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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Shantae and Aladdin: Feather Festival by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Morning Trip".


(On a black and white setting at Spiderweb Island in a mansion, Rottytops, Abner Cadaver and Poe are seen eating steak on the big table)

  • Rottytops: Do we really gotta eat this stuff?
  • Abner: Come on sis, we got what we got.
  • Poe: I'll say the food is very good.
  • Rottytops: We should have eat brains instead. They're yummy in a zombie's tummy.
  • Abner: Are you out of your mind? We just cooked this food for you.
  • Rottytops: *ate the whole steak* Done. Now i'll go.
  • Abner: You shouldn't have eat with your mouth closed.
  • Poe: I see her chewing with the mouth closed.
  • Rottytops: I know my manners. It's the zombie way.
  • Abner: On thriller night? Ha, never getting rid of that baby.
  • ???: *knock on the door*
  • Rottytops: Who is that knocking?
  • Abner: Do we really have to go through all of that knocking and open house fad?
  • Rottytops: I know who that is. *open the door, revealing to be Genie* Genie!
  • Genie: *dressed in a suit* Hello everyone. I got a bunch of fun things in the suitcase.
  • Rottytops: Ooh, i wonder what's inside?
  • Poe: Are you going to work?
  • Genie: Oh, no. No, no, no. I never work in a workplace. I'm all for some action packed fun.
  • Rottytops: You look a lot like a businessman.
  • Genie: Like what? Making money in a company?
  • Rottytops: You must be rich with all that money on you.
  • Genie: Ho ho ho, let's have some real fun tonight! *open the whole suitcase with a bunch of stuff popping out*
  • Rottytops: Whoa.
  • Poe: Amazing.
  • Abner: What is going on?
  • Genie: Ha ha ha ha ha. It also come with a song. *put on a track on the jukebox to play music* It's music time.
  • Rottytops: I feel like dancing to some 50s or 60s. Or the 70s you say?
  • Genie: It can be any type if you ask. *turn on the shower*
  • Rottytops: Wow, it's raining water.
  • Abner: Oh great. Now i'm all wet!
  • Poe: It look like magic to me.
  • Genie:

I'm singin' in the rain

Just singin' in the rain

What a glorious feeling

And I'm happy again

I'm laughing at clouds

So dark, up above

The sun's in my heart

And I'm ready for love

  • Rottytops: *touch the bubbles* Ha ha ha, i'm in heaven.
  • Genie: Just like flashbacks.
  • Rotytops: *see the place flashing* Uh, guys? What is going on?
  • Abner: It's in your mind.
  • Poe: My wings are about to fly.
  • Rottytops: Genie, what's happening?
  • Genie: Your voice is changing through your vision. You must be on television!
  • Rottytops: *see the screen shaking and glitching* I can't stand it. Somebody get me outta here! *scream through her head*

(Suddenly, it was all a dream as Rottytops woke up from her bed after one bad dream)

  • Rottytops: Whoa. That was a big nightmare. I thought the world was going to end in a flash. *see a lamp on her drawer* A lamp? Why do i have a lamp on my drawer? *grab the lamp by shaking it* It does the giggling sound. Let me try that again. *rub the lamp as Genie pop out of there*
  • Genie: Surprise!
  • Rottytops: Whoa. Genie, is that you? How did you manage to sneak into my world?
  • Genie: It been a long story after Friendsgiving. I was checking through worlds and crashed right by your mansion where i turn myself into a lamp.
  • Rottytops: But, why are you sneaking to my room?
  • Genie: Oh, ho ho ho, i have a special video for you to play.
  • Rottytops: A video? We don't have a TV in here.
  • Genie: Oh yes you will. *zap a TV in* You now own one.
  • Rottytops: Oh cool. What are you about to show me?
  • Genie: Rottytops, remember last year when we went to Paradise Island together? There was like a Feather Festival in Arena Town. It was a bit crazy there. *show the VHS to Rottytops* I have this video which reflects the memories of this special day and we're gonna watch it together.
  • Rottytops: You have the whole day on video?
  • Genie: It's like watching a movie. We are going to watch this film like we're reliving the past.
  • Rottytops: Go prepare the popcorn, i'll prepare the drinks.
  • Genie: Good idea. *put the VHS on the input player*
  • Rottytops: *prepare two sodas on the drink machine* Got the drinks.
  • Genie: *make popcorn with magic* Alright! It's showtime!
  • Rottytops: *sit down* Woo hoo! It's movie time!
  • Genie: Warning! Warning! Warning!
  • Rottytops: Uh, Genie? Why do you sound like that?
  • Genie: There should be no talking, no messes, no texting, no farting and no spoiling the movie. If you do, you're out of this room!
  • Rottytops: I thought we know everything from last year when we first met.
  • Genie: It's just a ad policy joke. Anyways, let's get to the show!
  • Rottytops: Oh boy. This is going to be the best movie of our lives. *eat the popcorn*
  • Genie: *sip his drink* It's starting.
  • Rottytops: Just like the director said.
  • Genie: That's for the narrator.
  • Rottytops: Oh, my bad.
  • Genie: Shh, it's starting.

