Spyro: The televison series
Format Action/Adventure
Created by Etenitey the hedgehog
Writer(s) Etenitey the hedgehog
Director(s) SuperSaiyanKirby, Chomper4, etc.
No. of episodes TBA
Run time 30 min.
Rated TV Y7
English Network Stunts TV
First aired April 10, 2010

Spyro: The television series is a series based off the Spyro games. It is a spin off to Ratchet and Clank: The televison series, Jak and Daxter: The televison series, and Crash Bandicoot: The televison series.


Season 1

It takes place in the Dragon Realms, this realm contains 6 inner realms.

Characters, etc.


Good Guys


Big Enemies



Peace Keepers

Magic Crafters

Beast Makers

Dream Weavers

Gnorc Gnexus


Season 1

  1. Beginning of A Quest!
  2. Darkest Hollows
  3. Town Saver!
  4. Battle 1: Spyro the dragon vs. Toasty
  5. First Flights
  6. Enter: The town beside a cliff
  7. Drier than flames
  8. Cooler than Flames
  9. Flights before the Doctor
  10. Battle 2: Spyro the dragon vs. Dr. Shemp
  11. The Ridge is evil
  12. Highest Caves in the Realm
  13. Flights with Crystals
  14. Peaks and Wizards
  15. Battle 3: Spyro the dragon vs. Blowhard
  16. Burn the Evil Village
  17. Bog of Death
  18. Burn the Tree Tops
  19. The Crazy Flight
  20. Battle 4: Spyro the dragon vs. Metalhead
  21. Darkest Passages
  22. Climb a Castle
  23. These Towers are haunted
  24. Battle 5: Spyro the dragon vs. Jacques
  25. Cold breeze on a Dragon
  26. Cove of Death
  27. Dark Harbors
  28. Battle 6 Final: Spyro the dragon vs. Gnasty Gnorc
  29. Loot!

Season 2


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