Sly Cooper is part of the latest of the Cooper Clan. He appears in season 1, 2, and 3 of Sly Cooper: The televison series.

Sly Cooper Sly 2

Changes and Differences

Season 1 to Pre Season 2

Bettween season 1 and season 2 of the series, Sly had the backpack on his back.

Pre Season 2 to Early Season 2

During the 2 years of after the defeat of Clockwerk, he switched the backpack down to his ankle.

Biography of Sly Cooper

Early life

Young Age

Not much is known about Sly's life before the Fiendish Five attacked his family.

Rob and Murder

One night when Sly was young, at least 8 years of age, the fiendish 5 attacked his family, murdering Sly's parents, and stole some pages to the Thievius Racconus.


After the murder, Sly went to a Orphanage. That's where and when Sly met Bentley and Murray and made the Cooper Gang.

Older Life and Sly Cooper: The televison series

Season 1



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