Fan Fiction

E016 Shot Down[]

Opening scene, Israeli desert, shows a light in the sky over a desert area. The light disappears and then flashes. It goes straight down. It’s late night in Washington DC and Alexis is just getting into bed. She turns the light off. The phone rings. “Dammit...” She answers. Commander Walther, “Get to the Pentagon, Code Black.” Walther hangs up. Alexis jumps up and runs to Matt’s room. He is playing video games. “Come on, we’re leaving.” Matt asks, “Where we goin’?” Alexis, “You get to annoy Walther all you want.” Alexis and Matt arrive at the Pentagon and get down to the PCI center. She enters the conference room and sits down. Thompson, “Nice of you to join us, next time be ready to run...... interesting pajamas.” Her pajamas are of penguins. Alexis looking at Matt, “Say hi to grandpa.” Matt to Thompson, “You got owned.” A random agent giggles, notices Thompson glaring and stops. Thompson, “Alexis you and your penguins are heading out to Israel immediately with Commander Walther. Our Israeli allies have given confirmed word of a UFO crash not far from the city of Beersheba.” They depart by a private government plane and land on a aircraft carrier. From there they fly by an unmarked Blackhawk helicopter. As it prepares for landing, Alexis sees white tents, helicopters, tanker trucks and military vehicles on the other side of a hill. The helicopter lands and they are greeted by an Israeli officer. They follow him up and over the hill. As she gets closer, there are armed military men, spotlights, biohazard trucks and airlock tents, clean rooms, decontamination rooms, medic vehicles, helicopters and more. Alexis and Walther enter the largest of the airlock tents. As they go, they walk past several sealed makeshift rooms with a body in each. Men in bio suits are inside, doing tests. Lots of computers and people in bio suits are around. They get to the center of the massive tent, a large crater has been dug. Inside is a decent sized spacecraft. There are men on and around it, using tools. The two are greeted by a general. “Good morning.” Walther, “What have you found so far?” General, “We’ve managed to retrieve several bodies from the craft, all reticulan, one alive but not for much longer. We believe the craft went into malfunction and crashed.” A scientist runs over, “It’s saying something! It’s speaking!” They run over as the alien speaks, “Evil comes. Girls..... not safe. Dae..... dae.....” It grabs Alexis' wrist. “.........daem......” It dies. Walther, “What the hell was that?” Alexis remains in shock. The General to a scientist, “Get a decontamination kit and find out what that all meant.” Alexis is sat down and given an injection, her arm, wrist and hand cleansed with a bio cleanser. Walther walks over, “You alright? Know what that all meant?” Alexis still ‘stares into space’ and shakes her head slowly. After getting the information needed, they are flown out to Tel-Aviv. From her hotel room, Alexis talks to Giles about what has happened. He says he’ll look up anything that starts with ‘daem’. He asks her to check a synagogue where an old friend worked. Alexis gets off the phone and heads out. She finds the place. It has police tape around it. She enters and looks around. As she walks down the center of the synagogue she sees shoe prints, burnt into the floor. Alexis follows them into a back room where she finds the shape of a body, burnt into the floor. She hears something close behind and turns around quickly. A man comes out from the dark but she grabs his arm as he swings it. Alexis goes to flip the man but he switches out and slams her up against the wall. His eyes glowing neon red, “Found ya.” Alexis pauses a second and throws him back, through a wall. “And who are you?” She asks as she comes around into the next room. The man flips up, dusts off, “That’s too bad. Didn’t get a heads up? Oh that’s right, the UFO sent to warn you mysteriously went down. Well then....My name’s Daemon and I’ll be your killer tonight.” Alexis hops up on a bench and runs across and jump kicks off the bench. He smacks her kick away, she falls down. Alexis flips up, eyes glow orange. She goes to punch but he grabs her hand and goes to flip her but she switches out and flips him. He kicks her into the air, across the room. She crashes into a desk and gets up, flinging her hair-held blades at him. He karate chops one away, the other stabs into his hand. “Ooh, nice shot.” He pulls it out, flinging it back. Alexis back flips, dodging it. He runs at her but she jumps up and kicks him in the chest with both feet. He flies back through the wall. Her eyes switch to purple and she puts her hands out. The hair-held knives fling to her hands and she puts them back. Daemon climbs through the wall and cracks his neck. They start fighting but they block each other’s moves every time, neither getting a hit on the other. Alexis head butts Daemon, he butts back. Alexis throws him down, he flips up and throws her back. He raises his hand at Alexis and her gun flings out from her holster and to his hand. Alexis glares, her eyes go to glowing all white. He opens fire, her left hand raises up in a split, split second. The bullets come to a stop in front of her. He empties the gun. All the bullets fall to the floor. Daemon drops the gun and throws two benches at her. She dodges both and flings her hair-held blades again. She catches them and she charges and tackles him. “Who are you and what is your damn problem?” He stabs her in the abdomen, the blade comes out her back. “I’m here to stop you and anyone else in the way of my lord’s work. An anti-Christ type of person...” He shoves Alexis over and starts walking away, his shoe prints burning into the floor. He drops the blades as he walks out. Alexis looks down at her wound. She spits out some blood. Her eyes glow white again and suddenly the stab wound heals up. She runs out but Daemon is gone. She gets back to the hotel. The next day Walther and Alexis head back to the crash site. Commander Walther goes into a meeting with the Israeli officials. Alexis wanders the site. From behind an airtight glass divider she stares at an alien body. A scientist comes from behind, “Amazing isn’t it? A real extraterrestrial.” Alexis answers with a depressed moan, “Yea...” She continues around and heads down toward the spacecraft. She stands at the cliff of the moderate crater its in. She overhears a scientist tell an official as they walk by, “We can’t get it to run. None of the systems react to anything. It seems you must be an alien to activate the systems.” Alexis sneaks down and sneaks inside the craft. She looks around at all the computers and advanced technology. A scientist walks in. “Who are you?” Alexis shows her PCI badge and he continues, “Okay. Crazy stuff right? This is my first time actually seeing one in person. I’ve seen photos and video but this......” Alexis touches a random screen and it turns on and goes to a main menu. The scientist runs over, “What’d you touch?! How’d you do that?” Alexis leaves as Walther comes out from the meeting. “Ready to head back home?” He asks. Alexis and Walther get on a helicopter and are flown back to Washington DC. Alexis gets home and Giles and Matt are there. Giles, “Well, I found several possibilities as to......” Alexis cuts him off, “Daemon. The anti-Christ.” Giles, “That wasn’t one of them.” Alexis, “I went to check that synagogue for you. Your friend was killed by this Daemon guy and then he attacked me. He’s ultra strong! He beat me. Well, I would have been beaten if it weren’t for my wound suddenly healing itself.” Giles quickly checks his computer. “Damn computers. I wish I had my damn records but they burnt up.” He gets frustrated and gives up, “I’ll have Willow check for anything about him.”

