Son of Neptune: Rebooted is a series based off of the Percy Jackson series. it is the sequel of the Heroes of Olympus Books. unlike the others this series is in Anime, manga and Cartoon comming on Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and CW4kids in July/12/2014.


after the events of Heroes of Olympus, the Demigods live in peace and relax. then until a company comes and overpowers the gods and makes it self cool. Percy visits to have reported of a Prophecy that he will make up and to find out more. then the company was raided by Kronos's evil concsisnous as it possess Mr. Sumuti and creates an evil army out of the Reploids.



  • Percy Jackson - The Son of Neptune returns and begins to fight evil once more and this time he won't give up. He is the main antagonist of the series.
  • Maruna - The Fiance of Percy Jackson and an ally aganst the evil Kronos and his army of Evil Robots from their plans of World domination.
  • Jason Grace - the sidekick of Percy Jackson and the famous son of Zeus who was the main protagonist of Heroes of Olympus.


  • Evil Mr. Sumuti/Digital Kronos - Kronos has possesed Mr. Sumuti and made him wildly crazy as a mad genius up to no good. he wants to free the Yami septor revealing an evil secret of how he was hidden. he is the main antagonist of the series.
  • Badrzang - The loyal minion of Kronos and his right hand robot, He is an ultrapowered Reploid Brute who hates traitors of his boss and will kill them if they do. he stays loyal to Kronos and posses any being or brainwashes.
  • General Ko-Tu - The Head of Kronos's Reploid Armarda and the Boss of the Robot Samurai Divison and the  Four Armed Mastermind of a Robot. His divison is divided in 3 colors: Red, Blue and Green. He is very deadly beacuse of his lightning bolt carved swords.
  • The Humans of The Reploid Army - The Humans of the Reploid Army
    • Luke Chalestian - He's Back and he means business. this time he's got eels and a powerful escense in the Army.
    • Vector Darkclaw - This is Percy Jackson's evil Identical Twin and a son of Zeus like Jason, but he was created as a Droid.
    • Emma Crusta - She is Luke's WIFE!!! and the Evil Mastermind of brainwashing people.
    • Otto Cross - He is the C.E.O of Sumuti enterprises and loyal to Kronos and his Goons who want to rule the world.
    • Fatty Joe - head of Security of the Reploid armarda.
  • The Reploids - The Foot Soldiers of Kronos's army.
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