(The movie start off in a downtown in Sequin Land with gentlemen walking into a weapon store, checking on the latest items in the store)

  • Gentleman #1: This look like a good use for our business.
  • Gentleman #2: That shiny sniper gun will be in our display.
  • Gentleman #3: It will crush my soul like a bullet of weapons.
  • Gentleman #4: Every last one of them is going away and that's on us.
  • Gentleman #1: Piece of bullet.
  • Madame: Hello gentleman, i am here to report a terrible crime in the city.
  • Gentleman #1: Who are you?
  • Gentleman #2: What do you want from us?
  • Madame: You sure do want to buy a bunch of weapons on the wall.
  • Gentleman #3: We'll be using them for a future heist.
  • Professor: Ho ho ho, that would be worth a buck.
  • Madame: *hold the gun* Stand still.
  • Gentleman #4: What? You're suppose to give the weapons to us.
  • Gentleman #2: Y'all be playing like rats.
  • Madame: Not anymore. *take off her Madame disguise to reveal herself as Risky Boots*
  • Gentleman #4: *whistle* A sexy lady pirate in the making.
  • Risky Boots: *shoot at the gentleman and knock them down*
  • Professor: *use his staff to shoot them all and reveal himself as Jafar* We got them all.
  • Risky Boots: Yes. All these powerful weapons will serve our master to make every copies of them in shard form.
  • Jafar: Let's go start a heist.
  • Risky Boots: Sure idea. We'll bomb this place like fire.

(The weapon store bomb as a fire emerge into the place as Risky Boots walk into a bar to grab a drink during their crime scene)

  • Risky Boots: They say he likes a good time.
  • Everyone: My, oh my.
  • Risky Boots: *drink a soda* He comes alive at midnight.
  • Everyone: Every night.
  • Risky Boots: My master doesn't trust him.
  • Everyone: My, oh my.
  • Risky Boots: He's only here for one thing.
  • Everyone: But, so am I.
  • Risky Boots: Yeah.

(Jafar discover a bunch of treasure in the barrel store, claiming every treasure in his staff)

  • Jafar:

Ah, a bunch of gem

A perfect fee to go to my staff

No prince or genie will haunt my back

A jewel is worth than a buck of coins

Once i claim to the prize of the staff

My master will treat me like a god of slayer

I have them bunch like a collection of shells

I'll bring them over and turn them to shards

(Risky Boots is still riding on a motorcycle with a bunch of moneybags on her belt)

  • Risky Boots:

I swear on my life that I've been a good girl

Tonight, I don't wanna be a bum

They say he likes a good time.

  • Everyone: My, oh my.
  • Risky Boots: He comes alive at midnight.
  • Everyone: Every night.
  • Risky Boots: My master doesn't trust him.
  • Everyone: My, oh my.
  • Risky Boots: He's only here for one thing. *jump off the motorcycle*
  • Everyone: But, so am I.

(Jafar fight off the orcs by knocking them all into the alley)

  • Jafar:

A weak little foe

You ain't no match for a grand vizier like me

The end is almost near and you won't be sorry

A little bit of cans is nothing but a chest

There's nothing else to see when a alley is full of weaklings

All those lords be popping out the ground

You won't rip my sheet like a tiger's back

(Risky Boots encounter a group of bat gangsters on the streets)

  • Bat Gangster #1: Over here girl.
  • Bat Gangster #2: Woo. Do you like it?
  • Risky Boots: I don't think so. Not tonight baby.
  • Bat Gangster #3: What do you say a pirate call herself a pirate?
  • Risky Boots: I'm no pirate.
  • Bat Gangster #4: What are you?
  • Risky Boots: I am a queen!
  • Bat Gangster #1: Queen? You look like a princess.
  • Risky Boots: No i'm not! *fight the bat gangsters and knock all of them down*
  • Chorus:

My, my, my, my, my, oh my

Her mama doesn't trust you, baby

My, my, my, my, my, oh my

And her daddy doesn't know you, no

My, my, my, my, my, oh my

Oh, my, my, my, my, my, oh my

My, my, my, my, my, oh my

  • Risky Boots: That's every one of them beaten up.
  • Jafar: *return with the rocket gun* I'm back.
  • Risky Boots: Ooh, what is that gun you're holding?
  • Jafar: I don't know what that is. Is it some sort of bomb gun?
  • Risky Boots: It's called a rocket gun. Let's destroy something great. How about this juice plant right here?
  • Jafar: Sweet gold of mother's milk. Here i shoot! *shoot a rocket to destroy the whole plant*
  • Risky Boots: Ha ha ha ha ha! We almost blew up the whole city.
  • Jafar: Let's go my dear.
  • Risky Boots: *open two bottles of plum and drink them with Jafar* We did a lot.
  • Jafar: Let's report the weapons to our master.
  • Risky Boots: The world isn't going to know what we have done. *drop the bottle*
  • Jafar: *drop the bottle and hold the staff* I summon to return to the Dark Dimension! *warp to the Dark Dimension with Risky Boots*

(The whole plant pop out fireballs and fireworks all over the air with alarm sirens beeping all over downtown to report the case of a destroyed plant)



(Earlier on a bright morning in Scuttle Town, the seagulls are eating the pieces of ham on the floor. In the lighthouse, Shantae wake up from her bed on a daily basic morning.)

  • Shantae: Ah. It's daylight savings already? Time to go start the day.

(In the kitchen, Shantae prepare her eggs, bacon and cheese to assemble it all together by making a breakfast sandwich. She also put the sausage on the cheese and add a little hot sauce to her meal.)

  • Shantae: The perfect breakfast sandwich. You gotta add the eggs, bacon and sausage. A little drop of hot sauce would make you taste the cheese on the bread. Oh well, time to serve it up. *eat the breakfast sandwich* Ah, taste like paradise.

(Bolo is preparing some nunchucks on the Dojo, Sky is feeding the birds on the nests as Rottytops is about to bowl on the beach in the game zone)

  • Rottytops: Okay. One bowl for one pin. *use her head to bowl and trip the bowling pins* Yes! Perfect-o. *her body put her head back on* I'm a smart cotton candy cookie.