E017 Harrison[]

Opening scene. Alexis and Matt are at a military cemetery. They go to Mathis’ grave. Matt plants a flag. Alexis gives a salute. Alexis enters the PCI center. Commander Walther, “Ah, good, Alexis, over here.” She walks into his office. “This is Agent Anthony Harrison. He’ll be your new partner.” Alexis, “I don’t work good with partners.” Harrison, “You’re placing me with a kid?” Alexis, “My partners seem to di........... kid? I’m not a kid.” Walther, “Look, we have a rise in activity and it is imperative it is checked out. Work together, that’s it.” They walk out to the parking lot and Harrison heads for his car. “We’re taking mine.” Alexis, “Are you serious? I always take my truck.” Harrison speeds out from the parking spot and stops next to Alexis. “Get in.” They speed of to the first location, an old theater. “So, what’s wrong with this place?” Alexis goes to check Harrison’s onboard computer. Harrison pushes her hand away, “Don’t touch anything.” Alexis, “You’re acting like I’m an infant. This partnership isn’t gonna last long. What is your problem anyway?” Harrison, “Lets go.” He gets out and walks toward the theater. Alexis, “I’d like to know what we’re doing.” Harrison pulls his gun and walks inside. Alexis rolls her eyes and follows. After several minutes of walking around, they get on a stage and Alexis stops, “Okay! That’s it.” Her eyes glow neon purple and she points at a random spot, blowing up a table and chairs. Harrison turns around, “What the hell?!” Alexis walks up to him and demands, “What is your problem!? Tell me!” Harrison, bending down to face to face with Alexis, not at all fearing the glowing eyes, “I don’t work with partners.” Her eyes go normal and she cheerfully walks down the aisle, “I don’t either, something we have in common.” Harrison turns around as something slowly emerges from backstage. “! Federal agent, don’t move!” Alexis turns around and runs back down the aisle and up onto the stage. Alexis, imitating a British accent, “What the bloody hell are you doing here?” She speaks normally, “Seriously, what do ya want?” Spike comes out from the shadows, “I was in the neighborhood. Checkin’ out some new places to stay.” Alexis, “Uh huh. Got bored with England?” Spike, “Not quite. It seems I got me a problem. Some old buddy isn’t too happy with me right now. Says if he finds me, he’ll chop my head off. So, I’ll be around for a while.” Alexis looks around, “Here?” Spike, “What? I kinda like it. Nice and big, got that fresh, musty smell a vamp wants in a place...... Who’s the big guy?” Alexis, “Harrison, was this the report? Someone, vampirish hanging out here?” Harrison, “Suspicious activity report. You know him?” Alexis starts to walk away, “Situation dealt with, lets move on.” She jumps off the stage and sees a demon walking in. She punches the demon in the face. It steps back and it’s face goes crazy, Alexis screams. Harrison turns around to shoot. Spike grabs the gun, “Ah, hell. You spilt the blood.” Alexis, “What the fuck!” The demon is Clem, “Oh my, ha ha, I’m sorry. You must be Alexis. I’m Clem.” He puts out his hand to shake hers. Spike goes to pick up a blood bag. Harrison, “You know both these things?” Clem, “Oh, it’s a skin condition...” Alexis, “No need to cover yourself in front of him. He works with me......What the hell was with your face?” Spike, “Okay, this is all fun and dandy but I’m getting a bit hungry and my favorite show’s on in a bit, so can we do this another time?” Clem and Spike walk backstage. Harrison, “What the hell is wrong with this country?” He walks out to the car. Alexis follows, “Where to next?” They drive out to Baltimore and arrive at an abandoned factory. Harrison, “PCI detected high level dark magic activity here.” The two enter and the main room is empty. Alexis walks to the center of the room, finding a large symbol in the middle. “Huh....” It’s a Pentagram but it seems there is an upside down cross through it. Alexis senses something. Something crashes up through the floor, from the center of the symbol. Alexis, “Oh, god dammit.” Daemon open-chests Alexis and she flies back into the wall and down to the floor. She gets up and her eyes glow bright white. Daemon’s glow neon red. He smirks, a demonic growl follows. Harrison runs in as Alexis and Daemon fight. Alexis punches Daemon and gets him in a choke hold. Daemon flips her, slamming her to the floor. She kicks his face, back flipping, landing on her feet. He trips her. He hops up, as she gets up, Daemon roundhouse kicks her. Alexis flings her hair-held blades out, both stabbing into Daemon’s chest. He laughs and pulls them out. He goes to slash her but in ultra mode she draws her two double bladed switch blades. They start knife fighting. She roundhouse kicks, he ducks and goes to stab upward. She blocks the knife with her blade. With the other she slashes his face. He head butts Alexis and she falls back. He twirls the two blades and goes to stab down into Alexis. Harrison aims his MP7 and opens fire, full auto. Daemon takes every hit, staggering a bit. Harrison empties, drops the magazine out. Daemon turns around and steps toward Harrison a bit, laughing. His eyes flash brighter for a second and the bullets all pop out his chest. He starts going toward Harrison. Alexis yells, “Laugh it up.” and points at him. A large concrete girder comes swinging down and plows Daemon through a concrete wall. Alexis gets up and the two rush out to the car and Harrison speeds away. Harrison, “I put 30 rounds in that guy!” They get back to the PCI center. Alexis gets home and draws a picture of the symbol for Giles. Giles pauses, “.......Where’d you see this?” Alexis explains what happened. Giles, “That is the symbol of the anti-Christ ............... Spike here in Washington? Really?” Alexis, “Why won’t he die and why is he so damn strong?!” Giles, “Well, Spike has been around for a whi...... oh, right, uh, the anti-Christ is an ancient prophesy about a being sent to stop good from winning the final war against Armageddon. I’d expect him to be strong.” Meanwhile, now night time, back at the factory. Daemon climbs out from the rubble. He kicks an abandoned car in rage. It flips several times. Daemon brushes himself off, fixes his jacket and starts walking away.

E018 Day With Shawn[]

Opening scene shows a vampire attacking a woman in the subway. It’s night time. The woman trips and falls. The vampire stands, about to drop down and suck her dry. Then the vampire pauses, hearing the sounds of a skateboard, grinding down a nearby rail. The noise of an ollie, a skateboard screech and the sound of it getting closer. The skateboard comes rolling around the corner, it’s Shawn. He points at the vampire, “You!” He rolls by, fast, stakes the vampire and it dusts, simultaneously yelling, “Stake-by!” Afternoon and Shawn is skateboarding down a busy street. He grabs the back of a city bus and skitches it. He lets go after a few blocks and rolls down the street. He screeches to a stop. A guy just mugged someone. He goes to chase and tackle the mugger. But someone else clothes-lines the man. The man slams back on the pavement. It’s Faith. She takes the stolen wallet and throws it to the victim. Shawn walks up, jokingly, “That was my kill.” He steps on the muggers stomach as he walks over him. Faith asks Shawn, “We still goin’ out to that club tonight?” Shawn, “Yea, Mark hooked me up.” Faith, “Crap, I gotta get to work, taking down a drug ring.” Shawn picks her up, “I’ll take you then.” He hops on his skateboard, carrying Faith. He drops her off at work and leaves. Shawn skates downtown, into Chinatown. He stops at a Chinese market. Market owner, “Herro Shun, how we today? We good yes? Here for moe brud? By way, what you need so much brud for?” Shawn, “I drink it.” The market owner laughs, “You aways so funny. Have good day.” Shawn leaves and pours some blood into a sports bottle. A woman stops and stares at him. Shawn, “What? I like my Kool-aid thick.” The woman walks away. He skates along. A man yells, “Hey Shawn!” Shawn turns to look and he skates into a taxi. The Arab driver gets out, “You son of a bitch. Watch what you do! You dent my taxi. I should kick your ass.” Shawn spilt some of his blood on the taxi hood. The driver, “Oh praise Allah that I kill you! Now you bleed on my taxi! See what happen when you be dumb pedestrian?” Shawn gets up, vamps out scaring the taxi driver and skates off. Shawn gets back to his apartment. He sits down and turns on the TV. A news report about a possible ritual killing appears. It occurred in Brooklyn. He skates down. He makes it to the location, sneaking by police tape. He walks around, hearing a running noise on an upper floor. He jumps from metal staircase to staircase and gets to a third floor level. He hears a giggling and runs down into a hall. He enters a room. He sees a short shadow run out the room. He chases and runs into another room, “Holy shit! You bastards.” Three leprechauns stand across the room. “Got to catch us if you want our gold.” Shawn makes a ‘WTF’ face and thinks to himself whether to chase or not. The three go to run but stop, turn around and wait. Shawn stares, squinting, making the stink eye. The three leprechauns stand, quietly. One makes a stupid face, crossing it’s eyes, puffing it’s cheeks and sticking out it’s tongue. Shawn still stands there. He then leans against the wall, “I wonder. What happens if I ignore you? Like I don’t chase after you....” Leprechaun one, “Then you get no gold.” Shawn squats down, “Do you really have gold? What is up with that?” A leprechaun walks closer, “We have mounds of it. Endless supplies of gold!” Shawn, “Hmm..” The other two continue to make stupid faces. Shawn squints, “What’s with the green suits? Don’t you wear anything else?” The leprechaun stands in front of him, “It’s what we wear.” Shawn continues to squat, eye to eye with the leprechaun. He suddenly tackles it, it screams. The other two jump back. Shawn yells at the other two, “Now you’re gonna give me all your damn gold and all the skittles I can eat or I kick this little bastard in the nuts until you do!” The one still screaming, the two charge at Shawn and jump on him, punching and kicking. Shawn, “Oh damn!” He starts wrestling the three. They surround him, kicking him. Shawn yells, “Ahhh dammit! You little green bastards! Ahhh!” He jumps up and kicks one through the wall. He kicks another away. The third, he kicks in the nuts. “Gimmie the gold!” The leprechaun squirms on the floor, holding his crotch, “We don’t really have any gold.” Shawn kicks him again, “What about skittles?!” The leprechaun throws Shawn a baggy of skittles and continues to cry, holding his crotch. Shawn walks out and heads back home to meet Faith. He meets her at the night club. Faith, “Where’d you get the skittles?”

