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Art noveau paintings, life-death-rebirth entities

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The Beautiful Girl, Mother Nature, The Mother Nature Girl, Sprite of Spring, Sprite, Spring Spirit, Spirit of Spring, The Forest Goddess, The Legendary Spirit, The Magical Lady, Spirit
Fantasia 2000: "The Firebird Suite"
Nature Spirit, Fairy, Goddess of spring, Artistic Creature, Dormant Damsel, Mother Earth/Gaia's Daughter
Sweet, fearless, kind, loving, mysterious, life-giving, nurturing, curious, peaceful, benevolent, godly, quiet, nature-loving, selfless, beautiful, grateful, motherly
Magic to make floras of grass grow, grow plants, trees and flowers, and bring life, Insect, animal, and humanity communication, climbing, aquatic swimming, running, healing tears (when she cries), healing showers, flight, Color Transforming (Depending on her surroundings), size forming, awaken forming (with the Elk's breath)
Peace and quiet, her magic, Helping, Singing, Nature, Life and birth, renewal, Insects, Animals, Humanity, her beauty, rides on the Elk's antlers, Flowers, Blossoms on Trees, twigs of leafs on her hair, her home forest, working, nurturing all that she loves, being rescued, protected, guided, and accompanied
To bring the new life of spring to her home forest, then the mountainside (succeeded)
Restores her destroyed forest, and takes off into the sky in a magical flash of light while laughing triumphantly and joyfully. (Final Ending)
Restores her destroyed forest, and takes on the form of the Sun Sprite shinning over the valley. (Deleted Ending)
Damsel in Distress

“I am known as... the magical Spring Sprite; The legendary spirit... and beautiful young girl... of Nature... beauty... love... life... renewal... and rebirth. But most people also call me "Mother Nature". I am the daughter of Gaia, also known as... Mother Earth... who raised me in this forest... And I lived here... as an attractive woman-like creature... bringing my season to life. It is wonderful to meet you.”
—Spring Sprite in her water form.

The Spring Sprite also known as Mother Nature is a legendary green female spirit, and magically beautiful young girl who can make everything grow in the forest. She appeared in Fantasia 2000 segment, "The Firebird suite" as the main protagonist.




“I thank you... ever so... very kindly... much for bringing me to life... from my peaceful rest... with your breath... my savior. That is why I called to you for the rescue, didn't I?”
—A grateful Spring Sprite in her water form to the Elk.

The Spring Sprite is a benevolent force of life and creation. She loves the forest and its creatures, and is happy to bring spring every year. As a force of creation, she has a creative and artistic side, seen when she forms a flower, has a second thought, and then turns it into a dazzling sight, and revitalizes a barren tree with gorgeous blossoms.

The Sprite displayed a distinct sense of curiosity, as she was puzzled as to why she could not make flora grow on a mountainside, and studied, only to unintentionally unleash her polar opposite, the Firebird, a living primal force of destruction, and horrified by the destruction that followed.

Once the disaster ceased, she was crippled with grief at the loss of so much life, and guilt-ridden for causing it by awakening the Firebird. Her friend, the Elk, however was able to cheer her up and give her hope when she saw her tears began to heal the land, and rejoiced when she was able to restore the forest.

All in all, the Spring Sprite is truly a loving being of creation and life, and found strength and hope in realizing that no matter how much is lost to Destruction, Creation is limitless, as is the constant renewal of Life.

Physical appearance

Tumblr p29dh0S2dG1wpby82o1 1280.jpg

The Sprite is an attractive young woman-like creature. In her most common form, she has light green skin and long bushy hair, that flows down her back to the ground, of the same color. Her eyes have the color that stands between yellow and light orange, and above them are thick black eyebrows. She is slender. Sometimes, between her hips and arms is a kind of curtain made of leather, that she uses to make flight easier, but she can remove it if she want. Her size varies, but she usually the size of a young girl. Considering she is a nature spirit, she has no clothing and walks around naked.