(Sky is still feeding the birds as Wrench fly off to Sky on her shoulders)

  • Sky: Hello Wrench. How's the morning flight?
  • Wrench: *cuddle*
  • Sky: Aw. Good boy.
  • Scuttlebutt: *show up at the hatchery* Good morning Sky.
  • Sky: Mayor Scuttlebutt, did not expect you to show up.
  • Scuttlebutt: Uncle Mimic just invented a new universe-type device. I want you, Bolo, Rottytops and Shantae to come over at Mimic's workshop.
  • Sky: I'm going to pick them up right away. Make sure you watch the birds while i'm gone.
  • Scuttlebutt: I'll keep in handy. *sit and watch the chicken chicks on the nest* Hello little bird, you don't wanna be a fried chicken, do you?

(While Scuttlebutt take care of Sky's birds, Bolo and Rottytops are still playing volleyball)

  • Bolo: I'm going to win this score. *hit the ball*
  • Rottytops: Don't make me smash the brain. *hit the ball*
  • Bolo: *miss the ball* Shucks.
  • Rottytops: Oh wow, you really miss that one.
  • Bolo: Don't blame me. I wasn't looking.
  • Rottytops: Then you're blaming yourself. Told ya rotten child.
  • Sky: *show up* Hey kids.
  • Bolo: Kids?
  • Rottytops: We're like young adults, despite being a undead being.
  • Sky: You seen to be hitting the ball in the sand.
  • Bolo: I was born to play.
  • Rottytops: Volleyball make me happy.
  • Sky: We need to go get Shantae.
  • Bolo: What about it? You want her to play a game too as well?
  • Sky: No. Uncle Mimic want us in his workshop.
  • Rottytops: Oh. I see what you mean.
  • Sky: Come on. We're picking up Shantae.
  • Bolo: That's sound like fun.
  • Rottytops: I would chew that toy brain if I were her.

(Back at the lighthouse, Shantae is relaxing on her bathtub with water.

  • Shantae: Ah, after eating a little sandwich, this make me wanna cool down a bit.

(Bolo, Rottytops and Sky came by the window)

  • Bolo: Hey Shantae.
  • Shanate: Ah! Bolo, guys? What are you doing in the top of my window?
  • Sky: The door is locked.
  • Rottytops: We couldn't get in so we decided to sneak into your window like spiders.
  • Shantae: You shouldn't see me like that. Are you crazy?
  • Bolo: I didn't know you were taking a shower.
  • Rottytops: Ooh, nice.
  • Shantae: Ugh, i'm going to get you for this.
  • Rottytops: Please hurry up. We can't hold on to this wall any longer.
  • Sky: It doesn't stick forever.
  • Bolo: I feel like we're gonna fall into the cold water.
  • Shantae: *use magic to make a cloud platform to make his friends land on the cloud platform*
  • Bolo: Oh shoot.
  • Rottytops: I thought we were going to fall.
  • Sky: Thank you. Next time, let us in.
  • Shantae: If only i'm not taking a shower.
  • Sky: Ugh. I wish we were faster as a cheetah.

(At Uncle Mimic's workshop, Mimic is still working on a secret invention with the blue carpet covered up)

  • Mimic: Done. Now in secret, i hope everyone will love my latest invention. I'll be making hundreds of jewels on my bucket pot.
  • Shantae: *came with her friends* Hello there uncle.
  • Mimic: Welcome. You're here on time.
  • Bolo: Why are we here for?
  • Mimic: You're all here for a reason.
  • Rottytops: Are we going to watch a movie?
  • Mimic: I got you something else.
  • Rottytops: Darn. I thought we were going to leave.
  • Mimic: We're not going to leave to go out to have fun like the scarecrows. I got a mystery item to show you all.
  • Sky: Isn't it the one with the blue blanket?
  • Mimic: Yes. That's a very great hint.
  • Shantae: You know what you're going to reveal?
  • Mimic: Yes. May I reveal it to you?
  • Sky: Oh sure. Go right ahead.
  • Mimic: Ladies and gentlemen, I present you. *reveal a invention by taking the blanket off* The Vacuum Pump 3000.
  • Shantae: Wait, what?
  • Bolo: What does it do?
  • Mimic: The Vacuum Pump 3000 is a unique vacuum machine like any other machine in the world. Watch how this vacuum suck all the dust out. *use the vacuum machine to suck all the dust on the floor*
  • Bolo: Wow.
  • Sky: That's so amazing.
  • Shantae: You don't have to use the old vacuum cleaner anymore which take 90% of dust out of the floor.
  • Rottytops: Nailed it as ice.
  • Mimic: The greatest vacuum cleaner ever made that no one has ever done before.
  • Shantae: You actually build it from scratch.
  • Mimic: My footprints said to build this machine.
  • Bolo: Does it take batteries?
  • Mimic: No batteries needed.
  • Rottytops: Oh god. I thought it was going to defunct in a second.
  • Mimic: You thought about it? You're wrong.
  • Rottytops: Ouch. I'm a bum.
  • Sky: You're the best inventor out there Mimic. I wish my hometown can hire a few inventors to build machines like those. Even Armor Town got like the best weapons on Paradise Island.
  • Mimic: My next Relic Expo is going to be a success. Bigger than it was since ten years.
  • Bolo: It can be good, but it can get better.
  • Shantae: Just like my doctor said.
  • Mimic: I'm proud of all of you guys coming on time. I think you earn a award.
  • Shantae: A award is worth a hundred of coins.
  • Rottytops: Ha ha ha. Today is our day.
  • Mimic: No one can't stop us on a high note when the world go boom.

