Season 5 episode 10 of Nightwing & Batgirl.

It was one day before Selina Kyle/Catwoman's birthday. Batman told Catwoman to come over to the Batcave. He told her he forgot something. Catwoman asked what it was, and Batman showed her her utility belt, which he stole from her at the end of The Missing Bat. This time, he improved her belt, and giving her improved gadgets as well. It was Batman's advanced birthday gift to her. Selina was flattered and thanked Bruce. She then leaned on to him to give him a kiss, and she was surprised when Bruce resisted and put his fingers on her lips and pushed them away.

"Know your limits, Selina.", Batman told Catwoman.

"Oh, so you're acting tough now? That's cute.", Catwoman replied.

"I'm not here to share a moment with you. I'm here cause I need you to help Nightwing and Batgirl in investigating on a new villain who's emerged in our city. We must know who this villain is, and her M.O. before she even...", Batman explained to Catwoman before she suddenly held Batman's faced and leaned to kiss him. After a few seconds, Catwoman let go and told him, "You know, for a man, you talk too much."

"Oh, so you want me to stop talking?", Batman asked as he returned the favor, this time pulling her body close and pressed his lips on hers. Catwoman liked and didn't like to let go, until Bruce pushed her shoulders away.

"Now, are you ready to listen?", Batman asked.

"I am now. Tell me about this baddie you're talking about a while ago", Catwoman answered.

"Well, what I know so far is she's a femme fatale. We still need further investigation about this villain and her motivations. Can I trust you along with Nightwing and Batgirl on this.", Batman asked her.

"I'm sure we can be trusted. Another thing I'm sure is, if this new woman lays her hands on you, she will be taken care of.", Catwoman answered, as she rubbed her hand on Batman's chest.

"Now, move.", Batman told her.

"Alright, my bat", Catwoman responded, as she got going.

Nightwing, Batgirl, and Firestorm battled Doctor Double X after he shut down an entire power plant by absorbing all its power. At first, Doctor Double X gave them a hard time, as he grew stronger after absorbing the radiation. But later, Firestorm went supernova and was able to take down Doctor Double X. After the short fight, the heroes sent Doctor Double X to the police. Now, Firestorm thanked Nightwing and Batgirl for the team-up. The two went back to their headquarters, where they saw Catwoman.

"You came in earlier than we expected.", Batgirl said.

"Of course I am. This seems very urgent for Bruce.", Catwoman replied.

"Oh, yeah.", Nightwing said. "So is it safe to say, you've completely turned over to the good side?", he asked Catwoman.

"Depends on how you look at it.", Catwoman answered.

"So how did your visit at the Batcave went?", Batgirl asked Catwoman.

"It went well. He gave back my utility belt with some improvements.", Catwoman answered.

"Is that all? Heard you stole a kiss from him as well.", Batgirl replied.

"Not just a kiss. Two kisses.", Catwoman said.

"Oh, okay? So what did Batman want us to do again?", Nightwing asked.

"A new femme fatale has emerged in our city. And Batman wanted us to investigate on this one.", Catwoman answered.

"Why can't he go with us?", Batgirl asked.

"He had a charity event to attend to at Wayne Foundation.", Catwoman answered.

"Oh, let's get going then.", Batgirl said.

Meanwhile at Wayne Foundation, Bruce Wayne had a small speech to thank everyone who participated in the fundraiser. Later, when he takes an empty table along with other philanthropists at the event, a woman sat in front of him. The new woman had a conversation with him.

"Bruce Wayne. You're alone, I see.", the woman said.

"And you're new here too, I see.", Bruce replied.

"You are right, Bruce. My name's Jaina. Jaina Hudson.", the woman replied.

"Nice of you to come here, Jaina.", Bruce responded.

"No problem. It's what I do.", Jaina replied.

"When did you start engaging in acts of charity?", Bruce asked.

"I had quite a rich family. My father was a diplomat and my mother was a Bollywood actress. I inherited a good amount of my father's wealth. I'm currently running a lingerie brand and I'm using some of my earnings for charity donations.", Jaina answered.

A waiter came and poured them wine. Then, they had a toast.

Meanwhile, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Catwoman are already out on the investigation. They're at Midtown Gotham. While walking, they had a conversation about Bruce Wayne.

"Catwoman, I got a question. You know Batman's already married right? Doesn't it bother you that you're still creeping on him despite that?", Batgirl asked.

"I know. And it doesn't. He still has feelings for me anyway.", Catwoman replied with conviction.

"Really? Then why did you have to steal the kiss from him?", Nightwing asked.

