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(The episode starts with cut into skunk and panda sleeping peacefully the sunlight, making Skunk, the first one to bolt upright with excitement, while Panda waking up.)

Skunk: [frantically jumps off of tree and bounces on Panda landing in front of Panda] Good morning, Panda!

Panda: Morning Skunk No Need to Squeeze Me, You Can Let Go Now, I Said Let Go.

Skunk: Sorry.

Panda: Now Listen Here Skunk When I Tell You to Let Go, You Let Go, Moron Boy.

Skunk: Oh, that's the first time someone's called me that. Wait, I know who will enjoy my company.

[Skunk goes to Rabbit's Hole]

Skunk: Rabbit!

Rabbit: Don't Ever Shout When I'm Trying to Take a Nap! Do you understand? Moron Boy.

[Cut to Fox when She Practices Her Fan Fan Waves]

Fox: Show Me What You Got, Monkeys!

Skunk: Fox, What a Nice... [Skunk trips on a rock. Some of the stink goes onto Fox's Nose Causing The Apple to Fall on Her.]

Skunk: Let me explain. You see... I was watching you doing the Fan Fan Wave, and I thought if i Can Try That Out.

Fox: No Way Already, Look What You Did to Make Fan Fans! Leave! Moron Boy!

Skunk: [sniffles] Okay, get yourself together, Skunk. (now confident) At least you got one more class to go for the day.

Ms. Duck: Okay skunk. If you can't manage walking on the balance beam, how are you ever gonna do a tip toe?

Skunk: Why would I ever want to do a tip toe thing?

Ms. Duck: Because everything you learn in gym class could make a difference in your life one day.

Skunk: What possible use could I have wanted to know how to do a tip toe, apart from physically with two feet?

Ms. Duck: Never mind the questions, just do it.

Skunk: (said to himself) Now, I'm gonna do what I'am about to do best! No way I can mess this up...

(Skunk leaps on to balance beam. He was just about to tip toe, when suddenly lost his balance and starts screaming as he fell in to Rabbit and Tiger, who then falls next to Crane, Pig and so on, causing a domino effect of everyone, including Fox, falling and, in some cases, someone ending up injured. Then, Panda walked walked in. Only to discover in shocked that everyone fell and knocked down.)

Panda: What the..what's going on here?!

Ms. Duck: (points to Skunk, who laughs nervously)

(Cuts to Skunk getting thrown out of The Forest. As he fall face first on the ground, he stands up and turns to everyone, including Fox, Rabbit and Pig, in anger)

Skunk: What is the Matter with You Guys?!

Fox: Skunk, this is the last straw and possibly the last time you messed everything up and everyone's life!

Bird: Yeah Shame on you, you stinky ol' destroyer!

Ox: (throws the apples at Skunk) splitter!

Pig: (throws Mud at Skunk) Catalyst of social discontent!

Mr. Fish: (throws something at Skunk) Homewrecker!


Skunk: Enough of calling me names and stop throwing! I was trying to be social to you guys!

Rabbit: Social!? I think you socialize quite enough, Skunk.

Fox: Yeah, just for that, I think we should spend some time alone. Now, get Out of Here.

Skunk: But...

Fox: Just get out of here already and leave! And never come back!

Others: (In agreement) Yeah!

(The others turn their backs on Skunk and went back. Leaving Tiger for a moment)

Tiger: If I were you, I'll get as far away from here as possible-- Moron Boy!

(He turn his back went back to his office, leaving Skunk alone. He was shocked and alarmed)

Skunk: I guess that's it, then. If Tiger is calling me "Moron Boy", it must be true. I know what must be done!

(Skunk starts crying, leaving no choice but to run back home in tears. At night, in the Valleys, he gets changed to his usual clothing, packs his clothes in his backpack, grabs a map of the place as he decides to run away to head to The USA)

Skunk: I can't believe them! I somehow managed to make everyone mad at me. I tried to hang out with everybody but now and they all betray me. What I did everything was an accident, so they hated me! At least Panda still like me, right?

(Panda Looks Grumpy at Skunk)

Skunk: *Sighs* I'll miss you too, guys.

(With the two of them gone, Skunk wrote a letter and place on his tree. Then, he grab something behind the tree and he built a Raft)

Skunk: (To himself) I gotta tell Panda about this thick Stick.

(He glance at his home, and shed a tear as he hop on the Raft)

Skunk: Goodbye everyone. (Started to sail away) Goodbye, Panda. Goodbye, Rabbit. Goodbye, Fox. Goodbye, China. Goodbye, life as I know it.

(Skunk rows a Raft until he stop at the sign next to the sign that says "Welcome to China. Population: "30")

Skunk: Welcome to China. Population 30.

