Steve Urkel is a character from the sitcom Family Matters. Steve is the epitome of a geek/nerd, with large, thick eyeglasses, "high-water" or "flood" pants held up by suspenders, multi-colored cardigan sweaters, and a high-pitched voice. While highly intelligent, he was also quite accident-prone, (spawning his catchphrase, "Did I do that?", later on the show he says to Carl "At least no one got hurt," then Carl replies "Not yet," then Carl chases Steve to hurt him, and "Look what you did!", assuming the accident happened by another person's fault and counter phrase to "Did I Do That?".) and socially awkward. Steve never really stayed at his own house. Which was in fact, just a few steps away from the Winslow's house. He bothered his neighbors a lot. Though at first, he went over there just to see Laura(his crush) but after making friendly relationships with everyone else, he decided to see the other members of the family. If Laura breaks Steve's heart, he says something to make her regret saying whatever insulted him. Once, Steve told Carl Winslow(the father) that he actually wanted HIM to be his father. Because his own father was greatly disappointed with him for not wanting to be a surgeon. Steve's asked Carl to do a lot of things for him. Naming a few: how to swim, how to drive, how to ride a bicycle. Even though Carl yells at Steve a lot, he cares for him. Steve Urkel has been known to make crazy contraptions that usualy never work. But one did help him a lot. The transformation chamber. He could turn into Elvis, Einstein, or Bruce Lee. Or his other half: Stefan Urquelle. Turning into Bruce Lee, helped him escape thugs and bullies.