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Chapter 11 is the eleventh chapter of Sonic and Crash: Age of Brotherhood written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "The Dark Brotherhood".



  • Oxide: We will destroy this galaxy and the whole universe.
  • Ix: The endgame has only begun to the end of the battle and a new battle will be made from the scratch of dust and wind falling from air. The multiverse awaits you!
  • Sonic: Let's see what you aliens are made out of.
  • Crash: Grrrrr!
  • Oxide: In fact, the universe will forget about you for what you have done to our worlds.
  • Sonic: You'll see what is going to happen next. *glow his fur*
  • Aku Aku: Get ready. It's going to be one big battle and war in the center of the universe.
  • Ix: Your fight seals here. *shoot Crash*
  • Sonic: Hey! What were you expecting? *curl up to a ball to blast at Ix*
  • Oxide: Charge for war! *he and his group clash with Sonic and Crash*
  • Sonic: *jump and spin kick at Ix* Ah ha. Is that all you got?
  • Crash: *jump and fight Oxide in his hovercraft*
  • Oxide: You cause a fight in a hovercraft. Is that what you're gonna do in a race?
  • Crash: *slap Oxide out of the hovercraft* Ah ha!
  • Oxide: My hovercraft! Get off my hovercraft you bandicoot!
  • Sonic: *dodge and jump from Ix's staff hit* Ha ha.
  • Ix: You may be good at dodging, but there are some benefits from your skills that weaken your power from facing a sorcerer's staff powers.
  • Sonic: You won't drain my power or take it for your own power. Today is the day I take away your reign! *punch Ix*
  • Ix: You'll regret for your actions today in the multiverse. With your last fate, I will manage to destroy you like a cotton ball.
  • Sonic: Make me. *dodge the staff hits from Ix*
  • Ix: Grrrrr! You son of a devil. I'll make you a hedgehog sandwich with ketchup for dinner! *shoot dark beams at Sonic*
  • Crash: *jump and shoot a beam at Oxide* Zoom zoom!
  • Knuckles: Power bump!
  • Velo: You are no match for me, hedgehog and bandicoot!
  • Sonic: Gah!
  • Crash: Whoa!
  • Velo: You are going to lose and the whole universe will be watching by your fate!

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