(A huge explosion pop out, leading a big earthquake from far away in Scuttle Town)

  • Shantae: Oh no.
  • Bolo: What is going on?
  • Sky: There's an earthquake.
  • Rottytops: Is the world gonna crack or what?
  • Mimic: Far away from our home is a huge tragic. It bombs.
  • Shantae: Did a volcano erupt or something?
  • Mimic: I would like to turn on the TV to find out. *turn on the TV to find out what is going on in the news* Oh no.
  • Bolo: We were right.

(The TV shows the news flash showing a plant bomb incident in downtown of Sequin Land)

  • News Reporter: Breaking news. A bunch of criminals were raiding a bunch of places all over the world. The big gas engine used for a plant just exploded out of nowhere like it's raining fireworks. How could this tragic come this way in the middle of losses?

(Shantae, Rottytops, Bolo, Sky and Uncle Mimic share their thoughts on the tragedy after watching the news)

  • Shantae: This is terrible.
  • Bolo: The city almost caught on fire.
  • Rottytops: That's so lame. Who else can drop gas juice and bomb the whole gas engine up.
  • Sky: It was a big pile of oil.
  • Mimic: The whole tank just blew it.
  • Shantae: This could be the work of Risky Boots and Jafar.
  • Bolo: How are they involved in the tragedy?
  • Sky: But we weren't there.
  • Bolo: We were sleeping around that time.
  • Sky: Every part of the world has the sun going around and around. The place we're in is day time and the place where the tank blew up was in the night time.
  • Rottytops: We should have live in the west side of the world.
  • Mimic: There are always dark days in our lives. But your day can't stop from shoving down your threats with some serious bad news.
  • Shantae: And that's what we ignore them for a reason.
  • Mimic: No one wanna talk about the election or the protests in Mermaid Falls.
  • Shantae: There is a protest in Mermaid Falls?
  • Mimic: Shantae, remember the other day when you fought that big mermaid in the factory of the falls? The world led to some protests on all the ladies getting captured by that maniac crocodile.
  • Shantae: At least, i freed the big mermaid and that croc baron served to justice.
  • Bolo: He's in penalty.
  • Mimic: In the meantime, i'm just going to take a break at the break room.
  • Scuttlebutt: *show up with the letter* Uncle Mimic.
  • Mimic: Hey Scuttlebutt. Come on in.
  • Sky: What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to watch over my chicks?
  • Scuttlebutt: I did. But the mailman came to give me this letter and it belongs to Uncle Mimic.
  • Sky: Today is your lucky day Mimic.
  • Mimic: Ah yes. The perfect letter in handy.
  • Shantae: What could be inside?
  • Bolo: A trip to the ice?
  • Rottytops: A convention center in the making?
  • Mimic: *take the letter from Scuttlebutt* It got to be something with news. *open the letter* Ooh, interesting.
  • Scuttlebutt: Are you like going to read it? I save some cupcakes for you last night if you wanna get some from the bakery.
  • Mimic: Ooh yes. Now let me read the letter. *clear throat and read the letter* "Dear Uncle Mimic, we have some great news for you. We are having the Feather Festival at Paradise Island. It is going to be the town where you and your group first came. Today is going to be a great day for you and your peers. So come on down to Paradise Island where the Feather Festival is being held. We also might do a Half-Genie show with your niece and the other Half-Genies as well. Signed Harmony."
  • Bolo: What are they saying?
  • Mimic: We got good news for you. We're going back to Paradise Island.
  • Shantae: What? Really? Yes! I always wanted to go back there.
  • Rottytops: It's going to be so much fun that i don't even have to sneak in the bags this time.
  • Bolo: Oh no, not another field trip.
  • Sky: Come on Bolo. It can't be that bad.
  • Shantae: I'm excited to go back where the half-genies are. Even Harmony will be there.
  • Rottytops: What is the festival they're doing? Is it like a brain festival or something like a food buffet?
  • Mimic: The Feather Festival is the name.
  • Shantae: The Feather Festival?
  • Bolo: That name look familiar to me.
  • Shantae: Why are they calling it Feather Festival? It remind me of a powerful floating god who is responsible on creating purple shards and destroying worlds in their own empire. I don't trust them dealing with shard pieces all over the world since Risky Boots and Jafar made alliance on the floating beast.
  • Mimic: This has nothing to do with the dark god this time. Just because they name it "Feather Festival" doesn't mean they're referring to the infamous Feather God of the whole omniverse and multiverse.
  • Shantae: I'm giving them a chance. If i see a shard piece on my plate, i'm outta here.
  • Rottytops: Jeez, you don't have to be harsh on them.
  • Bolo: It's like seeing a rat on a diner's kitchen.
  • Sky: You can ask that again Bolo.
  • Bolo: Ask for a flyer?
  • Sky: No. Ugh, never mind.
  • Shantae: Is it only us for the whole town?
  • Mimic: Just us. You can bring more friends if you like.
  • Shantae: I'll bring in the whole town.
  • Mimic: No no no. Not them. What about your other friends from the other world with the big blue wacky genie?
  • Shantae: Oh, i know. I'll go get Aladdin and the others to come.
  • Mimic: That would be great if Aladdin and his friends come over to celebrate the Feather Festival with you guys.
  • Shantae: But they're not gonna know that it's in Paradise Island.
  • Bolo: That island is far from ours.
  • Rottytops: I'm getting all excited. *close eyes* Eee!
  • Shantae: Mimic, prepare the portal. We're picking up Aladdin and his friends.
  • Mimic: One jump ahead. I'll go do the opening.
  • Shantae: Once we pick them up, we'll set up the plane and fly over to Paradise Island.
  • Mimic: I'll take care of it.

