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Chapter 3 is the third chapter of Shantae and Aladdin: Arabian Dreams written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "A Message from the Dark Dimension/The Chase".


(In another dimension in the Dark Dimension, a bunch of planets are filled with wastelands, made of shards. Shard monsters are fighting in the resistance group and throwing swords at the human skeletons. A group of shard penguins walk in to enter the doomship and lift off. On the destroyed shard island, a portal open as Risky Boots, Jafar and Iago arrive to see the Feather God.)

  • Feather God: Hello earthlings, you decided to see me as your granted reward.
  • Risky Boots: I drop the shard and you appeared out of nowhere.
  • Feather God: I open up bubbles to see my minions like i open this one. *open the bubble orb of Agrabah*
  • Jafar: So you must be a feather mask, planning on destroying a bunch of worlds.
  • Feather God: Yes. You used my shards. I am a leader of a army of shards called the Shard Empire. We are a much bigger group than all the bad guys in other universes alike.
  • Risky Boots: I have a army of Tinkerbats back home.
  • Feather God: Ah ha, bring some minions here to control as shards.
  • Risky Boots: I wish i can do that, but how to we get home?
  • Feather God: With my teleporting skills, you will be much powerful than all of my shards.
  • Jafar: Oh yes, we will be able to teleport anytime we wish.
  • Iago: Do i get some?
  • Feather God: No. You are much more of a sidekick.
  • Iago: Darn it.
  • Jafar: Oh, may a get a new snake staff as well? Mine was fallen into the fire.
  • Feather God: Sure thing. I will build you one for you. *make a new snake staff with his magic powers*
  • Jafar: *grab his staff* Wow, oh my. It's the same thing like before.
  • Feather God: What's wrong with it?
  • Jafar: Nothing. This staff is new like the last one!
  • Feather God: Yes! Now i will give you powers to teleport. *spread magic powers on Jafar and Risky Boots*
  • Iago: Blue powder, huh?
  • Feather God: It's not powder you parrot!
  • Iago: Oops.
  • Risky Boots: I feel strange.
  • Jafar: I can still free.
  • Feather God: Perfect. Now you guys are much powerful than all the shards in my group. Hey big boy, go crush those guys.
  • Big Shard Penguin Monster: *roars*
  • Jafar: Break the shard! *use his staff to crush the shard monster*
  • Iago: What?
  • Feather God: Incredible.
  • Jafar: You were suppose to give us teleporting powers, not god powers like a devil!
  • Feather God: But i gave you your teleporting powers. Also, i gave you god powers as well. Go kill the pirate ugly frog beast.
  • Shard Frog Beast: I'll tear you a new skull bra apart.
  • Risky Boots: Not without it. *cut the shard frog beast in half*
  • Iago: Ooh.
  • Feather God: By the way, those mutant shards are formed from Dave's medusa serum. We create every single serum of our own to make and mutate it on every single shard in the world. Oh, i use my magic powers to turn the shards into a monster.
  • Risky Boots: You spread some medusa blood into a shard's DNA?
  • Feather God: I'm not talking about the monster, after the blue penguin defeated me in 2015, the shards figure out a way to make more serums after the war torn apart from the battle i had with the animals. But this put a smile on my face.
  • Jafar: You don't have a mouth. Where did your mouth go?
  • Feather God: I don't have a mouth. You don't wanna make me punch in the face to become a powerful dark bird which will go into your soul alive.
  • Risky Boots: I promise to kill a hero for you and return back to your world.
  • Feather God: Oh yes, who do you want to destroy?
  • Risky Boots: Shantae and Aladdin.
  • Jafar: That prince and genie will die in our hands. Look like we're gonna get the task done for you.
  • Feather God: Alright, go kill the prince and genie and come back to me if you have their dead bodies.
  • Risky Boots: We promise master.
  • Iago: Up up and away.
  • Jafar: Look like we're off to go. Ciao. *use his staff to teleport himself, Risky Boots and Iago back to the Cave of Wonders*
  • Feather God: Ah, now how i am going to clean this mess up without taking a chance?

(Back at Risky's hideout in the secret lab, the Tinkerbat Captain is on the computer and checking on the cave maze of the Cave of Wonders)

  • Tinkerbat Captain: What taking the lady pirate so long?
  • Tinkerbat Guard: Sir, what are you doing? You can't be in here.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: I'm trying to check where that lady pirate is.
  • Tinkerbat Guard: Get out of here and go to sleep. It's already late and it's like midnight.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: Fine. I'm going to bed!

