Fan Fiction

Shantotto is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XI. She is a Tarutaru Black Mage from the Federation of Windurst and a hero of the Crystal War. She is famous for her iconic laugh and unique speech pattern (speaking in rhyme in English, and the speech pattern of a formal lady in Japanese). She is a central character in the expansion pack, Final Fantasy XI: A Shantotto Ascension - The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born.

In the original release, Shantotto was primarily a character involved in Black Mage related quests, and was not meant to have become such an iconic Windurstian character. Her few appearances proved memorable to fans on both sides of the Pacific and in response the developers expanded on her character in a number of expansion stories. Due to her general popularity with the player-base she has become one of the game's most iconic characters, and typically serves as its main representative in crossover products or events.

Shantotto is an extra character in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. A hero who fought in the Crystal War, Shantotto is a famous Tarutaru professor of magic from Windurst in Final Fantasy XI. She is known for her high-pitched, haughty laughter and overall arrogant nature. Shantotto is respected for her great power, but she refuses to admit it when she finds someone who could be superior. She fights using powerful spells that level up and become stronger as she gains Bravery.

As an extra character in the original Dissidia games, Shantotto has no impact on the main storyline and has no antagonist opposing her, although she's had a long-standing rivalry with Gabranth. In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Shantotto is unlockable by completing the Distant Glory - The Lady of Legend storyline and purchasing her as a playable character in the PP Catalog for 1,000 PP. In Dissidia 012, she is available as a purchasable character at the PP Catalog from the start and costs 100 PP.

Dissidia Shadowgate

Shantotto was one of the minor characters, next to Prishe, that wound up at Stormhaven Castle serving King Lakmir before she was assigned to get rid of the Behemoth. By the time the other Dissidia warriors shown up, she took on the mission. Her rhymes and elemental skills were pivotal in the group. Even as she fought off the wraith, challenge the warlock lord with his traps at his turf, and arguing with Prishe at times, and failed to rid of the Behemoth till Firion finished the job after assembling the sacred Staff of Ages.

In the epilogue, Shantotto was in the village of Vana'diel, and she decided to retire. She was always able to carry on her family's legacy, but she was aging. She regretted leaving Cosmos out of boredom and wished for someone to carry on her teachings. Realizing there was no one, she casted Bio upon herself and drank some burgundy as she said, "Let a toast. To my lost family, my people, and to all the troubled people of Vana'diel. Please do not plague me as a victim for your roast." She was dead as she dropped her glass.