E019 There Goes Da Hood[]

Opening scene shows a New York City night club, rapper on stage, over one hundred people on the floor dancing, crowded. Suddenly a dead woman drops from the upper floor, drained of blood. The rapper stops, “What the fu....” A vampire comes from behind and bites him. Thirty or so vampires massacre the crowded club. Now afternoon, the next day, Alexis and Harrison enter the night club. Inside are tens of body bags around, coroners and investigators taking photos. Police, FBI agents, detectives. The leading detective, flipping his badge, “Detective O’Hourn, and you are?” Alexis, “Agents Perry and Harrison, NSA.” O’Hourn, “NSA...... For a night club brawl?” Alexis squats down to a body bag, un-zippers the head part, pointing out fang marks on the neck, “I believe every victim has one of these?” A fellow detective jokes, “Looks like we got a Mulder and Scully up in here.” As Alexis goes to check another victim, “Cute.” Alexis walks out, Harrison follows, “What’s your plan now?” Alexis answers, “I know a person.” They drive over to the Lower East Side. They enter an apartment building and Alexis bangs on the door, “Federal agent!” From inside they hear, “Fuck you.” The door opens, Shawn, “What up bitch.” Alexis, “Screw you.” She pushes her way in. Shawn starts joking around, “Oh, what now! You got a warrant? Huh? You think you can just oppress me?!” Alexis, “Need to know....any new vamps around?” Shawn, “If I knew I would have killed them.” Alexis, “You’re useful. I guess you didn’t hear about what happened on the West Side?” Shawn gets a bottle of blood from the refrigerator, “Nope.” He walks in the living room. Alexis, “I can’t believe you drink that stuff.” Shawn nods in Harrison’s direction, “Who’s this guy?” Harrison watches Shawn closely. After a few minutes of catching up, Alexis and Harrison leave. Harrison, “Another good vampire, huh...” Alexis, “Yea. A good vampire.” As they get in Alexis' truck a call comes over the police radio about a drive by shooting in Chelsea. They head over, police, EMS and fire rescue are on scene. The two are let through, Alexis asking the detective, O’Hourn, “Who got shot?” O’Hourn, “You again.....this cop says some gang bangers rode by and shot up a group of guys here. We found nothing, no bodies, no blood. Just a pile of ashes.” Alexis turns around in shock, quietly to Harrison, “Dammit. How did gangsters get a hold of hellfire rounds?” Alexis gets a test tube from her truck’s PCI kit and scrapes some ashes into it, “Gotta see another friend.” They drive up to a hospital. Alexis and Harrison walk into the emergency room. Alexis immediately spots Willow and calls to her. Willow gets extra happy and runs over. Willow, “Oh my god! It’s Lexi! Here to see me! Where’s Matt, gotta see Matt.” Alexis and Willow hug, “Actually, I’m here on business.” Alexis holds up the test tube of ash. Alexis explains. Willow, Alexis and Harrison go to a lab on the next floor. Willow uses a mix of science and magic and comes to a conclusion, “It’s left over remains of vampires. Four different traces of them I believe.” Harrison, “Looks like we have a humans versus vampires, gang war growing.” Willow, “Really? These are ashes though.....not dust. that good or bad?” Alexis, “Someone has hellfire rounds.” Night falls, Alexis and Harrison are heading back to Shawn and Faith’s apartment. On the way a bullet bounces off Alexis' truck’s bullet proof windshield. She slams the brakes and looks as a gang fight has broken out. In the street are a large group of Crips fighting with a group of men. Harrison squints a bit, “And it’s begun.” Gunfire from the second floor of a building. A man burns up. Alexis takes a closer look, the men are vampires, “Let’s roll!” Alexis hops out with a UMG, Harrison grabs an M4A1 from the back of the truck. Alexis activates the hellfire rounds and fires, burning up three vampires. A vamp grabs a gangster and bites into him. Another gangster goes up from behind and point blanks the vampire with a hellfire handgun. One gangster is using a wooden staff with pointed ends and dusts two more. A car rolls up slowly from behind Alexis and Harrison and three guys fire Uzi’s. Alexis turns around watching as a group of vampires behind are burnt up. Harrison yells to Alexis, “This is some messed up shit!” Alexis answers while firing, “Not the first time I’ve seen this!” Vampires come jumping down from the roofs. Another gangster is killed. One kid unloads completely on a vampire in the face. It bursts into flames and burns up. Alexis scissor kicks a vampire and shoots it as it flies back. Harrison fires as more vampires come from everywhere. Harrison, “Jesus, they must have been savin’ up for a rainy day or sumtin’.” Harrison runs out of ammo. Alexis runs out. Harrison pulls his sidearm, a Colt 1911. He fires at vampires as they try lunging at him, they burn up in mid-air. Alexis smacks away a vampire with her gun and drops it. Her eyes switch to neon purple, “I killed all you the first time for a reason!” Then a hip hop beat is heard. Several cars roll up and more gangsters jump out with AK47s and Uzi’s. One throws a grenade, Harrison ducks, “Holy shit! Fire in the hole!” It explodes, blowing up a car and three vampires. Then a really big gangster steps out of a truck holding an AK74. Alexis looks up, “Mark?” He pops a vampire in the head from a few hundred feet away. “Whaddup Lex.” He yells to his homies, “Clear ‘em out!” All the gangsters reload and massacre the remaining vampires. Gunshots continue throughout the neighborhood. As the ‘hood is cleared out, Alexis and Mark talk. Alexis, “So..... what have you been doing?” Mark, “Well, I got off of smokin’ up. Been clean with that for a while. Leadin’ the gang. I got all my homies targetin’ vamps and demons now. You?” Alexis, “I’m NSA now. Special agent, killing demons and everything like that.” Mark giving her a ‘pound’, “That’s my girl! Matt still live wit you?” Alexis, “Yea. He’s six now.” Harrison runs over, “Cops on the way, just heard it on the scanner.” Mark stands up, does a handshake with Harrison and then yells to all the homies, “Clean it up! Po-Po rollin’ in!” The gangsters grab the guns and bullet shells and speed off. Mark goes to Alexis, “Yo.....if you aren’t seein’ anyone, maybe we could chill sometime.” A gangster calls to Mark, “Yo, we gotta go!” Alexis kisses him and he jumps in a car which speeds off, making a gang sign. From behind comes police, ESU, fire trucks, EMS and helicopters.

