(LazyTown Extras Theme Song)

“It’s a LazyTown Day! Let’s go out and play! Get up and get going! There’s so much to do! And it’s all up to you! Just never stop going! So, get it to roll! Big or Small! Give it just a little more! Around the World! Do you imagine going! For every boy and girl!

Milford: Ready, Set, Go!

It’s the LazyTown Extras!”

(LazyTown Extras appears on the screen)

Stephanie Narrating: “Stephanie the Elemental Mermaid”

(Cuts to Stephanie’s room)

Milford: Stephanie! How are you doing?

Stephanie: I’m preparing to teach the kids yoga!

Milford: Before you go, do you want sushi for breakfast?

Stephanie: Sure!

(Cuts to the kitchen)

Milford: I’m glad you’re always up on your 2 feet!

Stephanie: I’m thankful! There are people with 1 leg or none! Like people with diabetes, mermaids, I like mermaids, but I don’t want to be one!

Milford: But you get to breathe underwater!

Stephanie: I know! But I like to jump rope more, dance, and elemental training!

Milford: But don’t you know mermaids exercise too?

Stephanie: Believe me! If I was a mermaid, I would not be able to walk! Now, I need to get on track with the yoga thing!

(Stephanie leaves)

Milford: Oh Stephanie!

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten’s lair)

Robbie Rotten: I heard you don’t have feet when you are a mermaid! Wait! I can turn Sportacus into a mermaid! But that’s weird! Whatever! I’ll still do it!

(Robbie builds a fish cannon)

Robbie Rotten: I build the fish cannon! The source it needs is Sushi!

(Robbie Rotten calls a sushi store)

Phone: Hello! Sushi store! How may I help you?

Robbie Rotten: I would like a plate of sushi!

Phone: Your total is 6.99 LazyTown Currency!

Robbie Rotten: Okay! I’ll pay you!

(A plate of sushi appears)

Robbie Rotten: Perfect! Salmon Sushi!

(Robbie Rotten loads up the fish cannon with sushi)

Robbie Rotten: Sportacus will not be able to walk, forever!

(Cuts to Stephanie)

Stephanie: Okay! I hope everyone brought your mats! Because we’re about to do yoga! Stingy, please make sure you use your own mat!

Stingy: Fine! I won’t steal!

Stephanie: Okay! Let’s start! Now, Sitting position!

(Everyone does Sitting position)

Stephanie: Child’s Pose!

(Everyone Does Child’s Pose)

Stephanie: Cobra!

(Everyone does cobra)

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: Now to set up the cannon!

(Robbie finds Sportacus)

(Robbie activates the fish cannon)

(The shell was blocked by a steel garbage cover)

(The shell goes to Robbie but dodged)

Stephanie: Downward Dog!

(Everyone does downward dog)

(Stephanie gets hit with the fish cannon’s shell)

(Stephanie turns into a mermaid)

(Stephanie gets knocked unconscious)

Trixie: Stephanie are you okay?

Pixel: I don’t think so!

Stingy: Take her to the hospital!

Ziggy: Why do we need a hospital when we have Sportacus!

Pixel: Worse! Her Legs are gone!

Stingy: No, you idiot, she’s a…

Trixie: Silence! she’s waking up!

(Stephanie wakes up)

Stephanie: What happened! And why is everyone looking at my legs?

Ziggy: You don’t have legs!

Stephanie: What do you mean?

(Stephanie looks at her tail)

(Stephanie screams so loud that birds fly away)

Stephanie: This is bad! I’m a Mermaid! How did this happen? Why Did this happen? What happened to my legs?

Stingy: I don’t know!

Stephanie: Stingy! Do you have something to do with this? Don’t toy with me! Your always devious!

Stingy: I didn’t do anything! I’m innocent!

Stephanie: You got a point! But how am I going to walk, run, and jump, and dance?

Robbie Rotten quietly: Well, At least it hit Stephanie!

(Sportacus appears)

Sportacus: I came as fast as I can!

Stephanie: Thank goodness you’re here! Because this is an emergency!

Sportacus: Calm down! Wait! You don’t have legs!

Stephanie: That’s right! I’m a mermaid!

Sportacus: What did you eat this morning?

Stephanie: Sushi? Wait a minute! Did sushi did this to me?

Sportacus: No! Food can’t change you! Good thing I noticed it! Or I could have been one! But luckily, it’s just you!

Stephanie: Lucky? How can I be lucky! I want my 2 feet back!

Sportacus: Okay! I also noticed someone was launching something. You know who?

Stephanie: Robbie Rotten! Ugh! That guy!

Trixie: Don’t mean to interrupt! But I read a book about mermaids. This one may look familiar! It’s called the Little Mermaid!

