: Holy honey buns.
  • Ammo Baron: You see how trustworthy i am with this power.
  • Risky Boots: All your weapons are in full stock.
  • Ammo Baron: Fully loaded like you planned.
  • Risky Boots: I gave you some upgrades for your tanks.
  • Ammo Baron: We're going to need a bigger army.
  • Jafar: The shards will be at your ship.
  • Ammo Baron: You want me to have the shards come to my ship? No way. These little bugs aren't going to fit in one ship together.
  • Jafar: They need some assistance with your henchmen.
  • Risky Boots: They will group up together.
  • Ammo Baron: Oh no, they chew and bite everything in seconds.
  • Jafar: Respect them with courge.
  • Ammo Baron: If we fail our master, he's going to turn my ship into a trash dump.
  • Risky Boots: The God of Shards is not just going to destroy your ship, but he will turn you into a shard like he did with all of his failed minions who tried to complete the plans the master promised.
  • Ammo Baron: He doesn't trust us with all of our wishes. Maybe he wanna turn us into scraps like a piece of metal bolt.
  • Risky Boots: We trusted you on this. You'll have your second chance on defeating both Shantae and Aladdin.
  • Ammo Baron: I'll do my trust on giving them a shot.
  • Risky Boots: You better shoot your targets on time.
  • Ammo Baron: All guns are loaded, ready to aim on the targets i need to kill.
  • Hypno Baron: You're in full shape.
  • Ammo Baron: Hypno, i didn't expect to see you there.
  • Hypno Baron: We need to figure out on catching the blue genie.
  • Ammo Baron: The blue genie? Ugh, you know he's gonna try to put a spell on us.
  • Hypno Baron: Everytime we come close, he's going to shoot us like tapping on a big belly.
  • Ammo Baron: I'm pretty sure he explodes all the time.
  • Hypno Baron: Weak as a flower.
  • Ammo Baron: Do we shoot the zombie too?
  • Hypno Baron: Heh heh, both.
  • Risky Boots: Alright. I'll set up your weapons and try to get Techno Baron into the group.
  • Ammo Baron: Carry on queen.
  • Risky Boots: Go get the annoying squid from the freezer.
  • Hypno Baron: Wow, no one want to pick up a squid who can act more annoying than a five year old telvision.
  • Ammo Baron: Everytime he's sad, he pee with ink on it!
  • Jafar: *open a portal to the fridge* Go grab the idiot.
  • Hypno Baron: He's all ours.
  • Ammo Baron: And he's just being lazy.
  • Jafar: Hurry up. We have a lesson to catch on.
  • Hypno Baron: He's on the fridge for one minute.
  • Ammo Baron: He's getting out.
  • Hypno Baron: Do we shoot the ice cube out?
  • Ammo Baron: Watch and learn ghost.
  • Squid Baron: *grunting* What happen? What kind of frozen land is this? Is this the year 2002?
  • Ammo Baron: Freeze! The bosses need to talk with you.
  • Squid Baron: I need my plum juice.
  • Hypno Baron: Shut up. Just get in the hole.
  • Squid Baron: Tartar sauce.
  • Hypno Baron: This squid is so dumb than a skull.
  • Ammo Baron: He can't follow directions with a group.
  • Hypno Baron: He sucks.
  • Ammo Baron: Boss, we brought him back.
  • Risky Boots: Ugh, the worst hero in history is right on track. What do you want?
  • Squid Baron: Why am i so cold?
  • Jafar: Stop freezing yourself. We need to talk.
  • Squid Baron: You hit that cold brew so hard than a garbage truck.
  • Jafar: *warm up Squid Baron*
  • Squid Baron: Ooh, much better. I'm warm.
  • Risky Boots: You will not fail us one last time. You were suppose to squirk ink at the half-genie's friends.
  • Squid Baron: I'm a bit of a idiot.
  • Risky Boots: Look at me. Did you defeat Shantae and Aladdin?
  • Squid Baron: No. But Shantae is too cute to defeat.
  • Jafar: You didn't even mention about Aladdin. You got a chance on defeating him?
  • Squid Baron: No. I blinked.
  • Risky Boots: Ugh, why do you always fail on anything, big head.
  • Squid Baron: Just give me one more chance for the love of squid.
  • Risky Boots: You look like a fresh meal on the inside. Final warning. Do not fail us or the feather master will turn you into one of his diamonds.
  • Squid Baron: What if he take my tooth out as a punishment?
  • Risky Boots: Your tooth will be used for a shard robot's body.
  • Squid Baron: Oh no. Anything but that! I need a tooth to eat!
  • Hypno Baron: You're not even listening. You're a fool!
  • Squid Baron: How do i look like i fool?
  • Ammo Baron: You're not even following the compancy.
  • Jafar: Let's go see the master.