E020 Concentrate[]

Now summer time, Alexis has decided to take the weekend off, leaving Harrison and a backup agent doing work. In the passed few weeks, the entire paranormal world has been quiet. Only issues are the standard haunted house calls and minor vampire appearances. Matt is out of school and wants to go to the beach. Matt asks Alexis, “Can we go to the beach?” Alexis responds, “Do we have to?” Alexis looks at Giles, Giles immediately responds, “I’m not going to the shore.........I don’t own a bathing suit.” Alexis, looking at Giles, “Fine, I’ll go.” Alexis and Matt drive out to a Virginia beach. They find a spot. Matt plays in the sand, Alexis lies there. Someone stands in the sun’s path, casting a shadow over Alexis. She opens her eyes. Spike, “Why didn’t you invite me?” Alexis, “You wouldn’t have wanted to go.” Spike replies, “Well, I am here, yes?” Alexis, “What do you want? And why the hell are you wearing your entire trench coat outfit? Aren’t you.......oh that’s right, vampire.” Spike, “Yea, vampire. I was getting a bit bored, sitting around with Clem. Thought I’d get out, maybe get a tan.” Alexis, “You can’t get a tan.” Suddenly screaming is heard coming from the waters. Alexis sits up, a swimmer is being attacked by a shark. People flee from the water. Alexis gets up, “Spike, you watch Matt.” Alexis runs into the water and dives in. She swims out, a shark is thrashing a man. It has a grip on the man’s leg. Spike looks at Matt and then look back up, slightly impressed, “You’re mum’s a bit bonkers.” Alexis unclips a switch blade from her belt, stabs into the head of the shark and climbs on top. The shark continues to try and rip the man’s leg off. Kaitlyn’s eyes go neon orange and she grabs the nose of the shark and rips it back, tearing the head of the shark off. She throws the head and grabs the man and swims to shore. Life guards rush in the help the man. Now Monday, Alexis walks into the PCI control center. Noticing General Thompson and two other military officials talking to Commander Walther. Alexis mumbles to herself, “What now...” See heads down the stairway and up to the four men. Thompson and the two officials walk away. Commander Walther, “You’re being sent out immediately. We’ve learned about a strange energy growing in Washington State.” Alexis and Harrison get to the nearby military base and board a private jet which soon takes off. Hours later they arrive in Seattle, Washington. Harrison, “I’m driving.” Alexis, “No you’re not.” Before Harrison can angrily respond, Alexis points. A military pilot next to an unmarked, black helicopter waves for them to come over. The helicopter takes off. Inside they gear up and are flown out to a forested area. They land in a nearby field. The pilot gives a file folder and the chopper takes off. Harrison goes to grab the folder from Alexis. She pulls it away from his reach, “According to a local scientist, the energy is an orb, slowly growing in size. Last time it was checked, it was about the size of a basketball.” She hands him the folder and starts walking into the forest. They hike several hundred feet to a small crater opening. Only a few feet deep, Alexis hops down and stops. The orb has grown. Harrison walks up to the crater, “Damn. It must have tripled.” Alexis turns on an EMF reader, a device that detects electro-magnetic fields. The device immediately beeps it’s highest level and suddenly stops working. Harrison grabs Alexis' backpack, “Don’t put anything electronic near it.” She climbs out and turns around. The orb’s color changes from purplish to red and grows and then returns to purple. The two hear a stick snap behind them. They quickly turn around, drawing their guns. A group of scientists stop and drop their equipment. The two put their guns back. The lead scientist walks up, “My god, it’s become huge. When I last came through it was about a foot in diameter.” Two scientists hop down and measure the orb. It’s now over five feet. Alexis asks, “You know anything about it yet? Besides the fact it fries my EF reader?” The scientist, “It fried your EF reader?” Harrison, annoyed, “You don’t know shit about this orb?” The scientist, “That’s what you two are here for. We only came because we were told the government was going to help our investigation.” Alexis picks up a rock. The two scientists in the crater get out. Alexis throws the rock in the orb. Nothing happens. Alexis takes a branch and sticks half inside the orb. She pulls out and the half that was inside is now black and suddenly falls off in an ashy powder. Harrison, “Ah dammit.” The orb suddenly grow larger, now engulfing the entire crater. They back away. Alexis, freaked, “That wasn’t my fault, right?.................shit.” A scientist throws in another rock. They wait. Nothing happens. He then throws a tree branch. The orb grows again. One scientist writes something in a file, “It feeds on life force energy.” Harrison gets on the cell phone and walks away. Alexis, “What do we do about this?” Harrison comes back, “According to satellite imaging, the spot we’re standing on was a hellmouth.” Alexis, “So this might not be life force energy.....but something evil...” The orb grows again. A scientist standing near it is sucked in. Harrison, “Oh shit! Everyone get back! Get your stuff, move back out to the open field.” Everyone grabs their gear and rushes to the open field. They call the helicopter back. The ground vibrates. In the distance they can see the orb get larger, now about thirty feet in diameter. Trees are engulfed. Another scientist, “It’s growing too fast.” Harrison to Alexis, “What’s the plan?” Alexis, clueless, “The plan is................................uh......” At Alexis' house, the phone rings. Giles answers. Alexis, “I have a problem.” A quick explanation and Giles comes up with a few possibilities, “My first guess is this energy orb is in fact demonic energy, building up, maybe from the frequent use of inter-dimensional travel that has been going on. Demons going in and out of this world might have caused a rip in the uh, uh, time continuum. Or maybe the first guess was right, uh, a simple life force buildup.” Alexis watching as the orb grows larger, “Well, come up with something quick, this thing is getting bigger, faster.” The helicopter arrives and everyone gets in. As it takes off and flies back, they can now see the orb from the air. The scientist, “It must be over fifty feet now.” By night, the military has begun evacuating nearby towns, the orb, now over one hundred feet. A small military camp has set up, half a mile from the orb. Over Alexis' radio, comes a call. “Agent Perry, two people here at gate two, demanding to see you.” Alexis and Harrison rush over. Giles and Willow are there. Alexis tells the guard to let them through. The two rush over, Giles, “We found a close match to what that orb is. Willow found it. It’s a um...... pressure...uh...” Willow butts in, “A pressure orb. Never happened before in human times but the theory behind it was first developed a long time ago. Basically, energy from dimension travel, time travel, cosmic forces, spiritual activity, demon activity, spells, magic and anything else, causes a freak buildup of energy. This energy orb grows, attracting all the energy and forces around it to join, eventually creating a massive ball of pure concentrated energy. And then, it explodes.” Harrison, “Explodes?.....” Willow motions with her hands, “You know, boom.” Alexis, “How do we stop it? Or at least let the pressure out or maybe can we transport it somewhere else?” Giles, “Willow can put up a barrier, to deflect any energies from merging until we figure out a permanent solution.” Alexis runs over to Commander Walther, also on scene, talking with a military officer, “Hey, excuse me, um, we can stop the growth.” Walther, “How?!” She points at Willow. Willow explains to Commander Walther. Walther quickly responds, “Do it. Hey, get an escort over here! Drive them out to the orb!” They pile in a humvee and it drives to the orb. They stop a hundred feet from it, the orb now over a third of a mile wide. They get out and Willow gets a bit closer, Alexis walks with her. Willow starts her spell. A barrier starts to grow around the massive orb. Suddenly Willow’s eyes turn all black. The barrier, which was a misty clear, turns blue and then glows red. Alexis, worried, “Willow, what are you doing?” Willow, looks at her, “I can get rid of it.” Alexis, “How......” Willow grabs Alexis by the throat, Alexis' eyes glow neon purple, then switch to glowing white, she falls to her knees. Willow’s eyes then glow neon purple, then white. The barrier glows bright white and starts to shrink the orb. A rumbling sound begins, the ground shaking. Willow opens a portal and the orb blasts open, into the portal. The orb shrinks down and flows in the portal. It closes. It’s all gone. Willow collapses. Giles, Harrison and several soldiers run over. Alexis gets up, with the help of Harrison. Willow wakes up. Giles, angry, “Willow! That was uh, extraordinarily deadly, for both of you. You must not trifle with,..... with such powerful magicks.” Alexis, woozy, “I didn’t really mind much. She got the job done.........better if she had warned me first...”

