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January 23th 1551

outside The Evil Wizard´s Castle was a great between The Blue Empire and The Black Empire. King Anders stept in the castle

King Anders saw The Evil Wizard sitting on his throne and said: Wizard!

Ah... King Anders you finally made it Said The Wizard.

It is over Wizard you cant now run from me anymore said King Anders


What is so funny? asked Anders

it is never over said the wizard and now that you are here we can now finally end this forever (the wizard walked down from his throne to Anders)

indeed said Anders and the two start an battle that was greater then anyone had seen.

enough now i will show you way they call me The Evil Wizard the Wizard took up his hand aimed to Anders and shoot anders with Dark energy and hit him. ander flew away through a dorr to another room. King Anders raised up bleeded from the mouth and wounded. The Wizard walked through the door and looked at King Anders raised up his sword and took anders lifted him up from the floor

This is the end Anders said the Wizard lanced Anders with his sword as the blood spilled and dropped from Anders The wizard throw Anders outside to the war. all people looked at him and the Wizard

This is the end people, the King of the blue Empire is dead but we still most defeat the others but now we have one less to worry about said the wizard. the black army cheered and went from the blue army. the general of the blue army walked to Anders and hald him

General said anders

hang in there my lord we will take you home to your wife and kid so they can say goodbye said the general

No, just tell my wife that i will die and also Anders took of his helmet and gave it to the genaral give her this so she can give to my son when his is grown up said Anders and moved no more

I promise my lord said the general and closed Anders eyes

The general and his army walked home and tell Anders wife what happen to him.

The general was sitting on the balcony and thinked: now that our king is dead we have to wait till his son has grown up and take over his father´s work but how will he take it when his mother tell him the bad news we have to see. the general walked in.

Then johnny woke up sweating. Johnny took his fathers helmet, looked at hit and said

Father, i will not fail you

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