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Spider Undead
Season: Kamen Rider: Spade Warrior
Actor: Frank Welker
Spider Undead Rouze Card


The Spider Undead can still control the user due to it being improperly sealed.

Spider Undead: The Spider Undead shoots webs from his mouth to entrap his victims, sucking out their lifeforce. He is an accomplice of the Peacock Undead, appearing for Diamond Warrior to seal while he spewed out golden spiders to latch on ideal hosts. Once finding an ideal host in Andy, the Spider Undead intentionally had himself sealed into the Change Spider card to complete the Club Warrior. Though sealed, the Spider usually takes over Andy's body, using him to become more powerful for the Battle Fight until he no longer needs a human host. Later affected by Titan's venom, Spider starts to completely take over Andy to the point of turning into the Undead himself. The Spider was soon forced out from Club Warrior when attempting to assume his King Form, with Andy free of the Undead's influence thanks to Hazel Castillo giving Phoenix Rye a stronger influence. The Spider was properly resealed by Andy with the King Rouser. Though later unsealed by the Albino Joker, the Spider Undead was resealed by J-Diamond Warrior.

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