E021 Operation Interference[]

It’s nighttime. In the center of a field is a large symbol. Around are demons, quietly chanting. Suddenly a blueish orb appears and grows into a portal. A truck drives up and a group of assassin vampires jump out. The demons nod at them as they walk into the portal. The demons follow and the portal closes. The next day, Alexis and Harrison are driving out to the scene, locked down by federal agents. They pull up in Alexis' truck and walk over to the field. The two duck under police tape and walk to the center. They are greeted by a Homeland Security agent. They are told what was found. Alexis takes a photo of the symbol with her cell phone and sends it to Giles. Several minutes later Giles calls, Alexis answers. Giles explains, “I found the symbol is one of several symbols that belonged to an ancient cult of demons called the Samii (sam-eye). They were a mystical demon cult, did a lot of spells, mostly inter-dimensional and time travel related. Seems they disappeared after the late 100's AD.” Alexis, “What does the symbol specifically mean?” Giles, “It is a symbol for time travel. I...I do believe these demons opened a time travel portal.” Alexis thanks him and calls Commander Walther. Walther tells them to get to the PCI center immediately. Alexis and Harrison arrive, finding bad news. Walther, “Seems we have someone interfering with time. Two reports so far of Senators disappearing right in front of people. With that time travel symbol you found......this might be connected. We’re in the process of tracing where the portal lead to.” Before Alexis can ask a question a scientist yells he found the date, “September 15, 1996!” Harrison, in an annoyed and confused manner, “What the hell is so important that happened in 1996?” Walther, “Doesn’t matter. Load up, head to the generator bay.” An hour later Alexis is told Harrison is being sent to a different date, having to secure a specific government issue. Alexis is going alone. She drives her truck down into the portal generator bay and parks in the center. Scientists set the coordinates, turn a key and press a button. The generator floor glows white and then the room flashes. The outskirts of Sunnydale, California, September 1996. Alexis drives into Sunnydale in her 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe. The registration on the windshield sticker says July 2011. She drives down Main Street, getting used to the area. She parks in front of Sunnydale high school. “So....the hellmouth.” Alexis sits back, checks her onboard computer system. Time travel scans estimate this is only days after Buffy has moved to Sunnydale. A load of information pops up. The Master, a harvest, the perfect situation the demons and assassin vampires can use to interfere. Meanwhile, in the Master’s underground lair. “A slayer.....” The Master thinks. A vampire is thrown into the room and dusts. The Master turns around. The lead vampire, Luke, growls. A group of vampires and two demons enter. The Master, “And who are you?” The lead assassin vampire answers, smirking, “A friend.” The assassin vampire dusts another random vamp, “Failures......We’re here to make sure you win this time. Instead of failing like every other being before. Make sure, this time, you escape this barrier and take over Sunnydale.” The Master, “This time? What do you mean?......” The assassin vampire, “You failed. You’ll never defeat the slayer, you’ll never rise to power. You die. We, are here from the future, to help and make sure you win.” Back on the surface, Alexis watches as Buffy jumps the fence and runs from the school grounds. She follows, making sure the upcoming trap doesn’t go wrong. Luckily, nothing is interfered with yet. Buffy and Xander escape just fine. Later, the assassin vampires watch as the vampire Luke is made the vessel. They prepare their attack on the Bronze. The assassin vampires inform the others what ended up happening when the attack on the Bronze occurred. Now with a heads up, they are ready for when Buffy and the scoobies come. Nightfall. Alexis watches the Bronze from a distance. She sits on a nearby roof. A vampire sneaks up from behind. She silently points a silenced Walther P99 behind and shoots the vampire. It burns up. Alexis, “Not in the mood.” She jumps up, the vessel, vampire gang and the group of assassin vampires are entering the Bronze. Alexis jumps down from the roof and runs across to the Bronze and climbs up the side to the rooftop. She watches as the vessel sucks down his first victim. Buffy and the scoobies arrive and sneak in. Alexis watches, annoyed, “I hate having to let these people die.” Alexis takes her MP7 out and activates the hellfire rounds, screws on a silencer. Buffy inside, kicks a vampire from the upstairs and hops down to the main floor, ready to fight the vessel. Assassin vampires help the vessel. He goes to bite Buffy. As he bites into her, Alexis takes aim, shooting the vessel in the forehead. An assassin vampire comes up from behind Alexis and throws her down into the Bronze. Alexis looks at Buffy, who is confused, “I wasn’t here, don’t exist.” Alexis hops up and starts shooting vampires, each burning up. Buffy fights an assassin vampire. Alexis dusts the remaining vampires and before walking out the door, shoots the assassin vampire Buffy is fighting. It bursts into fiery embers. Alexis rushes out to her truck, watching as two demons angrily enter a portal and disappear. Alexis suddenly teleports. Her and her truck appear somewhere else. Her onboard computer blinks. Sunnydale, California, November 1997. Checking the details, it looks like the demons are going to try and help the Order of Taraka hired by Spike to kill Buffy. Alexis drives along and stops. She looks out the window, “The Summers residence........ Nice house.” The next day, Alexis is again in the Sunnydale school parking lot, making sure nothing bad happens. Meanwhile, the worm man goes to Buffy’s neighbor and talks his way in. He kills the woman. While inside a demon walks out from another room, grabs the worm man and a bright light goes from the demon’s eyes to the worm man’s eyes. The demon disappears. The worm man has been super powered. Later that night, Buffy goes ice-skating and is attacked by a bounty hunter. Angel tackles the attacker. Buffy slashes it’s throat with her ice-skate. An assassin vampire watches in the distance. Kendra, also watching, dusts it from behind. Next day, Alexis is still watching the school and suddenly remembers the worm man. She rushes to Buffy’s house. On arrival she hears Cordelia scream. Alexis kicks open the door. She steps on a worm. Looking down, “Um.....right.” She looks up, seeing the worm man. She picks a worm off his shoulder. Alexis fires a round into his stomach. He burns up. Alexis, “Fuck!” She rushes back to the school. She pulls in, watching as a cop pulls a gun on Buffy. Alexis pulls a Barrett M82 rifle from the truck and takes aim. The officer, really a bounty hunter, takes Jonathan by knife point. Assassin vampires run in the hallway from behind to back up the hunter. Alexis fires. The .50 caliber bullet blasts through the hunter’s head and out and through an assassin vampire’s head and keeps going. The vampire dusts. The bounty hunter falls to the floor, her head blown off. The bullet finally stops after going through the wall, a classroom, a window, a tree and another wall. A demon appears behind Alexis, picks her up and slams her to the ground. She kicks the demon back. It raises it’s hand and fires a blast of energy at her. Alexis dodges it and her eyes glow neon purple. The demon explodes in a purplish blast. A assassin vampire runs by as a portal opens. Alexis' eyes glow bright white. She points at the portal, “Close.” The portal shuts down as the vampire is halfway in. It closes, slicing the vampire in half. It dusts. Suddenly Alexis and her truck teleport. She appears in a new place, at night. She checks her onboard computer. It blinks. Maybrook, New York, June 2000. Alexis looks at her hand, it flickers, as if slowly disappearing. She rushes to her own house. She arrives and rushes in. Inside, assassin vampires are choking Alexis who at the time is thirteen years old. Alexis herself starts to flicker away completely. She goes to fire at the vampire but disappears. Harrison runs in from behind and shoots the vampire. It burns up. Thirteen year old Alexis drops to the floor. Harrison shoots the rest of the vampires and starts CPR on thirteen year old Alexis. She jolts awake, gasping for air. Harrison turns around, Alexis reappears, “Holy shit.” She checks herself to make sure she is okay. Harrison yells as Daemon comes from behind Alexis and grabs her. He starts choking her out. She head butts his and kicks him back, “Enough with the choking!” Harrison opens fire, emptying his gun into Daemon. Daemon’s eyes glow red and the bullets pop out. Alexis raises her hand toward Daemon and he flings back into the road. She runs out and they fight. She gets a hold of him and snaps his neck. He gets back up and cracks it back in place. Alexis stops, “Why won’t you die?” They continue to fight. Harrison shoots Daemon with a dart. The dart blinks and Daemon is teleported. Alexis goes over to herself and uses a magic to erase any memory of the attack. Suddenly Harrison and Alexis teleport. They appear at the PCI center. Commander Walther, “Welcome back.”