(Meanwhile in another world in Agrabah, a bunch of salespeople are selling their items and foods in the markets, people giving out coins to the poor people, people in their homes putting up clothes outside to dry the water out as the guards salute the Sultan as the Sultan enter the palace to enter the hallway.)

  • Sultan: Ah, fresh breath out of the palace.
  • Razoul: Good morning Sultan.
  • Sultan: Good morning Razoul. No thieves have stolen any jewels from the markets.
  • Razoul: Glad we're keeping business.
  • Sultan: Don't worry, the museum is going to reopen next week. We just needed a few piles and paint to remodel the hallway so we can let the people in to explore the history of our leaders.
  • Razoul: By the way, your daughter is having breakfast with the prince and genie.
  • Sultan: I see. I hope they save some food for me.
  • Razoul: See you later. I'm going to guard the doors to prevent strangers from coming in.

(Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie are seen eating bread, bacon, eggs and cooked ham on the big table)

  • Aladdin: One meal ahead.
  • Jasmine: Thanks a bunch.
  • Genie: Oh yes. I would love to make my bread giant. *turn his bread giant* Ha. I made it look like a size of cake.
  • Aladdin: In your dreams Genie.
  • Genie: A friend love to share food with each other.
  • Jasmine: Well we're already sharing.
  • Genie: That's good. Look at Abu and Iago. They must be enjoying their breakfast. Do they?
  • Abu: *eat his bananas*
  • Iago: *eat bird seeds on the floor* I hate bird seeds. Why do i have to eat real food like the others?!
  • Genie: A perfect taste is a perfect choice for a variety of food in the food chain.
  • Aladdin: We're not trying to eat like animals, you know.
  • Jasmine: Back in our days, we used to serve apple pies to each other. They were more like pastries.
  • Genie: Oh yes. Even in the ancient times when the knights are waring out with the other knights like the medieval times, they used to serve these type of pastries. Like the blueberry flavor, that taste good.
  • Aladdin: How is your pet tiger doing for you, Jasmine?
  • Jasmine: He must be enjoying his little of steak.
  • Rajah: *eat steak on his bowl*
  • Genie: *hold a bacon strip* This bacon strip is going to eat me up and serve me up.
  • Aladdin: You're actually the one eating it.
  • Genie: How come? I could trade it for a hamburger if i want to.
  • Jasmine: Just change it to something else.
  • Genie: Okay. Hocus pocus! *change the bacon to a corn dog* What the? A corn dog? That's not suppose to work out.
  • Aladdin: That's how magic works genie.
  • Genie: Oh well. I'm not hungry right now. I just ate.
  • Jasmine: Oh come on. You ate breakfast with us. It just lasted five minutes.
  • Genie: I ate a lot. Gotta save up some room for my diet.
  • Aladdin: Everyone back there is complaining about diets. Just keep your views a secret.
  • Genie: Whatever they say, they don't turn their backs on the unhealthy choices. *throw a corn dog to the wall*
  • Shantae: *show up from a portal as she hold a corn dog on her hand* Ooh, this little weggie got a stick.
  • Aladdin: Shantae?
  • Shantae: Aladdin! It's you.
  • Aladdin: Hey, welcome aboard.
  • Jasmine: Oh god. It's you again.
  • Shantae: Told you i was going to make a comeback.
  • Genie: Shantae? What are you doing here? What are you doing with that hot dog stick?
  • Shantae: It's a corn dog silly. *eat the corn dog* And it doesn't taste bad as a regular hot dog with mustard and ketchup.
  • Genie: You ate the corn dog i threw away.
  • Shantae: You throw it on the portal before i grab it, silly.
  • Sultan: *came in the room* Oh my. What does that smell? Eggs? Bacon? Bread and cooked ham? Those are my favorite.
  • Shantae: You sure do have a variety of eating.
  • Aladdin: Hello Sultan. Feel free to grab some.
  • Sultan: Oh boy, i'm going to serve myself a sandwich.
  • Shantae: I already hate. Oh well, i'll grab a piece of bread myself.
  • Sky: *show up as she grab Shantae's arm* Let's go already.
  • Shantae: Sky. What are you doing here?
  • Sky: You been standing here the whole time.
  • Shantae: I thought it was going to be that fast.
  • Sky: Now you're wasting our time.
  • Sultan: Hey hey hey, whoa. What is going on?
  • Aladdin: Shantae and her friend are coming over for breakfast.
  • Sky: No. We want you guys to come over. Now. It's very important.
  • Jasmine: You got some exciting news?
  • Genie: Ooh, please be a new coach bus.
  • Sky: I'll tell you when you guys get there.
  • Jasmine: We'll be ready to go. Someone need to watch over Rajah while we're good. Rajah would be too risky for us to push over and get eye ball on current events that is going on.
  • Sultan: I'll have Iago watch the tiger over.
  • Iago: What?! No way. I'm not staying here with that lousy tiger. I wanna go with you guys!
  • Aladdin: Take it easy there Iago. You always complain over adventures. Today is the day that you take a break with us.
  • Iago: I'll take a hard pass on babysitting. Get someone to babysit.
  • Jasmine: *check on the master bedroom, seeing Rajah sleeping* He's sleeping.
  • Iago: That's good for him.
  • Sky: You have to bring the annoying bird for the trip. Ugh, it's going to be worst than our last adventure.
  • Iago: Who cares? No one is annoying as a pineapple.
  • Sky: Make sure you don't hit Wrench or else i'll pinch your feathers.
  • Iago: Say all you want about my feathers. One day, i'm going to become giant as your pet bird.
  • Sky: Hey.
  • Shantae: Okay guys. Take it easy. We all should get going to Mimic's workshop by now.
  • Genie: *open his mouth like a vacuum to eat all the food* Done. Getting full isn't that bad.
  • Aladdin: Come on man!
  • Jasmine: I was about to finish up my sandwich. Thanks a lot.
  • Genie: Thank me whatever you want. Any time now.
  • Sultan: Whoa. The whole table is clean like a mirror.
  • Shantae: Great. Now you can come on in.