(Crosses out the "30" with a chalk and puts a "29" next to it)

Skunk: Minus 1.

(He leaves China to United States America, Skateboarding)

Skunk: Moron Boy, Moron Boy, Moron Boy, Moron Boy, Moron Boy, Moron Boy, Moron Boy, Moron Boy, Moron Boy.

[cuts to Skunk Arriving The USA.]

Skunk: Well Here We Are This is Where I'll Find the Other Skunks and When I Find the Other Skunks I'll Stay with Them.

[Cut to Rabbit, who is Calling Skunk and drinking Carrot Juice]

Rabbit: Skunk? Skunk? Skunk?

Fox: Rabbit, Where's Skunk?

Rabbit: I Don't Know I've Been Calling Skunk 100 times.

Fox: Let's Keep Searching, Hey a Letter if you found this letter, that means Skunk's Class is Over. It also means it's been approximately one year since I've split town, and no one's noticed 'til now. No one needs to worry, I won't bother anyone again. Sincerely, Skunk. A.K.A. Moron Boy. [Rabbit and Fox look at each other sadly. Cut to skunk, who wakes up when he hears vultures]

Skunk: Excuse Me Vultures, Where Can I Find A Skunk Hang Out?

Vulture: If You Go to Alaska or Connecticut or Maine You'll Find One.

Skunk: Thanks. If I Go to Any State of The USA I'll Find My Family and New Friends.

Rabbit: Panda! Tiger! Ms. Duck! Pig! Ox! Bird! Were on a very emergency situation here!

Fox: Yes, have you all seen Skunk?

Tiger: I think we just went through this...

Panda: What he means to say is, no, we haven't.

Fox: Well, apparently, he's left China, and he ain't coming back.

(She hands Panda the note)

Panda: Let me see that. [begins to read] To whom that may concern, if you found this letter, that means [muttering] sincerely... AKA...AKA? Moron Boy? MORON BOY?! It is Skunk! What am I gonna do without that student?

Rabbit: What am I gonna do without my best buddy? I should never have been mean to you!

Ms. Duck: Rabbit, I know how you feel. (Begins to sob) Even though, I feel the same thing too!

Fox: I should have never told you to leave me alone! (Starts to cry)

Crane: (Sadly) If I knew that was the last time we've seen skunk, I've wouldn't been so tough him! (Starts to cry)

Pig: (Sadly) Crane, If you start crying, (Burst into tears) I'll start crying too! (Cries)

(Everyone and Fox, Rabbit, Pig and Panda are very sad. Panda, however, quickly pull himself together.)

Panda: All right, all right, everyone, group meeting. Now, how do you propose we find Skunk?

[cuts into Skunk in Connecticut]

Skunk: I Don't See Any Skunks in this Town I've Been Walking for Miles and of... [bumps into a Raccoon]

Raccoon: Hey, Watch Where You Going!

Skunk: Sorry, Sir I Was Lost and Keep Finding Any Animal That is Retaliated to Me.

Raccoon: I Know What You're Doing, You Want Food? Keeping Look On Your Own Young Skunk!

Skunk: Gosh, That Raccoon is kinda Grumpy. [Skunk Peaks into A Deer's Hut]

Deer: Can I Help You Kid?

Skunk: Looking for My Family of Skunks.

Deer: Their Ain't No Family of Skunks in My Hut why Don't You Go the Orphanage and Wait for the Skunks Adopted You.

Skunk: Okay, I'll Leave What is wrong with this city? Maybe it's not the city. Maybe it's me. [looks at a man from All That Glitters] Hey, miss, Look at me! Is there something wrong with me? [shows a gruesome look on his face, then he makes a snot bubble, the Possum Lady screams, Hits Skunk with a Handbag runs away. Cut to the Valleys]

Panda: Listen up, everybody! I got a plan to bring back Skunk.

Turtle: How?

Panda: It'll track anyone within a 50-mile radius.

Rabbit: So, you're saying this thing can actually find Skunk?

Panda: You got it, Rabbit, but it's gonna take all of us to find-- (Rocky grabs and smashes the device with a hammer, everyone gasps]

Rabbit: Oops, I dropped it.

(Panda is furious. His blows up like a balloon, then bursts with anger)

Panda: Rabbit!!! This device was me last chance to get this place back business. And since you destroyed it, I am ordering you to go with the group to find Skunk!

Rabbit: What am I gonna do that?

Panda: If you don't find him, you'll be Suspender from My Class Forever.

Rabbit: What? No, not my Class! (Begs) Please, Master Panda! I'll do anything! Anything!

Panda: Anything? Well, If you don't be suspended from your job forever, go with the group to go find Skunk.