E022 Loss[]

Alexis and Harrison are fighting assassin vampires. Alexis snaps one’s neck and stomps the vamp to the ground. She fires a shot and the vampire burns up. Harrison punches another repeatedly. He beats it to the ground. Another tackles him. Alexis grabs the vampire and rips it’s head off. It dusts. Harrison shoots the other in the face three times, it burns up. Alexis, “Well......that was fun.” Alexis walks into her apartment. Giles and Matt playing a board game, the game of LIFE. Giles cleans his glasses, “I don’t understand the point of this game. There is no need for tactics or thinking. You merely spin the wheel and move.” Alexis goes to her room and comes back out a few minutes later, in her pajamas. The phone rings, Alexis answers and it’s Daniel Hawk, the Cheyenne native American that helped her a few years earlier. He tells her she must come to the mountain, important business awaits. She hangs up and goes to her room. Spike bursts in the door, bloody. Alexis swings around, “What the hell?” Giles, “Oh my...” Spike, “Bloody hell. I was ambushed by leprechauns. The little buggers were everywhere. I took out the first wave but then more of them popped out! There must have been twenty of them.” Spike looks at Alexis' pajamas, “What’s with the penguins?” Alexis rolls her eyes and goes to her room, “Why does everyone ask about my penguin pajamas?!” She comes back out and says she has to go up to New York. By 1:30am she arrives at Bear Mountain in New York. She drives to the top, stopping at a gate. She walks to the native grounds a few hundred feet ahead she sees fire. She runs over and finds a slaughter. Dead Cheyenne tribesmen lie around, killed in a battle. She sees the chief and rushes over. No pulse, no breathing. On his neck, the mark of a hand is burnt into the skin. Then a shadow comes from the forest. Alexis draws her gun, her eyes glow neon purple. As the shadow enters the light, she sees it’s Daniel. Her eyes go normal and she holsters the gun. “What happened?” She asks, tearing up. Daniel, “An attack. Assassin vampires and demons.........and a man.” Alexis, “Daemon. Shit...” They prepare to leave. Before the two separate, Daniel gets something from his truck. He hands Alexis a long box, “You were called up here to be given this. Before we were attacked. A gift from the Cheyenne and Shao Lin.” Alexis opens the box, taking out a sword, “Wow.” Daniel tells what it is and what it can do, “The sword is made of titanium steel. The last five inches of the tip are forged of pure silver. That can be used to kill werewolves and other demons. In the center of the sword is a reinforced wooden cross, integrated into the metal. Stab through a vampire’s chest and it will die. Along the entire blade and on the handle are symbols. The symbols are an extraterrestrial language. It spells out a curse, that causes whatever being is cut with it, to deteriorate and burst into ash and embers. This is a powerful weapon.” He gets in his truck and drives away. Alexis goes and stays with Willow for the night. Suddenly Alexis and Willow are awakened. Standing in the living room is Shawn. Alexis, “What are you doing here?” Shawn, “I guess you didn’t get my message, bitch.” Alexis looks at him confused. Willow enters the room and suddenly feels a dark presence. Shawn, “I’m here to thank you for getting me this far. You’ve managed to do a lot of damage for me.” Willow, “No way. You have to be dead.” Shawn laughs and morphs into Tara. Tara, “I’m not. You think I’m the First? The First was a joke. Weak, powerless compared to me.” Tara morphs into Alexis' mother, Joanne, “I am beyond the First. More powerful than Satan. More than Karolyktal.” Alexis, “Yehavoh....” Joanne, “That’s right. The one true God. I’m here just to thank you for all you little slayers have been doing. You’ve done my work for me.” Joanne morphs into Buffy, “Buffy killed the First. Resulting in the death of Satan. Even I couldn’t manage to get rid of him. Then you came along. You wiped every bit of evil from the face of the Earth.” Willow, “Well you’re next.” Buffy morphs into the Cheyenne chief, “But it seems like I’m winning. Picking off your allies and friends one by one. I’ll kill each of you. The Cheyenne are gone. The Watcher’s Council. The Shao Lin. I’ll soon come for you.” The chief morphs into Mark, “Let the games begin.” The entity disappears. Alexis screams in rage, “No!” and falls to the floor. Mark is dead. Willow rushes over to help Alexis up.

E023 Gain[]