"He liked it anyway.", Catwoman answered.

"Okay? But, doesn't it really bother you that you might ruin the relationship he has now by continuing to pursue him?", Batgirl asked again.

"If he's truly committed, he wouldn't have any intimate interaction with me at all. Seems like he still has feelings for me", Catwoman replied confidently.

"You're old enough. You should know better than creeping over an already married man.", Nightwing told her.

"Yeah, I'm old enough, and so is Bruce. He should know better as well. You know what? You are both a bunch of hypocrites. Well, what do I expect? You, Dick Grayson, also adopted the playboy nature of Bruce Wayne.", Catwoman replied, taking it personally now.

"He's not a playboy! Well, not anymore at least", Batgirl responded.

"Wait, stop! My GPS detected something.", Nightwing told the two.

Suddenly, the GPS device on Nightwing's wrist detected some incoming criminal activity. They went to Fashion District, where the criminal is expected to arrive.

"The criminals are expected to arrive in 30 minutes.", Nightwing said.

"Great. We're gonna sit here for 30 minutes.", Catwoman said, as the three waited on a building's rooftop.

Back at Wayne Foundation building, Jaina Hudson had a phone call and told Bruce she gotta go, cause he still got some "important business" to attend to. Bruce thanked her and said he looks forward to seeing her again in more charity events. Bruce also asked for her number, and Jaina immediately gave it to her. Now, Jaina went outside the building. After walking a few distances away from the Wayne Foundation, she now revealed her power--she split herself into two, one into a second version of herself, and the other into her villain persona, White Rabbit. Now, she commanded her men at Fashion District to lure Nightwing, Batgirl, and Catwoman into her lingerie shop. Jaina went back to Wayne Foundation building, while White Rabbit now went away. Then, while running on the way to her other hideout, she encountered Talia al Ghul.

"I knew it! I had my suspicions! You're the new femme fatale here in Gotham", Talia confronted White Rabbit.

Back at the Wayne Foundation, Jaina Hudson went back to her seat with Bruce Wayne.

"Well, that was quick. So what business did you attend to?", Bruce asked her.

"Just a minor problem at my shop. Good thing my men were able to handle it.", Jaina answered.

Now, at the plaza, where Talia and White Rabbit saw each other, Talia started battling White Rabbit. But, she did not expect White Rabbit was also a skilled martial artist. Also, Talia did not expect that she had her henchmen lurking while they were battling. Later, White Rabbit told her henchmen to beat up Talia. Now, they brought her to her hideout.

Meanwhile, at Fashion District, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Catwoman saw some people who seemed like robbers enter the lingerie shop. It was their go signal, after the robbers entered the shop. But they didn't know the shop was actually owned by the villain they were investigating on, and the "robbers" were actually White Rabbit's henchmen. When they entered, Nightwing stepped on a trap, which activated a net that fell on top of them, pinning them to the ground. The lights were also turned off by White Rabbit's henchmen. Then, one of the men sprayed ammonium gas on them and they lost consciousness. They woke up on a storage room on the same shop, tied together by a rope. At Wayne Foundation, Jaina Hudson kept Bruce busy with her conversation. Then suddenly, Talia called him, asking for help because she's been captured by White Rabbit. Now, Bruce told Jaina he gotta go, because his wife is in trouble. Jaina said goodbye to him and Bruce now went outside the building and changed into Batman. He now rode the Batmobile. Jaina looked at him drive away, and she had a sinister smile as she took a sip from her wine. It was all a part of her plan.

Later, Batman reached White Rabbit's hideout and got out of the Batmobile. Then someone pat his shoulder from behind, and punched him in the face. Then another man, sprayed ammonium on him, knocking him unconscious. Later, he wakes up inside White Rabbit's hideout, gagged and tied on a chair.

"I knew you'd come here, Batman. This was all part of my plan", White Rabbit told her.

Batman struggled but couldn't talk because his mouth was gagged.

"Remember the woman you met at Wayne Foundation? That was me", White Rabbit continued, as she showed her other identity, Jaina Hudson, standing beside her.

"This is my power.", Jaina spoke.

"I can split my self into two, my philanthropist persona, and me, White Rabbit. I kept you busy at Wayne building, until I was able to capture your wife Talia, and deducing your secret identity in the process, Bruce Wayne.", White Rabbit explained, as she pressed a button on the wall in front of them, opening a gate which revealed a captured Talia al Ghul gagged strapped on the wall. Talia struggled to scream while a gag was on her mouth.

Batman was angered.

