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Spiritual Jonathan The Hedgehog Is Jonathan's Spiritual Form When Deceased

Background Information

He Is One Of The Guardians Of Heaven Along With Spiritual Amy, Spiritual Shadow, Spiritual Sonic, Spiritual Silver, Spiritual Knuckles And Spiritual Sonia His Job Is Protect Jonathan From Harm When The Time Comes For Jonathan To Go Heaven Jonathan's Appearance Changes He Is Blue All Over His Chest Fur Is Blue As Well


He Retains Jonathan's Good Will And Spirit And Is Eager To Join In When Needed To He Is One Of The Few Humans Who Has Hedgehog Blood A Wise Guardian Who Has Learned How To Protect Himself From Harm

Appearances In Fanfics

He Will Appear In The Fanfic The Heaven Heroes As A Starring Character Along With Spiritual Amy, Shadow,Sonic,Silver,Knuckles, Julie-Su And Sonia Defending Mobius From Evil Villains And He Is Confirmed To Appear In The Fanfic Mobius Under Attack When The Bodies Of The Heroes And The Body Of Jonathan Himself Get Teleported Up To Heaven Mobius Now Under Attack By A New Threat In The Climax Chapter He Is Seen Fighting Alongside The Heroes And They Eventually Bring Their Owners Back To Life Jonathan Was Surprised At His Guardian Knuckles Didn't Mind Having A Guardian They Are Seen Having Lunch With Their Owners At Jack In The Box But A Big Noise Is Heard

Appearances In Movies

He Will Appear In The Movie The Heaven Heroes: Defenders Of The Galaxy Which Starts The Story Off With Him And Goes To Other Characters A New Movie Called Mobius: Aftermath Of The Suppression Squad's Takeover In Which The Heaven Heroes Are Summoned By Nazo Who Tells Them That The Suppression Squad Had Invaded Mobius The Inspiration Of This Movie Comes From Crush 40 Who Ironically Provides 15 Tracks For This Movie And Makes An Appearance In Scenes Where They Oppose Them? A Sequel To The Heaven Heroes: Defenders Of The Galaxy Is Confirmed It Will Be Called The Heaven Heroes 2: A New Journey In Defenders Of The Galaxy Shadow, Sonic, Silver And Others Aren't Spiritual Anymore But They Still Have Their Spiritual Powers But The Difference Here Is Jonathan No Longer Spiritual Possesses Spiritual Jonathan's Abilities In The New Movie In The New Journey It Basically Tells Us About Jonathan's Backstory And How He Was Chosen To Be The Guardian Of Heavens Note: Jonathan Was The Only Guardian Selected To Protect The Heavens From Villains


He Is Exactly The Same Age As Jonathan 19 Years Old He Never Ages Just Like Jonathan Who Doesn't Age


Jonathan Is The Only Human To Have A Spiritual Hedgehog Form Basically Making Him A Bit Of A Character

Jonathan Has Blue Quills Is Just Like Shadow But Is Blue

Quotes In Both Fanfic And Movie


"Dammit I Am So Dead"-Jonathan

"Where Did I End Up"-Jonathan

" I Swear To God This Isn't My World"-Jonathan

" Why Do I Repeat Myself"-Jonathan

"Take This Sucka"-Jonathan

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