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Chapter 8 is the eighth chapter of Sonic and Crash: Speed and Rumble written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Robots on the Loose".


(Back at the Death Egg, Cortex, N. Brio, Dr. Eggman, Cubot and Orbot are in the robot building area where the Sonic Robots are being charged on the capsules)

  • Cortex: As the Sonic Robots are being charged, we'll be ready for them to fight these menendiancs fighters and bandicoots in no time.
  • Eggman: It just take time for these robots to charge up.
  • N. Brio: It got f-f-f-faster development.
  • Cortex: Great. Then we try to charge up the robots a little faster.
  • Eggman: That's what i want every now and then.
  • N. Tropy: *came to the room, huffing and puffing* Cortex, Eggman.
  • Cortex: What is it?
  • Eggman: What's with the huffing and puffing?
  • N. Tropy: I saw in my calculations that Metal Sonic have been crushed on the boat.
  • Eggman: What?! No! He can't be crushed into pieces.
  • Cortex: The bandicoots defeated the robot on a boat? How depressing.
  • N. Tropy: The soldiers were weak, but Sonic and Crash's team show up with their rise of power and crushed him like a garbage cube. I hate those heroes as much as those junk rats.
  • Eggman: I wouldn't got away if it weren't for the hedgehog and bandicoot!
  • Cortex: We should have been there to help Metal Sonic beat the bandicoots up with the animals.
  • N. Brio: What did we miss?
  • Cortex: We weren't there, you doofus.
  • Eggman: Who's going to call a red plumber to jump up the pipes.
  • Cortex: And who will call a purple dragon with a yellow dragonfly who can shoot fireballs at creatures?
  • N. Tropy: No one!
  • Eggman: We have to focus on what we gotta focus on. The mobians with the bandicoots from another dimension.
  • N. Tropy: That's what i thought!
  • Cortex: We'll try to locate where Metal Sonic was damaged.
  • Eggman: Get on the computer.

(Eggman and Cortex's gang get on the computer to locate Metal Sonic in the ship)

  • Eggman: It take time to get him located.
  • Cortex: We're going to locate him. Why locate him somewhere else, but the Wumpa Islands?
  • Eggman: We're looking for Metal Sonic in the ship. He has been on the ship the whole time since he was crushed by your worst enemies!
  • Cortex: I get your point and your argument. But can we please stop fighting so we can get this over with and find the missing recruit?
  • Eggman: Yes! I see your point. But your argument is invalid.
  • Cortex: Enough. Just focus on Metal Sonic's location.
  • N. Brio: What are you looking at?


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