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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Shantae and Moana: Sea of Dreams written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Encounter to Another World".


(Back at Sequin Land, far away from Scuttle Town, we head across a hideout area in the Tinkerbat Factory, a pirate queen walk up to all of her Tinkerbats with the captain standing on board in the workshop)

  • Risky Boots: Look at all of my fellow Tinkerbats working like real hard working men and women.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: Darn girl. They're so hot.
  • Risky Boots: That's how i like my Tinkerbats to be focusing on working hard.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: Be a worker, be a great volunteer.
  • Risky Boots: Not just a volunteer, they can also be interns.
  • Tinkerbat Captain: That's the motto.
  • Risky Boots: Victory will be ours.


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