"This was all my master plan, and everything fell into place, thanks to you, Bruce. But this is just the beginning. To make matters worst, I had Catwoman and your sidekicks captured in my lingerie shop I told you about earlier.", White Rabbit said.

"My final act, is to free all Arkham Asylum inmates by midnight. And I still got time to spare.", White Rabbit continued talking to Batman. "For the meantime, I want you to indulge on me.", she told Batman, as she went on top of him, and removed his gag.

"Talia!', Batman shouted, but White Rabbit slapped him and said,

"Hush, baby. White Rabbit's got you now.", as she touched his face and kissed him with her pheromone-laced lips.

Back at the lingerie shop, Catwoman tried calling Batman but he won't answer. He's in the middle of a sensual act with White Rabbit. Batman was unaware White Rabbit's lips had pheromone in them, then it started taking effect on Batman. His arousal levels later increased. Now, he is under White Rabbit's control. She now freed him, and asked him if he's ready.

"I'm ready.", Batman answered.

"Then let's get down", White Rabbit told him.

Batman laid down and White Rabbit went on top of him. They locked lips and now tasted each other's tongue.

"I can feel your Dark Knight rising", White Rabbit told Batman, as she felt his member erecting while she was on top of him.

"Good. Now, shall the Dark Knight make its entry to your cave?", Batman unconsciously replied.

"Of course, Batsy. It's about time", White Rabbit answered.

Batman pulled his pants down while White Rabbit pulled her underwear down as well. They now engaged.

This was the most sinister part of White Rabbit's plan: making Talia watch her husband get drugged and dirty with White Rabbit. Talia can do nothing but scream. Batman and White Rabbit intercoursed, and both exchanged moans of pleasure.

"You like it, Batsy?", Jaina asked Batman.

"Absolutely.", Batman responded.

Later, after Batman and White Rabbit finished, White Rabbit exclaimed, "Ugh! That was good.", as Batman put his pants and utility belt back on, and White Rabbit put her underwear back on.

"I'm done with you now, Bats. I've got more work to do.", White Rabbit told Batman. Now, she went away. Jaina Hudson, who was also in control of him, went near him, and told him, "Goodnight, Batsy. Get back to sleep." Batman, who is under her control, replied, "Yes, my mistress."

Back at the lingerie shop, the heroes had a conversation.

"Ugh, crap! If Batman won't do jack to help us, we'll have to do this thing on our own.", Catwoman said.

"Lucky for you two, I have a laser pointer here.", Nightwing said, as he reached for the laser pointer in one of his belt's holsters, and used it to cut the rope that he was tied into. "You just owe me your lives", he told Batgirl and Catwoman, as he untied them from the ropes they are in.

"Thanks, kid.", Catwoman thanked him.

"Thank you too, Dick. But there's no way we owe you our lives.", Batgirl replied at Nightwing.

Now, they got out of the storage room and took down White Rabbit's henchmen who were inside the shop. Then, while holding one of the men's arms behind his back, Catwoman interrogated that person, "Now, tell me. Who's your boss?"

"It's the White Rabbit!", the man answered.

"Where is she heading tonight?", Nightwing now asked.

"She's planning a jailbreak of Arkham Asylum inmates by 12 midnight! Please, spare us!", the man answered again.

"Thanks for the intel. Yes, we'll spare you.", Nightwing responded. Before they got out of the lingerie shop, they tied each of the henchmen with Batropes and gagged them first.

"Never heard of her before. Seems like she's really new.", Batgirl said.

When they got out of the lingerie shop, Catwoman tried calling Batman again. This time, Batman responded. The call awakened him. This time he snapped out of Jaina/White Rabbit's control. Jaina tried to stop him but Batman took her down.

"Selina! We might use a little help here. Talia and I are captured by White Rabbit. We are currently here at her hideout.", Batman told Selina, as he battled White Rabbit's henchmen

"All right. Can you tell us exactly where you are?", Catwoman asked.

"We're at the Cauldron. You could easily distinguish her hideout. The one with bunny ears.", Batman answered.

Catwoman giggled, "Funny how you said that with a straight face.", she said.

"Selina! I'm serious here! We need help as soon as possible", Batman replied.

Batman was able to take down White Rabbit's henchmen, but Jaina kicked him in face, which knocked him on the ground. Then, she went on top of him, and injected pheromone on him, which put him back under her control.

"Alright, alright. We'll get going now", Catwoman said, as she heard Batman groan in pain.

"Bruce? Bruce! Are you alright?", Catwoman asked.

"I don't know you. I only serve the White Rabbit.", Batman answered., dropping the call.

"Good bat", Jaina Hudson said.

