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Spectrum follows a series of supernatural anomalies that vary from objects to entities and locations. The Confederated Protectorate of Lands or simply called The Institution is a public organization directly focusing on international peacekeeping and law enforcement over anomalies and civilians.

Founded by the United Nations, they compromise in surveillance,recruitment,containment and abolishing anomalies or dangerous people in the aim of protecting humanity from otherworldly threats



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During growing population of anomalies within the year 1999; majority of humanity and the global government publicly known as the United Nations, progressively grew intimidated in the potential these individuals possess and the unseen powers they wield. As tension of humanity amplified by the fast-growing anomalies around the world, mankind came to be unprotected from these abnormal beings.

Months go by as the abnormal became a part of life, while the human race is being killed and sacrificed from malicious anomalies on daily bases.With governments watch in horror from how inferior they really are to these creatures wielding powers beyond our imagination. With how chaotic things becoming over the growing days. The United Nations and all of humanity's governments came together to perform Operation:

War of Broken Dreams

A year passes by as mysterious coalition, materialized from the shadows to declare war of all anomalies. Wielding advanced technology that no man had ever manufactured to thaumturgists utilizing magics to counter dangerous beings, the organization announced themselves to the world of declaring humanity's rule over Earth and subduing them under their new world order.

Blood spilled,screams of damnation and betrayal; The War of Broken Dreams is horrific event for both humanity and anomalies altogether. Billions die as man and anomaly die in fiery endless war of hate. The war lasted for nearly 30 years, after various anomaly groups surrendered from unseen nuclear explosions destroying one of their main bases, which comprised in important members.

In the end, humanity's will and determination won the war.


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