One Hundred Eight Wishes
One Hundred and Eight Wishes.png
Main Character Flare and Troy
other characters Chadli and Lazlo En Kuldes
Setting Kingdom of Obel
Published Aug 15, 2012
Updated Aug 15, 2012
Status Completed
Chapters 1
Author Note
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Troy had a vacation on Obel when he was eighteen, and met on the little princess of Obel, Flare. Troy spend three days with her and he helped her to wish on the sea god, for her lost little brother.

Fanfiction Review

Feedback and Comment

  • From: ????
Incredible story. Man, that makes me see Troy in a new way. The story was really cute and all. I like how you write it's very entertaining!
  • From: ????
This is more like a short story than a fiction. It's touching,really. I love it. Good job again. See you again on your next story.
  • From: ????
That was very cute and sweet. It made me cry.
  • From: ????
'How could a tiny little bottle, that only made of fragile glass didn't break in the ocean? And how come an 18 year old Troy have had become this so called important figure?' OH, just shut up! this story is good!:) "Little Flare, we're going to meet again in a different place.. In the battlefield..." A boy then finally reunited with his family, little Flare got his little bro back, and *their* last pinky promise didn't break either. :p Yup. The 108 stars had already granted their wishes. One Hundred and Eight Wishes: Nice work!
  • From: ????
Wow nicely done. Flare is really cute I imagine. If I remembered correctly pirates attack the ship of King Lino while the Queen use his rune of punishment. not Kooluk. Over all I am happy to read this.
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