(Back at the Cave of Wonders, Jafar, Risky Boots and Iago arrive back from teleporting)

  • Jafar: Alright, now where is the prince and genie?
  • Risky Boots: I don't see them in the treasure room.
  • Iago: Keep looking. This place is just like a sunken cruise ship.
  • Risky Boots: I hate cruises.
  • Jafar: I just locate them.
  • Risky Boots: What? But we don't have a radar or something to locate the brats.
  • Jafar: They're sleeping together.
  • Risky Boots: What?! Ew! I need to stop this romance right away.
  • Iago: Just because you sleep with someone, doesn't mean that you're in love.
  • Risky Boots: Shush it red bird, i'm going to destroy their dreams right away. *use her dark magic powers to destroy some rocks* Wow, i look different.
  • Jafar: You just turn the rocks from shards to dust.
  • Risky Boots: Ah ha, i know what i can do to them.
  • Iago: Make them loco like a adelie penguin?
  • Risky Boots: Nope. I will give them nightmares.
  • Jafar: Go ahead, we're running out of time and we need some sleep.

(At the bedroom, Jafar, Risky Boots and Iago sneak in)

  • Iago: I see a tent.
  • Risky Boots and Jafar: Shhhhhh.
  • Iago: What?
  • Risky Boots: Get out.
  • Iago: Fine.
  • Aladdin: *sleeping* You hear something?
  • Risky Boots and Jafar: *cover their mouths from getting caught*
  • Shantae: *sleeping* No. I think someone is lost and trying to find their way out.
  • Risky Boots: *whisper* Now it's our chance. *walk into the bed and spread dark magic powers on Shantae and Aladdin* Look like they will be having depression for a year*
  • Jafar: Now these two will stay here forever and die off. Now we can take over Agrabah by morning.
  • Risky Boots: I'll be a queen, you be a king.
  • Jafar: At last, after many years, i will finally be king of Agrabah.
  • Risky Boots: Shhhhhh, sweetheart, you're going to wake them up.
  • Jafar: Oh. We're outta here.

(In the hallway)

  • Iago: What took you guys so long?
  • Risky Boots: That's none of your business.
  • Jafar: You almost got us caught like they're awake.
  • Iago: But Aladdin is with the girl.
  • Risky Boots: You almost ruined the plan for us!
  • Iago: It's not my fault that Feather God almost failed the mission for you guys.
  • Risky Boots: *choke on Iago* I succeed more than you do on your days with the prince.
  • Jafar: Stop choking please, i'm getting tired right now.
  • Risky Boots: *stop choking Iago* We need to find a room to sleep in.

(In Risky Boots and Jafar's bedroom)

  • Risky Boots: This look like a nice bed for us to sleep. *move the skeleton out of the bed*
  • Jafar: Oh, i didn't bring clothes for the quest.
  • Risky Boots: You're reborn you dork.
  • Jafar: Is it me or one of your pirate mates aren't invite for the quest.
  • Risky Boots: I don't have any human mates on my ship. I don't have any friends!
  • Iago: Well you should be our friend for you.
  • Risky Boots: *use a magic spell to make Iago go to sleep on the bird* I hate this parrot so much.
  • Jafar: I can't take it of this parrot. Why won't he stop talking.
  • Risky Boots: *take her pirate hat off* Don't worry master, i will finish where you first started.
  • Jafar: Who are you talking to?
  • Risky Boots: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking of my old master. But our new master will be much powerful and he will be able to destroy the worlds by morning.
  • Jafar: The plan will work out. But we have to go to sleep. *take his clothes off*
  • Risky Boots: Mind if we can have some sex?
  • Jafar: No. I don't think we should do that. I'm okay with it.
  • Risky Boots: That's fine by me. We have a better relationship that those brats.
  • Jafar: One day, we get married and our kids will train hard to destroy every single hero in different worlds.
  • Risky Boots: Look like their dreams will be wicked and disaster will come to them.
  • Jafar: Goodnight my sweet queen. Sweet nightmares.
  • Risky Boots: By morning. We're outta here.

(Meanwhile in the other bedroom, Shantae is having a vision in her dream as she warped into her mind)

  • Shantae: Where am i?
  • ???: Glad you made it here.
  • Shantae: Who said that?
  • Feather God: I am the Feather God. The most powerful being in the omniverse.
  • Shantae: Omniverse?
  • Feather God: It's a bunch of universes alike. It's also called a multiverse as well.
  • Shantae: How did i get here?
  • Risky Boots: You were teleported sweetheart.
  • Shantae: Risky Boots!
  • Risky Boots: Ah ha, you knew it was me the whole time.
  • Shantae: What are you doing here and what is that feather mask doing here?
  • Risky Boots: Oh, the most powerful being is here to see you. Look like your world is going to be the first to destroy.
  • Feather God: Alright. Now i'll crush it. *telekinetically ripping apart Shantae's world and destroy it among the other universes*
  • Shantae: No!
  • Risky Boots: *evil laugh* Yes! Look like all the universes have been destroyed by us.
  • Shantae: You didn't even do anything! First of all, why are you obsessed with me?
  • Risky Boots: I came to your lighthouse every time to get that stupid tiara of yours. Look like we have a army of shards to destroy the rest of your friends.
  • Feather God: My Shard Empire would be able to control the people and turn them to shards in the post apocalyptic future. Our future will be powerful than the last one we had.
  • Risky Boots: Agrabah is destroyed, Sequin Land is destroyed and everything you love is destroyed.
  • Shantae: What about the Genie Realm? I hope that realm is hidden within the omniverse.
  • Risky Boots: It's destroyed as well. My new master has the sense to locate all the worlds in the omniverse like Antarctica and the Dragon Kingdom.
  • Shantae: You monster.
  • Risky Boots: Ha. I almost killed everyone, even your Uncle Mimic was there too.
  • Feather God: Play the musical number now!
  • Risky Boots: Yes. I love when music play.
  • Shantae: Where is that song coming from?
  • Risky Boots: Just a little tune to play with. *singing*