(Shantae and Aladdin's group enter the palace's living room as they arrive at Sequin Land in Mimic's workshop)

  • Mimic: Welcome back you guys.
  • Aladdin: Hey guys. You waited for us to come.
  • Bolo: We shouldn't have asked earlier.
  • Rottytops: I see you there right.
  • Jasmine: Same old place.
  • Scuttlebutt: Oh well, i must be off to the park. See you guys later. *leave the place*
  • Sky: We got a big day to catch up.
  • Rottytops: Genie!
  • Genie: Rottytops! *hug Rottytops*
  • Rottytops: It's you. I thought i would never see you again.
  • Genie: *stop hugging Rottytops* I'm always on your side.
  • Rottytops: I got your lamp on you.
  • Genie: Ha ha ha. So does a zombie's brain.
  • Iago: Blah blah blah, who cares? I just wanna lay down on the bird's nest.
  • Wrench: *land down* Caw!
  • Iago: Whoa, easy there. You look like a nice guy to me.
  • Sky: Come over here Wrench.
  • Wrench: *fly over to Sky's shoulders*
  • Sky: That's my bird.
  • Aladdin: Now, what is the news?
  • Shantae: We're going to Paradise Island.
  • Jasmine: Paradise Island?
  • Aladdin: What do we do in Paradise Island?
  • Genie: Ooh, i'll say, go on vacation!
  • Shantae: There's a Feather Festival going on in Arena Town of Paradise Island.
  • Aladdin: A Feather Festival?
  • Jasmine: Why does that name look so familiar to me?
  • Genie: Feather Festival? Does it got something to do with the shards?
  • Shantae: No no. We don't know if the shards are involved. At least, no trickery is headed to the town for the festival.
  • Mimic: I can only trust the island if they're doing the right thing with their promises.
  • Genie: Unless we get stuck into a plot twist.
  • Rottytops: It doesn't matter. No one is going to get hurt in the festival.
  • Genie: Oh, we got great news. It's Friendsgiving!
  • Sky: First we got the Feather Festival going on. Now we got Friendsgiving?
  • Genie: Yes. It's kinda like a Thanksgiving, but a holiday for friends.
  • Shantae: We're all friends here.
  • Aladdin: She said it.
  • Bolo: How are we going to work this out for the trip? Don't tell me i have to share a room with you again Mr. Mimic.
  • Mimic: Oh no, you don't have to share a room with me this time. You have your own rooms this time. You just pick a partner and you'll be ready to go.
  • Sultan: Same room, same partners.
  • Aladdin: Where would the pets be sleeping in?
  • Iago: Yeah. Why don't you ask the monkey? Maybe he know the answer.
  • Abu: *punch Iago*
  • Iago: Hey. Now i got some monkey business with you pal.
  • Mimic: *set up a board* Okay. *draw a plane on the board* We are going to be taking a plane to the island. We'll land by the parking space where the entrance to Arena Town is located in.
  • Sultan: How many people are going to fit in?
  • Mimic: We got everyone packed. So we'll be good on that.
  • Shantae: That's what i predicted.
  • Aladdin: You believe that?
  • Shantae: Yes. That's just how it's going to work out.
  • Rottytops: What they gonna do at the festival? Play a circus?
  • Shantae: No. Anything better than that.
  • Rottytops: Shoot. I was close.
  • Jasmine: Today is our day.
  • Genie: We're going to light up the day like it's neon colors.
  • Rottytops: You're making me wonder.
  • Bolo: Now you got me into all of that fun stuff.
  • Mimic: I can feel it.
  • Sultan: Can you hear the image?
  • Mimic: It doesn't matter what image you're using.
  • Sultan: All i hear is music.
  • Shantae: *hold her radio walkie* Now this is what i called music fun.
  • Sky: Don't forget to smile for the picture.
  • Shantae: *hold the sticks*

Yeah, I'm thankful

Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful

Gotta say it's really been a while

But now I got back that smile

I'm so thankful

Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful

Now you see me shine from a mile

Finally got back that smile

(The setting is themed to a circus with Shantae dressed as a clown-like popstar, Genie and Rottytops as the ringmasters and the others dressed as ring-throwers with the gang doing their acts)

  • Aladdin: *hold the rings around his lap*

Every day, One Jump Ahead

Goin' through motions felt so fake

Not myself, not my best

Felt like I failed the test

  • Genie: *reveal a bunch of clothes in the room*

But every tear has been a lesson

Rejection can be a guard's protection

Long hard road to get that redemption

But no shortcuts to a blessin'