"Oh, shit! Now she's got Batman under her control", Catwoman told Nightwing and Batgirl.

"Crap! We gotta get there quick.", Nightwing said. Now, they used one of White Rabbit's henchmen's car and went to the Cauldron, to White Rabbit's hideout.

Later, they to the hideout and went inside.

"This ends now, White Rabbit!', Nightwing said. Then, they were surprised that Batman, under the control of White Rabbit went at them and suddenly attacked them.

"Bruce, it's us, Selina, Nightwing, and Batgirl! Snap out of it. We're not your enemies. White Rabbit is!", Catwoman tried talking to Batman, but he didn't listen.

"I don't know who you are!", Batman responded, as he kept attacking them.

"We'll make you remember.", Batgirl said, as she caught Batman with her Batrope. Nightwing placed an EMP mine on the back of Batman's neck and activated it, electrocuting him and knocking him down unconscious.

Now, Catwoman battled Jaina Hudson, who they thought was the White Rabbit, and took her down. They heard Talia screaming through her gag, so Nightwing and Batgirl freed her. Nightwing hacked the security system, which removed the metal straps on Talia's arms, legs, and body. Talia thanked them.

"It's over now, White Rabbit!", Catwoman told Jaina.

"No, it isn't. She's not really White Rabbit.", Talia said.

"Yes, you're right. It's over. Cause I'm already at Arkham Asylum freeing up the inmates.", Jaina replied.

The scene moved to White Rabbit and her henchmen taking out Arkham Asylum's guards and freeing the inmates.

"What?", Catwoman said.

"Just so you know, I am split into two versions of myself. Split personalities, in simpler words. I am Jaina Hudson. The White Rabbit you are looking for, is already at Arkham. Guess that's all you need to know.", Jaina said, as she disappeared.

"So that wasn't really White Rabbit yet Selina's taken down?", Batgirl asked.

"No, she isn't. That's just one of her personas.", Batman answered.

"Crap", Catwoman said.

Later, Batman regained consciousness.

"Bruce! We're saved now.", Talia told Batman, as she hugged him.

"What.. happened?", Batman asked.

Talia suddenly slapped her. "Now, do you remember?", she asked.

"Now, I do! White Rabbit! She drugged me, and then she got dirty with me", Batman replied.

"And she made me watch it", Talia told the others.

"What? She really did that? I am so gonna make her pay!", Catwoman said.

"Can't imagine what you felt while watching White Rabbit do that thing with Batman. Must have been traumatizing.", Batgirl said.

"Traumatizing? Bitch, all this time I just wanna blow White Rabbit's head off. If only I wasn't strapped and gagged.", Talia replied.

"Same, sis.", Catwoman said.

"Don't ever call me that", Talia replied to Catwoman, in a serious manner.

"We got time to talk later. For now, let's focus on stopping White Rabbit once and for all.", Batman told all the others.

"Right. We still gotta make her pay for everything.", Catwoman said.

"Batman. Can you give us a ride? My car's under repair.", Nightwing asked Batman.

"Oh, God. Fine.", Batman agreed.

Now, the five rode the Batmobile and headed to Arkham Asylum. When they got there, they were already late. White Rabbit and her henchmen had already led the inmates out the Asylum.

"You really went here at Arkham Asylum with a wet pussy?", Catwoman asked White Rabbit, as they confronted her.

"You know, that's a bad idea. You should've wiped it off first. Trust me, it would turn out nicely for you.", Talia added.

"Is it true? That's disgusting.", Riddler, one of the inmates said.

"Too bad you're already late. They're free now. It's gonna turn out worse for all of you", White Rabbit told the heroes. Now, she commanded the inmates to attack the heroes. Police came but they were taken down easily.

Batman took on White Rabbit, but she was a tough match even for him. She was later taken down by Batman, but Bane came to save her and put Batman on the ground. The other heroes took on the Arkham inmates, namely Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Clayface, Killer Croc, Firefly, Ragdoll, Deadshot, Ventriloquist, Killer Moth, Calendar Man, Babyface, Black Widow, Crazy Quilt, and Magpie. Nightwing took on Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and Crazy Quilt, Batgirl took on Firefly, Ragdoll, Ventriloquist and Calendar Man, Talia took on Deadshot, Babyface, Killer Croc, and Magpie, while Catwoman took on Killer Moth, Black Widow, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. After Batman took down Bane, he now went against Joker, Two-Face, and Scarecrow. While the Arkham inmates made the heroes busy, White Rabbit used this as time to escape. But, Catwoman saw White Rabbit running away and told Talia about it. Now, they went after her.