All up in the ships, sayin' we met at the dock

When I don't even, know who you are

Sayin' we up in your house, sayin' I'm up in your boat

But you in LA, and I'm out at the hideout

I'm up in the R, you're so so lame

And no one here, even mentions your name

It must be the genie, it must be the S

Heard you get it poppin', you get it poppin'

Ah oh

Why you so obsessed with me?

Girl I want to know, lyin' that you're sexing me

When everybody knows, it's clear that you're upset with me

Ohh, finally found a girl that you couldn't impress

Last woman on the earth, still couldn't get this

You're delusional, you're delusional

Girl you're losing your mind

It's confusing you, you're confused you know

Why you wasting your time?

Got you all fired up, with your Napoleon complex

Seein' right through you like you're bathin' in Windex

  • Shantae: First of all, Windex is suppose to be for cleaning, not for baths!
  • Risky Boots: *sing like a princess* You can't hear me singing!
  • Feather God: Continue the song!
  • Risky Boots:

You on your job, you hatin' hard

Ain't goin' feed you, I'm a let you starve

Graspin' for air, and I'm ventilation

You out of breath, hope you ain't waitin'

Tellin' the world how much you miss me,

But we never were, so why you trippin'?

You a mom and pop, I'm a corporation

I'm the, press conference, you're a conversation

Ah oh

Why you so obsessed with me?

And boy I want to know, lyin' that you're sexing me

When everybody knows, it's clear that you're upset with me

Oh, finally found a girl that you couldn't impress

Last man on the earth, still couldn't get this

You're delusional, you're delusional

Boy you're losing your mind

It's confusing yo, you're confused you know

Why you wasting your time?

Got you all fired up, with your Napoleon complex

Seein' right through you like you're bathin' in Windex

  • Shantae: Stop singing. You're finished! *fireball at Risky Boots*
  • Risky Boots: *punch the fireball*
  • Shantae: Huh?
  • Risky Boots: With a single new power, i am now a goddess.
  • Shantae: What? No. You didn't tell me that you were a goddess.
  • Risky Boots: With my new master, he will be able to rest all the worlds apart and we will be rich. Destroy the genie now!
  • Feather God: Yes. You're finished! *control Shantae*
  • Shantae: What are you doing?
  • Feather God: You are now in my side. Join us so we can rule the omniverse.
  • Shantae: Nooooo!

(The nightmare end)

  • Shantae: Ah!
  • Aladdin: What's wrong?
  • Shantae: I had a strange nightmare. It was Risky Boots and that feather mask destroying my world.
  • Aladdin: I had a dream too as well. It was a nightmare.
  • Shantae: You had a nightmare too?
  • Aladdin: Yes. A really bad one.
  • Shantae: That really sucks.
  • Genie: What's going on? Why do i hear all of that screaming?
  • Shantae: I can't feel my brain.
  • Genie: Uh oh. You need a doctor. *transform into a doctor* Okay, let me check. Your mind seem to be hurting. Do you need a pill or something?
  • Aladdin: Genie, why are you making jokes?
  • Genie: Shush! I am only here to help because of my schedule. *feed a pill to Shantae* Oops, she eat the pill.
  • Aladdin: She's not a animal.
  • Shantae: Can we sleep together?
  • Genie: Wait, what? Why do you want to sleep together?
  • Aladdin: This can help to stop the depression.
  • Genie: *transforms his clothes as pajamas* Alright. To the tent.

(In the tent)

  • Shantae: Man, you are like a daddy.
  • Genie: All better now.
  • Aladdin: Try to not fart in front of the lady like you did in the last five years.
  • Genie: Why are you telling me what to do during a wish?
  • Shantae: It's not a wish, we really need to get some rest.
  • Genie: Fine. Goodnight and don't let the bed bugs bite.
  • Aladdin: You're funny Genie. Goodnight.
  • Shantae: Sweet dreams.
  • Genie: Ah.