Alexis and Harrison are returning to the PCI center, completed a mission successfully. Harrison wiping slime from his shirt, “I’ve seen a load of messed up lookin’ demons but that thing was just......fucked up.” Alexis continues to drive. Night has fallen. Harrison looks out the window, “Stop, stop.” Alexis stops the truck, pulling to the side, “What?” Harrison gets out and looks out into a field. A group of Ku Klux Klan members are having a rally. A cross burns in the center. Harrison grabs an M4A1 from the truck. Alexis, “Oh come on....” Harrison, “I’m gonna’ fuck these assholes up.” He clips in a magazine. “I’ll be right back.” He heads out and then hears the men yelling white power. Before Harrison can take aim, several of the men in the group pull off their KKK costumes and vamp out. A vampire, “Vampire power!” The vampires massacre the rally, killing and sucking down all the KKK members. Harrison backs away and gets in the truck, laughing hard. He tells Alexis to drive. Alexis gets home. She sneaks in quietly, not wanting to wake Giles, sleeping on the couch. She checks on Matt and then goes to bed. Morning. Alexis wakes up to the smell of something cooking. Giles is making breakfast, “Good morning Alexis. I found this slipped under the door. It has your name on it.” Alexis opens it and reads it. Her face turns confused and suspicious. Giles, “What is it?” Alexis responds quietly, “Nothing.” She gets her stuff and leaves. After finishing several jobs at work, she drives out to a secluded location. The note she read only had directions on it. She arrives at a dark, forested area. An abandoned structure stands ahead of her. The sun is setting. Alexis silently enters the building after waiting several minutes, looking around, she decides to go back to her truck. Before she exits she hears something behind her. She whips around, eyes glowing neon purple, she points at a dark figure. The figure flings backward and into a wall. All she hears, “Oh, damn. You need to calm down.” Alexis responds, “Hard to when weirdos sneak up on you all the time. Who are you?” The man walks into the room, “A friend. A potential ally.” Alexis' eyes go to normal, “Really.” The man, “The name’s Carter. I’ve heard about you. Been trying to find you.” Alexis, “Any reason you chose to meet in the middle of nowhere?” Carter, “I’d rather be in an area away from others. I’m wanted by a lot of demons.....especially as of late.” Alexis sarcastically, “So...a new member to pissing-off-evil anonymous? Hi, I’m Alexis, I’ve been pissing evil off since 2004.” Carter, “Funny. I’ve been around for much longer.” Alexis gets serious, “Another vampire with a soul?” Carter, “More like a demon.” Alexis, “With a soul....” Carter, “Not so much a soul. I was given a curse, which gave me human emotions and a human form. The point here is I’m here to help you. I’ll be in contact.” Carter leaves into the darkness. Alexis leaves confused. Back at her apartment she tells Giles. Giles, “Carter? He claimed to be a demon? With a soul?” Alexis pointing at Giles’ mess of books, “Look through all your stuff. See if you can find anything about a demon named Carter.” Later that night, Giles, “I found something. You should definitely take a look at this.” He points in a book. Giles, “This demon here. It’s a slayer hunter. It’s name was Caertre, uh, uh pronounced Carter.” Alexis, “A slayer hunter?” Giles, “It was a demon who’s duty was to hunt and kill off slayers. In the late 1700's, according to a Watcher’s diary, a similar demon was cursed. This Carter fellow might be this demon.” Alexis, “Trust worthy?” Giles, “I hope so. Though if he is human now, he shouldn’t be much of a threat. Keep careful watch of him.” The next night, Alexis meets with Carter. The two sit and Carter talks. “I was created by God, who you already know is evil. My duty was to hunt and kill vampire slayers. So that’s what I did. Now that I’m human I feel like shit. I did some messed up stuff. I was about to kill my forty-seventh slayer when a witch cursed me. It took me a while to recover. I was a demon for thousands of years. To suddenly know what good is........... After I got used to this I went on a kind of rampage.” Alexis, “What kind of rampage?” Carter, “I killed and killed.” Alexis looks in shock. Carter laughs, “I scared you. I killed about 5,000 vampires, 800 demons and somewhere around 500 other monsters. I was really angry. Even now I don’t feel like I’ve made up for the shit I’ve done.” Alexis, “Wow. So you still have your demon powers?” Carter, “Yea. Well, not really. I have my demon strength. That’s about it.” Alexis asks, “What do you know about Daemon?” Carter looks at her, seemingly disturbed by the question.

E024 Pre-Emptive[]

“LAPD, Freeze!” Buffy bolts down the street after a gang banger. The gangster jumps a fence. Buffy runs and jumps over it. The gangster climbs up a wall to a roof of a shop. Buffy jumps up top. She looks ahead. A man has the gangster in the air by the throat. He crushes the gangster’s neck and drops him. Daemon, “Woo, never get sick of that.” He wipes some blood off his hand. Buffy pauses, “You’re um....... oh crap.” Daemon walks toward her. Buffy starts stepping backward, unloading her gun on Daemon’s chest. She reloads and continues. Buffy jumps from the roof and runs down the street. Daemon jumps down onto a car, it crushes. His eyes glow red and he flips the car with one hand. He looks down at his chest and the bullets start popping out. A gangster comes out from a store yelling, “Yo, what the fuck?! You fucked up my car, nukka!” The gangster pulls a Tec-9 and fires at Daemon’s face. Daemon falls down. The gun runs out. Daemon stands up. The eyes glow red again and the bullets all pop out and his face instantly heals. The gangster, “Oh shit.” Daemon grabs the gangster and snaps his neck. Alexis pulls into her parking spot at her apartment, now night time. She gets out. Carter comes out from the dark, “Boo...” Alexis, “Boo back. What’s up?” Carter, “There’s a situation you should know about.” Alexis, “If it’s about Buffy and Daemon, I know already.” Carter, “No. Something worse. Alexis invites him in. Giles is in the kitchen, spotting Carter entering, he gets paranoid but keeps it to himself. Carter starts explaining, “We’re about to be invaded. Demons from another dimension are coming.” Alexis, “How many?” Carter, “Several million.” Giles drops a glass in the sink, breaking it, “Several million? Good lord.” Carter, “They’re going to try to take over. Happens in 36 hours.” Carter goes to leave, “Ah, almost forgot. Dimension 36572F.” He walks out. Alexis, “What the hell does that mean?” Alexis gets her stuff and goes out to the car. Carter is gone. She rushes over to the PCI center. A half hour later, Commander Walther walks into the center, “Better be a good reason was woken up at one in the morning.” Alexis explains, trying to avoid saying who told her. Walther, “So you’re saying we’ll be invaded in less than two days by millions of demons.... how do we know where they’re coming from?” Alexis, “All I know is dimension #36572F.” A scientist, “That’s a secret dimension code we use for the portal generator.” Walther, “Who told you this?” Harrison walks in, “Doesn’t matter. Send a team, check for confirmation.” Walther, “Alright then. Be careful.” Less than an hour later a team is together. They enter the portal generator. Six PCI agents which include Alexis and Harrison. As well, a robotic rover. A voice comes over the loud speaker, “Stand-by. Activation of 36572F.” The generator activates and then a flash. The team appears in a misty desert. An agent takes out a small rocket kit and sets it up twenty feet away. He presses a button on the rocket and it blinks. He launches it. It blasts into the sky. He takes out a GPS. The GPS beeps and a map of the land area starts to download. Alexis looks up, “Cool. A mini satellite.” They set the rover and let it drive off on it’s own. After an hour an agent says, “Several million demons my ass.” Everyone looks at him. “So far I have a life sign reading of several hundred million.....and the satellite hasn’t orbited the whole planet yet. Then an explosion is heard in the distance. Then machine gun fire. Harrison, “The rover.” An agent yells, “Incoming!” Harrison looks though the binoculars, “Oh hell.” The GPS starts beeping. Another agent, “I have thousands of incoming life signs!” Two agents grab AT-4 launchers. Everyone gets ready, activating the hellfire rounds in their guns. Roaring is suddenly heard. Harrison fires a flare into the air. The area lights up. Hundreds of demons come charging; each demon about twice as tall as a human. Alexis yells, “Drop ‘em!” The AT-4 launchers fire into the incoming crowds, blowing up demons. Everyone starts shooting. Demons burn up left and right. As more keep coming, Alexis raises her hand, her eyes glow neon purple. She slowly points at each demon, each explodes. Harrison uses a dimensional phone, calling the PCI center, “We need back-up, there’s thousands of ‘em charging us!” Walther, “We’re sending a care package.” Suddenly a small portal opens and a rover rolls through. The portal closes. Harrison, “What the hell is this?” Alexis holds back the thousands of demons as the agents figure out what was sent. Harrison checks small note and follows the directions written. It’s a bomb. He activates the device sent. It starts counting down. Harrison tries calling to have a portal opened so the team can evacuate back to Earth, “Shit, phone’s dead.” Alexis' eyes glow white and she points nearby, “Open.” A portal opens to Earth, the team runs through. Alexis scribbles a message on the device and runs through the portal which then closes. The demons get to the bomb. One looks at the message, ‘mess with the best, die like the rest’. The counter, five, four, three, two, one.... it beeps. The bomb glows and discharges. A ripple wave of energy blasts out and the demon dimension explodes, collapses and disappears. The team appears back in the PCI center. Harrison asks Commander Walther, “So, what was that? A nuke?” Walther, “A dimension destroyer, courtesy of the Russians.” Walther yells to a scientist, “Open 36752F!” The scientist activates the generator but then it shuts down. A computer beeps and blinks a message, ‘not detected’. Walther raises his eyebrows quickly, smiling and sits back in his chair.