Depending on her surroundings, she can take on various forms and colors; in water form, she is blue, in ice form, she is brighter blue, in rain form, she is light blue, in nature form, which is her most commonly used form, she is green, in the end of the sequence, she is yellowish green; even brighter, and in ash form, she is dark gray. When in ash form, if smoke is around, she is light brown, and when fire is around, she is Red/Orange, after the forest was burnt and destroyed, she is cool gray.

Powers and Abilities


—Spring Sprite foreshadowing Cinderella's fairy godmother's catchphrase.

The Spring Sprite has all sorts of abilities all mammals and human beings can do. For examples, when in the water, she can swim just like fish and mermaids. When in the air, she can fly afloat just like birds. Like human beings, she can walk or run. Like squirrels, she can climb up walls and trees. However, she has different abilities of magic. While spreading her curtain connected to her arms and hips, she can make layers of flora and grass grow. She can grow plants like flowers, trees, and lots of others. Depending on her surroundings she changes colors. Her tears can heal the the forest that was burned to ashes. Having to restore the forest, she makes huge showers of rain from her curtain. And she can communicate with insects. Huge and long twigs of leaves can mostly grow on her hair.


EaS gliWAAA-Haj.jpeg

The Sprite first appears in the sequence where snowmelt drips down in a hidden pool. In the form of a Water Sprite, she merges from the pool to meet the Elk and he leads her out of the hidden alcove and she gets to work, her body turning green and melting the snow away for the coming of the Spring season, covering the forest in fresh foliage. Going up a nearby mountain though, her abilities aren't following her up the slope. Curious as to what's going on, she looks inside the massive crater of the mountain at a small volcanic stone. Touching the stone, it awakens the Firebird, who rises from the ash, smoke and magma to attack the Sprite and destroy the forest. Running for dear life from the flames and lava flows, the Firebird eventually chases her up a tree where the monster rises up for one final attack. Cutting to the aftermath where the landscape has turned grey and ash-covered, the Elk finds a burnt out and grey Sprite, in Ash form. The Elk helps her up and gives her a ride on his antlers as the Sprite cries from the destruction she unleashed. Soon she realizes her tears are healing the land and takes back to the sky in a Rain form, bringing a healing shower down upon the valley. Continuing her work, she bring the plant life back to the forest, restoring the trees and finally covering the volcano in a fresh layer of grass, her confidence fully restored. After doing so, she magically disappeared in a flash, after bursting out a joyous laughter.



The Elk


“You have meant so much of everything to me... and now it is my time to return the favor. I care not what happens to my home... But I shall be happy for you to support me.”
—The Spring Sprite in her water form to the Elk.

This Elk is the only one who can seem to awaken her from slumber after the winter has come to an end. A loyal and best friend, and mentor, this creature accompanies and protects the sprite as much as he can. Guiding her to the trees that need her attention the most.

Forest Insects


“[giggle] Why hello... my little friends.”
—The Spring Sprite with long twigs of leafs insects on her hair.

Like most of the Disney princesses with animal kindness, the Sprite can always count on her insect and animal friends to help her through tough times, while she brings the life of spring to the forest. She communicates with butterflies, dragonflies, mantises, honey bees, bumblebees, ladybugs, beetles, and every other forest creature she likes. She also helps newborn insects transform faster, like from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies, ladybirds to pretty ladybugs, naiads to dragonflies, and dozens of other insects.


The Firebird


While not exactly an enemy of the sprite, she is fearful of coming near him again after what happened. Knowing very well that he's able to destroy her home in a heartbeat. Closer than the outer wall of the mountain she won't go because of that. Afraid she would disturb him again and events will repeat themselves.

Disney Parks

Disneyland Resort

The Spring Sprite has a role in the World of Color show at Disney California Adventure where she begins the "Colors of Earth" sequence, where she drops into the lagoon, begins creating flowers before eventually creating an entire forest that leads into a sequence based on "Just Around The Riverbend" and appears as part of the character curtain call at the finale.