(The next day in a mansion bedroom at Spiderweb Island)

  • Rottytops: *yawns* Good morning boys.
  • Poe: It's morning, isn't it?
  • Abner: It's night!
  • Rottytops: The sky is alway that bad.
  • Poe: We own the big house.
  • Abner: First of all, it's a mansion. Second of all, it's not a playground!
  • Poe: Why you have to be so rude?
  • Rottytops: Boys, this mansion belong to us. No one can tell us what to do with this new mansion.
  • Abner: Let's just go and grab a zombie sandwich for now.
  • Poe: I want salad with ants on it.
  • Rottytops: Ew, i would rather eat a brain than a eagle sandwich.
  • Poe: Eagle sandwich?
  • Abner: I'm making a croc soup for myself.
  • Rottytops: You know that we eat dead creatures on this island, right?
  • Poe: I want snake soup.
  • Abner: Now you want snake soup? Are you crazy?
  • Poe: I'm not the craziest man in the world.
  • Rottytops: Oh, here come the best part.
  • Poe: What is it?
  • Abner: Don't tell me that you're gonna-
  • Rottytops: *fart* Ah, today it's a new day.
  • Abner: Ugh! Not again.
  • Poe: She alway does that every morning.
  • Rottytops: Every zombie does that too. Let's go grab some dead eggs on the nest.
  • Abner: Fine.
  • Poe: Let's just go.

(Back at the Cave of Wonders in the temple bedroom)

  • Genie: Good morning everyone. Time for breakfast.
  • Aladdin: Genie.
  • Shantae: Uh, good morning?
  • Genie: *transform into a chef* What do you like for breakfast?
  • Aladdin: This isn't a restaurant. We have to get out of here now!
  • Genie: What about breakfast? I hate skipping breakfast.
  • Shantae: Ugh. Just serve us some waffles.
  • Genie: Waffles? Do you like Waffles? I like that song.
  • Shantae: Not the song, the food!
  • Genie: Oh. I thought Awesometown is a real place from the song. But here is the waffles!
  • Aladdin: They look cold and raw.
  • Genie: Oops. *transform into a dragon* Time for some crispy taste! *flame the waffles* Here you go.
  • Shantae: Ooh.
  • Aladdin: Thanks a lot.
  • Genie: All rights reserved. Copyright me.
  • Shantae: It taste good like a pancake.
  • Genie: But it's not a pancake. It's a crispy meal. Oh well. *transform back to a genie* Back to me.

(Back at Risky Boots' bedroom)

  • Iago: Is it still dark?
  • Risky Boots: Good morning my love. Get dressed, it's time to destroy the genie and prince.
  • Jafar: It's about time. After we kill them, Agrabah is going to be our new home.
  • Risky Boots: What about Sequin Land?
  • Jafar: Sequin Land will be second.
  • Iago: Come on guys, don't you know how to make decisions?
  • Risky Boots: We know you red bird.
  • Iago: *singing* I'm at a payphone trying to call home. All of my change I spent on you.
  • Risky Boots: Stop singing!
  • Iago: You don't like a musical number?
  • Jafar: She hate singing.
  • Risky Boots: I hate when people sing in muscial numbers. Let's go stop that genie and prince then.
  • Jafar: I'm on it.

(At the hallway with Shantae, Aladdin and Genie)