Stephanie: Ha! Very Funny! That won’t help!

Trixie: No! I’m serious! The mermaid saw a handsome masculine human named Eric! The mermaid seeks the sea witch! The witch told the mermaid that she has a certain day to be human. But she needs to be kissed. If she doesn’t get her kiss, the with turn back into a mermaid and turned into a polyp!

Stephanie: I think you’ve been watching too much movies!

Trixie: I’m not crazy! Just find the sea witch!

Stephanie: Ugh! Pick me up Sportacus!

Sportacus: Okay!

(Cuts to the shore)

Stephanie: So why am I wearing this top again?

Sportacus: To make you look like an actual mermaid.

Stephanie: Well it looks skimpy! I need a comfortable one!

Sportacus: Well that is the only one I think reminds me of a mermaid. I’m sorry. Anyways, can you sing?

Stephanie: “Bing Bang Digerigerdong!”

Sportacus: Like a mermaid!

(Stephanie Vocalizes)

Sportacus: Like that! In case the sea-witch want your voice!

Stephanie: Are you sure they’re not gonna think I’m a human that got turned into a mermaid?

Sportacus: I would never lie!

(Stephanie enters the ocean)

(Cuts inside the ocean)

Stephanie: This is embarrassing! But at least I get to talk under water! Now I have to find the Sea Witch to get my legs back!

(Stephanie looks t the Mermaid Cove)

Stephanie: Mermaid Cove? Maybe they can help me!

Mermaid #1: You must be a lost mermaid!

Stephanie: Yes, I am!

Mermaid #2: Come with us!

(Puts a Starfish on Stephanie’s hair)

(Cuts to Mermaid Cove)

Mermaid #1: So, what brings you here

Stephanie: I seek legs! A human body part to walk! So, a boy can fall for me!

Mermaid #2: Legs? I’m afraid you will have to confront the sea witch! She turns mermaids into a polyp if you don’t kiss by the 7th day!

Stephanie: I’m not afraid of her!

Mermaid #1: You must be a strong mermaid! But I recommend you stay underwater!

Stephanie: Well, it is nice meeting you! What are your names?

Mermaid #1: Crystal!

Mermaid #2: Aura!

Stephanie: Okay! See you Crystal and Aura!

Aura: She is not gonna make it!

Crystal: We just gotta make sure she doesn’t turn into a polyp!

(Cuts to the Sea Witch’s Cave)

Sea Witch: Who dares enter my lair?

Stephanie: It’s Stephanie, A mermaid from Mermaid Cove!

Sea Witch: Let me guess! Another Mermaid idiot that wants to be human?

Stephanie: Watch your mouth!

Sea Witch: You must be a tough one too! Okay fine! I will give you legs in one condition!

Stephanie: To make a kiss by the 7th day and if not, I will become this again and turned into a polyp?

Sea Witch: Yes, but also…

Stephanie: You need my voice?

Sea Witch: No! You want legs that bad? I got something different! You gotta have dinner with me!

Stephanie: Okay…

(Cuts to the dinner)

Stephanie: So, what do I have to try?

Sea Witch: Calamari and Lobster.

Stephanie: I’ll pass!

Sea Witch: You want to be a human! Right?

Stephanie: Right!

Sea Witch: I warn you; it may be painful for the transformation!

Stephanie: I’ll take the risk!

(Stephanie starts eating until she is finished)

(The sea witch uses dark magic to turn Stephanie into human)


(Stephanie flies out of the sea fast)

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: I finally got some rest after turning Stephanie into a mermaid! Ah!

(Pink Light flashes down and hits the ground near Robbie)

(Smoke reveals Stephanie)

(Stephanie points at her mermaid top)

Stephanie: What is this?

Robbie Rotten: A mermaid top?

Stephanie: And where is my active pants?

Robbie Rotten: It’s Somewhere you’re doing yoga! And is there a reason to be mad?

Stephanie: Yes! I lost my legs! But since I got them back, we can play a game called baseball!

(Stephanie summons her electric staff)

(Stephanie hits Robbie)

Stephanie: Home Run!

Sportacus: Hey! What about the kiss?

Stephanie: Oh! Yeah!

(Sportacus and Stephanie kisses on the lips)

(Stephanie’s legs become permanent)

Sportacus: Looks like you won’t turn into a polyp!

Stephanie: Now What?

Sportacus: The Bing Bang?

Stephanie: Why didn’t I think of that?

(The Bing Bang tries to start but it immediately stops as Stephanie vocalizes)

Sportacus: No offense, you are a true mermaid!

(Stephanie gets mad and crosses her arms)

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