Shorts Type Bloomers

Shorts Type Bloomers (ショーツ型ブルマ?) is a kind of clothes.


Bloomer, which has evolved into shorts type that was fit to Hip. This type of bloomers is going to spread in Japan, it is from the late 1960s after the Olympic Games in Tokyo 1964. First adopted country the Shorts Type Bloomers at the Olympics in the former Soviet Union (adopted at the same time in the United States), was Dari brought to the women's volleyball Japan representative of the modern type bloomers of the prototype in Japan at the time, representative of Japan adopted using an improved Short pants custom-made without.

But characterized by also taking the Pose, such as to raise the Hip is Hip does not appear, in some cases, depending on the form will out Hip.

If... Part 1

If you or toward the back in the following Action ...

For example ...

If... Part 2

When Hip to go up in the following Action ...

For example ...

If... Part 3

When it comes to sideways ...

For example ...

If... Part 4

If you or bent Leg (Foot) by the following Action ...

  • 1.Jump
  • 2.Kick
  • 3.Front Spin Kick
  • 4.Back Spin Kick
  • 5.Hurricane Kick
  • 6.Somersault Kick
  • 7.Dash

For example ...

If... Part 5

If Feet may become next in the following Action ...

  • 1.Sit Down
  • 2.Hip Drop

For example ...

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