  • Genie: Ah, i could have another bite in days.
  • Aladdin: Just wait for lunch.
  • Shantae: You look fat on the inside.
  • Genie: Hey! Don't judge a book by its cover.
  • Shantae: But we're not reading a book.
  • Genie: That what people do in reviews. Even the critics say that do as well.
  • Aladdin: So where we heading?
  • Genie: We're outta here. No more treasure hunts for you.
  • Shantae: This place look like a castle sunken in from the sand.
  • Genie: Just like when people discover the dinosaurs in bones.
  • Aladdin: Is there a bathroom in this place. I need to pee.
  • Genie: What? Now? Fine. Go use the private bathroom. And no coming out naked.
  • Aladdin: Okay. I'll be back.
  • Shantae: Hurry up, we're gonna be outta here soon.
  • Genie: Very very soon!
  • Shantae: Don't shout in front of the skeletons.
  • Genie: But they're dead. They're all dead.
  • Shantae: They could be haunted or a ghost might got sucked to them.
  • Genie: Do you think a ghostbuster could come and suck them in?
  • Shantae: How many movies have you watched?
  • Genie: I watched a lot of movies from other dimensions. Something that give me a vibe.
  • Shantae: This is so unlike you, Genie. So clandestine. Are you sure you wouldn't rather just punch your way out?
  • Genie: If you keep speaking I just might.
  • Shantae: Fine. As you wish.
  • Genie: I'm not even here. I'm walking. *use his diversion tactics and turn himself into Aladdin* Is this better?
  • Shantae: Yeah. We're in love after all. *turn into Jasmine* Wow, i look like a real princess.
  • Aladdin: As you wish my princess.
  • Jasmine: Ha ha, very funny. *she and Genie transform to Barbara and Rayman*
  • Rayman: Wow. I didn't know i have a floating body.
  • Barbara: You're a limbless person you skullhead.
  • Rayman: Are you in a whoop in the head or something? *he and Shantae transform to Koops and Koopie Koo*
  • Koopie Koo: Uh.........
  • Koops: Hey, i'm a turtle from Paper Mario.
  • Koopie Koo: One more reference joke and i'm kicking you in the shell.
  • Koops: That is just rude of you. We're changing forms. *he and Shantae transform to Bolo and Rottytops* Is this better now?
  • Rottytops: You got the wrong form!
  • Bolo: Oh. My bad.
  • Rottytops: I'm not a zombie. My friend is a zombie.
  • Bolo: Oh. Mind as well we play the guitars and rock and roll?
  • Rottytops: No. Change the forms now.
  • Bolo: Fine.
  • Rottytops: Thank you as your kindness. *she and Genie transform to the Puffle Handler and Ramón*
  • Ramón: Oh look at me, i'm a handsome adelie penguin. Look at me, i am a penguin!
  • Puffle Handler: Can you stop screaming. Why do i look like a big brown penguin?
  • Ramón: You know, a puffle handler. For taking care of puffles from a penguin island. But i am from Adelie-Land and like to do the cha cha cha and mambo.
  • Puffle Handler: Nice try short one. You're breaking the 4th wall alot. Can you try to be normal and stop acting like a penguin from Adelie-Land?
  • Ramón: *look back at her* Okie dokie. We got it still. *hit from the wall* Ouch. What was that for? *transform back to Genie.
  • Puffle Handler: You know i'm not playing games with you Genie boy. *transform back to Shantae*
  • Genie: But we're partners.
  • Shantae: Just friends, alright?
  • Genie: Friends.
  • Aladdin: Hey guys, i'm back. That bathroom break took me so long to rest my-
  • Genie: Ah, we don't wanna talk about it.
  • Shantae: This isn't a private place to talk about sex.
  • Aladdin: Let's not worry about it.
  • Genie: Why are we here? How do we get out of this place?
  • Shantae: There might be some clues to figure out to leave this cave.
  • Genie: But it turn out to be a dead pyramid.
  • Aladdin: It's not just a pyramid. It's a cave of wonders.
  • Genie: The place open at night. It seems that it's already morning!
  • Shantae: Morning? Where the light?
  • Aladdin: There is light except for the glowing stones.
  • Genie: It's getting hot in here.
  • Shantae: I'm scared that a bug could crawl into the cave.

(Back with Risky Boots, Jafar and Iago in the hallway)

