Spider Imagin
Episodes: Brothers
Season: Kamen Rider: Electric King

Spider Imagin: The red-eyed Spider Imagin, who wields a sword, made a contract with Nathaniel Ash for his sister Alethea to see a star, intent on tying her to a radio tower to fulfill it. Though initially defeated by Minos, it turned out that the Spider Imagin split itself in two prior to the fight with a more serious version outliving his crazed "brother." The second green-eyed Spider Imagin, able to fires energy web from his arm. Find the way to fulfill the wish without problem by destroying electricity pylon, the result is causing massive blackout throughout the distrinct. Once in time, the green-eyes Spider Imagin battled Electric King Gun Form to avenge his crazed "brother" until future Minos interfered & Sword-Form finished the fight. The red-eyed Spider Imagin later returns in the series, amongst the other Imagin aboard the ElectroLiner exercising before making his move around Ryutaros' turn. After mocking Electric King, he is destroyed by Electric King Liner Form.

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