  • Shantae: *hold a bunch of lemon pies*

Yeah, I'm thankful

Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful

Gotta say it's really been a while

But now I got back that smile

I'm so thankful

Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful

Now you see me shine from a mile

Finally got back that smile

  • Sky: *throw rings all over the place with Wrench and Iago flying over them*

I'm 2.0, remodeled

Used to be dull, now I sparkle

Had a piece of humble pie

That ego check saved my life

  • Rottytops: *shoot on the targets with the guns*

Now I got a smile like Mumble HappyFeet

Big and bright, need shades just to see me

Tryna stay alive just like I'm the Penguin Band

A Peter Max masterpiece

  • Shantae: *hold on to a string of webs, dancing as a boneleg lady hold her*

Yeah, I'm thankful

Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful

Gotta say it's really been a while

But now I got back that smile

I'm so thankful

Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful

Now you see me shine from a mile

Finally got back that smile

  • Jasmine: *do the hoops while everyone dance on stage*

Ooh I'm thankful

Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful

Gotta say it's really been a while

But now I got back that smile

I'm so thankful

Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful

Now you see me shine from a mile

Finally got back that smile

  • Shantae: *hold on to a stack of balls*

I'm so grateful

'Cause I finally, 'cause I finally, ohh

I'm so grateful

'Cause I finally, 'cause I finally, ohh

  • Everyone: *shoot fireworks all over the place as the setting is turned back to Mimic's workshop*
  • Shantae: Yeah!
  • Bolo: That's so cool.
  • Rottytops: Do it again. I want to do the twirking in front of the audience.
  • Sky: No. No one wanna see that.
  • Rottytops: Come on. I danced on the poles the other day when me and Shantae went to that random bar with a bunch of outcasts and freaks drinking a bunch of grape soda up and burping all over the place.
  • Shantae: Oh god. I never want to see your butt ever again on stage.
  • Aladdin: You served us goods.
  • Jasmine: It's raining coins in here.
  • Genie: I'm just getting the hang of it when throwing rings in the air.
  • Mimic: We must make way to the parking lot now. The plane should be ready with full gas and ready to go for take off.
  • Sultan: Safety first.
  • Shantae: Alright. We know what to do on the way to the parking lot.
  • Genie: No tripping over the banana peels.

(Meanwhile at the Dark Dimension, the shards are playing around in one of the floating islands as they peel out shards of each other, slam them on the ground and cut off some statues out of themselves. Risky Boots and Jafar arrive from a portal on another floating island.)

  • Risky Boots: We're back.
  • Jafar: Where could our master be?
  • Risky Boots: He must be asleep again on his own job!
  • Jafar: He has his own throne chair and he's always out of it, checking on his motherships with shard leaders on-board.
  • Risky Boots: Our master can't be a lazy bum as Mayor Scuttlebutt.
  • Jafar: Oh well, he's arriving on our destination.

(Feather God arrive to see Risky Boots and Jafar on the floating shard island)

  • Feather God: Hello my minions. I did not expect for you guys to come back with anything i need.
  • Risky Boots: We brought in a pack of weapons for you, sir.
  • Feather God: Ah, thank you. But you don't call me sir. You call me master.
  • Risky Boots: Well, Master Feather God, i really appreciate your orders. These will be a good use to destroy all of Shantae and Aladdin's friends.
  • Jafar: I suggest making every copy of them.
  • Feather God: It sound fair. I will clone them and bring them to the shards to prepare another war.
  • Risky Boots: It's only a matter of time to prepare your campaign on destroying the omniverse. The Smashers will be there and they will leave out blood and dust into your powers.
  • Feather God: What is going in lately in Sequin Land?
  • Jafar: *use his staff to sense in Sequin Land* It seem that Shantae and Aladdin's friends are leaving Scuttle Town and heading over to an island filled with paradise.
  • Feather God: An island with paradise? Let me just say, you're going to Madagascar, or some island like Cat Island.
  • Risky Boots: I know what that is.
  • Jafar: You don't mind going to a oasis where the trees are hot with a poor little lake.
  • Risky Boots: Paradise Island!
  • Jafar: Paradise Island? An island with paradise? A enemy-free environment?
  • Risky Boots: In the past, the island was first known as Siren Island when the Seven Sirens first ruled the island, it was later changed to Paradise Island after their ancient city-turned ship sink down the underground.
  • Feather God: So, you want to go to Paradise Island and find the sirens.
  • Risky Boots: They're all dead. I have no other master to command, but to destroy the people's precious island.
  • Feather God: This is your biggest task yet. I want you to go find the heroes. Just in case you're lost, recruit the Barons over to track them down.
  • Jafar: We can handle the task ourselves.
  • Risky Boots: Jafar is always right.
  • Feather God: Good. Off you go now. I must rebuild some shard ships from the wasteland planets.
  • Risky Boots: Hope to see you in a hour or so.
  • Jafar: Warp to Sequin Land! *warp to Sequin Land with Risky Boots*
  • Feather God: Great. I hope my shards can help out and destroy their little worlds. *evil laugh*

(Back at Scuttle Town of Sequin Land, the bags are set up with the plane getting ready to lift off)

  • Bolo: Do we really have to pack our bags?
  • Mimic: Yes. This is part of our vacation. Or a two-day trip.
  • Shantae: You're gonna love it more than our last trip.
  • Sky: We been to the island like many times. This is why you keep performing on this little island over and over again.
  • Rottytops: Do i have to sneak into your bags this time?
  • Shantae: No Rottytops. You're invited this time.
  • Rottytops: Yes. Genie, let me hide in your lamp instead.
  • Genie: I can't. My lamp isn't going to fit all of you in, unless you're a genie.
  • Rottytops: I am one. I used my disguise once to hang out with Shantae and her fellow friends.
  • Aladdin: You know when to become as another person with a big surprise.
  • Rottytops: I didn't even have to tell everyone since i first got to the island.
  • Jasmine: You better not mess with the plan like the last four adventures we had.
  • Rottytops: I've been out a bum to myself.
  • Iago: Say that all you want, zombie girl. There's no way running out of the line.
  • Rottytops: Is it me? Or the plane is in full gas?
  • Mimic: It has always been in full gas. Get in already.
  • Sultan: Safety's first.
  • Shantae: We're going in.
  • Aladdin: No one's tripping over.