Tokyo Disney Resort

The Spring Sprite also appears in the Tokyo Disneyland parade Jubilation! as part of the Forest Friends float.


“[A dewdrop drops from the icicle, then into the lagoon, with the water unsettling, but slowly moving by hypnotizing the Elk, while forming and growing into the spirit of a color-changing, magical, and beautiful young girl] [groans] Finally... at long last... I... was... completely... reborn... after awakening... by birth... from my wonderful rest... after hundreds of centuries. I have been waiting for this... magical moment... all of my life. [sigh] It just feels so magnificently... wonderful to be awakened in resurrection. Oh my... what a magical Zip-a-dee-doo-dah day.”
—Spring Sprite's first awakening words as she was awakened from the snowmelt dewdrop at the lagoon where the dead hallowed tree stood.

“Hello there. [hugs the Elk by the head, with an embrace] I thank you... ever so... very kindly... much for bringing me to life... from my peaceful rest... with your breath... my savior. That is why I called to you for the rescue, didn't I? [The Elk really slowly and carefully lifts her out of the alcove] I am known as... the magical Spring Sprite; The legendary spirit... and beautiful young girl... of Nature... beauty... love... life... renewal... and rebirth. But most people also call me "Mother Nature". I am the daughter of Gaia, also known as... Mother Earth... who raised me in this forest... And I lived here... as an attractive woman-like creature... bringing my beautiful season to life. It is wonderful to meet you.”
—A grateful Spring Sprite when she first greeted the Elk who resurrected her from slumber.

“[giggle] Yes... I do look and feel that way. Just look at me. I am a magical, and ageless young adult human being... all formed out of water... especially from the snowmelt drop... with beautiful yellow eyes... a huge leather curtain hung onto my arms and hips... allowing me to fly... and such lovely... wavy... and bushy hair flowing down my back... all the way to the ground... perfect for long twigs of leafs to grow on. But I am also quite nude, which is because I don not wear clothing. I am a spirit of nature, that is. And that is what I am always... meant to be. [giggle] I even transform into such beautiful colors depending on my surroundings.”
—Spring Sprite to the Elk about herself, when he commented on her beauty.

“Yes, it has been such a long and beautifully cold winter. And since winter is about to come to an end... the moment I have awakened from my sealed fate... from quite a long... long time... has finally arrived... and brought me joy to my magical heart and soul. Springtime is only about to be the beginning. You have meant so much of everything to me... and now it is my time to return the favor. I care not what happens to my home... But I shall be happy for you to support me. So... if you would move aside... please. You shall witness me... and my magic... as I leave the lagoon... and bring the beautiful life of spring... to my forest, so you can live happily. [after a few seconds, she closes her eyes] Here it goes... I shall cover the ground with huge floras of fresh green grass... melt all the snow away... and make my season of such beautiful love... come to life... once more.”
—Spring Sprite to the Elk, before she departs the lagoon to bring the life of spring to her home.

“Pa-da-ping... pa-da-poof! [giggle]”
—Spring Sprite bursting everything into growth, while transforming her color from blue to green.

“[singing to the tune of the Beginning of the sequence itself]”
—Spring Sprite humming while bringing springtime to life.

“Ahh... what a magically wonderful day... [sigh]”
—Spring Sprite as long twigs of leafs grows from her hair before it hides her head.

“[peaks her head out from hiding in her hair full of and butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, ladybugs, and bees] [giggle] Why hello... my little friends.”
—Spring Sprite meeting her insect friends.

“Trust me, my friends. The time on Earth passes as usual; 375 days a year. I have been dormant for hundreds of centuries, until that day, an elk came and saved me, rescued me, released me, summoned me, awakened me as in brought me to life with his breath. [giggle] And I have mastered my magic ever since.”
—Spring Sprite to her insect friends about not forgetting about each other after a long time.

“There we go. This golden flower is much better. And flawless, too.”
—Spring Sprite after rethinking for a better flower.