  • Risky Boots: Where is that stupid she-brat?
  • Jafar: There in the hallway.
  • Iago: But we are in the hallway.
  • Risky Boots: This is the other hallway you rotten bird!
  • Iago: Hey, don't call me that.
  • Jafar: They must be on the other side.
  • Risky Boots: Destroy the wall, i can hear them from the back.
  • Jafar: I'm on it. No more playing games. *use his snake staff to destroy the wall where Shantae, Aladdin and Genie are*
  • Genie: Ah! Jafar is back!
  • Shantae: Risky Boots?
  • Aladdin: Iago?
  • Iago: Hey Aladdin and Genie, i didn't see you there.
  • Genie: What a plot twist, what is going on around here?
  • Risky Boots: Two genies?! No! That's impossible.
  • Jafar: That blue genie over here is a wacky trickster. He doesn't grant you wishes but all he does is funny stuff.
  • Risky Boots: The real genie must be Shantae.
  • Shantae: Risky Boots, what are you doing here with your new parrot pet and a evil sorcerer?
  • Risky Boots: Oh, this grand vizier right here is my new boyfriend.
  • Aladdin: Boyfriend?!
  • Genie: Ouch! That gotta hurt. *close up to Risky's skull bra* Hey, what is that on your skull bra? Looks like my mother's boobies.
  • Risky Boots: *grab Genie's hair* Don't even think about it.
  • Genie: Yes, i was- *get thrown on the wall by Risky* That gotta hurt in a cartoony way. *get off the wall* Oof, now that's better. Back to the conversation.
  • Shantae: First of all, you can't date someone you just met.
  • Risky Boots: I don't care what people said. We can do whatever we want.
  • Shantae: We're going home right now. Pack your bags and we're leaving.
  • Risky Boots: We're not going anywhere.
  • Jafar: You're all staying with us 'til Agrabah is ours.
  • Aladdin: First of all, i'm the king of Agrabah and second of all, you're not a good grand vizier like what the Sultan say.
  • Jafar: We will kill the Sultan and take over the throne. Next, your princess Jasmine will be trapped in a bottle like a slave!
  • Risky Boots: Enough talking, let's fight the two genies and prince right now.
  • Genie: Let's fight. *transform to a kung fu fighter* Hyaaaa! Let's do some kung fu fighting.
  • Jafar: Iago, get rid of the blue genie.
  • Iago: I'm on it.
  • Genie: Time to fight! *fight Iago* Man, you are like a fly.
  • Iago: I am a flyer you dork.
  • Shantae: You're in time out! *fight Risky Boots*
  • Jafar: Come on street rat, don't just stand here and fight like a warrior!
  • Aladdin: You're dead again! *fight Jafar*
  • Jafar: Take this! *hit Aladdin with his staff*
  • Aladdin: Ah. Son of a snake.
  • Jafar: *shoot some dark spheres at the wall* Lose all you want. This is the first place to destroy.
  • Aladdin: *kick Jafar*
  • Jafar: Ow. Stupid.
  • Shantae: *kick Risky in the knee*
  • Risky Boots: Watch it!
  • Shantae: *punch Risky in the face*
  • Risky Boots: Idiot! *slap Shantae and kick her in the belly*
  • Shantae: Ow.
  • Risky Boots: Now it's time for you to die.
  • Shantae: *kick Risky and hold the sword up to her*
  • Risky Boots: That's my sword.
  • Shantae: Don't even think about it.
  • Risky Boots: Beat it genie girl.
  • Shantae: *punch Risky in the belly*
  • Risky Boots: Not again.
  • Shantae: *jump and grab Risky Boots*
  • Risky Boots: Don't touch me!
  • Shantae: Everyone touch people. But you are one of them.
  • Risky Boots: Get off of me street mouse!
  • Shantae: You called me a street mouse? *throw Risky to the wall*
  • Genie: Wow. Now that's a throwdown. *slap Iago*
  • Iago: Stop slapping me.
  • Jafar: Risky Boots!
  • Aladdin: Ha. Go cry off a river or something with your pirate girlfriend.
  • Shantae: Let's go home.
  • Aladdin: We can't leave without Iago.
  • Genie: He's fighting me!
  • Risky Boots: I will kill the genie. I will kill the genie in half!
  • Jafar: Go stop those street rodents now!
  • Risky Boots: *hold her sword* Which one of you should i kill first? The prince! *run and hold her sword to Aladdin*
  • Shantae: *use her sword to block the attack from Risky Boots*
  • Risky Boots: Move away genie brat!
  • Aladdin: Shantae, what are you doing?
  • Shantae: Go. I'll handle this.
  • Risky Boots: Die you genie brat.
  • Shantae: No. You die first.
  • Jafar: Go Risky Boots. Slice her in pieces.
  • Risky Boots: Sweet piece of snack for me. *push the sword*
  • Shantae: *push the sword in lightning form*
  • Risky Boots: Huh?
  • Shantae: Electric slash! *slash Risky Boots and Jafar to the wall*
  • Aladdin: Yes!
  • Shantae: We did it together.
  • Iago: Hey.
  • Genie: Pay attention. *bite Iago's beak*
  • Iago: Hey.
  • Genie: Come on parrot, let's fight like a pirate. Arggg!
  • Iago: You're going to lose.
  • Risky Boots: *get up* Monster!
  • Jafar: That genie is a monster. We have to kill them all now.
  • Shantae: Alright. Let's dance through the danger.
  • Aladdin: Time for the real battle.

(Shantae and Aladdin continue to fight Risky Boots and Jafar as the background song "Dance Through the Danger" plays for the fight theme. Shantae fireballs at Risky Boots as Aladdin use a sword to fight Jafar.)

  • Jafar: Ah ha, that sword is weak of yours.
  • Aladdin: You're strong as a wrestler. *broke the sword* Huh?
  • Jafar: *kick Aladdin to the wall*
  • Shantae: *karate kick Risky and kick her in the belly*
  • Risky Boots: I hate this street mouse! *use her Flintlock Pistol to shoot on Shantae*
  • Shantae: *whip her hair from the gun shots* Your gun shots aren't powerful than a long hair. *whip on Risky Boots*
  • Risky Boots: *jump and bite Shantae's arm*
  • Shantae: Hey. *hit Risky's face*
  • Risky Boots: Are you a lion or something?
  • Shantae: No. Neither a hyena. thunder shock on Risky Boots*
  • Risky Boots: I need a shower already.

(Genie and Iago are still fighting, Genie as a bird slap Iago with the power of wind)