(The group enter the plane as everyone is seated with Mimic and Sultan as the captains of the cockpit)

  • Mimic: Still a great set up.
  • Sultan: Ha ha ha. I remember when Genie first came to our world, he used to disguise as all the things he can be. He even transform into a plane once.
  • Mimic: Oh really? I remember when he dress up as a warrior and a knight.
  • Sultan: We have a wise cracking genie in our world.
  • Mimic: So does a wise cracking zombie in the back seat.

(In the seats, Rottytops is seen playing Shantae NAB! on her Game Boy as the others are chilling in the seats with Genie reading a map of Sequin Land)

  • Genie: You are right here. Scuttle Town.
  • Rottytops: Come on Shantae. Nab on the trees like a monkey.
  • Shantae: Still playing that arcade game out of me on your little Game Boy.
  • Rottytops: Genie let me play that minigame. There is also a video game out of you and your in it.
  • Shantae: Wait, what?
  • Aladdin: There's a game out of me too.
  • Shantae: I feel like everyone is getting their own games. What's next? A movie out of everyone?
  • Jasmine: Ah. I just can't get enough with the plane's seats.
  • Sky: It's going to be a bumpy ride, isn't it?
  • Aladdin: We'll just have to wait and see.
  • Bolo: I would have gotten plane sick if we were going to Spiderweb Island or any kind of island around the seven seas.
  • Shantae: We're just going to Paradise Island. It's the only one from our map.
  • Aladdin: This is pretty much it.

(Sultan and Mimic are about to begin the take-off on the plane)

  • Sultan: Should we start flying?
  • Mimic: Oh yes. *use the speaker* Hello my friends. Thank you for riding with us. We are now leaving Scuttle Town and heading off to Paradise Island. Are we ready to do this?!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Mimic: Okay. Let's launch into the skies.

(The plane take-off to the skies, heading over to Paradise Island)

  • Shantae: We just left Scuttle Town. Now we're flying to Paradise Island.
  • Aladdin: I can't wait to go there.
  • Jasmine: It's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Genie: *hug everyone* I love you guys so much.
  • Rottytops: Oh Genie.
  • Shantae: Jeez.
  • Iago: Come on, i was going to peak on this bird seed.
  • Abu: *get off Genie's hands*
  • Genie: *stop hugging everyone* Oh well. You know what they say. It's always part of my will.
  • Shantae: I'll be hooked up.
  • Aladdin: I wonder what the island is like back there.
  • Shantae: Aladdin, you won't believe me. There are always fun on the island. We got shows, concerts, hula dancers and warriors all over the place and hidden treasure in the deeps of the island.
  • Aladdin: Are there any pirates?
  • Shantae: No pirates at all. Not even a Tinkerbat can come to rob us all night.
  • Aladdin: Yeah. No Tinkerbats at all.
  • Shantae: This is why there's no enemies on the island except for the predators.
  • Bolo: If i see a BatGal on the shore, i'll throwing my spikeball on that bat lady.
  • Shantae: You don't have to get hyped up to hit a enemy, Bolo.
  • Bolo: I was just getting prepared.
  • Shantae: Whatever.
  • Bolo: You can ask that again.
  • Aladdin: Just relax and look at the view of the ocean.
  • Bolo: I can see the birds from up there.

(Meanwhile, Risky Boots and Jafar arrive at the Tinkerbat Factory from warping as they see a group of Tinkerbats working on the ships while getting prepared to sail)

  • Risky Boots: Very well. I see all of my hard working men on the factory, building their ships and ready to sail into the seven seas.
  • Jafar: Why are we even here? We didn't mean to warp here.
  • Risky Boots: No no, we came here to use a ship to get into Paradise Island.
  • Jafar: I see your point.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: Hello Risky Boots.
  • Risky Boots: Well hello there captain. I see the whole group building their ships hard like vikings.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: We got a whole lot of ammo coming up. The bullets are ready to shoot against the felonies.
  • Jafar: Make sure none of them crash each other ship.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: I'll take control of my crew. No one is going to bat an eye on me.
  • Risky Boots: We're always watching.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: Hmp! You just made my day. I'll see you later. *walk away*
  • Risky Boots: Let's go get our ship.
  • Jafar: Right away.

(Risky Boots and Jafar walk into the ship station where they see their own motorboat floating on the water)

  • Jafar: This is a motorboat?
  • Risky Boots: It's a boat, but can ride like a actual scooter.
  • Jafar: How do we fit on the boat?
  • Risky Boots: We fit just like a regular sailboat.
  • Jafar: I'll take a chance. *sit on the motorboat*
  • Risky Boots: *sit on the motorboat* Alright. This thing can ride like a jet.
  • Jafar: With the power of my staff, i'll make this motorboat go a little faster. *use his staff's powers to move the motorboat faster as he and Risky Boots leave the Tinkerbat Factory*
  • Risky Boots: Going so soon?
  • Jafar: We just left the whole factory.
  • Risky Boots: When paradise burns, the heat goes in.
  • Jafar: I am waiting to burn the island down.
  • Risky Boots: I'll be there. The half-genie's powers will be ours and will be given to our master. *evil laugh*


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