Fan Fiction
The Punishment of the Sun Fanfiction
Lazlo in Falena
Hero Lazlo En Kuldes
Heroine Olinda Falenas
other characters Tanya, Desmond, Cyrah and Nyoka
Setting Falena
Published July 6, 2009
Updated January 16, 2015
Status Completed
Chapters 32
Author Note "I wanted to create a story that wasn't just about fantasy wish-fulfillment, but one that stays in keeping with the Suikoden lore that we all enjoy. Also, I wanted to remain faithful to the characters we've all grown to love, yet still allow them to grow and mature as people."
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In 337 I.S., Falena and the Island Nations are entering into negotiations for a trade & alliance treaty, but now sinister forces internal & external are seeking to destroy such a union. As an old hero must answer destiny's call once more. Lazlo finds himself caught up in the middle of this political maelstrom and the plots of an ancient evil that wants to destroy the Queendom.

Fanfiction Review[]

  • The story takes place between Suikoden IV and Suikoden V.
  • The characters' personalities are consistent with their in game personalities.
  • The Author creates his own characters, which are really unique.
  • The plot is well made and the battle scenes are detailed and engaging.
  • The author isn't just a fanfiction writer, but actually a great storyteller.

Feedback and Comments[]

So far this fanfiction receive a lot of positive feedback and comments.

  • From: ????

Man...i can't take this! This is so touching but so cruel! I always know that living with the RoP is something unbearable because its host will never age. I do know the reason why Lazlo has to set out of journey because seeing his friends die before him is something too cruel and too much for him. I always know that but it's cruel. Too cruel for the true rune bearer. This is much equal to anothet kind of curse in my opinion. Anyway, this chapter really make me cry when i read the letter of Snowe. This is too much! But i love it! Please update another chapter!

  • From: ????

Oooooohhhh that's Sir Lazlo that I know lol..great chapter as I wondering whose voice that Lazlo hear..

  • From: ????

Omg what great side quest. I love how you divided it up. It felt so very suikoden-esque indeed. You really have a great way of telling a story and making me fall in love with new characters so easily. Keep updating please!

  • From: ????

Wow, this is an amazing story! I can't wait to see what comes next and how it ends! They could make a gaiden-type game out of it.

  • From: ????

oh my freaking god! Its awesome! Aah I can imagine it perfectly Whatever whoever his enemies is,Lazlo still rocks

Will waiting the next update and thank you for writing :)