  • Iago: Where are you going smarty pants?
  • Genie: Up and away! *hit Iago to the ground* Useless.
  • Iago: Ow.
  • Aladdin: *use the rocks to hit Jafar* How do you like that?
  • Jafar: *destroy the rocks with his staff* That's not how you play baseball. *shoot on Aladdin*
  • Aladdin: Ow.
  • Shantae: Aladdin!
  • Risky Boots: *grab Shantae* The party's over now genie.
  • Genie: *transform into a superhero* I am now Super Genie! *punch Jafar on the back*
  • Jafar: Ow. My back.
  • Genie: Eek! A supervillain capturing a woman. This is now up for Super Genie to save the day.
  • Risky Boots: Come here superhero, you're no match for a human pirate.
  • Genie: Bring it on Kree from Xandar!
  • Risky Boots: I am not a Kree. *hold her sword up to Genie* I am a human being! *fight Genie*
  • Genie: *kick Risky to the ground* Oof. Mommy is gonna cry for the daughter on the incident.
  • Risky Boots: *kick Genie to the ceiling*
  • Genie: Ow. What kind of editing is that? *smash the ground*
  • Risky Boots: *move back from Genie smashing the ground* Don't worry Jafar, let's leave now.
  • Jafar: What about the prince?
  • Risky Boots: I have something for you Aladdin.
  • Aladdin: No.
  • Shantae: *transform into a monkey and pull Risky on the bra*
  • Risky Boots: Get off of me monkey!
  • Aladdin: Abu? You look different.
  • Genie: Hey. That's not Abu. It's a pink monkey fighting a pirate.
  • Shantae: *transform into a lizard and bite Risky's knee*
  • Risky Boots: *grab Shantae* I know who are you lizard. *throw Shantae on the wall*
  • Shantae: You can't stop me now Risky. *transform to the bat* Ugh. An attitude like me? *fly to Risky Boots*
  • Risky Boots: Jafar, stop this vampire now!
  • Jafar: Alright, the bat is finally dead. *use his staff to shoot dark powers on Shantae*
  • Shantae: *dodge the dark powers* Get those dark gas off of me!
  • Jafar: You want more? There you go! *use the staff to laser on Shantae*
  • Shantae: *dodge the laser attack* Stop!
  • Aladdin: Genie, do something.
  • Genie: Um? Rescue mission! *fly and grab Aladdin*
  • Aladdin: That's not what i said!
  • Genie: But that is part of the plan. Every superhero save the person from the supervillain. That what it said on the comics.
  • Aladdin: Not all comics are superheroes you know.
  • Genie: Oh. I thought they were. *put Aladdin on the sand* Stay here and don't move.
  • Aladdin: Hurry up! We're running out of time.
  • Shantae: Hey superhero, we're in trouble and hurry up already!
  • Genie: Such a bad attitude. I don't like when people get sassy over things.
  • Jafar: Come on Genie, give me one of your best shots.
  • Genie: Okay. *zap both Risky Boots and Jafar* Boo-yah! Zapping like a laser tag.
  • Shantae: *transform back to a half-genie* Genie, get us out of here now.
  • Genie: Alright you love birds, let's get the heck out of this place! *fly as Shantae and Aladdin jump to Genie's back and Genie break the wall to escape the Cave of Wonders*
  • Risky Boots: Are you alright Jafar?
  • Jafar: Yes. It hurts so much.
  • Risky Boots: I hate superheroes. I hope we kill them all in the universes someday.
  • Jafar: Oh my. *clean eyes* They're escaping!
  • Risky Boots: That fat superhero stole Shantae from us. I demand you to stop them right now.
  • Jafar: Alright. In genie form! *transform into a genie* I'LL KILL THEM ALL!
  • Risky Boots: *hop on Jafar's back* Let's go and kill the half-genie hero.
  • Jafar: Time to burn these lame superheroes out. *grab Iago and fly into the hole*

(The background song end as Jafar, Risky Boots and Iago enter the hole of the Cave of Wonders to chase Genie, Shantae and Aladdin)

  • Genie: Man, Super Genie know how to make an escape to this place.
  • Shantae: There got to be a way out of this. I'm scared.
  • Genie: Nothing will happen. No problems will be solved.
  • Aladdin: Oh yes there could be problems. Remember the time when Jafar took over Agrabah?
  • Genie: Um?
  • Aladdin: Of course you were there! You almost made a deal with Jafar to rule over everything and all you do is transform and do wacky things all over the world.
  • Genie: I'm a genius you know. I know a way out.
  • Shantae: Oh no, i see a fire genie with Risky Boots!
  • Genie: That fire genie must be Jafar!
  • Shantae: Jafar was a genie once?
  • Risky Boots: I see the prince and genie riding on the superhero. Now it's our chance to pop the blue ghost away.
  • Iago: It's getting hot and i'm dying in here.
  • Jafar: Alright, now it's time to burn. *fire breath*
  • Aladdin: Look out!
  • Genie: Shoot! I see fire.
  • Shantae: He's not a dragon, but a genie?
  • Risky Boots: Get closer, we are almost to the prince and genie.
  • Genie: Uh oh, they're getting close.
  • Aladdin: Fly faster!
  • Genie: Alright. *dash fast*
  • Risky Boots: No! They're escaping. Go fast!
  • Jafar: More speed, more power. *dash fast*
  • Iago: Whoa. This is getting the fin of it! You're fast as a rocket ship in space!
  • Genie: Ha ha ha. They won't find us all.
  • Shantae: They're coming back again.
  • Aladdin: Not again. Go fast Genie.
  • Genie: My belly is tumbling. I need something to eat.
  • Shantae: No! We'll die too as well.
  • Risky Boots: *hold her sword to Genie* Alright, time to cut your head off.
  • Genie: *turn his head to Risky's sword* What did you say?
  • Risky Boots: It move heads?
  • Genie: Burn da sword! *laser eye on the sword*
  • Risky Boots: No! My sword! You blue ghost!
  • Jafar: You burn my girlfriend's sword, i'll burn your cape off. Ah-choo! *fire breath on Genie's cape*
  • Genie: Ah! Watch da sunburn!
  • Shantae: Your cape is on fire!
  • Aladdin: Shantae, we need to jump now.
  • Shantae: What?
  • Genie: I'll explode in 3....2.....1.
  • Risky Boots: Oh crud.

