Slave Princess Jasmine
الرقيق الجني الياسمين

Big smile

Linda Larkin (speaking)
Lea Salonga (Singing)


Genie Jasmine
Jasmine from the future
"Jasmine: First Time Being a Genie"
Genie Princess in the lamp (present)
Princess of Agrabah (present)
All of the phenomenal cosmic powers of a genie
Granting wishes upon being summoned
When Princess Jasmine plays with her belly button
To return to her dimension and be free from eternal imprisonment (Succeeded)
To Serve her master
Twin Counterpart of original character
Selfless Monarch
"Oh... wonderful Master... I Thank you so much... for awakening me... After Nine hundred years... it was all so lovely to leave my precious prison... within my lamp.... By the laws of my kind... I shall grant you... three wishes... You may spend them as you like... What shall thy your wish be... Master...?"

Slave Princess Jasmine (الرقيق الجني الياسمين) is a beautiful, sexy, and graciously powerful genie and is the main Protagonist of the story about herself being a genie, who at first never knew what it was like to be a genie who grants wishes or desires, until she was controlled by Jafar and was transformed into one by him during his reign. Hundreds of years later, she was discovered by another Jasmine who came from the past, and became close friends.


“Your lamp looks like the one the Blue Genie was in for a thousand decades. I mean, it is pretty.
Why thank you, master. It was a lonely home, you know.”

—Princess Jasmine and Genie Jasmine
Genie's Lamp

Jasmine's lamp

Jasmine's Genie lamp is the same lamp the blue genie can be summoned from in appearance. Jafar used it to control Jasmine and transform her into a magically, powerful genie and trap her inside it. As it ended up in time before Agrabah was born, Jasmine was trapped in her lamp for hundreds of years.


Physical Appearance

The original Jasmine was animated and designed by Mark Henn, her facial structure being modeled after his sister, Beth Henn. She is a very voluptuous and beautiful young woman of average height. She has medium skin, long lustrous black hair, brown eyes, and is a distinct hourglass figure.

When Jafar takes control of Agrabah for a short while, he makes Jasmine wear a red outfit (an alternate version of her casual wear, sans her earrings and sewn-in sleeves) with several golden accessories, such as a snake armlet on her right arm and triangular, gold earrings. Jafar later creates a gold crown for Jasmine from her shackles when he decides to make her his queen, until she kept on when she was transformed into a magical genie. Her hair is also tied in a ponytail, with a golden, seemingly metallic band.

When Jasmine was turned into a magically powerful genie, her top part of her body is as her usual human form, and her red dress hiding her legs form a red genie tail made of colorfully red smoke. Like other genies, she wears gold cuff like bracelets on her wrists. But unlike the blue Genie, and Eden, Jasmine doesn't shape-shift into some impressions.


Like the original Jasmine in the 1992 movie and TV series franchise, her personality is reflected by her genie form when she magically transformed into one, because her personality stays the same.


Much like all genies, Jasmine can grant wishes upon being summoned. And like other female genies of bottles, she blinks.


During Jafar's reign, he made a lamp for Princess Jasmine, in her slave outfit, to be trapped in and kept in a secret trophy room as his property so that he can control her. Jasmine was transformed into a beautifully, volouptous and illustrious powerful genie that Jafar used the lamp to control her and trap her inside it. Jafar ordered his men to take her and her lamp back to the Cave of Wonders so that she'll never be found again. On the guards' way over, however, it was blown away from Razoul's hands by the heavy wind. It eventually ended up thru a Time hole, that lead it in time before Agrabah was born. As Genie Jasmine slumbered, while she was trapped inside her lamp, she dreamed that she would be all powerful so that she can rule, control, command, and protect the cosmos and her universe with her phenomenal cosmic powers.

Hundreds of years later, a woman named, Princess Jasmine from the past found the lamp in the cave, and released the Genie from it. They were both surprised to see each other as the same person and same name. Genie Jasmine and Princess Jasmine were becoming close friends like that as they sang their own version of "Friend like me" and Princess Jasmine began playing with Genie Jasmine's bellybutton. The Jasmine of the past asked where she came from, which the Jasmine of the future, responds that she came from the time during Jafar's reign, and she explained how she ended up inside her lamp. After the Jasmine of the past used her first wish to Get out of the cave, she used her second wish to take Genie Jasmine back to her own time. And together, they helped Aladdin defeat Jafar and save her family and all of Agrabah. Aladdin was surprised to see two Jasmine working together. Finally, the Jasmine of the past used her third wish to set Genie Jasmine free. And at last, the Jasmine from the future was once again a mortal human being. As the Jasmine of the past, returned to her own dimension, Aladdin, and the Jasmine from the future were engaged as a genie and human couple. Again.


Princess Jasmine

Jasmine with her past self close together

“I SO can't believe there's TWO of myself in different forms!
Neither can I! We may be the same person, but we're still different.”
—Princess Jasmine and Genie Jasmine

Princess Jasmine of the Past is a very close friend with Genie Jasmine. Since the first time they met, after the princess released the genie from her lamp, they were both shocked surprised that there's two Jasmines. Genie Jasmine loves it when Princess Jasmine plays with her belly button. Princess Jasmine helped Genie Jasmine go back to her own time and save her dimension of the future.



Slave Jasmine reuniting Aladdin

Despite the awkward circumstances of their first interaction, Jasmine and Aladdin almost immediately form a connection. When taken to Aladdin's home, Jasmine is introduced to a humble, vulnerable person with dreams of living a better life—one devoid of forcibly scraping for food and escaping brutal guards on a regular basis. She openly relates to a desire for freedom, confessing her problems to Aladdin, and is treated with a response of genuine concern and care for her feelings, in spite of the fact that her personal feelings have been constantly put to the side in favor of tradition and unjust laws, up to that point. With their conversation having revealed common traits between the two, Jasmine and Aladdin form a friendship, which is interrupted by Aladdin's arrest, by orders of Jafar.

Their bond becomes so strong that, upon learning Aladdin was executed for the crime of "kidnapping the princess", Jasmine falls into a state of depression and blames herself for Aladdin's death. When Aladdin returns under the guise of the flamboyant, arrogant Prince Ali, Jasmine is unable to recognize him, and immediately rebuffs his attempts at receiving her attention. However, once Aladdin drops the act, and carries himself in his genuine, humble and caring nature, Jasmine's defenses slowly begin to fall, and the two are able to share a magic carpet ride together, experiencing the world they've been unfortunate enough to have nearly missed. It is at that moment that the two fall in love and Jasmine declares Ali her chosen suitor. Jasmine never outright declares her love for Aladdin until after the truth behind his identity is revealed, and his motivations are explained to have been due to the fact that a princess and a street-rat can never be together, by orders of both the law and society. Although Aladdin was surprised to see two Jasmines come to help Aladdin, He was also surprised to see that his own Jasmine is a beautiful genie. After the Jasmine of the past used her final wish to free the Jasmine of the future from imprisonment, and With his love for her having been proven by the time of the film's finale, Jasmine forgives Aladdin for his lies and accepts him as a lover, though Aladdin uses his third wish to free the Genie, as opposed to turning himself into a prince. However, Jasmine selflessly cares more for Aladdin's will to be himself, and care for his friends than her own desire, accepting the circumstances of his final wish, and the fact that they can never be together. This connection, respect, and mutual love for one another prompt the Sultan to abolish the law separating Jasmine and Aladdin, thus allowing their romance to blossom from that moment forward, with no further lies, and only genuine acceptance.


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