"She's so not gonna get away with this!", Catwoman said, as she and Talia chased her. Talia shot at White Rabbit with her gun but she was too quick running away from the bullets. Then, they got into the woods. Catwoman with her new Catarang weapons on her utility belt given by Batman, hit the trees in front of White Rabbit, causing them to fall down, and block her way.

"Nice gadgets. Who made those?", Talia asked Catwoman.

"Bruce. She stole my utility belt two weeks ago, and as an advanced birthday gift, he returned it to me yesterday, with a few advancements", Catwoman answered.

"Wow. How thoughtful of him. By the way happy birthday. Bet you'd like a beaten White Rabbit for a birthday gift", Talia said.

"Absolutely", Catwoman replied.

White Rabbit turned and saw the two.

"Dead end, White Rabbit", Talia told her. The showdown began between Talia and Catwoman against White Rabbit. They battled, and White Rabbit was really good, able to hold her own against both of them in combat.

Back outside the Asylum, the trio continued to the battle the escapees and White Rabbit's henchmen. Soon, they were able to take all of them down. After that, they immediately got on the Batmobile to get to the forest nearby. There, they saw Catwoman and Talia beating up White Rabbit. Later, both of them landed hits to White Rabbit's jaw, which was the knockout blow. Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl went to them. Talia pointed her gun at White Rabbit and was about to pull the trigger, but Catwoman held her wrist to stop her.

"Don't. That's not how Batman does things. Remember. Justice, not vengeance.", Catwoman told Talia.

Talia took a deep breath, and put her gun down and back at her belt's holster. "What do you know about Batman, anyway?", Talia asked her.

"I've known him for a long time. Even before you got to know him.", Catwoman answered.

"Fair enough.", Talia replied.

"Now, let's bring her to justice.", Batman told the others, as they got on the car and drove back to the Asylum.

Later, the heroes got back at the Asylum. The guards at Arkham Asylum brought back all the inmates who have escape, and also took in the newest inmate, White Rabbit. The Asylum's personnel thanked the heroes. Joker later regained consciousness and said, "Well, that was fun while it lasted."

"Oh man", the other inmates exclaimed realizing they're back at the Asylum.

Outside the Asylum...

"Have I told you today's my birthday?", Catwoman told the heroes.

"Well, only Nightwing and I don't know about it, I guess. Happy birthday by the way, Catwoman.", Batgirl replied as she and Nightwing greeted her.

"Thanks a lot", Catwoman replied.

"So, Bruce. Let me get this straight. Why did you steal Catwoman's utility belt?", Talia asked.

"She stole my utility belt weeks ago as well. A day came when I was kidnapped and she, Nightwing, and Batgirl saved me from Joker. In return, I stole her utility belt for fun. And I thought of giving her advanced gadgets as a birthday gift.", Batman answered.

"I'll let this pass now cause it's your birthday, Selina. But the next time you put your lips on my man, you won't like what I'm gonna do to you.", Talia told Catwoman. "Anyways, you're invited to the cave. Let's celebrate your birthday."

"Oh, I like how you act tough. By the way, thanks.", Catwoman replied.

"What are we waiting for, Batman? Let's head to the cave", Nightwing said.

Now, they got to the Batmobile and headed to the cave. There, Batman had Alfred prepare the meals. Jason Todd also joined the party.

"Happy birthday, Ms. Kyle", Alfred greeted. Catwoman thanked him.

"Thanks for this, Bruce. I love you.", Catwoman told Bruce.

"You say that again, and I'll cut your tongue off!", Talia threatened her.

"Chill, daughter of the demon. I just want to piss you off", Catwoman replied.

"Alright. I'm gonna put my pride aside just now.", Talia responded.

Now, all of them including Alfred, ate the meals that were prepared. Alfred poured all of them some wine. Talia and Catwoman had a toast.

"To my greatest rival.", Talia said.

"To my bitter rival", Catwoman responded.

"Glad to see both of you coming to terms for once", Batman told them.

"Sure, we do.", Catwoman replied, as she exchanged fierce stares with Talia.

The episode ends with them enjoying the little party.

Characters: Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, Nightwing, Batgirl, Talia al Ghul, Jason Todd/Robin, Arkham Asylum securities

Villains: Doctor Double X, Jaina Hudson/White Rabbit, White Rabbit's henchmen

Arkham Asylum Inmates: Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Bane, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Clayface, Killer Croc, Firefly, Ragdoll, Deadshot, Ventriloquist, Killer Moth, Calendar Man, Babyface, Black Widow, Crazy Quilt, Magpie

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