Rabbit: But the Carrot Clock is broken.

Panda: Don't worry, we got Tiger! He can track anyone. By the way, if you find skunk, if give you this employment gift.

Rabbit: (gasps) Is that a handcrafted jewel-encrusted ornamental egg? That'll complete my father's collection! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Panda!

Panda: Uh- uh -uh-uh! Not so fast! (pushes Rabbit) Go find Skunk with the others, first.

(Cut to sunset, where Rabbit is riding the school bus with Fox, Tiger, Ms. Duck, Pig who had begin searching for the skunk that they know)

Fox: Skunk!

Rabbit: Skunk!

Pig: Skunk!

Tiger: (looks under the Tree) Skunk? You there?

Turtle: Skunk! (points at the ocean next to the sign) Maybe someone at sign has seen our porous skunk.

Crane: But's there no one there.

(Anyway, they stop at the road next to the sign that says "Welcome to China. Population: 30" in which it has been cross out "30" and wrote "29" from a night before, by Skunk. Tiger was the first to check it out while everybody else watching him from boat.)

Rabbit: You think he found something, Fox?

Fox: No, but he's tracking something.

Tiger: I see Skunk's fingerprints has been at the sign here. And he's in USA.

All: *Gasp*

Fox: Skunk? USA? That's miles away from China!

[Cut to Skunk, who is cold in the streets of USA. He goes to get warm near a fire]

Skunk: Oh, For Crying Out Loud Where are the Other Skunks, Maybe My Birth Parents must of Give Me Up [Looks at the Badgers in Line to the Cinema seeing That] I Think I Found My Parents. [Skunk Runs and Accidentally Hugs The Badgers]

Badger: Real Hug Isn't It... Having to stand around the fire for warmth every night?

Skunk: Yes, Badgers I Was Looking for My Parents.

Other Badger: Heh, not for us... we're just waiting in line for a new movie.

Skunk: Well The Problem Is My Parents Have Give Me Up, You guys Seen Them?

Other Badger: Not Really.

Skunk: Okay Then. (Walks away from the Badgers and Sees the Skunk Crew) Hey, What Do You Know I Found a Skunk Family! (Runs towards the Skunk Crew and Hugs Them)

Mr. Skunk: Get Off of Me, Kid!

Skunk: It's Your Son! Remember How You and My Mom Gave Me Up.

Mrs. Skunk: Wait, It's Our Son and He Has Come Home!

Skunk: I Need to Know Why Did You Give Me Up?

Mrs. Skunk: Well Son, We Gave You Up to Save Your Life from Dragon's Wraith as he order Baboon and the Ninja Monkeys to Attack You we even gave you to Crane.

Skunk: Well, I'm Done with Kung Fu So I'll Be Happy to Live Here.

Mr. Skunk: Skunk My Boy even sense you were Born You Weren't Save with Us.

Skunk: What Do You Mean?

Mrs. Skunk: We Were Trying to Keep You Safe, Now I'm Sorry We Didn't Raise You but Crane toke Your to China.

Skunk: But I Can't Come Back to China I Wanna Stay Here.

Mr. Skunk: I Know You Do.

(Cut to Rabbit, who is riding a Car with Fox, Pig and Tiger, Turtle and Ms. Duck still searching for Skunk.)

Ms. Duck: Any sign of Skunk?

Tiger: No, nothing. I... Oh, no! IT'S SKUNK! He's Found his Family And I'm Afraid he's not Even Coming Back!

Fox: What? You mean he's... Stop the Car!

Rabbit: Okay (Stops the Car)

(Fox was first to get out of the bus and the others followed her. She rush to her to Skunk's side.)

Fox: Oh Skunk! I'm sorry for Running you out of China (starts Crying)

Skunk: Fox? What are You Doing Here?

Fox: I Was So Worried About You! And We're Sorry for Running You Out of China.

Skunk: That's Okay, I can Just stay with My Family and The Skunk Crew

Rabbit: What, You're Not the Only One?

Skunk: Yep, I Can Just Stay in the USA So I've Decided Not to Come Back to China.

Tiger: But Skunk That's Panda's Orders.

Mr. Skunk: You Herd Him, He's Done.

Tiger: Come On Guys Let's Go.

[Fox, Ms. Duck, Rabbit, Pig and Tiger Leaves Skunk and His Family and returns to China]

Panda: Why Have You Come Back? Where's Skunk?

Fox: I'm Afraid Panda, He's Where he Wants to Be.

Panda: Did Skunk Had a Family?

Rabbit: Yeah, He's Happy to Be Here.

Panda: I Don't Believe It, Well I Wish He would have a Family Live with the Other Skunk

(The episode ends)

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