“Your are right... Mr. Elk. This tree is very barren. Perhaps I believe it should be added with beautiful pink blossoms. That'll be perfect, too.”
—Spring Sprite before adding pink blossoms to a tree.

—Spring Sprite blooming blossoms everywhere from the blossomed tree.

“Oh... I love it when life at my home happens.”
—Spring Sprite enjoying her time at her forest bringing her season to life.

“Hmm? Strange... and curious. the grass will not follow me on the ground anymore... And why won't it? This is basically a mountain... right? Maybe... something is wrong.”
—before ascending to the top of the mountain.

“There is something down below inside it.”
—curiously investigating what's in the mountain, before descending inside the mountain before transforming colors from green to dark gray.

“I do not know why the grass won't follow me up the mountain... but one little touch on that rock can't hurt.”
—Spring Sprite before accidentally awakening the firebird.

“[gasps] Wh-what did I do? Did I awaken something?”
—Spring Sprite witnessing smoke and ash from the mountain.

“EEK! Wh--wha-What is that?!”
—Spring Sprite upon her first sight of the firebird.

“Oh no... It's burning everything, even my home forest!”
—Spring Sprite before she was chased by the lava burning the forest.

“I cannot believe it... My home forest burning on fire to ashes like this!? [The Firebird appears chasing her] AAHH! Mr. Elk... Help me! I can't get away!”
—Spring Sprite being chased by the firebird.

—Spring Sprite shrieking as the firebird makes its final attack on her

I... beg you... Help... me...
—Spring Sprite's whisper cry after the destruction of her home forest before being resurrected.

“[sob] I could not... escape. my opposite counterpart... [sniff] the Firebird... has... caused destruction... to.. my forest. [sob, and sniff] Look at what it has done to the trees... [sob] I had no idea... how bad.. this would.. be.. when disaster struck. [sniff, and sob] I am crippled. [sob] Oh... I just.. do not know what to do. [sobbing]”
—Spring Sprite about the destruction of her home forest, after she was resurrected from the ashes.

“[gasps in relief] My goodness... How wonderful! My tears! I feel SO much better seeing life heal the forest. Oh... I feel peace... hope... and prosperity returning to all of the Earth. I thank you so much, for cheering me up. And of course, resurrecting me again... Mr. Elk. [giggling] Now... I shall make magical rain shower storms... to heal all of what's left of the forest... and I shall cover the mountain with grass... once again!”
—Spring Sprite before lifting off from the Elk's antlers to make healing showers.

“[singing to the tune of the Finale of the sequence itself]”
—Spring Sprite singing while rain showers heals the forest, and while she restores her forest and brings springtime back to life

—Spring Sprite bursting out the resurrecting Trees.

“[giggle] It is all safe... for you to come out... my little insect friends! [giggling and laughing]”
—Spring Sprite summoning thousands of her insect friends.

“Oh, Goodness! Everything is so BEAUTIFUL! [laughing]”
—Spring Sprite finishing with adding pink blossoms to the dead tree again.

“[laugh] WHOO! Everything that is so beautiful is definitely happening! [laugh]”
—Spring Sprite restoring the deserted forest.

—Spring Sprite finally covering the mountain with grass.

AH...! [Triumphantly bursting out a joyous laughter] I HAVE DONE IT...! [laugh] I have finally brought my beautiful season to such magical life...! [laugh] I feel SO happy now! [laugh] I thank you ever so much once again... [laugh] for coming to me... [laugh] bringing me back to life... [laugh] and of course... guiding... [laugh] rescuing... [laugh] and protecting me... [laugh] my wonderful Elk friend! [laugh] You have been rewarded magically to live happily in the forest with me! [laugh] ♫GOODBYE FOR NOW...!♫ [continuously laughing joyfully as she flies away into the sky]”
—Spring Sprite's last triumphant words before taking off in a flash in the ending of the "Firebird Suite".





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