Star Wars: The Deserter is a novel about a clone trooper who fought during the Battle of Geonosis. The clone's ship was later shot down, and he was the only survivor. (story inspired by the Clone Wars character's story; Cut Lawquane.)


Star Wars: The Deserter is a novel about a clone who defected from the Grand Army of the Republic. This is inspired by a true Star Wars story. The story of Cut Lawquane.

Plot Summary

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CT-3333 woke up in a LAAT/i crash, and is the only survivor. He fended off droids to save his life, and ran away from the wreck, away from the battle. After running for some time, CT-3333 found himself lost in the middle of a desert. He then sat down, and ate some ration sticks. Soon afterwards, he kept going forwards in hopes to find a ship. He does. He fiends a Geonosian hanger bay, and steals a Solar Sailer, which he uses to escape the planet. After that, he heads to the remote world of Felucia where he plans to make a home.

After years of work, and deception, he had a home, a ship, some weapons with cells, and food. However, when the Clone Wars reaches out to Felucia, he races to escape once again. Wounded clones showed up at his home, asking for shelter, he didn't turn them down. He gave them food, and water, as well as blankets, and places to sleep. The next morning, they discovered that he is a deserter, and one clone turns him in. So, CT-3333 runs as far away as he can. As the war grows closer to an end on Felucia, Aayla Secura's clone forces search for him. So, CT-3333 (now known as "The Deserter" runs from place to place, city to city in desperate attempts to shake the clones off his trail. After nearly 6 months of running, he ended up close to the Republic main camp. He didn't know what to do. So, he caused a distraction by setting off his old thermal detonator, and then broke for an attack shuttle. After comondeering an attack shuttle, he flies towards Endor.



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