(Back at the plaza-like fishing town, the gang are sitting in the fountain while Abu try to look for some fruits in the bushes)

  • Shantae: Do you think we're gonna find a bunch of heroes who can defeat the lords?
  • Aladdin: Being a prince and a street rat is what my routine used to be. I've seen a bunch of warriors before who wield their swords and slash every monster in the dungeon.
  • Sky: We escaped a pyramid once and it was all a mess with sand and skeletons crawling into the sand pit.
  • Genie: Ooh, we found coins on the fountain.
  • Rottytops: Don't touch. Those are wishes.
  • Genie: Wishes? On a coin? No way i'm picking those.
  • Cassim: Don't just take the coins. How about you two make a wish together.
  • Genie: I don't have a lucky penny with me.
  • Cassim: I'll do it for you.
  • Genie: Ooh, make a wish. Wish for the nile.
  • Rottytops: Wish for the nile?
  • Genie: No. Don't repeat what i say. Say it in your own words.
  • Rottytops: I wish i wear a crown.
  • Genie: A crown, you got it. Ding-ding-ding.
  • Rottytops: I'm the queen of the world.
  • Genie: Should we make you a princess or a salewoman?
  • Rottytops: A pretty princess.
  • Genie: Now you are a princess!
  • Rottytops: Who want some gitter?
  • Shantae: Gitter? You got some all over your eyelashes.
  • Rottytops: Now i'm a half-human being. Wee!
  • Jasmine: Did she grow long hair by the time we got here?
  • Tuki: Future princess, do you want to buy some good deals when we return to my palace?
  • Rottytops: Where are the gems that glow around you that make you super in yellow?
  • Tuki: I don't even sell those. Sorry.
  • Genie: Those are actually Chaos Emeralds. They came from the planet of Mobius and sadly, they're from another dimension and i can't offer you the gems to bring them to their world. Heroes need to use their own powers to save the world from darkness. Do you have any other wish to name?
  • Rottytops: Uh, a light bulb?
  • Genie: What do you need a light blub for? You need one for your lamp every night when you sleep?
  • Rottytops: I need it for light.
  • Genie: that's just simple. Okay, now i grant you your wish.
  • Rottytops: Wow, a light bulb. Thanks Genie.
  • Genie: One final wish i can make for you.
  • Rottytops: I want a baby mushroom.
  • Genie: A baby mushroom? You need any 1-Ups before the end of the world?
  • Rottytops: No. Just a little baby mushroom from our world.
  • Genie: Any flavor you want like poison or dry? I can make it rotten green if you want.
  • Rottytops: Make it rotten.
  • Genie: Rotten. Check.
  • Rottytops: Make it dry like raisin.
  • Genie: Final wish of the day. Ding-ding-ding.
  • Rottytops: My wish just came true.
  • Sky: Cool. Can we also make our own wishes while we can?
  • Genie: Um, nope. That's all you wish for.
  • Jasmine: What about our wishes? We didn't even wish for any, but her.
  • Genie: Sorry guys. You guys are a group together. One person is responible for all the wishes she make. 24 hours a day to make another three wishes.
  • Sky: Ugh. Thanks a lot Rottytops. You couldn't tell us how to make a actual wish for a promissing.
  • Jasmine: You should have wished Risky Boots and Jafar to disappearance, but all the dull wishes we didn't ask for.
  • Rottytops: I made the wishes all by myself, not you guys. Get a life.
  • Cassim: No more playing around. You twist your head all the time and take your body parts off to play like puppets and androids.
  • Tuki: On the next day when we reach to the final battle, we'll make our move.
  • Aladdin: But we won't be able to win and save the world on time.
  • Genie: Guys, come on. Chill out. Don't you have anywhere to complain but the water fountain?
  • Rottytops: Nah, we'll hanging out in here.
  • Jasmine: Teenagers, we shouldn't even be around with teenagers who flip around and do crazy things like Rottytops.
  • Shantae: I know how you feel Jasmine. But you still trust me.
  • Jasmine: I trust you for anything.
  • Bolo: If we win, we can hang out on our own.
  • Jasmine: Not you boy. Get out of my face.
  • Bolo: Hey, chill. I was just hugging you.
  • Jasmine: Scam out.
  • Shantae: Bolo, we can do this another time, not in a moment like when we lost our chances to wish something.
  • Bolo: But we were robbed like when our tent was robbed since fifth grade.
  • Shantae: Fifth grade was a crazy year for me.
  • Aladdin: I have been surviving for years and now, i get to live for more years with all the food i deserve to eat at the palace.
  • Tuki: Unless you buy something at the shop, sweetheart.
  • Rottytops: I never knew i'm going to live with all the wishes i got.
  • Genie: Today is your lucky day. You read my mind and asked first.
  • Sky: This sucks.
  • Genie: *mocking Sky* This sucks. Don't listen to the haters girl. Be yourself and don't follow the pickers' way on getting you in trouble. Stay out of trouble.
  • Rottytops: I will stay out of trouble like a normal worker.
  • Jasmine: Well that was some fresh air of relaxment. We still gotta go.
  • Cassim: We gotta get going before the world ends on a bad note.
  • Bolo: The day is not gonna hold back on us. It's all on us.
  • Tuki: We'll make our move.
  • Cassim: Do we keep going or what?
  • Genie: I'll say, head over this way to the beach.
  • Shantae: The beach, yeah. The next step to find some clues.
  • Genie: Clues, check. Time to head over to the beach.
  • Shantae: Ret-2-Go on another quest.
  • Bolo: It's go time.
  • Genie: You'll never have friends like us. Not even for a blue genie himself.


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