(Genie explodes as the walls break apart. Aladdin hold Shantae's wall on the wall and land together on the ground. Jafar break the rocks as Risky Boots hold Iago on Jafar's back.)

  • Risky Boots: Where are they? WHERE IS THE RODENTS?!
  • Jafar: It's dusty. I can't see. I need glasses.
  • Risky Boots: You don't need glasses to see. You're a genie and you can find a way to stop those love birds.
  • Jafar: Uh..........i can't see.
  • Risky Boots: Look!

(Shantae and Aladdin hide on the broken wall)

  • Aladdin: What a horor, i can't grant wishes anymore.
  • Shantae: Don't worry, i'm your genie now. I can wish you anything you want.
  • Aladdin: Reverse the time now!
  • Shantae: I'm not a real genie silly. Real genies wish anything to people. Half-genies cannot grant wishes to people.
  • Aladdin: Shame on you.
  • Shantae: Oh look, it's a bird, it's a plane.
  • Aladdin: Genie?
  • Genie: *as a flat paper* Oh look, it's a me, Genie. Wait a minute. *blow himself back to his original form* He's blue and he's back!
  • Shantae and Aladdin: Genie!
  • Genie: *hug both* I miss you guys.
  • Shantae: We have to get out of here.
  • Genie: Oh no. I see them all.
  • Aladdin: We need to run.
  • Genie: Go hide Aladdin. And you need to do a diversion for you genie girl.
  • Shantae: What?

(Jafar, Risky Boots and Iago land on the ground)

  • Risky Boots: I'll going to find a way out of here.
  • ???: Excuse me, you cannot me in here.
  • Risky Boots: What?
  • Shantae: *come up as a maid* I'm cleaning the place in here. You cannot be in here young lady.
  • Risky Boots: I am not young! I am a adult!
  • Shantae: *walk to Risky Boots* I think you need a lesson.
  • Jafar: It's her, it's her.
  • Iago: She sound just like her.
  • Risky Boots: Watch do you want from me?
  • Shantae: Oh look, the she-brat is up in the sky.
  • Risky Boots: What? Where?
  • Shantae: *tap on Risky's breasts*
  • Risky Boots: UGH! YOU MAID MONSTER!
  • Shantae: *reveal herself as a half-genie* Gotcha! *punch Risky in the face*
  • Jafar: Monster!
  • Shantae: Electric storm! *electric storm on Jafar*
  • Jafar: Ouch!
  • Risky Boots: I want to cut your head off like a chicken.

(Back with Genie and Aladdin)

  • Aladdin: Genie, i don't know what to say.
  • Genie: Wish anything to get us out of here.
  • Aladdin: I know, a magic carpet!
  • Genie: You are correct! Your wish is granted!

(The magic carpet is sleeping on the mats in the palace as the magic carpet poofs and warped to the Cave of Wonders)

  • Aladdin: Eureka!
  • Genie: Let's get out of here!
  • Aladdin: Shantae, hop on now!
  • Shantae: I'm coming! *hop on the magic carpet with Aladdin and Genie*
  • Genie: Next stop, the jungle!
  • Jafar: *transform back to a grand vizier* You're not going anywhere. *charge a thunder attack on the magic carpet*
  • Shantae: *whip her hair to the thunder and hit the wall*
  • Risky Boots: No! You're not leaving. Stay here!
  • Aladdin: Move the carpet now!
  • Genie: Let's go! *ride on the magic carpet and break into the ceiling to escape into the surface*
  • Risky Boots: No! They escaped outside!
  • Jafar: I'm sorry pirate lady, we didn't kill them all.
  • Risky Boots: I'm going to get my revenge on them and destroy both their worlds for good!
  • Iago: I'm hot. My wings are burn.
  • Risky Boots: Good for you. You were being annoying too much like that Squid Baron guy.
  • Jafar: We need to get back to the Dark Dimension. Feather God can restore our health up.
  • Risky Boots: I need a new sword now like you. Let's go back to the Dark Dimension.
  • Jafar: Alright, it might be a bit scary than the last one. *use his staff to teleport himself, Risky Boots and Iago to the Dark Dimension*


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