E025 Millennial[]

It’s night, in the center of a dead forest is a large group of cloaked individuals. In the center is a symbol, burnt into the ground. The leader of the cult steps into the center, “Tonight, we begin a new era. In the name of our lord, Satan the Devil, we will raise the forces of darkness from their deaths. We will bring Satan back into existence and set him back in power. Go forth and bring the special child to me!” Alexis drops Matt off at school in the morning and leaves to go to the Pentagon. Meanwhile Alexis is at work, a black van pulls up at the front of Matt’s school. It suddenly takes off, speeding into the playground area, where the kids are at recess. The van stops and cloaked men jump out and grab Matt. A teacher screams for help. The school resource officer rushes out and the cloaked men fire at him with Uzi’s. The officer fires back as the van speeds off. Alexis receives a call from Commander Walther that she needs to get to her son’s school immediately. Alexis and Agent Harrison respond and arrive to a scene of police and FBI activity. Alexis rushes over, “What the hell happened!?” The school principal tells her Matt has been kidnapped. Viewing surveillance footage, Alexis watches as the van pulls up and cloaked men grab Matt. Her eyes flash neon purple and return to normal. Holding back her anger she takes the tape and drives to her apartment where Giles is. They view the tape. Giles, “Well....uh...uh... I don’t what to say... Matthew’s use as a doomsday weapon is over with. He uh... cannot bring about the end of the world. What anyone would want with him is a mystery to me.” Alexis responds, “Look up everything you can find about the Millennial child. What else can he do? Get Willow and find out what is going on.” Alexis and Harrison leave. As Alexis returns home at night after work, she is encountered by Carter. “Not now, Carter.” She says. “It’s about Matt.” He says. “What...” She responds. Carter, “He’s been taken. He remains a doomsday device. A cult has taken him. You don’t have much time. If he dies, Satan comes back.” Alexis rushing back to her truck, “No! Fuck no!” Carter yells, “Sunnydale! He’ll be there!” She speeds off and returns to the PCI center. Rushing in she yells, “I need a plane to Los Angeles, weapons and a helicopter on the ground at LAX. We’re going to Sunnydale.” Commander Walther, “What’s going on? Found Matt?” Alexis, “Just do it. Now.” Loaded up on supplies, she boards a government plane to Los Angeles. Upon landing, the plane parks next to a Blackhawk helicopter. She boards it and it takes off to Sunnydale. The helicopter arrives, circling the crater that used to be Sunnydale. It lands at the edge of the crater. The pilot, “Are you sure you don’t need any back up?” Alexis, “Just go.” Her eyes glow neon purple as she glares at him. She walks to the edge and steps on a metal road sign on the ground. It says Welcome To Sunnydale. Whispering to herself, “Where are you, Matt?” Looking through binoculars, she spots someone at the bottom of the crater, lifting large boulders and tossing them to the side. The person climbs down into a hole. Alexis follows quickly, jumping down the edge of the crater, working her way to the bottom. She reaches the bottom and climbs into the hole, quietly sneaking in. She finds herself inside a tunnel of the Sunnydale hellmouth. She draws her Beretta handgun and walks down the tunnel. After a while, she begins hearing growling noises. Not from a single creature but it sounds like many. Then an opening in the tunnel, she spots the man watching. She can hear the growling and noises louder, the man is watching thousands of demons down inside a deeper crater, under the ground. She sneaks up behind the man and puts the end of the gun at the back of his head. The crouching man quickly spins around, grabbing the gun, with his other hand, ‘open chesting’ Alexis, throwing her back into a wall of the tunnel. She drops down, “Ow....damn...” It’s Daemon, he crushes the gun with one hand and the pieces fall to the ground. She hops up quickly and punches him across the face, her eyes glowing neon orange. He drops to the ground. Alexis angrily, “Where’s Matt!” Daemon gets up, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her into the wall, annoyed, “I.... Don’t.... Know...” His eyes glow neon red. Alexis grabs his arm and pulls it off of her throat, “I... refuse to deal with your bullshit.” She shoves him into the wall, “Why are you here, if you don’t know?” Screeching is heard at the end of the tunnel. A demon has spotted the two. They both look at the demon. Daemon getting up, “I am here to stop the ritual.” Stampeding can be heard coming closer. Alexis, “So am I.... I want my son back...” Roaring and demonic screaming is heard as the stampeding comes closer. Alexis looks at Daemon and then back to the end of the tunnel, then back at Daemon, “We’re gonna have to work together on this.” Daemon punches her to the ground, “I don’t work with anyone.” He charges down the tunnel as a horde of demons appears. Alexis gets up, “Son of a bitch...” as demons come from the other direction. She raises her hand and a pulse of energy blasts back the incoming horde. A demon comes through the opening in the tunnel. She fights it and kicks it back out. As the hordes come from Daemon’s direction, he is forced back to back with Alexis as they become surrounded. They continue to fight the demons. As the tunnel becomes an endless stuffing of demons, Alexis grabs Daemon and jumps out the opening of the tunnel. They fall down into the lower crater and land on their feet. They continue to fight more demons. Once again, back to back, they both raise their hands and release bursts of energy outward, throwing demons back hundreds of feet and incinerating them. A cult member yells from an opening, “Kill them both!” He flees down a tunnel. Demons jump down from the opening in the tunnel and Alexis and Daemon continue to fight them. As more demons pour in, Daemon runs after the cultist. Alexis blasts away the demons and runs after him. She gets to a split in the tunnel. “Dammit.” She runs to the left and draws her other handgun. She rushes down the tunnel and comes to another room. Inside is a few dozen cloaked men and Matt in the middle of a Satanic symbol. Alexis opens fire on the cloaked men, taking multiple cultists down. They rush at her with swords and daggers. She backs away as she finishes the magazine. It drops to the ground. She fights the cultists, dodging swords and stabs. She grabs her MP7 from her back holster and with one hand fires on them on full automatic. The lead cultist, who looks like a demon come out from behind Matt with a ritual sword and goes to stab down into his head. Daemon tackles the leader and punches so hard, his fist crushes through the leader’s head and into the floor. Alexis grabs Matt and reloads the MP7. She backs away into the tunnel, aiming at Daemon, who stands up and looks at her. He stands there, his eyes glowing neon red. Alexis and Matt back away into the tunnel and then run. The two find their way out and climb out of the crater. The two run from the entrance and Alexis lights a flare as the helicopter flies overhead. It comes down into the crater and the two get on board. It flies away.

E026 Dr. Rosenberg[]

Design - An episode dedicated to Willow. Working at a metro hospital is hard work, but not for a witch.

E027 Snatcher[]

Design - A soul stealing demonic entity has stolen the souls of Spike, Shawn and Angel.

E028 Merger[]

Design - A cult tries to merge the human Earth dimension with another Earth dimension that is in the process of having a world war. If brought together as one, both worlds will end up devastated.

E029 A Slayer[]

Design - After stopping the dimensions from merging, a few things slipped through into Alexis' dimension. One, a slayer.

E030 Go To Hell[]

Design - Daemon makes an attempt to trap and kill Alexis. Wrong time to piss her off. She warps him into a hell dimension.